In This Moment - "The In-Between" [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

  • In This Moment's official video for the song “The In-Between” off the album 'Mother'. Get the song / album:
    Directed by Maria Brink and Robert Kley
    Director of Cinematography - Corey Jennings
    Video editing by Maria Brink and Randy Weitzel
    Choreography by Maria Brink and Erin Bridges.
    Hair and Make up by Tara Tatangelo, Tammy Sbardella and Alyssa Objio
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    My mother said that I was holy
    My father said that I would burn
    My mother said I was an angel
    My father said that I would turn .
    So I believed these words and I turned on myself
    Cause maybe he’s right
    Maybe I’m worthless
    Or maybe he’s wrong and my mother was right
    I have a killer in me to give me purpose .
    I can feel a holy war
    I can feel a holy war within
    No I can’t take a holy war
    No I can’t take a holy war again
    Is this what you wanted
    I’m gonna bring a little Hell
    I’m gonna bring a little heaven
    You just keep wanting more
    With your blood and your whore
    I’m gonna bring a little hell
    I’m gonna bring a little heaven
    It’s a beautiful tragedy
    You want to be sick like me

    I was told that I was nothing
    I was told that I was pure
    I was told that I was dirty
    I was told I was the cure
    So I ask myself
    Am I god or shit
    And I the high the low I’m fucking worth it
    And I ask myself
    And I love or hate
    You are the reason I have and why I can’t quit
    I can feel a holy war
    I can feel a holy war within
    No I can’t take a holy war
    No I can’t take a holy war again
    Is this what you wanted
    I’m gonna bring a little Hell
    I’m gonna bring a little heaven
    You just keep wanting more
    With your blood and your whore
    I’m gonna bring a little hell
    I’m gonna bring a little heaven
    It’s a beautiful tragedy
    You want to be sick like me
    Im in between in between
    In between hell and heaven
    Im in between in between
    In between hell and heaven
    Im in between in between
    In between hell and heaven

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  • Igloo Australia
    Igloo Australia Hour ago

    AS a fellow witch, the witchcraft symbolism in this music video floats my boat. Tickles my astral body. Highly impressed
    She could curse me n i wouldn't even be mad😭💀

  • Jessica Davis
    Jessica Davis 2 hours ago

    I love this 😍

  • Robert E.
    Robert E. 4 hours ago

    What is going on with the NYC April 1 concert? Why is there no information on ITM's website or on Stubhub or Ticketmaster about what's happening with these tickets less that 48 hours prior to the concert?

  • The Gentleman With the Mustache

    Is it just me or does the symbol on her forehead remind me of Quake?

  • Ezra Michael Baldwin
    Ezra Michael Baldwin 5 hours ago

    This would be an EXCELLENT song to describe Senua in
    Hellblade; Senua's Sacrifice and Hellblade; Senua's Saga
    Just discovered In This Moment and I'm so glad I did! Absolutely beautiful music 😊😊

  • Danny Lowe
    Danny Lowe 6 hours ago

    AHS should have her on as a witch of demon something I think she would be great! I love this video and song! Love this band damn they are good. peace and be kind to each other.

  • eri wonderland
    eri wonderland 6 hours ago

    Maria Brink is a Goddess ♥

  • SlammedZero
    SlammedZero 8 hours ago

    I have to admit, at first I thought the new album was meh, but after giving it a few listens it really grew on me. Another fantastic album by this band. Love how they change up their music yet keep that certain ITM sound that makes them stand out.

  • LittlexLola
    LittlexLola 8 hours ago

    Can somebody please do a makeup look for this? She looks like a freaking goddess ♥️

  • John Young
    John Young 8 hours ago

    dam girl you get better and better every year and sexy as hell

  • Dhawotal Rash
    Dhawotal Rash 9 hours ago

    I still can’t believe she’s 42! Must be a vampire for sure 😈

  • Jeremy Gruner
    Jeremy Gruner 9 hours ago +1

    In This Moment please cancel the april 11th show

  • rachel krats
    rachel krats 9 hours ago +2

    Anyone else raged that they cannot go to her show due to mf covid 19 bs it was supposed to me my first time seeing this queen know its postponed till god knows when this covid shit sucks asss man

  • Joseph Paul
    Joseph Paul 10 hours ago

    María Brink....
    Satánica o Angelical...
    Se ve Bellísima en ambos bandos!!!

  • AriaDonna C
    AriaDonna C 10 hours ago

    Cool song. Shitty video

  • dhelor
    dhelor 10 hours ago

    Best song on the new album, can't stop listening to it.

  • Dillon Collins
    Dillon Collins 11 hours ago

    The fact she has thumbs down is beyond sad lol she’s true talent and I believe she should do the halftime at the super bowl instead of these pop artist

  • Dillon Collins
    Dillon Collins 11 hours ago

    Love her lol she’s amazing her vocals

  • Justyna Ju
    Justyna Ju 12 hours ago

    Mesmerising 🎧❣

  • Ichabod Slipp
    Ichabod Slipp 13 hours ago

    New fan after this song, complete masterpiece. The rage/raw emotion in the lyrics and the layering of vocals make this song hit so hard when Maria starts the chorus even with a slower instrumental sound from the band. Just feels like she put a piece of her soul into this song and everything comes together to deliver perfectly.

  • Gagandeep Singh uppal
    Gagandeep Singh uppal 15 hours ago

    Queen of Metal

  • hayder adnan
    hayder adnan 17 hours ago

    if you I don’t like this song🤢🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮

  • chris craft
    chris craft 23 hours ago


  • Bregne Vakker
    Bregne Vakker Day ago

    Ok. Diablo 4 has a frightening trailer, and now, it has the unofficial soundtrack for Lilith's dungeon.

  • Cjay m
    Cjay m Day ago

    They never disappoint and that F'N guitar riff where it's slow and bends. The best guitar riff I've heard in a very long time.

  • Kitty Marlu
    Kitty Marlu Day ago

    Anyone else get Otep Shamaya vibes with her style of singing had to double check that Maria and Otep weren't one in the same lol

  • Bbonerboy94
    Bbonerboy94 Day ago

    Guurl i'd be right in between you asap no hesitation :D

  • Joshua Gary
    Joshua Gary Day ago

    I wish they would've came up with a better name

  • Andrew Sherwood
    Andrew Sherwood Day ago


  • Nerdgasma
    Nerdgasma Day ago

    Does anyone know if she still has all those tattoos on her hands? Her hands have mostly been covered in that paint that I can’t tell if she just removed it or if she’s just covering it up

  • unsainted one
    unsainted one Day ago

    This song is STILL amazing. Great Band!

  • 801 FISHING
    801 FISHING Day ago


  • Dark Starr
    Dark Starr Day ago

    She should be standing 6 ft apart from them hands!

  • Chummy Wiggler
    Chummy Wiggler Day ago

    Jaw dropping good!

  • Romain Feauveau
    Romain Feauveau Day ago

    One day... One day we'll make a featuring with you Maria Brink. And when that's day would come, I'm gonna lose my shit, cry and be proud. Let me have a dream to reach XD

    NEO HELLENIA Day ago

    Blue White - GREEK_GLORIA

  • best channel ✔

    WTF? What side of youtube is this?

  • Lucretia Vastea
    Lucretia Vastea Day ago +5

    Me: Alright. We got Hell, we got Heaven, and we got The In-Between. Questions?
    Purgatory: *raises hand*
    Hell and Heaven: *shake their heads*
    Purgatory: *lowers hand*

  • Queen Ninaa
    Queen Ninaa Day ago

    This is just fucking amazing 🙌🏻🔥

  • Anna Moonchild
    Anna Moonchild Day ago

    Smetimes I dont understand why I like her; her songs; melodies; I really have no idea.............. but I unfort. I do

  • itsu jiki
    itsu jiki 2 days ago

    I keep thinking about Carrie when I hear this song

  • Brandon Chicoine
    Brandon Chicoine 2 days ago

    Wow this is the craziest shit to watch on mushrooms 🍄

  • William Martin
    William Martin 2 days ago +1

    Holy shit dark,loud,metal,Hot,killer,savage lovely!

  • Lucien Losee
    Lucien Losee 2 days ago +1

    Lucifer's Queen

  • Dustin Bailey
    Dustin Bailey 2 days ago

    Beauty and talent unmatched

  • ChrisS
    ChrisS 2 days ago

    Reminds me of the handmaid's tale I can see alfred's burning down shit and walking away like a bad ass
    Also Sabrina when she basically levitated and became a witch god

  • Xannak
    Xannak 2 days ago +2

    Videos like this really make me miss the old Mtv, back when they actually played fucking videos... oh well, at least now we have Maria and ITM

    KAISERZARV 2 days ago

    Impresionante canción, lo han vuelto hacer In this moment, se han salido..

  • Krasna Devica
    Krasna Devica 2 days ago

    uroboros ⭕️

  • beth scarberry
    beth scarberry 2 days ago

    MARIA you beautiful, beautiful creature! I love it.

  • yukino hydeist
    yukino hydeist 2 days ago

    divine! Both sound and singing!

  • Bondo QBN
    Bondo QBN 2 days ago

    Seriously good man.

  • Cybelle Holguin Tamez
    Cybelle Holguin Tamez 2 days ago +1


  • Realdollparts
    Realdollparts 2 days ago +1

    MY SATAN! her screams makes me feel a certain way...what a damn goddess!

  • ChrisS
    ChrisS 2 days ago +5

    Maria: put some gloves and mask on before touching me. you want to be sick like me?
    Come on guys coronavirus

  • ClaudiusVideo's
    ClaudiusVideo's 2 days ago

    this is gonna be the best song on the album, if you like songs with no courses then this album is it
    i already went through 3 songs and was like shes just going on and on Verse after Verse no courses
    dark metal bands need courses otherwise its, bla bla bla im dark listen to me wine and barely sing

  • olivia mitchell
    olivia mitchell 2 days ago

    I have long blonde hair...can I join too?

  • Gabe Talley
    Gabe Talley 2 days ago

    God she gives me GOOSEBUMPS!!!!

  • Carlos Garza
    Carlos Garza 2 days ago

    after 10 years you'd think she'd find something else to sing about other then "daddy was mean to me". Yes I know her history of abuse but why can't she overcome it instead of letting it define everything that she is.

  • Michaela Pautz
    Michaela Pautz 2 days ago

    Absolutely great 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • Niko D
    Niko D 3 days ago

    I was told God is A She and You are Her...

  • redjenb1
    redjenb1 3 days ago

    she is so bad ass!

  • Monica Stjohn
    Monica Stjohn 3 days ago


  • Sarcom Sarpedon
    Sarcom Sarpedon 3 days ago

    I am amazed how someone can look intriguing , sensual , innocent and morbid , all at the same time !

  • Alex Prieto
    Alex Prieto 3 days ago

    This kind of reminds me of billy eilish "bury a friend" with the creepy hands. Interesting satanic stuff though.

  • AC Maeve
    AC Maeve 3 days ago

    Anyone else catching references from their other songs? ;-* xoxo

  • Ayahnya Arra
    Ayahnya Arra 3 days ago

    This for paimon king ceremony

  • Claudio J
    Claudio J 3 days ago

    The entertainment industry is so demonic. These so called artists have chosen hell over life

    • William o'neal
      William o'neal 2 days ago

      This genre is hardly embraced nowadays in Hollywood. You should say this on Justin or Taylor's videos. I know real Christians. But some really do know how to run over the poor and abnormal.

  • Pia
    Pia 3 days ago +1

    When she says "you just keep wanting more, with your blood and your whore" is that referring to her other songs? 👀

  • Mark Clark
    Mark Clark 3 days ago

    Mixed feelings? Absolutely... But remember that we feel this way but truth: there is no in between! You are one or the other so ask yourself this question?... Where do i want to spend eternity? One or the other... God asks nothing but for you to change your mind and accept His free gift of eternal life in paridise! What does the only other choice have to offer? We KNOW where he's going. You must choose BEFORE you die here... Make your choice! God bless

  • Denning Box
    Denning Box 3 days ago

    Kool the way they made this a combo of their great songs. Bravo

  • MRX
    MRX 3 days ago

    Когда в Россию приедите? Москва, ждёт!

  • P
    P 3 days ago

    So could you have looked any cuter in this video :-) hmmm

  • firecracker marsden
    firecracker marsden 3 days ago

    Maria Brink is the Queen of Metal 🌚🌜🌝

  • James Twiford
    James Twiford 3 days ago

    An imaginative video that well presents a powerful music moment

  • K to the Y L E
    K to the Y L E 3 days ago

    I love this band so much

  • Adriano Cristian
    Adriano Cristian 3 days ago

    Se desse pra curtir cada vez que eu assistisse, esse vídeo teria umas duzentas curtidas a mais, só minhas.

  • makeup and metal
    makeup and metal 3 days ago

    You're a goddess Maria 🤘🖤

  • Maniacal Tuberss
    Maniacal Tuberss 3 days ago +8

    This isnt a song, this is a piece of art

  • Scott Ganiere
    Scott Ganiere 3 days ago

    Maria Brinks is so 🔥