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(Today I met) The Boy I'm Gonna Marry


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  • Eileen Mendez
    Eileen Mendez 8 months ago

    I sang Tonight I met the Boy I'm going to marry, the night I met my husband of 52 years that was 53 years ago. I just knew the second he asked me to dance!

  • Dani Siqueira!
    Dani Siqueira! 10 months ago

    Amo ❤️

  • footsie100ndred
    footsie100ndred 11 months ago

    Pretty sure this is Darlene Love, not The Crystals.

  • Araceli Ferreira
    Araceli Ferreira Year ago

    Que peli es ?

  • Creole Lady
    Creole Lady 2 years ago +23

    That's what I said the first time my husband kissed me. I knew he was going to be my husband and we're going 33 years strong and still in love.

  • Lisa Novelli
    Lisa Novelli 2 years ago


  • memogarda
    memogarda 2 years ago


  • drdoowop
    drdoowop 2 years ago

    Happy 75 th Birthday Darlene

  • dkmeller1
    dkmeller1 3 years ago +1

    Recalls better days when girls actually WANTED to get married after high
    school (and sometimes even earlier)...and saw to it that they were worth marrying!
    Feminism has turned women into s**t; maybe not ALL women, but FAR too many!
    I don't know if our modern girls even know what this song means, or would
    know what to do even if they did. Modern women STINK!
    Women have changed a lot in the past century or so. Change back...PLEASE!

    • Sarah Hamilton
      Sarah Hamilton Year ago

      dkmeller so true feminism today is taking away my femininity. And it really is sad when a girl wants to get married early they are looked at and judged poorly

  • Ni Azzam
    Ni Azzam 3 years ago +1


  • Klarkentoo
    Klarkentoo 4 years ago +2

    Great sound, great song - cool video. Mannnnn, this music makes you want to dance in bed !! : )))

  • lenord227
    lenord227 4 years ago

    Love this song and love Darlene's masterful singing!!! Thank you for sharing and thank you Darlene for the beautiful music!

  • John-SAM Sampson
    John-SAM Sampson 4 years ago +1

    the songs that legends are made of.

  • sha11235
    sha11235 4 years ago +1

    And the next day she met the boy she divorced.

  • Cynthia's Channel
    Cynthia's Channel 4 years ago +4

    1963...........Darlene Love was sooooo fine.........She did it again......
    "Today I Met the boy I'am to Marry" Listen to the clapping in the background .....We did this alot thru the songs...........

  • Tracer Markson Shapiro
    Tracer Markson Shapiro 4 years ago +2

    Darlene probably recorded more songs than any other singer of this generation. She is the "studio" voice used by many many female singers and groups. And, even today she does not get the credit or the royalties because they put the name of the singer or group on these songs. Yet, it is not the singer, or the group, on the recorded version. Darlene was always asked to "stand in" as lead vocalist for the recording session because she can sing most anything perfectly. She saved them millions and made hundreds of millions for the recording companies and yet got no credit or payment.

  • luis menchaca
    luis menchaca 5 years ago +2

    que pelicula es?

  • Cynthia's Channel
    Cynthia's Channel 5 years ago +3

    Love this song, so many memories here... of where I was when this song came out of the charts... What a voice" Darlene Love "has...... Love this song

    • Ray Poirier
      Ray Poirier 2 years ago

      Makes me cry because of the way I messed it up between her and I Still Live You Sue Always wi;ll

  • PLT 108
    PLT 108 5 years ago +1

    Profound song--So sweet and good--Voice so pure and real...Damn, maybe we should be still listening to this song...

  • Colin Sanders
    Colin Sanders 5 years ago

    entered Cashbox March 30, 1963

  • Susie196921
    Susie196921 5 years ago

    Darlene Love - she can sing anything perfectly! Love these lyrics and music!

  • 7longtime7
    7longtime7 5 years ago +1

    Flyboys (2006)

  • Mica Tesh
    Mica Tesh 5 years ago

    what's this movie??

  • Sally Hookum
    Sally Hookum 5 years ago

    Father of the Bride reminds me of.....Great Movie...

  • hottpink88
    hottpink88 5 years ago

  • sick of obama
    sick of obama 5 years ago +2

    i am so glad I'm not the only one that wish these days were back. The music was so much nicer. I loved those long ago days.

  • Sonny Simms
    Sonny Simms 5 years ago

    God, these songs make one wish he'd stop growing at 18.

  • HaloBlueprints
    HaloBlueprints 6 years ago +1

    Soo true. Mainstream music nowadays is absolutely crap.

  • Bill H
    Bill H 6 years ago +1

    Great video to go with a fine song.

  • Erika Pennella
    Erika Pennella 6 years ago

    Gr888 song!

  • James C
    James C 6 years ago

    Nice song

  • Ryan Stevens
    Ryan Stevens 6 years ago

    I had a 50s themed wedding and this is the song I walked down the isle to. It was perfect

  • Cynthia's Channel
    Cynthia's Channel 6 years ago


  • Nelear Walls
    Nelear Walls 6 years ago

    Me too lol!

  • Nelear Walls
    Nelear Walls 6 years ago

    Love this song good music im young but know good music!

  • Erik Underland
    Erik Underland 6 years ago +1

    They dont make them as they use to:)

  • lynncrf
    lynncrf 6 years ago

    Me too!

  • Cynthia's Channel
    Cynthia's Channel 6 years ago

    Fantastic song for sure

  • PepsiTasteLikeCoke
    PepsiTasteLikeCoke 6 years ago

    yeah :(

  • Christina Garcia
    Christina Garcia 6 years ago

    aww that's so sad =S

  • drdoowop
    drdoowop 6 years ago

    Happy Birthday Darlene. 71 years young.

  • PepsiTasteLikeCoke
    PepsiTasteLikeCoke 6 years ago

    No it is "flyboys"

  • PepsiTasteLikeCoke
    PepsiTasteLikeCoke 6 years ago

    The movie called FLYBOYS

  • PepsiTasteLikeCoke
    PepsiTasteLikeCoke 6 years ago

    The sad thing is that, in the movie he lost the contact with the woman.
    And never saw her again afetr the war. And the movie was based on a true story :(((

  • Mariana Orellana
    Mariana Orellana 6 years ago

    the day I got married I'm going to put this song when I wake up :3

  • Joey OfTheJungle
    Joey OfTheJungle 7 years ago

    I know the song is played during the movie Father of the Bride but what movie is these scenes in this video from?? It looks like a good movie..

  • Rumo ao Altar Assessoria & Cerimonial

    Que delíciaaaa de música!! AMEI!

  • Cynthia's Channel
    Cynthia's Channel 7 years ago


  • auntpittypattys
    auntpittypattys 7 years ago

    what a great song and the lyrics are no 1 what a great video thank you for a no1 video ya got to love it

  • madminute
    madminute 7 years ago

    Wow, now those are TRUE professional studio back up musicians, and what a great arrangement!

  • PLT 108
    PLT 108 7 years ago

    Tony Powers--heart uplifting beautiful song amidst a tough world these days...arrangement so perfect and this group is premiere...and it is so classy for you to comment here for us regular old people...

  • shady kadee
    shady kadee 7 years ago

    @potentialninja I love that show!! :)

  • Justin Ferri
    Justin Ferri 7 years ago

    @LMHS63 Thank Darlene Love.

  • BillButlerB3Organs
    BillButlerB3Organs 7 years ago

    Man what a dream to get a song recorded by the Spec at the top of his game and reap so the rewards of a knock out that still blasts!

  • PLT 108
    PLT 108 7 years ago

    This is a Great Song by a Great Group...Such powerful nostalgia...the whole arrangement is damn good...the musicians are perfect...Lead is fabulous..

  • cakie8269
    cakie8269 7 years ago

    Congrats to Mr.Tony Powers greatest song i ever heard. You are great Cathy

  • dale shauf
    dale shauf 7 years ago

    @LMHS63 I hadn't read your comment but I just sent Tony an e-mail that echoes your sentiment almost exactly. Most music of this time was pretty good - BUT this music is just so, so GREAT!

  • tony powers
    tony powers 7 years ago

    @plushymiss u welcome. thank u...and thank boo 2. tony

  • Ayanda Radebe
    Ayanda Radebe 7 years ago

    this song makes me wanna get hitched. TIMELESS

  • LMHS63
    LMHS63 7 years ago

    Hey Tony thanks for writing this song, it meant a lot back in the 60's, and it still gives this 66 year old guy from NY that feeling of being young and happy in love ! Man we loved the Crystals ! Still do !

  • LMHS63
    LMHS63 7 years ago

    Please take me back to those days....this song has such special meaning to me. I miss that "sweet sensation" 40 something years ago !

  • DavidRM18
    DavidRM18 7 years ago

    Much love for this song. Proper music, unlike some of the shit we have these days.
    This song or 'swagger jagger'? No question about it. Whatever happened to real music!?

  • Jim Crescitelli
    Jim Crescitelli 7 years ago

    @TonyPowers22 . Excellent! One of my favorites since I "discovered" it back in 1970 when I was a kid... !~

  • Michelle Tracy
    Michelle Tracy 7 years ago

    father of the bride.

  • maddenzmom
    maddenzmom 7 years ago

    Love this song n the movie it goes to but it says that author won't allow playback on iPod

  • madminute
    madminute 7 years ago

    WOW, now these are true professional studio musicians, all of them reading arrangements.

  • rubybhernandez
    rubybhernandez 7 years ago

    @TonyPowers22 . Wow! that's awesome, I mean to "see" you here. Thank you for that wonderful song. I've always loved it since I was a kid, there's something about your song or lyrics that makes one's heart glow! Also this was one of the songs played on my Wedding day!! Thank you! More power!

  • Eren L
    Eren L 7 years ago

    This reminds me of Chuck and Jill :)

  • Roberta Miranda
    Roberta Miranda 7 years ago

    this song makes me cry because of the Father of the Bride!

  • 4everjesusily
    4everjesusily 7 years ago

    I love him so much....only guy for me

  • tony powers
    tony powers 7 years ago

    @pbarrigher thanks for letting me know how much you enjoy makes me very glad to hear how it touches people. peace, tony

  • Anna Yolande
    Anna Yolande 7 years ago

    this is so beautiful, smiling so much I can cry!

  • tony powers
    tony powers 7 years ago

    @patty26ish thanx girl...enjoy. peace, tony

  • patty26ish
    patty26ish 7 years ago

    @TonyPowers22 You are amazing Tony!!!! Tx..... this is exactly what i want to say today!!!!

  • Luey Figs
    Luey Figs 7 years ago

    I love this era and this song.

  • Cynthia's Channel
    Cynthia's Channel 7 years ago

    What a song!!
    The meaning of this, could go for alot of us!!
    Love this

  • Pat Foley
    Pat Foley 7 years ago

    Love that song and Darlene's voice. In the 60's, there were other good groups singing that type of music. My favorite was, The Shirelles, but there were also The Chantels, Ronnettes and the Crystals and Mary Wells. I think the 60's had the best music; there was so much to choose from; folk, pop, R&B, motown, country, and some great instrumentals, such as Stranger on the Shore with Acker Bilk.

  • tony powers
    tony powers 7 years ago

    @TheMartha601 thanx girl. i really appreciate the kind words and i am so happy that you can live the words. peace, tony

  • Martha Yancey
    Martha Yancey 7 years ago

    @TonyPowers22 Oh God bless you for these wonderful words!! I absolutely LOVE this song and the words...and I finally met someone that fit the words. I'm telling you, if you wonder how much someone means to you, let this song play and if it melts you (the way that it melts me now)...then I think you may be on to something lol. Thanks again and you've written a song that will be played at many weddings to come...great work!!

  • Louella Gibson
    Louella Gibson 7 years ago

    I plan on singing this song as I walk down the isle when I get married, probably next year.

  • Ned Scarisbrick
    Ned Scarisbrick 7 years ago

    I love all the comments. Darlene should have been the big star. The only problem I have with this song is that the sax sound in the middle is just a little to slow. Up tempo just a hair and it would have been perfect.

  • Cynthia's Channel
    Cynthia's Channel 8 years ago

    We never know where we will end up in our life!!
    Wonderful Memories too!!
    Great song, just don't last long enough

  • Cynthia's Channel
    Cynthia's Channel 8 years ago

    Love this song, What memories!!

  • MrJenshaag
    MrJenshaag 8 years ago

    Great, great song. A true evergreen

  • auntpittypattys
    auntpittypattys 8 years ago

    If you indeed did write the lyrics to this song tony powers you wrote an iconic song that will be here from generation to generation if you think this song will fade away with time think again! The music the singer the lyrics were all no 1 in alot of peoples book and will endure long after you and me are gone! wonderful job on this video dulshank tky you for this quality song.

  • myrna c
    myrna c 8 years ago

    bravo Darlene, you are in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame..You are the
    best ever..Finally... A big fan....

  • falconhead67
    falconhead67 8 years ago

    classic spector

  • Christina Joseph
    Christina Joseph 8 years ago

    Hi Tony,
    I heard this songs 5yrs ago when i watched the movie 'Father of the Bride' and fell in love with it. I tried to buy it i couldn't. An year ago i found youtube and i downloaded the song.
    This is absolutely romantic,classic and incredible song full of love for the one person you love most.
    Thank you for this wonderful gift to us.
    Cheers from India

  • Max J. Grdinic-Weiner
    Max J. Grdinic-Weiner 8 years ago

    You will never know how much this song means to me. This was a very special song to me in 1963, and it still is. May I send you an email, pease?

  • Zongora
    Zongora 8 years ago

    This is super-duper cute :DD

  • FourHbcaps
    FourHbcaps 8 years ago

    Tony, this is my favorite song of all time. I loved it when I first heard it in fifth grade, and I love it now. I went to NYC to see "Leader of the Pack" on Broadway, and can't believe Ellie is gone now. But so glad Darlene is finally in the R&RHOF. Thanks for posting so I could converse with you.

  • tony powers
    tony powers 8 years ago

    @ruthstromtx Ruth, i thank you for loving this sweet song so much. it's a very gratifying feeling to know that a song i wrote so many, many years ago is still so appreciated. if you google my name you'll see my website and a whole bunch of some other songs u might know. peace, tony

  • tony powers
    tony powers 8 years ago

    @ruthstromtx Ruth, i thank you for loving this sweet song so much. it's a very gratifying feeling to know that a song i wrote so many, many years ago is still so appreciated. peace, tony

  • ruthstromtx
    ruthstromtx 8 years ago

    @TonyPowers22 Wow ! I cannot believe I am fortunate enough to converse with the person who wrote such a FANTASTIC, CLASSIC, ROMANTIC, MEMORABLE, piece of music ! This is without a doubt one of my all time favorites . It always strikes a cord in my heart whenever I hear it. Thank you for the gift of your musical talent & sharing this with the world. I wish we had such beautiful music to listen to today. It is so sad that this generation has deteriorated to the point it has.

  • Zarif Kerimova
    Zarif Kerimova 8 years ago

    where can i donwlad this song?

  • dirty06maggot
    dirty06maggot 8 years ago

    @thegirlish thanx for sharing. i love true stories like this.

  • Cucko Anna
    Cucko Anna 8 years ago

    aww this is so cute!

  • desert3347
    desert3347 8 years ago

    I Have the Most Wonderful Memories When I Hear This Song!

    R&R Hall of Fame Next Month!! Congratulations Ms. LOVE

  • tony powers
    tony powers 8 years ago

    Hi all, my name isTony Powers, I wrote the lyric to this song way back when, and it is heartwarming to see all your comments about it. Many many thanks for your love of this song. peace, tony

  • tony powers
    tony powers 8 years ago

    @rachelthemoviefreak Hi all, my name isTony Powers, I wrote the lyric to this song way back when, and it is heartwarming to see all your comments about it. Many many thanks for your love of this song. peace, tony