Talking Tech with Neil deGrasse Tyson!


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  • Life Lessons
    Life Lessons 3 hours ago

    he escaped your question 1stly.. then brought some bullshit to cover it up!!!

  • Mason Nightingale

    2: 38 I feel neil on this one?!!

  • Sam Soxa
    Sam Soxa Day ago +1

    0:11 Meme review

  • oluramond Ray
    oluramond Ray Day ago

    Very Educative..............Awesome

  • LateNightCuts
    LateNightCuts 2 days ago

    Why does Chuck always look like he is grossed out?

  • Piggy Puddy
    Piggy Puddy 4 days ago

    like how he taps u from time to time

  • Merthalophor
    Merthalophor 6 days ago

    you seem to feel out of place, what's going on?

  • biocybernaut
    biocybernaut 7 days ago

    Neil is a clown...

  • Sankofa NYC
    Sankofa NYC 13 days ago

    Brothers being funny, cool, and smart as hell... I love this

  • Yeezy westy
    Yeezy westy 14 days ago

    blazing saddles. who is the other guy? no name on the billl... cheers for nothing

  • Shane
    Shane 16 days ago

    Poor choice of duration

  • Nick Onufrak
    Nick Onufrak 20 days ago

    Dr, Tyson must get pretty exhausted explaining the same things that are basic to him but effing mind blowing to the rest of us.

  • Bossnian
    Bossnian 22 days ago

    Was Neil supposed to be interviewing Marques?

  • Ariq Fauzan
    Ariq Fauzan 25 days ago

    its like a son chatting with his dad and grandpa

  • Ariq Fauzan
    Ariq Fauzan 25 days ago

    god damn neil is like that uncle that really likes science

  • DotaMaster1994
    DotaMaster1994 28 days ago

    I didn't understand anything

  • adam vaz
    adam vaz Month ago

    "why is school important" this video sums up why that's a dumb question.

  • I have sacoma
    I have sacoma Month ago

    Pretty sure they talked about fried chicken for 1 hour

  • Yousif Tareq
    Yousif Tareq Month ago

    Doge the question I see,

  • Emese Szorenyi
    Emese Szorenyi Month ago

    Thought you were just an ad.

  • sandeep sharma
    sandeep sharma Month ago

    what pant is Marques wearing?

  • Oliver P
    Oliver P Month ago

    This guy is the coolest guy of all time.

  • Jordan Perry
    Jordan Perry Month ago

    Black science man!

  • sevan grigoryan
    sevan grigoryan Month ago

    Neil gets interviewed by everyone now

  • newbieshelper
    newbieshelper Month ago

    Educated blacks. Nice

    • newbieshelper
      newbieshelper Month ago

      +Trev0r98 I'm please to see educated and well spoken black people

    • Trev0r98
      Trev0r98 Month ago

      Race/sh*t-stirring DNC troll.

  • Cyberr !
    Cyberr ! Month ago

    the only problem is the video is TOO SHORT!!!

  • Alex Ooi
    Alex Ooi Month ago

    Hello Internet!

  • Rusty Wilson
    Rusty Wilson Month ago

    So much black excellence here

    • Trev0r98
      Trev0r98 Month ago

      Race/sh*t-stirring DNC troll.

  • Novo
    Novo Month ago

    lmao lasers dont get you anywhere, u just incentivate capitalism and there you have yout tech bro

  • Dávid Mikula
    Dávid Mikula Month ago

    amazing interview

  • Alex Davila
    Alex Davila Month ago

    electro -magnetic shocks is another example; developped by BOSE but they handed it off to someone else once they realized what they had.

    AAAEA Month ago

    That's it?

  • Luke Salmon-Jamieson

    Brilliant video!

  • Michael Sechler
    Michael Sechler Month ago

    Is Neil wearing a gold Omega Speedmaster? 🤔

  • MisterSinister
    MisterSinister Month ago

    mark is like "none of this shit is related to tech" or the question he asked

  • roald dahl
    roald dahl Month ago

    it sickens me that this isn't the kind of leader we have-- instead, businessmen and politicians and soldiers.

  • Brody Miller
    Brody Miller Month ago

    Wendover productions was listed twice on the wall. One was his new logo and the other was his old logo. 4:03

  • Adnan The Panda
    Adnan The Panda Month ago

    *now i know where the **_pee_** is stored*

  • Christian Gao
    Christian Gao Month ago

    nice watch!

  • How To Vegan
    How To Vegan Month ago +1

    Neil isn't smart.

  • AymanSirag
    AymanSirag Month ago

    WAW, listening to Neil i realized:
    how little that i know
    and GOD DAMN IT i wanna study Quantum Physics for the rest of my life, just to understand a little of what he knows.

  • Resegen
    Resegen Month ago

    5:37 Peak a boo.

  • Resegen
    Resegen Month ago +1

    4:00 The man on the very right has his mind blown for sure.

  • indoguju
    indoguju Month ago

    Amazing how Chuck understands everything.. awesome.

  • indoguju
    indoguju Month ago

    Marques you need make this a thing...I LOVE IT

  • Valentino Dimitrov
    Valentino Dimitrov Month ago

    Love these talks

  • Mazz
    Mazz Month ago

    7:35 ahaha that zoom

  • Victor Holanda
    Victor Holanda Month ago

    Kurzgesagt in the background layout! 🦆 🦆quack quack quack! 🌎

  • Enigami NetShinobi
    Enigami NetShinobi Month ago

    I'm not authorized to.... Muahahahaha

  • Sfolter
    Sfolter Month ago

    Why only 9 minutes?

  • Kenneth Thomsen
    Kenneth Thomsen Month ago

    The "problem" with reaaallly smart people is that you can't ask them a simple question and get a simple answer! I guess that's why these videos with Neil deGrasse Tyson is so addicting!

  • Aland Faraidun
    Aland Faraidun 2 months ago

    Why is this video just has 1 million views???????

  • Cornelius Maximilianus
    Cornelius Maximilianus 2 months ago

    The N word is Nuclear

  • Killer Rig
    Killer Rig 2 months ago

    Me Touchy ..... Touchy..... Me touchy again and on and on and on it goes ....

  • Yazan Maharma
    Yazan Maharma 2 months ago

    So, I wanna do a presentation about how “irrelevant” studies now could have a great effect on our future without us necessarily knowing now, using the examples Neil said.
    Can someone please come up with a good title to that?
    I can’t seem to think of one.

  • Teodor Kuběna
    Teodor Kuběna 2 months ago

    This was pretty much pointless. He just said few really obvious things.

  • Ricardo Villagran Vicent

    Way, way above Marques’ league. Quantum physics is not the same than talking about headphones.

  • Sprits
    Sprits 2 months ago


  • NeverEatenCake
    NeverEatenCake 2 months ago +2

    Chuck the flyest scientist of the 21st century

  • Jesse Wanderss
    Jesse Wanderss 2 months ago

    I had a dream last night that I saw you binge playing the new Spider-Man on ps4... maybe that means one day, after all this work, that I’ll be on your level & that we’ll meet. Who knows.

  • mrgrimrjs
    mrgrimrjs 2 months ago

    Sooo... Our phones are going to have barcode scanners for easy check out?

  • Neel Vadodaria
    Neel Vadodaria 2 months ago

    Just noticed MKBHD has phonon Oscillations in his logo background. Awesome.

  • jhowell1030
    jhowell1030 2 months ago

    ....and he didn't even answer the question.

  • Tengounanoviacibernrticamente

    Basic sciences are the future

  • Arnaud Pollet
    Arnaud Pollet 2 months ago

    I want this teacher

  • Rajath Kunte
    Rajath Kunte 2 months ago

    1:44 example SpaceX

  • Brandon Simpson
    Brandon Simpson 2 months ago

    How tf did I miss this???? I’m sooooo geeked out right now! My favorite people in one room

  • Major Tom
    Major Tom 2 months ago

    Only tyzon is good, the others are just clowns.

  • Andrew Arango
    Andrew Arango 2 months ago

    dammit.. fastest 9min of my life

  • raymund tan
    raymund tan 2 months ago

    damn, u big now nigga

  • The Appleflaps
    The Appleflaps 2 months ago

    This wasnt an interview this was a lecture

  • O G
    O G 2 months ago

    Imagine we could show this video to slave owners. The intellect would make them shit their pants lol

  • Cloudless Vision
    Cloudless Vision 2 months ago

    This is so good & I dont how I missed watching this until now

  • Michael Allen
    Michael Allen 2 months ago

    Spread it, share it, enable it... But most importantly get the fuck out the way!!

  • Shawn Alexander
    Shawn Alexander 2 months ago

    Black on black on black geniuses...

  • vinod sankaran
    vinod sankaran 2 months ago

    Just wow!

  • smakca
    smakca 2 months ago

    If Musk agreed with Tyson, there would be no SpaceX. Got the point well taken.

  • moonman_Z
    moonman_Z 2 months ago

    2:43 2:45😁 YEP I remember when auto opening doors weren't everywhere as well.

  • Amrish M B
    Amrish M B 2 months ago


  • Sumant Kulkarni
    Sumant Kulkarni 2 months ago

    Awesome 👍

  • Amartya Mukhopadhyay
    Amartya Mukhopadhyay 2 months ago

    This video is AWESOME!

  • Nathnael Fida
    Nathnael Fida 2 months ago

    just like where neuralink would go

  • Young Luo
    Young Luo 2 months ago

    I need a cold shower after that tech porn.

  • Simperino
    Simperino 2 months ago +1


  • Abdul-haqim Juneja
    Abdul-haqim Juneja 2 months ago


  • Роман Тихонов

    Neil deGrasse Tyson ROCKS with inspiring examples.

  • Jon Stewart
    Jon Stewart 2 months ago

    Coming back after seeing your Elon Musk vid too - I think these could turn into a Joe Rogan-style Techie podcast.. long form discussion is the wave of the future.

  • Rafael Reis
    Rafael Reis 2 months ago

    Why is hi touching the other so much

  • Vib3s
    Vib3s 2 months ago

    *Armchair bump!*

  • Joel Sapp
    Joel Sapp 2 months ago +1

    Three black folks talking about the other N-word. Love it.

  • Mikka
    Mikka 2 months ago

    My favourite tech guy, besides the mastermind astrophysicist MKBHD

  • BoldAlphaz
    BoldAlphaz 2 months ago

    2:23 NGT Lost it.

  • D Smith
    D Smith 2 months ago

    Aimless scientific progress is, one, not efficient and, two, reckless, especially in our current political climate considering the types of misapplications that might be possible. Purposeful, intentional, well thought out is the safest path.

  • Physik Surf
    Physik Surf 2 months ago


  • Jkay Dncr
    Jkay Dncr 2 months ago


  • Timothy Bucky
    Timothy Bucky 2 months ago

    marques is as good at this as anyone ever has been we all know that he is proving himself to be important to us. what came of this fast moment is what tyson is here to win, our contribution to what the work needs to prosper. telling us that keeping at it gets what their is next for all of us, that where is everywhere.interesting reason that experiments fail is because nature is trying to tell you that the axioms on which you based the experiment are wrong. This means the dogma in the field is wrong If you are lucky, then the dogma will be seriously wrong, and you can design more experiments to find out why. If you are really lucky, then you will stumble onto something big.

  • DAW2ON
    DAW2ON 2 months ago

    Wow I just saw you in the Tesla factory with Elon Musk and then I discover this. People like these in your videos is exactly why I just subscribed.

  • Look Beyond
    Look Beyond 2 months ago

    Seriously? Dude I finally subscribed! You nailed it!

  • Dick Martino
    Dick Martino 2 months ago

    Microwaves on a starship do seem a strange thing.

  • KSJDbv
    KSJDbv 2 months ago