College Football's Funniest Moments and Bloopers Part 2

  • Published on Oct 7, 2018
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  • CFBin30
    CFBin30  9 months ago +402

    What should I include in Part 3?

  • Mike Elliott
    Mike Elliott 2 hours ago

    Seriously though. Fuck Oklahoma and fuck Baker Mayfield.

  • Justin Devaney
    Justin Devaney 2 days ago

    Love it when OSU beats up on UM 😍😍😍

  • SunDew 916
    SunDew 916 10 days ago

    The first clip sounds like what John cena would sound like when he turns 60

  • Nick Lay
    Nick Lay 12 days ago

    yup nfl gms saw baker grab his cock and still goes 1st, legend

  • Cayden Conners
    Cayden Conners 13 days ago

    i was at the badger game with the ripped turf

  • Purav Shah
    Purav Shah 13 days ago

    10:00 what the actual fuck

  • 이재형
    이재형 14 days ago

    What should I include in Part 3?

  • XsuowX none
    XsuowX none 14 days ago

    0:15 when he said "GFDRTTHHHG VGFRTY" I ALMOST CRYED

  • krucial uv
    krucial uv 15 days ago

    *NOT So FaST mIdGeT*

  • Shiloh Dimenstein
    Shiloh Dimenstein 15 days ago

    luv it

  • balentin Gonzalez
    balentin Gonzalez 15 days ago


  • Cooper Mctighe
    Cooper Mctighe 15 days ago +2

    6:29 R.I.P "Hefty Lefty"

    • KingCameron 711
      KingCameron 711 14 days ago

      Cooper Mctighe I heard about that I miss him he was so good rip

  • Ants Canterbury
    Ants Canterbury 15 days ago

    8:03. Had worse voice cracks than Justin Bieber

  • Ian Ugorowski
    Ian Ugorowski 15 days ago


  • bryant bejarin
    bryant bejarin 15 days ago

    @1:44 when your to tired to run around after a victory

    XD HEAVEN 16 days ago

    I wish Baker was still in college

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  • Steel Curtain
    Steel Curtain 18 days ago

    Rip Jared lorenzen🙏🏻🐐

  • MasterOf4Elements
    MasterOf4Elements 23 days ago

    I don't think there is a coach in Alabama history who liked talking to press

  • greyfox37
    greyfox37 26 days ago

    7:51 was great

  • Zapp Brannigan
    Zapp Brannigan 27 days ago

    That is one mean looking dude at @5:39. His body says, "I can consume an entire cow's worth of steak in one sitting" and his face says, "I will cut you if you if you get between me and the buffet table."

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  • Jeremiah Thorne
    Jeremiah Thorne Month ago +2

    8:56 there's Waldo!

  • The Saint
    The Saint Month ago

    Bevo attacking uga before the Longhorns whooped that tail

  • aspenrebel
    aspenrebel Month ago

    Guy @3:56 ... his parents must be proud of him. We spent how much on tuition and room & board, etc for this little terd?

  • aspenrebel
    aspenrebel Month ago

    @2:00 + .... 1) there should have been 3 secs left; 2) the clock starts once the yard markers are moved; I don't think offense can hike the ball until the yard markers are moved and the Ref says they can hike the ball, so 1 sec would have run off before they could hike the ball anyways; 3) getting FG unit out there do no good cuz only 1 sec and would have run off before could have hiked ball to holder; 4) they should have gone for TD ... IF .. they could get the hike off with only 1 sec left.

  • 98 12 valve
    98 12 valve Month ago

    8:09 - 8:14
    on the last play of the gaaAAAAme!

  • twalsh06
    twalsh06 Month ago

    3:20 when you hit Send and instantly realize you selected "Reply All"

  • Jack Howard
    Jack Howard Month ago

    2:40 when my mom walks in and I try to remember if I did my homework

  • joshua kurc
    joshua kurc Month ago

    I'm surprised that you don't have more Illinois football bloopers. Illini football sucks

  • Triple3
    Triple3 Month ago

    9:43 which stadium is that?

  • Trixz -_-
    Trixz -_- Month ago

    That guy cleaning up the turf is my dads friend

  • Uchiha Uchiha
    Uchiha Uchiha Month ago

    UofM is in like 1/3 of these😂

  • Dickolas Cage
    Dickolas Cage Month ago

    Jesus, get fucked Butch we hate you so much lol

  • Jason Fischer
    Jason Fischer Month ago

    2:00 Lynch is just trying to get Seattle to run it.

  • Sunny YT
    Sunny YT Month ago

    How was the first one a fail, your just making fun of his voice...

  • Metroyeti17
    Metroyeti17 Month ago

    Nothing makes me happier than melodramatic UVA fans when they lose

  • stevieisbad
    stevieisbad Month ago


  • Gabe Strong
    Gabe Strong Month ago

    2:41 My heart smiled.

  • That’s Not Good
    That’s Not Good Month ago +6

    Baker Mayfield makes a bad gesture
    Announcer:”NFL GMs are going to see that.
    *Cleveland Browns looks at video*
    Let’s Draft him

  • Mark Soucek
    Mark Soucek Month ago

    The Browns definitely enjoyed what Baker did.

  • 4ourzy
    4ourzy Month ago


  • Lo_fl
    Lo_fl Month ago +10

    8:08-8:12 the voice cracks though lmao.

  • Benjamin Chase
    Benjamin Chase Month ago

    If you guys have a minute a listen would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

  • Pee bottle productions
    Pee bottle productions Month ago +24

    3:09 Yeah we do this alot against our rivals.

  • Chris Lindsey
    Chris Lindsey Month ago +1

    1:36 that voice crack

  • Hampesweden
    Hampesweden Month ago

    Change the title to American football cuz this is not real football

  • Chrome Child
    Chrome Child Month ago

    10:14 Trix are for kids, bitch!

  • Jarek Cimrman
    Jarek Cimrman Month ago +1


  • B2
    B2 Month ago

    3:07 Poor Michigan just can't get a break with punts lol

  • Aidan Davis
    Aidan Davis Month ago

    If only Marshawn Lynch drove that cart at the 1 yard line

  • Carl Keller
    Carl Keller 2 months ago

    10:17 Oregon came back and won that game by a hare.

  • Will Meyers
    Will Meyers 2 months ago

    7:21 I remember being in a bar in Madison, WI watching this game. The whole bar was seeing #TurfGate unfold in front of their eyes!

  • Nick LaRocco
    Nick LaRocco 2 months ago

    6:52 when u need deestroying

  • HUD Vlogs
    HUD Vlogs 2 months ago

    6:16 nfl are gonna see that and then draft him #1 overall

  • James Taylor
    James Taylor 2 months ago +1

    Michigan can’t punt for shit lol I hope those punts wasn’t the special team coach lol

  • Pineapple Baby
    Pineapple Baby 2 months ago

    11:45 This is why football players aren't basketball players lmao jk

  • BronchoKyle
    BronchoKyle 2 months ago

    You only got one win. Go cheer on basketball. 😂😂😂 Fucking savage.

  • Lucas Ludwick
    Lucas Ludwick 2 months ago

    2:39 me caught looking at my crush

  • Joey Clemenza
    Joey Clemenza 2 months ago

    marshawn lynch, from start to finish... give this man his own tv show!!!!!

  • Sillysoft
    Sillysoft 2 months ago

    When Mayfield was grabbing his crotch, the announcers said the NFL people will see that, insinuating it could hurt his draft spot. What spot was he drafted again? lol NFL teams dont care, all they care about is can you help them win games.

  • Itz.Just.Jxrdyn XD
    Itz.Just.Jxrdyn XD 2 months ago

    The first sounds like the hammer stanley guy XD

  • Juan Martinez
    Juan Martinez 2 months ago +3

    2002 - UK take Gatorade shower before the end:
    LSU wins
    2018 - LSU take Gatorade shower before the end:
    Texas A&M wins

  • Ranimal Gaming
    Ranimal Gaming 2 months ago

    I think not shaking your opponents hand's is more "inappropriate" then what that player did.

  • UnReaL
    UnReaL 2 months ago +1

    6:55 what happened? why do they think he got it

  • copee
    copee 2 months ago +1

    Never fuckin forget when kaelin clay drops the ball at the one 😪

  • Reina Zhang
    Reina Zhang 2 months ago


  • Ocean Balance
    Ocean Balance 2 months ago

    6:46 I thought he was gonna say something else.

  • Grace Rodhouse
    Grace Rodhouse 2 months ago

    “you can’t see midget on tv, if you say it, there may be a protest of midgets on this building” -john mulaney

  • Orella Minx
    Orella Minx 2 months ago

    4:58 "Alright, Jim, you missed a few calls last game, so make sure you really keep your eye on the ball tonight"

  • Brandon
    Brandon 2 months ago

    Off the crossbar! He just barely had enough!
    What an idiot... hahahaha
    Also didn't Utah lose the game from the 8:44 clip? Imagine how big having a 14-0 lead would've been rather than it being tied at 7. 14 point swing because of some cockiness.

  • oxhorns son
    oxhorns son 2 months ago

    cool beans

  • Montgomery Fann
    Montgomery Fann 2 months ago

    “Championship championship championship and they’ve won the biggest championship and that’s the championship of life”

  • Laced_ IntentionZ
    Laced_ IntentionZ 2 months ago

    The first guy must be an auctioneer

  • I Geriatrici
    I Geriatrici 2 months ago

    No one:
    Absolutely no one:
    Not a single life form in the universe:
    Lee Corso: 4:26

  • ShipWrecked Team
    ShipWrecked Team 2 months ago


  • James Baucom
    James Baucom 2 months ago

    First video- that coach forgot to get out of coach mode 😂

  • Whit Bea
    Whit Bea 2 months ago +1

    5:22 I love love when show boat ass players get they issue. Celebrate when u get the W, u look like an ass

  • Whit Bea
    Whit Bea 2 months ago +4

    Oooh shit I don't remember that LSU play.... How dumb was that, and I love LSU, GEAUX TIGERS

  • Chilfareel Gaming
    Chilfareel Gaming 2 months ago

    8:11 When You Win Your First FartKnife Game

    Edit:I Watched This Game. I Blame The Kicker

  • Michael Nanakul
    Michael Nanakul 2 months ago

    Fhdhjddjdjdjdjdjdjfuck ya

  • Jack Nabit
    Jack Nabit 2 months ago

    Shut up you little midget lee corso said

  • Go Dawgs
    Go Dawgs 2 months ago


  • mr. Jaquez
    mr. Jaquez 2 months ago

    Coach kines dmx voice 😂😂

  • Luke
    Luke 2 months ago


  • Logan gamer4482
    Logan gamer4482 2 months ago

    i sent you something on your gmail can you please read it thank you

  • David Savian
    David Savian 2 months ago

    At 9:57 when someone goes full retard.

  • George Gibby
    George Gibby 2 months ago

    "It was at that moment, he knew..."

  • Kylo Productions
    Kylo Productions 2 months ago


  • Gordon Brown
    Gordon Brown 2 months ago

    "Don't stop until you hear a whistle." First thing I was told at the first practise every year for football and rugby.

  • Ben Campbell
    Ben Campbell 2 months ago

    “Off the crossbar” 😂 it was no where close buddy, and I’m from Toledo too

  • catpainblackudder01
    catpainblackudder01 2 months ago

    After the QB throws the ball and it is caught by the other player, is the other player allowed to pass the ball to anyone else?

  • Reverend Benzo
    Reverend Benzo 2 months ago

    7:57 Defensive lineman is lined up off sides.

  • Sonny Seven
    Sonny Seven 2 months ago


  • Eri Ro
    Eri Ro 2 months ago

    That poor rabbit. He must of been terrified. I hope he found a safe way out.

  • Redskinsman10
    Redskinsman10 2 months ago

    7:12 how tf did u not see him miss the kick? the scoreboard says 0 idiots

  • Der Lucas
    Der Lucas 2 months ago

    6:20 NFL GMs are gonna see that, and he still got picked No. 1 so I say, he did everything right xD