High School Musical 3 doesn't make any sense...


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  • Dat boi Yoongz
    Dat boi Yoongz 16 hours ago


  • Omar Eddie
    Omar Eddie 16 hours ago

    Isn't there a Fourth movie?

  • Wandile Ngubane
    Wandile Ngubane 22 hours ago

    I always hated hsm

  • Katlego Rapelang
    Katlego Rapelang 23 hours ago

    911 was an inside job

  • Sassy Velociraptor

    high school musical: the most unrealistic interpretation of new mexico ever

  • Dylan Tyler
    Dylan Tyler Day ago


    TFEXY Day ago

    Am I the only one that never liked the highschool musical movies even when they came out?

  • Priscille Luse
    Priscille Luse Day ago

    You should totally do one about Aquamarine

  • Newiu Gachaverse
    Newiu Gachaverse 2 days ago

    albre cakiey?

  • Cam Dollar
    Cam Dollar 2 days ago

    Honestly, its kids. Its a movie for kids made on the disney channel. Thats why it doesnt make sense. I don't flaw it for being a dumb movie script wise and people liking it just because it was made for children, not adults with an idea of what quality is. What's amazing is that hsm went to the threaters in number three which is why it's so much bigger budget. But really I only flaw movies made for ADULTS for being dumb and not making sense because I think you have to consider the age demographic. However there are a lot of children movies I think are amazing and done in higher quality... they just usually arent these memeish live action disney channel original movies that started going south around 2006 when high school musical came out, in my opinion. If you remember before that a lot of disney originals had really nice meaningful storylines and great sets! Like Halloweentown series, cheetah girls series, brink, horse sense, phantom of the megaplex, moms got a date with a vampire, don't look under the bed, Rip Girls, Zenon series, Luck of the Irish, Smart house, Tru confessions, the color of friendship, the ultimate christmas present, Get a clue, jumping ship, now you see it, tiger cruise, you wish, the scream team!!! AHH just remembering all these makes me want to watch them !! I wish there was a easier way to stream all of them!

  • Deeksha
    Deeksha 2 days ago

    7:38 Cant. Stop. Laughing. 😂😂😂

  • Amber preston
    Amber preston 2 days ago

    THATS NOT ALBUQUERQUE! And Albuquerque University? WTF.

  • Keekuleeks G
    Keekuleeks G 2 days ago

    Can you do camp rock? Or cheetah girls?

  • fear chronicles
    fear chronicles 3 days ago

    I feel this movie was like theatrical samples from other great songs lol but I will say even though sharpea wasn’t super involved her song was one of my favorites!

  • Rufaidah Chowdhury
    Rufaidah Chowdhury 3 days ago

    Sharpey’s fabulous adventures was my favourite

  • Veronica Likes Drawing

    2008 was a time for itself....

  • Myuu Jackson
    Myuu Jackson 3 days ago

    I always wondered why Alex's character show his *TOES*

  • Taylor Williams
    Taylor Williams 3 days ago

    "Taylors being all Taylor about it" I burst out laughing cuz thats my real life name

  • Hannah Hochhalter
    Hannah Hochhalter 3 days ago

    All I remember from highschool is my cringiest moments and I graduated 2 years ago.

  • Queen Tati
    Queen Tati 3 days ago

    Sharpay has her own movie that tries (hard on the word TRIES since you its disney "kid movie") to define her character, so yea....

  • AJ Joy
    AJ Joy 3 days ago

    4:58 internal screaming

  • Lorna Kaye
    Lorna Kaye 3 days ago

    Wow thanks for sharing this video.. I've been watching this movie "HSM3" when I was 15 years old and I watch three times a day and now I've notice that I missed some part of the movie that all shows in this video.. Like what the hell😲😲

  • Jaden Elizabeth
    Jaden Elizabeth 3 days ago

    Oh Lord... I forgot about the singing and acting in these movies.... my poor ears

  • Linsy Thomas
    Linsy Thomas 3 days ago

    Troy: *stands on tree*
    Me: DRACO?!?!??!?!?!??!?

  • TheDeadCobra
    TheDeadCobra 4 days ago

    None of this three movie are good they are all crap
    Troy is selfish
    They are emotionally getting stupid

  • Katie Cat
    Katie Cat 4 days ago

    *whispers * what about Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure

  • Helene Trøstrup
    Helene Trøstrup 4 days ago

    Though I've tried to figure out if I actually ever watched this one... I might have once, but meh.. :P

  • Linde Voskamp
    Linde Voskamp 4 days ago

    "I don't know if that's motivating or depressing" 😂😂😂

  • Animal Lover
    Animal Lover 4 days ago

    the only reason i watched high school musical is cuz troy (Zac efron) was in it
    like i f u are the same.

  • HaleyQuinn
    HaleyQuinn 4 days ago

    Thing that shocked me the most was the mention of being 30 🤨
    Honestly i was forced into watching these. I hated them all

  • Emily K
    Emily K 4 days ago

    You say, "You know what I mean" a lot.

  • Kammy Anne
    Kammy Anne 4 days ago

    Everyone else talking about me - 10:09

  • Bella G
    Bella G 4 days ago

    Lol you missed Sharpay completely dude.. 1) Tiara becomes her minion if you will.2) Sharpay we soon realize isn't into Troy but his popularity.3) She likes Zeke actually and goes to prom with him .4) She uses her minion to get info on Gabriella's plans for college 5) Posts them EVERYWHERE 6) Acts like she is disappointed to have Gabriella leave7) Causes issues for the lovely main couple 8) Tells her brother to spy on Kelsi the pianist 9) Realizes Tiara is better at being bad than she is and gets what was deserved.10) gives Tiara a run for her money.

  • weedabananadog
    weedabananadog 4 days ago

    I remember watching it in the theater and all girls screaming in the first scene with Troy

  • Sienna Da Turtle
    Sienna Da Turtle 5 days ago +2

    I’m starting to think you don’t understand anything.

  • utopianking
    utopianking 5 days ago

    You know life is awesome when you're considering marrying your girlfriend and fleeing the country to get out of debt.

  • MsTrinigyal28
    MsTrinigyal28 5 days ago

    " the best fact about high school is the fact that it it ends "
    real classy..


  • mira chen
    mira chen 5 days ago

    FYI, there’s another movie with Sharpey as the main character set after High School Musical, that follows her trying to become famous. It adds a new dimension to her so I recommend. :)

  • Alizha Sanchez
    Alizha Sanchez 5 days ago

    I have a dog so when you did the squeaky noise when troy threw down the ball I thought I sat down on one of his squeaky toys

  • I Rain
    I Rain 5 days ago

    What about the Sharpay movie?

  • SHINee Velvet
    SHINee Velvet 6 days ago

    bro troy need some help man

  • Emilysafe
    Emilysafe 6 days ago

    I can't breathe ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • UtopianPhantom
    UtopianPhantom 6 days ago

    I never watched the high school musical movies for a good movie, I watched it for the BOPS 👏👌🙌

  • TypicalAphmauFan :3
    TypicalAphmauFan :3 6 days ago

    You hate on way too much stuff

  • Angelicsailor
    Angelicsailor 6 days ago

    Eh 3 was by far the worst

  • blue wilkins
    blue wilkins 6 days ago

    5:55 *dat ass tho*

  • Love Debby
    Love Debby 6 days ago

    But that's why they made a Sharpe movie

  • Elkie Burnett
    Elkie Burnett 7 days ago

    If you're doing live-action Disney you should totally do their best, most iconic movie ever a.k.a Sky High

  • DinoMight Studios
    DinoMight Studios 7 days ago

    DONT COME FOR HSM3! THAT'S THE ONE THAT HAD ALL THE BOPS! I actually had the CD when it came out, and was blasting "The Boys Are Back!" ON REPEAT!

  • Lola Lenzen
    Lola Lenzen 7 days ago

    Am I the only on who realizes that this was filmed in Albuquerque that there is no University of Albuquerque it is actually University of New Mexico or UNM also I don't know what part of Albuquerque this was filmed in what I'm thinking everything happened right by the river because first of all anyone backyard does not have natural growing trees you would not want grass because that's expensive I'm super triggered about this

  • Ereina
    Ereina 7 days ago

    Well I'd stay in Albuquerque if I could date Zac Efron. That's not crazy.

  • Zannatul Ferdous
    Zannatul Ferdous 7 days ago

    Do Princess Diaries!!

  • A KM
    A KM 7 days ago

    This movie has the best soundtrack. Let's be real.

  • Black Wings of Dead
    Black Wings of Dead 7 days ago

    4:58 That Kid did NOT just make a Ru Pauls Drag Race reference?!
    I can't😂😂

  • The Lovestruck
    The Lovestruck 8 days ago


  • Katey Kiss
    Katey Kiss 8 days ago

    I don't remember this. . . .

  • B Gang
    B Gang 9 days ago

    Have you notice they literally don't learn anything

  • Musse
    Musse 9 days ago

    Its that awkward case of 12 to 29 i hear so much about.

  • Key
    Key 9 days ago

    HSM 3 was in theaters that's why the budget was better!

  • Constanza Mazias
    Constanza Mazias 9 days ago

    Do a stranger things video plz

  • Paulina Rosiles
    Paulina Rosiles 9 days ago

    Didn't they make a movie focused on sharpay? Like "Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure" or something like that?

  • Zynthos
    Zynthos 9 days ago

    i would actually despise troy if he were a person in my school

  • Sebbez
    Sebbez 10 days ago

    if you major in gender studies don't expect that you will get a job, just sayin :)

  • Mackenzie K
    Mackenzie K 10 days ago


  • E and F gaming
    E and F gaming 10 days ago +1

    Wait? You are over thirty? You seem barely twenty five years old

  • Mike  Marks
    Mike Marks 10 days ago

    Good thing I dropped out in 4th grade

  • AwesomeNow 'N'Later
    AwesomeNow 'N'Later 10 days ago

    Troy's dad looks like John Cena 2018

  • Monica Washington
    Monica Washington 10 days ago

    Yo when they sang about prom that was and forever will be my jam

  • Adrian Morrow
    Adrian Morrow 11 days ago

    Eh, Hannah Montana the Movie was better

  • Kendra Scheer
    Kendra Scheer 11 days ago

    How did Troy get into Berkeley????

  • Jessamy Tred
    Jessamy Tred 11 days ago

    the plots make no sense but you gotta admit a couple of those songs in hsm3 are bops

  • Emilia Rose
    Emilia Rose 11 days ago

    HSM3 was my fave

  • Juliette H.
    Juliette H. 11 days ago

    Wait wait wait what about that British lady who tried to become freaking Sharpay

  • Jasmine Bossie
    Jasmine Bossie 11 days ago

    Can you please do spirited away?

  • Ganon Tice
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  • Rissie Haworth
    Rissie Haworth 12 days ago

    Don’t diss “I want it all” like that 😂

  • Clasby 81
    Clasby 81 12 days ago +1

    3:46 *can you even say that in a vid ?*

  • Clasby 81
    Clasby 81 12 days ago +1

    *y'know wat im sayin*

  • Astronova /:
    Astronova /: 12 days ago +5


    MAC CLUB 13 days ago

    i stopped watching after they start singing on tree house because i was bored with their singing and now i m here too know remaining movie

  • Shister Adria Crocs
    Shister Adria Crocs 13 days ago

    Can we just talk about how the last day of school was whenever the big basketball game was, the end of the year is like usually in May or June, and basketball is a fall sport that’s starts in like November and ends in like March

  • Elektra St. Thomas
    Elektra St. Thomas 13 days ago

    Yay fun they're singing. 🤨

  • Domonique Riddick
    Domonique Riddick 13 days ago

    1:38 gosh I barely heard the t.

  • Pink unicorn Lover
    Pink unicorn Lover 14 days ago

    Troy brooding. Then singing about brooding

  • Sura A
    Sura A 15 days ago

    I honestly don't get why directors think teenagers like stupid stuff.i mean,i watched this when i was 12 and to this day it's still one of the dumbest movies ever

  • KimJane Samonte
    KimJane Samonte 15 days ago

    8:12 I was thinking the same thing when I watched this movie. Like wtf? She's alone and its so damn dark. Like isn't she afraid of anything? Like some schools have ghosts you know. Haha

  • Blue JJ Games
    Blue JJ Games 15 days ago

    This was so funny 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Ocean
    Ocean 15 days ago

    7:49 I think it's a reference to the musical Billy Elliot. It's good. Watch it. tvclip.biz/video/MDElsfXr47Y/video.html

  • whorenoret
    whorenoret 16 days ago

    it’s not the best one but it made the most sense out of all the other ones-

  • Jaanavi Anand
    Jaanavi Anand 16 days ago

    HSM is AMAZING!!!! But... Nice video...

  • Starhunter
    Starhunter 16 days ago

    *I forgot this movie even existed*

  • Katie Bear
    Katie Bear 17 days ago

    7:45 😂😂😂

  • Jasmin Meredith
    Jasmin Meredith 17 days ago

    3:58 looool I'm dying

  • Zombie _Worrior06
    Zombie _Worrior06 17 days ago

    "Im lot better at goodbyes than you" jumps off balcony,Superhero landing on lawn then sprints off into the street

  • Miles The Tooner
    Miles The Tooner 18 days ago +1

    you forgot sharpay's fabulous adventure

  • Jodi Jepson
    Jodi Jepson 18 days ago

    I love high school musical but it is pretty lame people are pretty lame

    THEBIGBEEFIS 19 days ago

    Come on get your head in the game

  • qxeenx awkxard
    qxeenx awkxard 19 days ago

    It would’ve been exhausting to be in HSM(if it was real).Ya know with all the Dancing, Singing and dramatic talks and walks. Like in the first movie where they eat at the cafeteria (I think) and they start dancing and singing, like wouldn’t they get cramps and an upset stomach? That’s just my thinking 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • may flower
    may flower 19 days ago

    She should go to Stanford that way she can go work at dunder mifflin Stanford branch

  • Jennifer Pineda
    Jennifer Pineda 20 days ago

    I think the most annoying part for me was the fact that Gabriella would LITERALLY chose Troy OVER STANFORD!! Like....DOES SHE NOT REALIZE WHAT AN HONOR IT IS TO GO TO ONE OF THE BEST SCHOOLS!!! My friend and I would CRY if we got into that school!! Note of advice, NEVER chose a guy or anyone else over your future....NEVER!! Like wtf???? Also the fact that she said that she didn’t want to go back for prom bc then she’d miss Troy and everyone too much is literally the most stupidest reason ever!! I mean like hate to break it to you hun but.....you’ll be lucky if you even talk to them after hs. And like bruh GO TO PROM!!! You’ll regret it!!!