Destination Planet Negro (Free Full Movie) Kevin Willmott

  • Published on Feb 23, 2019
  • In 1939, African American leaders respond to Jim Crow segregation by building a rocket to colonize Mars. The three person crew blasts off, but time travel instead, arriving in present-day America revealing much about race today.
    Directed by Kevin Willmott (writer BlacKkKlansman)
    Starring Tosin Morohunfola, Danielle Cooper, Kevin Willmott
    Edited for TVclip ad standards
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Comments • 1 096

  • marz3335
    marz3335 4 months ago +72

    I could not believe how funny this was and how well done. This has the feel and quality of Mel Brooks -- maybe even better. Incredible acting talent, a real pimp on the 50's B movie thing and more. ++++++

    • Elly
      Elly Month ago +2

      @Daniel without white folk, we won’t have those problems.

    • LouieJr
      LouieJr Month ago

      Ace practicing to get his walk down had me pissing myself😆! Spot on about the Mel Brooks reference, totally his style of comedy.

    • Enfantde TheMostHighGOD
      Enfantde TheMostHighGOD 2 months ago

      Loved the music

    • Daniel Mc Dowell
      Daniel Mc Dowell 3 months ago +3

      @Mike ForemanHandout? There is no Welfare checks or food stamps on Mars, but if drug sales are possible there will be a brother peddling his shit.

    • Andre Jones
      Andre Jones 3 months ago +2

      *marz3335 WILL WE SEE YOUR MOMMA ON MARS??😮*

  • V'GER Lightning
    V'GER Lightning Day ago

    If you want the real thing, a black Negro Rosh Hashanah will make it so.

  • orange70383
    orange70383 6 days ago

    Do the homie do the homee

  • Victor Wilson
    Victor Wilson 8 days ago

    An older version of Lost In Space.

  • Scott Klus
    Scott Klus 9 days ago

    Another hit piece teaching youth to keep pushing the racist agenda if I had seen this kind of crap growing up I may not have the good black friends I enjoy today. Show youth the good and it will grow.

  • Simba Moyoni
    Simba Moyoni 12 days ago

    "We integrated with whites but they didn't integrate with us" , 59:17. I never really thought about that

    • Scott Klus
      Scott Klus 9 days ago

      Simba Moyoni that's your fault I got to know blacks when I could & have found some good friends I also was raised in a home where we learned god created us all so on judgement day we'll all have to honestly account for our treatment of each other

  • L.R. Parker
    L.R. Parker 14 days ago

    Carver did not invent peanut butter, is was a man by the name Edson from Canada, then was patented by Dr. Kellogg.

  • kennetth mitchell
    kennetth mitchell 16 days ago +1

    Ha ha ha This Movie Title had me peeved … but the content is actually pretty good, informative and certainly entertaining …. Kudos to whom ever put the thought process behind it and put it on screen … I Liked it much better than I thought I would

  • Benjamin Ely
    Benjamin Ely 16 days ago

    The gospel of go spel Slavery equal Ely SAV proclamation around the world of titles and Words of male and female of multiply of Adam and Eve

  • Benjamin Ely
    Benjamin Ely 16 days ago

    The gospel of Behind the Scene

  • Odin Coulombe
    Odin Coulombe 17 days ago

    oh those bad white people,,lol got to be black to think that way

  • juniperlista
    juniperlista 20 days ago

    LOL funny!

  • Stu Sasser
    Stu Sasser 22 days ago +2

    Every stereotype and racial cliche in one clever spoof.

  • jbdixs
    jbdixs 22 days ago

    What a bunch of CRAP.......

  • brucenoneyabusness
    brucenoneyabusness 23 days ago

    How can we make this into a documentary?

  • Mercedes Thaxton
    Mercedes Thaxton 23 days ago

    UTT OOH!!!

  • BestBathTub Finish
    BestBathTub Finish 24 days ago

    Already have one... earth.

  • BrownWilliamson
    BrownWilliamson 25 days ago +1

    Strom the robot, Lol; the Uncle Toms, they Snitched!!!!, Lol- First time I thought IId be safe in Mississippi, Lol 😂

  • Luci C
    Luci C 26 days ago +1

    Xclnt movie! Entertaining, good acting, and funny. Loved the robot.

  • Black SONRISE
    Black SONRISE 27 days ago

    Hey can I post this on my channel I will put the credits. Thanks

  • Veronica Smith
    Veronica Smith 27 days ago +1

    😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😉 omg my stomach hurts I can't stop laughing

  • Latanya Temple
    Latanya Temple 28 days ago

    yes 2019

  • Havoc Rau
    Havoc Rau 29 days ago

    why did they censor so much of the language? kinda ruined it

  • ZnenTitan
    ZnenTitan Month ago

    PC just got jettisoned into space. WHO THOUGHT THIS UP?!

  • Sonny Burnett
    Sonny Burnett Month ago

    Why are certain parts of the dialogue cut? It’s on the net now, please restore it fully.

  • Oliver Smith
    Oliver Smith Month ago +3

    I love a story with both high humor and heavy wisdom, like this.

  • Philip Hargrave
    Philip Hargrave Month ago +1

    The new black cult classic.

  • Alfred Minor
    Alfred Minor Month ago +2

    Great job.... being a lover of history and my ancestors.... funni but entertaining

  • maxime giordani
    maxime giordani Month ago

    hilarious! these 1939 coloreds have modern day Dominican style hairlines

  • Hey You
    Hey You Month ago

    In case you didnt recognize him, the indian was Tonto from the Lone Ranger series

  • Juan Moor
    Juan Moor Month ago

    It's crazy how movies make fun of so called "black, African Americans, negros, and Coloreds," while the truth goes right over their heads. Nationality is the order of the day!!!!!!!

  • Mystic Daves Tarot & Machine Shop

    OMG How did I miss this movie? This is great.

  • kimberly sleets
    kimberly sleets Month ago


  • kimberly sleets
    kimberly sleets Month ago +1

    enjoyed this short film. Thank you for sharing your gift.

  • Oliver Smith
    Oliver Smith Month ago

    More of this.

  • Dennis P. Ginther
    Dennis P. Ginther Month ago +1

    Fascinating... Incredibly cool movie. I had to watch the whole thing. I haven't watched a whole movie in 15 years. Because they all seem to contain all kinds of hidden messages and propaganda content. Good work!

  • states1950
    states1950 Month ago


  • Qy Chan
    Qy Chan Month ago +3

    One of the best syfi movie ever made. I would love to see a spike Lee version. I love it when he says.. we traveled all this way just to land on planet and the first thing we see is white people. Now that's scary 😨

  • Yah Named Me ISRAEL

    Real Israelite movie right here

  • Blue Girl
    Blue Girl Month ago

    Dumb movie

  • Joyce Price
    Joyce Price Month ago +3

    This is entertaining, black cast, well put together AND funny.

  • Tee Jaye
    Tee Jaye Month ago

    ...DAMN!...the PHANTASTIC (aka: fantasy) lengths (S- P- A- C- E!) people will go to, for A LIFE FREE OF THE TYRANNY of white people!...sheesh!

  • Michael Nonya
    Michael Nonya Month ago

    The "feeling" of inferiority !!!

  • AT ThinkTank
    AT ThinkTank Month ago

    Trump 202p

  • Ken Quesenberry
    Ken Quesenberry Month ago

    I like their space helmets; 2 salad bowls glued together with a vacuum cleaner hose running out the back and pipe insulation around the collar.

  • Amelia Harris
    Amelia Harris Month ago

    The Uncle Toms went and told it.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • TheBrabon1
    TheBrabon1 Month ago

    better fx than the star wars sequels

  • Rick O'Shay
    Rick O'Shay Month ago

    1:23:47 LOL, great Roy Rogers reference.

  • Rick O'Shay
    Rick O'Shay Month ago

    I was expecting comedy, not history-revisionism and shitloads of psychological-projection.

  • Rick O'Shay
    Rick O'Shay Month ago

    1:08:08 I can totally see how traveling into the past is dangerous, but how is traveling into the future dangerous?

  • Rick O'Shay
    Rick O'Shay Month ago +1

    59:22 The thug-mentality moved in, and that's what drove most of the jobs and money out.

  • Chris King
    Chris King Month ago +1

    pretty funny too!

  • John Klimoski
    John Klimoski Month ago

    Just terrific! Thanks for posting it Popcornflix.

  • Randall Trieb
    Randall Trieb Month ago +1

    Did they film this in Greenland like NASA did?

  • Amado Leon
    Amado Leon Month ago

    no you guys are doing a good job on that in Chicago

  • Admiral Preparedness
    Admiral Preparedness Month ago +4

    I WILL AGREE WITH EVERYONE HERE WHO THINK THIS MOVIE IS A LAUGH FEST!!! That robot was a priceless character!!!

  • frank brewer
    frank brewer Month ago +2


  • Seth Tyrssen
    Seth Tyrssen Month ago +1

    Speaking as a hard-core White boy, as well as a film enthusiast of many decades, I can honestly say that this movie is both brilliant and hilarious. The notion of geographical separation is still a good one -- Marcus Garvey was right. All that discussion aside: watch this one, it's funny as blazes. They not only spoof the old flicks of the 30's but themselves as well, while (arguably) making some social comment.

    • Rick O'Shay
      Rick O'Shay Month ago

      Only the first half was funny; the second half of switches from comedy to psychological-projection.

  • TheDgizzle82
    TheDgizzle82 Month ago

    The poles are not the answer. The polls are not the answer

  • Nevuah Gallery
    Nevuah Gallery Month ago +1

    The Great Awakening is Woke!