Gay, A Very Itchy Horse

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  • gus siil
    gus siil 4 months ago

    White girls always orgasm groping big horse and donkey penises and satisfy

  • gus siil
    gus siil 4 months ago

    No he doesn't need it but she was enjoying graping his long dick

  • pou joux
    pou joux 9 months ago

    Found an Itch Tracker for Gay . HiHiHi !!!!

  • Ashmad Olayadiha
    Ashmad Olayadiha Year ago


  • Xiclotrode
    Xiclotrode Year ago

    should fist him

  • RRHJ Productions
    RRHJ Productions Year ago +1

    That is totally normal I molest my horses all the time

  • Jack Dempsey
    Jack Dempsey Year ago

    Amazing channel! Keep it up!

  • Diana Quiroz
    Diana Quiroz Year ago


  • Kaiser Frost
    Kaiser Frost Year ago


  • audry lapino
    audry lapino Year ago


  • Gemma Lewis
    Gemma Lewis Year ago


  • lol panam
    lol panam Year ago


  • zhanyun hong
    zhanyun hong Year ago


  • keila Videla
    keila Videla Year ago

    Me encanto super gracioso

  • giuseppe3010
    giuseppe3010 Year ago +1

    stick your ARM into his ass..... and let's see what happens !!!

  • Asif Khsn
    Asif Khsn Year ago


  • Kylie Wilson
    Kylie Wilson Year ago

    Bless him poor old man looks like he loved nothing better then a nice scratch from his mum 😊

  • Lucky Chance
    Lucky Chance Year ago



  • Tiffany goodin
    Tiffany goodin Year ago

    Who name's a Horse Gay 😁😁

  • David Ra
    David Ra Year ago +1

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    Mehmet Aktas Year ago

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  • Kedamono
    Kedamono Year ago +2

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    Ali Deli 2 years ago

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  • Petre Dumitru
    Petre Dumitru 2 years ago +1


  • Ahmad Bamery
    Ahmad Bamery 2 years ago

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  • Сергей
    Сергей 2 years ago


  • علی حسینی
    علی حسینی 2 years ago

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  • idum01
    idum01 2 years ago +4

    I wouldn't stay behind the horse.

    • Elthon David
      Elthon David Year ago

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    • Runruncat AJ
      Runruncat AJ Year ago +2

      lmao you definitely know shit all about horses , yes some people do get kicked by horses but it's quite rare for it to happen but it's usually caused by sneaking up on them, i know their lots more reasons, but i'm just saying that the horse is relaxed and enjoying it and i think the owner of the horse knows what she is doing and her horse trusts her if he/she didn't trust him/she wouldn't let the owner near him/her.

    • _space _sheep
      _space _sheep Year ago

      lol ikr

  • Nditsheni Victor Mahlase

    Can you send me more

  • Nditsheni Victor Mahlase

    Can you send me more

  • SpringTrap
    SpringTrap 2 years ago +1

    He was LUVIN Dat! O_O

  • Styrbjörn 90
    Styrbjörn 90 2 years ago

    i was sen her from Gay bar music video, thinking what the fuck!? and hoping in this video she was gonna get a horse kick sending her flying.. but nope.. just plain stupid..

  • Astromilquíades Delosquarteynhos

    Ela bem que gosta da putaria...

  • mess enger
    mess enger 3 years ago +3

    I clickED BEcaUSe In the THUMBnail the woMAN was GIving The HORse A haNDJOB

  • htcevo12
    htcevo12 3 years ago +4

    33 million view oh my god

  • PLUguide Gay Media App Publication

    Ha! Ha! Ha! Thumb Up !!

  • Ray O'Keefe
    Ray O'Keefe 3 years ago

    Hilarious, yeah get over yourselves, you nasty knowall dickheads that leave stupid comments, this video is cool, best way to a horses heart is to find his itchyspot, he will love ya forever,,,

  • xeokym
    xeokym 3 years ago

    Awww you are such a nice owner :)

  • seabiscuit820
    seabiscuit820 3 years ago

    increible que esta mierda tenga 33 millones de visitas

  • osmark
    osmark 3 years ago


  • Stuck Daydreamin
    Stuck Daydreamin 3 years ago

    There's a lot of immature comments on this video. Its a horse. An animal. A lot of animals like to get scratched. Just like dogs. Just like cats. And his name being gay I mean its just a name. Relax.

    SUPERMOPAR91 3 years ago

    What a happy horse!

  • Iheartgaming
    Iheartgaming 3 years ago

    Emm an ass is a donkey and the horse is itchy no judging lol it is quite funny tho

  • Iheartgaming
    Iheartgaming 3 years ago

    Emm an ass is a donkey and the horse is itchy no judging lol it is quite funny tho

  • Iheartgaming
    Iheartgaming 3 years ago

    Emm an ass is a donkey and the horse is itchy no judging lol it is quite funny tho

  • Tara Shaw
    Tara Shaw 3 years ago

    lol i LOVE THIS!! So many ppl need to take a fuking chill pil!! Theres nothing wrong or weird about this! Those blankets make horses extremely itchy, imagine wearing a wool hat for days on end! GEEZ!!

  • Eduardo Matias
    Eduardo Matias 3 years ago


  • S. Lawrence
    S. Lawrence 3 years ago +9

    Calm down people gay is the name of the flipping horse

    • gus siil
      gus siil 4 months ago

      S. Lawrence cum white bitch on my d

  • eisenherz188
    eisenherz188 3 years ago +2

    you scratch his asshole?? huh

  • tati Isabel
    tati Isabel 4 years ago +2

    Aww he's so ichy :)

  • Gilvanison santos
    Gilvanison santos 4 years ago

  • Uproaring Roar
    Uproaring Roar 4 years ago +11

    Searching video
    Typed "gay" on the search bar
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    Found it

  • Has nicktir
    Has nicktir 4 years ago

    Atı İbne Yapcak Amk Karısın :D

  • lapinoca
    lapinoca 4 years ago

    C'est une femelle nn?

  • fazlul haque
    fazlul haque 4 years ago


  • DxSP
    DxSP 4 years ago

    You're gay for naming your horse gay

  • Joselox
    Joselox 4 years ago

    This is gross.

  • amrita sommer
    amrita sommer 4 years ago

    you obviously don't know anything about horses.

  • Diego Gomes
    Diego Gomes 4 years ago


  • HypergeometricTest
    HypergeometricTest 4 years ago

    :35 I said what what in the butt

  • Markist Brown
    Markist Brown 4 years ago

    Ewww wtf and u never stand behind a horse dumb bitch

  • BoboStyle1996
    BoboStyle1996 4 years ago

    Ok, this video made me want to watch a porn. brb

  • Lovecamus Montana
    Lovecamus Montana 4 years ago


  • chieappa
    chieappa 4 years ago

    i love gay horses

  • It's Candy Time Boys and Girls

    Ok, next step: grab the penis and search if it's itchy too.

  • When To Start Potty Training

    Very impressive

  • kfcedable
    kfcedable 4 years ago

    u dirty bitch

  • Keyla Douglas
    Keyla Douglas 4 years ago

    The horse know how to do rednose better than girls these days bol

  • MrJ0mmy
    MrJ0mmy 4 years ago

    pussy oh pussy cat

  • Chubby Bear
    Chubby Bear 4 years ago

    Then where is Lesbian?

  • Redat23
    Redat23 4 years ago


  • OneMoreStory
    OneMoreStory 4 years ago

    This is my Horse "Gay" he gets very itchy but because he is old he can't reach the itchy bits himself so he needs some help. I make some weird and stupid faces when I give him a scratch like almost masturbate him.

  • diane manville
    diane manville 4 years ago

    He's like a big cat!!!!

  • Jacqueline L
    Jacqueline L 4 years ago

    Wtf never in my life have I ever seen anyone scratch a horse like this wierdass lady

  • Kristina Giovanni
    Kristina Giovanni 4 years ago

    I have very long nails and yes they are mine, therefore they are sharp. My parent's dog only does this to me, however, she too wants her back side scratched. Therefore, this cute horses behavior is no different then my parents do. So I know exactly how much this horse enjoys her scrathing:)) so cute!!!

  • quincy morgan
    quincy morgan 4 years ago

    Bout to cum bout fo cum

  • jdbubby96
    jdbubby96 4 years ago

    @ Jimmy Siermine Go to hell

  • Jimmy Siermine
    Jimmy Siermine 4 years ago


  • Jimmy Siermine
    Jimmy Siermine 4 years ago


  • manoj kumar
    manoj kumar 4 years ago

    i like it

  • jdbubby96
    jdbubby96 4 years ago

    The Horse is named Gay you idiots!

  • Jūshirō Ukitake
    Jūshirō Ukitake 4 years ago

    i dont want to know what that horse is thinking

  • ConnorProd
    ConnorProd 4 years ago


  • ConnorProd
    ConnorProd 4 years ago

    Give me 10 logical reasons (not relating to any religion) why gays are bad. Oh, wait, that's right, YOU CAN'T!!!!!

  • Edithae
    Edithae 4 years ago

    I feel itchy watching this...

  • Morozan Andrei
    Morozan Andrei 4 years ago

    because it is

  • tomtik101
    tomtik101 4 years ago

    You should give it medicine.

  • ripxxc
    ripxxc 4 years ago

    0:46 - Horse: Yes, yes yes yes!!! RIGHT THERE DON'T STOP!!

  • Hi im Slayder
    Hi im Slayder 4 years ago

    sax. Gay horse??????????

  • Orhan Fogarty
    Orhan Fogarty 4 years ago

    Gay is the name of the horse, Fucking knobs

  • bellin beauty
    bellin beauty 4 years ago

    My mare loves her ass scratches, she chases me round till she's satisfied lol, U go boy.

  • Dancing Spiderman
    Dancing Spiderman 4 years ago

    Just be sure to wash yer hands GOOD after scratching that itchy horsie ass

  • Dancing Spiderman
    Dancing Spiderman 4 years ago

    Q: Did you "finish him off"?
    The horse prolly has a food allergy and/or his backside has been exposed to itchy-causing plants.
    In the meantime, I will develop a Horsie Sybian machine to give him a surround-sound pleasureable itch. He won't leave the house.

  • bltnxkrw
    bltnxkrw 4 years ago

    maybe thats its name.

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