Train Swipes Parked Vehicle || ViralHog

  • Published on Nov 13, 2017
  • Occurred on November 10, 2017 / Ha Noi, Vietnam
    "When walking my dog on the street, I saw a train coming up to the truck parked by the trail. However, the truck driver sitting on the pavement opposite to the trail didn't do anything when hearing the horn from the train. As a result, the truck was destroyed by the train."

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Comments • 81

  • Pradip Anchan
    Pradip Anchan Month ago

    Instant Karma 😂😂😂

  • Jimmy Sitthideth
    Jimmy Sitthideth 2 months ago

    This really grinds my gears.

  • D2-455-33
    D2-455-33 4 months ago

    I ask you again, where did you take this video ?

  • D2-455-33
    D2-455-33 4 months ago

    where đid you tạke this video ?

  • SkillerPenguin
    SkillerPenguin 5 months ago

    Ya dummy

  • Nguyen Tran Quang Anh
    Nguyen Tran Quang Anh 5 months ago

    This is vn train


    Train vs Hyundai Tone Porter

  • ysmax1
    ysmax1 6 months ago

    with pleasure I watched the video as this idiot was beaten by Auto)))))

  • TrainTrackTrav
    TrainTrackTrav 7 months ago

    On that day, the truck driver learned about a little thing called "loading gauge". :)

  • Foxa8
    Foxa8 11 months ago

    Je crois que la caisse est morte :-)

  • Nontas K
    Nontas K 11 months ago

    Truck driver must be very stupid to park so close the rail corridor.

  • nattatron dreamrl
    nattatron dreamrl 11 months ago


  • 中川風香
    中川風香 11 months ago

    its so funnnny XD

  • 85Portar
    85Portar 11 months ago

    Where I live, there are fences and like 5 meters clearance on each side of the track. Just saying

  • Satria Aji Wicaksono
    Satria Aji Wicaksono 11 months ago

    dont fuck with moving trains

  • Bill Bingham
    Bill Bingham 11 months ago

    That truck was probably light enough to hand carry it out of the way.

  • aris laris
    aris laris Year ago

    when the driver try to remove his truck while is is destroed by the train you can understand his IQ.....

  • Pralka TV
    Pralka TV Year ago

    Lekko go tylko posmyrał :)

  • Vietnam Railways
    Vietnam Railways Year ago +1

    You have infringed the copyright

  • Freedom
    Freedom Year ago

    Одним словом ИШАК

  • Vietnam Trainspotter TV

    How dare you complain me

  • Vietnam Trainspotter TV

    Remove your video

  • Trần Sĩ Hoà
    Trần Sĩ Hoà Year ago +1

    You Remove this video from youtube if you do not. I will report it to google because you do not respect the copyright

  • Gene Poon
    Gene Poon Year ago

    At least the moron won't do that ever again...with that same truck.

  • thiengiao15
    thiengiao15 Year ago

    Please tell me where the video was taken

  • John Doe
    John Doe Year ago +3

    But why was the person filming?

    • Jeff Baker
      Jeff Baker 11 months ago

      Ah yes....always the question.

  • nickej25det
    nickej25det Year ago

    It is the way to make a new door! It's awesome, a cradle

  • RoundWound
    RoundWound Year ago

    It is the result that gave civilization to a primitive man.

  • UNdashcamNRW
    UNdashcamNRW Year ago

    *Ha Haa ... ^^*

  • Alberto Zegada
    Alberto Zegada Year ago +2

    landscape for G*d's sake!!!!

  • Shobin Drogan
    Shobin Drogan Year ago +6

    Anybody noticed the fender got stuck to the train at 0:35? 😂

    • bios47
      bios47 Year ago

      LMAO, I missed that.

  • VisionRouge Shanghai

    So, instead of warning the driver, he preferred wait to get his truck destroy and have a viral video. What if the truck was not empty?

    • blond3grl
      blond3grl Year ago +2

      The idiot driver parked right next to the tracks. He could see how closely he had parked. The train blew its horn, so the driver knew it was coming.
      He should have moved the truck. No, it was not the cameraman's job to "warn" him. He's not responsible for the other guy's stupid decision.

    • C Note
      C Note Year ago +1

      Apparently the train tracks nor the air horn wasn't warning enough? How do you suppose cameraman locate and warn the dumbass truck driver?

    • VisionRouge Shanghai
      VisionRouge Shanghai Year ago

      Yes obviously the driver didn't realize what was going to happen.
      The only one with a clear view of the situation and the coming catastrophe was the cameraman... and did nothing to prevent it. Nice people.
      If a kid was sitting on the passenger seat or the driver was killed when he later try to move the truck during the train massacre: did you also agree it was rigth to just film and not prevent it? Nice people.

    • blond3grl
      blond3grl Year ago +1

      @VisionRouge Shaghai - did you read the description of the video? It clearly said, "...However, the truck driver sitting on the pavement opposite to the trail didn't do anything when hearing the horn from the train." The driver knew the train was coming. It wasn't the videographer's job to warn him.

    • VisionRouge Shanghai
      VisionRouge Shanghai Year ago +4

      Thanks for your support, nice to see people with brain here.
      Yes, exactly.
      The train hit the truck 30 seconds after the video start, I guess the moron who record it also took tome time to realize that a train was coming and thought about recording a video of the coming catastrophe.
      He may have spend 10 extra seconds on this thinking and walk back to get the best angle instead of warning the driver.
      The driver almost got killed trying to his truck out of the way, and no help from the stupid phone holder, just keep recording (in portrait mode btw)
      Sad world

  • stubones
    stubones Year ago

    I hope the train wasn't damaged.

    • bios47
      bios47 Year ago

      The brown car at 0:43 lost its door.

  • Khu NoPie
    Khu NoPie Year ago

    That should buff out

  • pauljohnson7may
    pauljohnson7may Year ago +5

    I thought it looked better after the train hit it.

  • Choo Choo MotherTrucker

    Come on VC people. You know truck vs train, train always wins.

  • TazTalksYouListen
    TazTalksYouListen Year ago +6

    "Let's see, where is a good place to park...hmmm...How about right here next to these wood and iron ground decorations...Perfect. Now, let's head on into the brain doctor's office. Maybe he found one for me today."

  • Steven Yong
    Steven Yong Year ago

    Nothing a bit of polish and elbow grease won't solve.

  • enicotinic
    enicotinic Year ago +10

    I like how the train threw a door at him cuz it wasn't done f****** up his truck. 🚚

  • Hyn Sum
    Hyn Sum Year ago +2

    Hope driver pays damage he caused to the train.

  • CRTukker
    CRTukker Year ago

    Funniest part is that the conductor only applied the brakes after 15 seconds and at a slow rate, only to brake harder after another 10 seconds. I guess he wanted to teach the car owner a lesson lol

    • CRTukker
      CRTukker Year ago

      I was a train conductor on electric and diesel trains, in my spare time i would drive steam locs for a museum line.
      If he had applied the emergency brake you would instantly hear the air escape, just like the sound of an air compressor on a semi truck that has to much pressure and blows it off with a short burst. It is then also impossible to apply more breaking as the brakes go into full braking mode when emergency braking is activated, this can not be stopped nor regulated once applied.
      Didn't hear the air escape but i did hear him apply more breaking so no, no emergency braking there, only manual breaking and only after it had hit the car a few times.

    • Justin Grey Welborn
      Justin Grey Welborn Year ago

      Due to their weight, that's just how long it takes trains to stop, which is why train tracks are so dangerous. I think he was trying to stop ASAP as soon as he saw the situation.
      Disclaimer: not a train conductor.

  • Alex Filipov
    Alex Filipov Year ago

    Сказочный долбоеб!

  • Mark E
    Mark E Year ago

    having a bad day

  • Buddha's Disciple

    Was it done DELIBERATELY ? Something fishy ! The train had to halt finally.

  • CharlieTownend
    CharlieTownend Year ago +22

    The only thing in the truck that works still is the dashboard fan

  • Brad Polmateer
    Brad Polmateer Year ago +7


  • Claucius Fello
    Claucius Fello Year ago +20

    deserved it.

  • Keewee Rider
    Keewee Rider Year ago +12

    That'll buff out

  • EdgarMangle84
    EdgarMangle84 Year ago +1


  • Maxwell Winters
    Maxwell Winters Year ago +26

    Train man would get a raise if i was his boss

  • 722 Silberpfeil ///AMG

    Sale con polish

  • Phil Brown
    Phil Brown Year ago +8

    When you park too close...shit happens.

  • Guilherme Albuquerque


  • cleo
    cleo Year ago +1

    I am sad...

  • Pharmit24
    Pharmit24 Year ago +58

    Life tip, never fuck with a train.

  • YaZoodle
    YaZoodle Year ago +13

    Someone might be getting fired.