High School Musical 3 doesn't make any sense...

  • Published on Aug 14, 2018
  • High School Musical 3 Animation
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    High School Musical doesn't make any sense
    High School Musical 2 doesn't make any sense...
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Comments • 3 857

  • Oliver Keaney
    Oliver Keaney 2 hours ago

    Who else thinks Alex sounds like mat pat

  • Gabby Utt
    Gabby Utt 7 hours ago +2

    No one asked for Highschool Musical
    *and no one needed it*

  • Marie vlogs
    Marie vlogs 21 hour ago

    The audio always cuts out for all these videos for hsm 1 2 and 3 but only when sharpe sings then it comes back!!!????

  • Melonie Jen
    Melonie Jen 21 hour ago


  • Melonie Jen
    Melonie Jen 21 hour ago

    Welcome to another episode of Alex Myers hates every show/movie.

  • Neta-Li Bar-Sadeh

    The craziest thing about this video is finding out Alex is over thirty

  • Bri Goose
    Bri Goose Day ago

    No high school music film makes sense there all shit. Films prob after 2003!are all rubbish and Disney is messed up now.

  • Animal Girl
    Animal Girl Day ago

    Imagine Gabriella goes, “I’m pregnant”

  • Ryeven
    Ryeven Day ago +2

    I would kill for a review of Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure.

  • Kydd Eh-Dum
    Kydd Eh-Dum Day ago

    10:15 y no soundy sound

  • Elijah Noriega
    Elijah Noriega Day ago

    Not complaining but you turned of audio in Gabriel song

  • Semeri Siamese
    Semeri Siamese Day ago

    Troy is best wing man.

  • Carla Ferraccini
    Carla Ferraccini 2 days ago

    Personally I think middle school was the worst. High school was ok-ish. University is fun when you are not killing yourself trying to manage the deadlines. The best so far.

  • Eduarda Navas
    Eduarda Navas 2 days ago

    Idc this was the best movie

  • Brooke Testa
    Brooke Testa 2 days ago +3

    I can't tell is Alex Meyers is funny or if it's just the movie, but I'm crying because of how hard I'm laughing

  • BirdRain
    BirdRain 2 days ago

    I always assumed that Troy was class president and that’s why he gave a speech.

  • Monix 10
    Monix 10 2 days ago

    9:40 is hsm the first Disney movie series to include a gay couple?

  • mariasole nardelli
    mariasole nardelli 2 days ago

    Big question, do you know there's a sequel on Sharpay?

  • Asian Girl
    Asian Girl 3 days ago

    Why the hell would you choose high school romance over STANFORD

  • MJ Wise
    MJ Wise 4 days ago

    "The fact that it it ends"

  • Wolfy marshmallow Games

    Is no one is doing this
    Me:just let it all out

  • Adetemidun Debo-Lawal

    I love this guy😂😃😝

  • David Galán
    David Galán 5 days ago

    I mean I'm still in college and I know i haven't lived that much... but high school was TERRIBLE. I though that was just life but college is like a whole new world to me, I would never revisit that hormonal hell again.

  • Selisia Muslia
    Selisia Muslia 6 days ago +1

    I think Troy was one piece of immature shit
    Like his parents wanted the best for him to graduate with the scolarship he has as a basketball player(correct me if I’m wrong) and he just whines about his dreams and his choices when he doesn’t even know what he wants
    You want to go on Brodway or some Troy
    Did he even think what career he would pursue with that degree or was he just like
    “UGHH no I’m old enough to make my own decisions yad yada yada”
    Like dude no

  • Tobi Olumurewa
    Tobi Olumurewa 6 days ago +1

    No one:

    Alex in every video: "You really should leave your hometown if you get the opportunity" and "high school is not your peak"

    • Hannah E. K.
      Hannah E. K. 4 days ago

      Tobi Olumurewa tru though. Hometowns are low key depressing sometimes.

  • Happy Little Tree
    Happy Little Tree 6 days ago

    How dare you! High school musical is the best musical (besides Grease) but yeah!

  • Iz The Alpha Queen
    Iz The Alpha Queen 6 days ago

    1:38, someone is sticking their middle finger up.

  • Shoto Todoroki
    Shoto Todoroki 6 days ago +2

    The shirt actually says “The best thing about high school is the fact that it it ends”

  • County Facts
    County Facts 7 days ago

    Review Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure. It follows her moving to New York, and I remember liking it.

  • Chris Grey
    Chris Grey 7 days ago

    yeah these movies did so well the gave sharpay Evans her own movie.

  • ShanaJahsintaWalters

    Thank God I never watched these movies.

  • Dalton Beauregard
    Dalton Beauregard 11 days ago +1

    This was the only HSM movie shown in theatres, hence the bigger budget.

  • Brooke Riley
    Brooke Riley 11 days ago

    Whose gonna tell him they made a Sharpay movie??

  • Double bubble trouble
    Double bubble trouble 13 days ago +2

    You are aware Sharpay got her own movie right?

  • Tatyana Krylova
    Tatyana Krylova 13 days ago +2

    7:51 when I stub my toe

  • Ciara
    Ciara 14 days ago +3

    I think there is a 4 ?!?!

  • Evergreen
    Evergreen 15 days ago +3

    He should do a video on sharpays fabulous adventure

  • Sebastien Mondesir
    Sebastien Mondesir 15 days ago +1

    I thought my speaker was fucked up or some

  • SixPomegranateSeeds
    SixPomegranateSeeds 18 days ago

    To be completely honest Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure is the best in the “HSU.”

  • Lily White
    Lily White 18 days ago

    I just graduated from high school and he's right, a lot of it is pretty forgettable.

  • louie Redford
    louie Redford 18 days ago +1

    All the songs have been muted wtf

  • Shadow1Yaz
    Shadow1Yaz 19 days ago +1

    I noticed your “anticts”. As an animator, I approve.

    LAZY ANIMATION#1 19 days ago +1

    Stop muting the songs please

  • Connor Leahy
    Connor Leahy 22 days ago

    I have to disagree on your point about HS Sports, my season ended in November. I remember almost everything about that game and how bad it felt afterwards. Most of High School i cannot remember tho lmao

  • Peppermint Snowdrift
    Peppermint Snowdrift 23 days ago

    When you said that Troy "gives them all a little pep talk," I thought, at FIRST, that you said the Troy "gives the BALL a little pep talk," and I LAUGHED, but I was, like, "Well, it IS HSM, so ANYTHING'S possible, I guess."

  • RRoJ
    RRoJ 23 days ago


    • RRoJ
      RRoJ 23 days ago

      20 points lead in a high school basketball game is a BIG DEAL

  • Hamza X
    Hamza X 26 days ago

    Not going to lie I still remember all my imp basketball games and they play again and again in my head and make me happy and sad so disagree 1:13 .You don’t forget those amazing adrenal slow motion moments in your life .

  • June Müller
    June Müller 26 days ago +2

    Just a quick question: when sharpey (i dont know if thats right but anyway) sings at 10:46 or so the music or tone or sound just disappears and i wondered if thats normal or if its my phone or something...
    Edit: Because that happened pretty often lately...

  • Justin Taylor
    Justin Taylor 28 days ago

    09:41 and immediately after Troy says “meets the right person” they look at each other, first low key gay Disney couple? Or just great friends? You decide 😂 but I mean come on immediately after this they cut to chad and Taylor (a couple lol) I’ll just leave this here haha

  • Laura G
    Laura G Month ago

    That British chick is a bad knock off of Emma Watson

  • Andy Solo 54
    Andy Solo 54 Month ago

    You should talk about the sharpay movie!

  • LPSRainbowFez
    LPSRainbowFez Month ago

    As much as Sharpay is a bully (or rather was at this point) I think I like her better than Gabriella. G is kind of a doormat and lets so many things get between her and Troy, and in EVERY MOVIE she walks away instead of trying to make things work

  • sportsbrosmaxx k
    sportsbrosmaxx k Month ago

    We all love how Disney copyrights any song in this series

  • JustYourAverageStemGeek

    Troy was valedictorian, duh

  • Josefine Jansen
    Josefine Jansen Month ago

    The thing U Said about Sharpay at the end is true but I guess thats Sort of why she has her own movie (Sharpays Fabulous Adventure)

  • Unknown Person
    Unknown Person Month ago

    You forgot Sharpay's Bizarre Adventure

  • i think i'm a meanie
    i think i'm a meanie Month ago +1


  • Tahlixfire
    Tahlixfire Month ago

    wanna learn about sharpay watch sharpays fabulous adventure

  • Elise Davis
    Elise Davis Month ago +8

    2:53- 3:12 is so accurate for many it’s sad but hilarious how this country works😭😫 Oh you you forgot to mention how some of the main characters are sitting next to each other during graduation like they don’t have different last names.🤷🏾‍♀️

  • Lily Belle
    Lily Belle Month ago +5

    Literally my favorite character was sharpay.

  • Megan Simpson
    Megan Simpson Month ago +3

    TBH the HSM movies will always be one of my favorites for probably the rest of my life 😂

  • just a fan
    just a fan Month ago

    If you notice there is always one person who is in EVERY musical number in all the movies.

  • Jasmine Ford
    Jasmine Ford Month ago +1

    *Plays 1 sec of audio, cuts rest out* in his words, wut?!
    The dressing room convo should have gone down in typical Sharpay style:
    Sharpay: But I thought you were just a London school girl?
    London girl: Yes London School of Dramatic Arts
    S: Wow East High and Albuquerque are a real big step down for you huh?!
    LG: *huffs, puffs and guffaws out of the dressing room*

  • showingplanet33 & Danny B.

    Baywatch is the sequal for troy

  • Edwardo Taco And Me

    Does anyone else's audio turn off when it plays a clip from the movie.

  • Ayben Yesilkanal
    Ayben Yesilkanal Month ago

    7.39 was amazing lol

  • Lila Brock
    Lila Brock Month ago

    It bugs me when they call it the university of Albuquerque. They should’ve just called at the University of New Mexico, you know, an actual school....

  • Alisyach Ananda
    Alisyach Ananda Month ago

    It doesn’t make sense like you
    They work so hard to make the movie so don’t complain

  • Hannah Carwford
    Hannah Carwford Month ago

    9:41 shows pictures of couples were Ryan and that guy a couple and I just missed it, i thought he had a thing for Chad because of that clothes swap🍵🐸

  • NeverMindGaming
    NeverMindGaming Month ago

    I saw this in theaters

  • BJ M
    BJ M Month ago +1

    Sharpeys fabulous adventure... 😁

  • Sora Kazesawa
    Sora Kazesawa Month ago

    Sharpay doesn't have real character development in this movie because she was already a fully grown character, then she got her spin off movie, You should do that :p

  • Irene Bernards
    Irene Bernards Month ago

    I never even recovered the trauma I sustained after I watched 1 and 2. And I could not handle the third so I never tried to watched it ugh

  • Zaria clarke
    Zaria clarke Month ago

    When he stopped the music and sound he had me thinking my phone was tweaking

  • The Schmi!
    The Schmi! Month ago +5

    Now that you have done these; I dare you to do Descendants!! All three movies...

  • Ellie Schiek
    Ellie Schiek Month ago

    Put the speed down to 0.25 then watch and see at 1:37 u see a MIDDLE FINGER HOW DARE DISNEY DO THAT

  • Tayven Nelson
    Tayven Nelson Month ago

    This is taken place in albikerky new mexico but the school is in utah this makes no sense.

  • Shakira Shirayuki
    Shakira Shirayuki Month ago

    Why does the sound cut out every time someone sings???

    • Shakira Shirayuki
      Shakira Shirayuki Month ago +1

      Clare Segrue ah that makes sense. Thanks

    • Clare Segrue
      Clare Segrue Month ago

      disney prolly copystriked him so he had to mute those parts of the video... fair use is never honored..

  • charzz123
    charzz123 Month ago

    That movie is so CRINGE 🤣

  • Rachel Abraham
    Rachel Abraham Month ago

    4:00 is hilarious...it describes exactly how I feel lol

  • Kristy Friedman
    Kristy Friedman 2 months ago

    did ANYONE else see that shoulder bump from Ryan to Zeke

  • Jean-marie Varallo
    Jean-marie Varallo 2 months ago

    Omg that guy that bothers Troy is in this great straight to DVD film called Furry vengeance!!!

  • SkyHighGuys
    SkyHighGuys 2 months ago

    I love y ur channel so much 😂

    SAMANTHA PAC 2 months ago

    at 1:47 look what's next to Gabriella

  • Gurleen Paul
    Gurleen Paul 2 months ago

    The proposal scene is litttttt

  • Solid Starts With Gold
    Solid Starts With Gold 2 months ago

    Why is it that the shirts talk about High School at 11:31, even tho the video is about High School Musical? If I'm not wrong that does sound related to the movie huh? (reply about what you think)

  • Nico Di Angelo
    Nico Di Angelo 2 months ago

    Ron Stoppable anyone

  • Thisisacomputer
    Thisisacomputer 2 months ago +1

    But I will say that this one was my favorite out of the three.

  • GirlPowerMP
    GirlPowerMP 2 months ago +3

    When they say ‘UofA’ I think of University of Arizona, not University of Albuquerque.

  • Denise Cee
    Denise Cee 2 months ago +1

    Hohoho. But have you seen the Sharpay movie?

  • Florence Alidu
    Florence Alidu 2 months ago

    hsm3 was on the big screen. so of course everything had to be bigger

  • Mavis13
    Mavis13 2 months ago

    Alright, time for Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure

  • Nicola Chikeya
    Nicola Chikeya 2 months ago

    The ball squeak at 7:39 was perfect XD

  • Ashly Klemm
    Ashly Klemm 2 months ago +6

    9:40 confirmed gay I just realized this.

  • ll_macaroon edits_ll
    ll_macaroon edits_ll 2 months ago

    I never saw this scene 5:30 in my lifeee

  • Promise Ezeh
    Promise Ezeh 2 months ago

    i suggest you watch sharpay's fabulous Adventure. (2011)

  • MoyinOluwa Oludare
    MoyinOluwa Oludare 2 months ago

    Disney made sure Sharpay didn’t have any growth as a character on purpose. Why you ask? Because Disney gave Sharpay her own movie called “Sharpay’s magical adventure” or something like that. In that movie, she does have more growth and even find a love interest. But it’s mostly about her dog named Boi getting the lead role in a famous musical.

    Like is you want him to to Sharpay’s movie

  • Nightshade Valenzuela
    Nightshade Valenzuela 2 months ago

    You want to learn more about Sharpay? Watch Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure

  • Show Me Your Moves
    Show Me Your Moves 2 months ago

    Well duh! Musicals dont happen randomly in school's corridor.

  • Gold Pheonix
    Gold Pheonix 2 months ago

    Do sharpay's fabulous adventure next.