High School Musical 3 doesn't make any sense...


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  • White chocolate Mocha
    White chocolate Mocha 11 hours ago

    Omggggg 2:52 that's ME! Thank you for putting it so perfectly.

  • Comrade 269
    Comrade 269 14 hours ago

    You should do Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure.

  • devin weathers
    devin weathers 23 hours ago

    They do know jack shit how teenagers say or do

  • Mr Temporal
    Mr Temporal 2 days ago

    But buckets and pickles sing so beautifully

  • infinite piss
    infinite piss 2 days ago

    Why are you 30?

  • BoomLord
    BoomLord 3 days ago

    1:00 imma have to stop you right there chief... I will ALWAYS remember my last Championship Volleyball game, and what it felt like to play with those guys for the last time.

  • Brandt Carpenter
    Brandt Carpenter 3 days ago +1

    I totally would not braid your hair.

  • PirateQueen D
    PirateQueen D 3 days ago

    Why don't I remember this movie AT ALL???

  • Ethereal Phoenix
    Ethereal Phoenix 3 days ago +1

    Listen Hater, HSM was one of the best movies from our childhood! No one diss HSM.

  • Margee
    Margee 4 days ago

    Taylor needs to chill...

    jk I love her

    but still

  • rachel
    rachel 4 days ago

    alex what were not gonna do is attack the best movie of the hsm trilogy

  • Carl Rood
    Carl Rood 5 days ago

    They were clearly trying to set up a "Next Generation" with this movie by introducing Troy 2.0, Sharpay 2.0, and even a Chad 2.0

  • Soso S
    Soso S 6 days ago

    Okay but can you please review the Sharpay movie?

  • Rahma Hagoog
    Rahma Hagoog 6 days ago

    yeah Alex you are right i also went away for university when i was 16 and to a completely different country and it changed my life

  • Charlie V
    Charlie V 6 days ago +1

    Random Kid: Gentlemen, start your engines...
    Me: and may the best woman WIN!!!!
    (If you get this reference, I love you)

  • Nikayla Botha
    Nikayla Botha 6 days ago

    high school musical they sing and dance

  • Hector Rodriguez
    Hector Rodriguez 6 days ago

    First off U of A DOESN'T EVEN EXIST(As far as I know) the only one that I know exist over there is UNM

  • Treble Heart
    Treble Heart 7 days ago

    Do Starstruck please

  • Demon Phoenix
    Demon Phoenix 7 days ago

    This movie was worse then the last one and that says a lot

  • Vienna Riter
    Vienna Riter 7 days ago

    Do F The Prom

  • Care Bear
    Care Bear 7 days ago

    I....I dont remember any of this...

    • Care Bear
      Care Bear 7 days ago

      I take it back, I remember sharpays song....for some reason....but that's it....

  • MarissaGalloway26
    MarissaGalloway26 8 days ago +1

    I just don’t get how you can say so much criticism about this movie that you didn’t even watch...

  • cloud gacha
    cloud gacha 9 days ago


  • Douglas MacArthur swamp man merle MAGA trump 2020

    i didn't know there was a third one

  • xaixn
    xaixn 9 days ago

    they are all works of art dont come for them

  • Bat-Spider-Man !
    Bat-Spider-Man ! 9 days ago

    Actually yeah, they had a bigger budget because HSM3 was an ACTUAL Disney Movie, not a Disney CHANNEL movie.

  • Jacki B
    Jacki B 9 days ago +2

    I call BS there's no way Troy made the grades to be valedictorian.

  • Glittery Girl
    Glittery Girl 10 days ago

    You skipped when her evil assistant stole her part and they ended up on the same stage.

  • EremikaHaven
    EremikaHaven 10 days ago

    God I remember watching this on a high school field trip at the movie cinema. I hadn't even see the first two beforehand, and I swear the only thing I remember from it was the blonde chick's insane pink car and locker

  • Divinity Quartz
    Divinity Quartz 11 days ago

    You know sharpay has her own movie right?

  • Jerry and Marie
    Jerry and Marie 11 days ago

    I thought I only saw 1-2 for high school musical. Until I heard “classical vintage or plaid” and the whole memory flooded my head. Just like “shit. I saw that”

  • ArkAngel 92
    ArkAngel 92 11 days ago

    I moved to the States from Ireland when I was 12

  • Addie Healy
    Addie Healy 11 days ago

    Stop ruining my childhood

  • Stephanie Hackley
    Stephanie Hackley 11 days ago

    There’s two its

  • Elaina Gilbert
    Elaina Gilbert 12 days ago

    do a one tree hill episode

    AJETT 12 days ago

    9:41 "If it's the right person." Were they subtly implying that Ryan and The creme brulee guy had a thing?

  • Ezydenias
    Ezydenias 12 days ago

    you know what is best about highschool? If you go to highschool and come back to german you need to repeat your year here!. Seriously if you are from Germany and go abroad for one year highschool it basically is one year vacation.

  • The Conservative Front

    Damn pacer test. Ughhhh i remember that lol.

  • A 12 Year Old
    A 12 Year Old 13 days ago +2

    “Bet on it” is the single greatest piece of musical perfection that we’ve be blessed with in the last known generations. Shut up

  • Frieder Solaro
    Frieder Solaro 13 days ago

    U should do a draw my life

  • Stacie Green
    Stacie Green 13 days ago

    At 4:21...
    The way he "danced" reminded me of when "The Sexy Vegan" was on Dr. Phil.

  • tosdude
    tosdude 13 days ago

    I think it helps that I was only like 7 when these came out. They didn't need to make sense, as long as there was music.
    Camp rock anybody?

  • BuBba KuShInGToN
    BuBba KuShInGToN 13 days ago

    The guy that started McDonald’s didn’t do it until he was in his 50s so a lot of people don’t find success until they get older.

  • Cole Wright
    Cole Wright 13 days ago

    I don't have a hometown...

  • 25Abril95
    25Abril95 13 days ago

    I'm so sorry I took my dad to watch this at the cinema....

  • Dana Springer
    Dana Springer 13 days ago

    Sharpay has her own movie where she develops, you should watch it

  • Dey knight
    Dey knight 14 days ago

    Can you stop saying like so much when you try to make a joke??? You're worst than a highschooler

  • Phil S
    Phil S 14 days ago

    Wow troys mom is a milf lol that squeak at end of speech made me unintentionally crack up lol

  • Fortnite Boi
    Fortnite Boi 14 days ago

    I’m not going to leave for college. My mom works at a great college and if I go then I get to pay 50% less than most people. BUT after I graduate I’m leaving the country. It’s not as big though because I’m going from the USA to Canada. But still.

  • Nichaune Jones
    Nichaune Jones 15 days ago

    These are great

  • Joe Jonas Troops
    Joe Jonas Troops 16 days ago

    hsm3 is actually very relevant to what senior students go through to this day...i don't believe anyone would wanna put some guy over Stanford wow

  • SherrifOfNottingham
    SherrifOfNottingham 16 days ago


  • The Shadow
    The Shadow 16 days ago +1

    I Didn't even know they made a 3rd one
    I'm still to lazy to watch it

  • Mr Rabbit
    Mr Rabbit 17 days ago

    2:50 america in a nutshell

  • Joud Abdalrzag Kaal
    Joud Abdalrzag Kaal 17 days ago

    i love high school musical 3 and1and2and so you are a L

  • Actual Programming
    Actual Programming 18 days ago

    Do "friends" plzzzzzzzz

  • Grace Chan
    Grace Chan 19 days ago

    LMAO 9:29

  • Leighton James
    Leighton James 19 days ago

    yes who just breaks out in dance at school?

  • Sarah Jayroe
    Sarah Jayroe 20 days ago

    I'm honestly kinda embarrassed now that I cried on the last High School Musical😂

  • u n k n o w n
    u n k n o w n 22 days ago +1

    Sharpay deserved better

  • Daniel Crews
    Daniel Crews 23 days ago

    This is funny.. it gives me a break from all the blah on the internet..

  • Silhouette Games
    Silhouette Games 23 days ago

    Having played tons of sports I know, wildcats is the least original name ever

  • Onyi's World
    Onyi's World 27 days ago +1

    I like how when Troy said one person is the right person, Ryan looked at that boy next to him

  • kim wicks
    kim wicks 28 days ago

    Scream is the best song in HSM3! FIGHT ME!

  • Valentine Valentino
    Valentine Valentino 29 days ago

    I lost it at the squeeky ball 😂😂😂

  • Lady Marshh
    Lady Marshh Month ago

    10:44 high school MUSICAL MUSIC IN IT not to butter my biscuit but it’s supposed to be like that also I want it all is the best and I mean best song other than big time rush you will ever hear you’re just mad you didn’t get to be part of a awesome musical I rest my case also the video was good so there

  • Vanora :3
    Vanora :3 Month ago

    If you want Sharpay's character arc, here's the movie for you - Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure :)) have fun !!

  • Julian Goliszek
    Julian Goliszek Month ago

    I used to think the dude who played Troy's understudy was cuter than Troy. My friend, Lizzy, hates me for that to this day.

  • Jay Barry
    Jay Barry Month ago +7

    There’s very little character growth across all three movies. Troy is conflicted each time, usually losing Gabriella due to miscommunication and getting her back at the end of the movie. Senior Year is the first time Chad and the Wildcats don’t get mad at the way Troy is splitting his time. Gabriella has no independent character arc. Sharpay will be the entitled drama queen who learns to be humble, only to be drama queen by the next movie. By the end of the last movie the recurring issues aren’t resolved.

  • Jay Barry
    Jay Barry Month ago

    It’s been a long time since I’ve seen this, but the last time I remember them being in an actual classroom with desks is the start of the second one. One thing about high school that’s not in High School Musical, classes with lessons, homework and assignments.

  • lemondrops it
    lemondrops it Month ago

    You forgot about the fourth movie. Sharpie's Fabulous Adventure

  • Jillian Rachael
    Jillian Rachael Month ago +1

    7:39 had me *wHeEeEezInGgGgG*
    OML I'm crying and wheeze laughing so hard. 😂🤣

  • rachel
    rachel Month ago

    You need to watch Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure dude

  • Romina Sejas
    Romina Sejas Month ago

    cringe af the whole movie

  • Timothy Andrea Walcott

    wait, does the t shirt say it two times

    XGAMING BY ASH Month ago

    WHY DOES TROY SAY AHHHHHY every time before or after a song LOL 😂😂😂😂

  • Denise-P
    Denise-P Month ago

    Wait till the HMS show comes out.

  • TinyCaptinLevi7
    TinyCaptinLevi7 Month ago +4

    Gabrielle: TROYYYYYY
    Gabrielle: OOOHH

  • SkyLizard MsArianna

    Yuck, .. this was one of those movies back then where I just couldn't wait until TV stopped talking about it, Terrible cliche movie.

  • Force0fWi11
    Force0fWi11 Month ago

    God I forgot this movie takes place in ABQ. What a dump.

  • Softcloud // QueenVickySponge

    I held off on watching this video so I could see the movie first and then watch this. The previous movies were better but I’m glad I saw this one.

  • Selin Alkan
    Selin Alkan Month ago

    i’m getting a pretty strong Sokka (avatar the last airbender) vibe from you and i loovveeee it

  • Juno Albatou
    Juno Albatou Month ago

    So... Did you know Sharpey got her Own movie??

  • Ditto 73
    Ditto 73 Month ago

    I remember this movie being advertised when I was 3. The third one is still my favourite of the HSM movies.

  • qixart gravity
    qixart gravity Month ago

    did he do a review of the sharpay's movie?

  • RD_ Z
    RD_ Z Month ago

    Never knew there was a 3rd

  • Gacha Kyra
    Gacha Kyra Month ago

    Sharpie has her own movie now

  • Marissa LovesMusik
    Marissa LovesMusik Month ago

    you should watch sharpay's movie

  • DoodleGem
    DoodleGem Month ago

    “Too busy trying to find sailor moon action Figures and trying to get his life together” you call that COOL!?

  • Daniel Akinsola
    Daniel Akinsola Month ago

    How us no one asking the real questions? How did Troy get into the school late at night to perform a song in the auditorium

  • RedVexeD
    RedVexeD Month ago

    3:00 in and it's already too real for me... 40k$ in university debts... ;-;

  • *Ligma Richard*
    *Ligma Richard* Month ago

    That's crazy I think it's just that people were growing up that we didn't watch the third one. Because ive never met 1 person who watched the third installment. But everyone has at least watched the first.

  • lock heart
    lock heart Month ago

    Youre frickin hilarious, I've binged on your videos and you crack me up so much. (new subscriber!)

  • DisneyDing
    DisneyDing Month ago

    7:50 to 8:08 I’m having a hard time trying to breathe I’m laughing sooooooooooo hard!!

  • Luca Peyrefitte
    Luca Peyrefitte Month ago

    You should review that sharpay movie

  • Luca Peyrefitte
    Luca Peyrefitte Month ago

    Funny enough I've never seen this even though I loved to watch the first 2 on Disney channel, or now that I think about it I totally forgot I did 😂

  • Lulu 2018
    Lulu 2018 Month ago

    some of my teachers live in school campus

  • BullShark
    BullShark Month ago

    WTF they all have valid victorian scarves on wtf

  • BullShark
    BullShark Month ago

    at 1:40 literally screamed GOD DAMMIT!!!!!!!

  • Anthea Johnson
    Anthea Johnson Month ago

    That's because Sharpay got her own spinoff (movie) in Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure