Talking Tech with Neil deGrasse Tyson!


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  • realicepick1
    realicepick1 19 minutes ago

    Neil is an actor, a liar, and a fraud. The globe, space and evolution are lies.

  • tønySi G.
    tønySi G. 56 minutes ago

    Wakanda wants their genius back.

  • dude192ful
    dude192ful Hour ago

    Time flew while watching this video, for me!

  • Faizan Mughal
    Faizan Mughal 2 hours ago +1

    The atom was sasuke mangekyou sharingan

  • Guru H
    Guru H 5 hours ago

    hear this all who criticize spaceX and Eon for his mars mission

  • YouStuThis Beatz
    YouStuThis Beatz 8 hours ago

    Marques Brownlee the future CEO of Google💯

  • Deshan Jayampath
    Deshan Jayampath 11 hours ago

    Well, Marq you should have focused on physics a lil bit. You seems to be lost.

  • HailFyre
    HailFyre 14 hours ago

    Chuck Nice looks hella confused

  • vagabond
    vagabond 14 hours ago

    This Tyson guy is the biggest pretender I have seen and I know about Hollywood. His acting of "being" a smart guy is tragically hilarious once you find out his act. This is all to justify their investment in military research hoping it will end in your smartphone? That explains why they let out Tyson to play his part and pay for his fame and fortune.

  • Brad Ling
    Brad Ling 15 hours ago

    I fucking love how Neil constantly touches your arm whenever he's throwing out some dank facts.

  • Himawan Santoso
    Himawan Santoso Day ago


  • Jared C
    Jared C Day ago

    This is stupid

  • Aaron Ryder
    Aaron Ryder Day ago

    Watch out we got a badass over here!!

  • Tarun Tej
    Tarun Tej 2 days ago

    If you liked this video: SPREAD IT, SHARE IT, ENABLE IT.

    Kaan KONYALIOĞLU 2 days ago

    all good people there,.. good is right word i think,.. we love good people,.. =)

  • Evolve816
    Evolve816 2 days ago

    "Evidence of the history of this exercise proves....... that one day it will!" Best Said lol

  • Mike62998
    Mike62998 2 days ago

    I dunt know why, but I just like the sound of Neil's voice. I dunt know what he's talking about, but I'm glad to hear it

  • ChrisJ Fox
    ChrisJ Fox 2 days ago

    What Neil is saying is right. So often, people claim that research for research sake is a waste of time. But decades of "pointless research" has helped lead us to the technology we have today, therefore who knows what today's "pointless research" will lead to in the future. Stopping it just because we can't see where it leads is short-sighted.

  • mrk107
    mrk107 2 days ago

    Ask Neil the year when the last days of this system begun.

  • Nicholas Hartmann
    Nicholas Hartmann 2 days ago

    Has anyone else noticed, he technically never answered the original inquiry? I do wonder, how ever wrong he may be, what he thinks - or hopes - the future of tech will look like!

  • MrLotus0303
    MrLotus0303 2 days ago

    uber lib snowflake....not a respected astrophysicist either....

  • really folks
    really folks 2 days ago

    I'm not a physicist and I understood everything, damn I'm a geek.

  • Ahmad Ramadan
    Ahmad Ramadan 2 days ago

    Holy shit what was the freaking question?? 😂😂😂

  • Najeeb Ullah Qadir via GTX

    NMR and MRI is what I am currently studing..... and Meil de Grasse Tysons professor dicovered it damn son that info is ganna help me out inpressing my teacher..... lol XD

  • sajid ali
    sajid ali 2 days ago

    you skip one important word...... peace

  • Contra Cuth
    Contra Cuth 2 days ago

    A-Team (nuff said)

  • M Abed
    M Abed 3 days ago

    You slayed with the last line Marcus! 💖

  • Relan Claveria
    Relan Claveria 3 days ago

    However, it should have been scripted.

  • Relan Claveria
    Relan Claveria 3 days ago

    Next level 'techtalk'!

  • MyMMC
    MyMMC 3 days ago

    this is a very good video marques, thank you for this!

  • chupacabra20
    chupacabra20 3 days ago

    Invest in crypto

  • Mariko Mcr
    Mariko Mcr 3 days ago

    i love all three of them

  • Tyler Vannaseng
    Tyler Vannaseng 3 days ago

    The fact that a lot people thought he was off topic and didn't answer the question blows my mind. He literally gave examples of how other fields of experts invented and discovered ideas that were then used to invent other ideas based off something that had nothing to do with technology.

  • iyfranco151
    iyfranco151 3 days ago

    Neil deGrasse Tyson WOW ! Wish I could just shake his hand some day.

  • Mladen Milosavljevic

    - I am bad at predicting a future
    - I also predict that governement spending of money is a way to go. Bacause there is no other way that people will invent stuff except if governement founds it. Btw Einstein did his work in his FREE TIME. He didn't get any grant.
    tyson is extreamly dishonest the more i lissen to him, the less i like him. And i liked him a lot.

  • gorome REACT
    gorome REACT 4 days ago +1


  • Deceneu
    Deceneu 4 days ago

    A friend recommended this video to me. I love Neil deGrass and also Michio Kaku. I am also old enough to remember the first series of Star Trek and the wonders that brought to my life. Already knew about LASER and MRI (RMN in my language) but a great interview nevertheless. Thank you! Stay safe and never stop learning.

  • Chriswsm
    Chriswsm 4 days ago

    A room full of clever.

  • Baylen
    Baylen 4 days ago

    Is math related to science?

  • Harman Bayles
    Harman Bayles 4 days ago

    Количество чёрный парней в кадре зашкаливает

  • 195 Studio
    195 Studio 4 days ago

    mkbhd asked some interesting questions.....last time, when Katy Perry met Neil deGrasse Tyson she asked one question and thats it.... 'Is Math Related To Science?"

  • Devildog9901
    Devildog9901 4 days ago

    Mind was blown

  • Cavel Mattar
    Cavel Mattar 4 days ago

    That was great. NdGT blows my mind every time he speaks. He has such a great way of explaining really complex sh*t

  • wejhvabewjty
    wejhvabewjty 4 days ago

    This man is so interesting to listen to.

  • Matt Stiles
    Matt Stiles 4 days ago

    Simplest motor ever on instagram @flybackblockchain

  • Andri J
    Andri J 4 days ago

    slept after 2 minutes in

  • Sotirios Levakos
    Sotirios Levakos 4 days ago

    Anyone knows the titles of the books on the table?

  • Zalata
    Zalata 4 days ago +1

    The question that ended ALL questions! marques is probably thinking *note to self, never invite Neil DeGrasse for an interview ever again!*

  • hokeynding
    hokeynding 4 days ago

    Great video, you're definitely going to have to do another ...maybe next time Chuck can get a word in..LOL

  • SushiLeader
    SushiLeader 4 days ago

    Marques hands were made to hold phones

  • Vincent Aziati
    Vincent Aziati 4 days ago

    Physics is the most underrated course ever . I really got pissed when the cut of point for Admitting physics student into one of the major science and technology University in Ghana, West Africa was as low as someone going to do stenography...

  • Nachiket L
    Nachiket L 4 days ago

    No Marques!

    Just post the entire uncut footage, this is an absolute treat to watch.

  • GMSToThePoint
    GMSToThePoint 4 days ago

    Wisdom of the holy scriptures trumps mans wisdom...everytime.

  • Tyler Francis
    Tyler Francis 4 days ago

    My man, "Feel the ass Tyson"

  • Luke Thompson
    Luke Thompson 4 days ago

    Neil smokethegrass tyson.

  • Ajay Nair
    Ajay Nair 5 days ago

    This video has made me 1% smarter than I was 10 mins back

  • Ajay Nair
    Ajay Nair 5 days ago

    Mr Neil is so passionate about this...that this makes it interesting to keep watching him.

  • Connect The Dots
    Connect The Dots 5 days ago

    9 minuted and 11 seconds

  • Doug Taggart
    Doug Taggart 5 days ago

    Tyson is enthralling, good stuff MKBHD. Thanks for letting him "blather". lol.

  • ImaITman
    ImaITman 5 days ago

    I could listen to Tyson all day

  • Kiyimba Geofrey
    Kiyimba Geofrey 5 days ago

    when are you guys coming to Uganda. damn

  • Stenkataa a
    Stenkataa a 5 days ago

    I like how Marques is like a student in this interview , 1 question interview


    One question but 8 mins answer lol. Science is amazing

  • Son Goku
    Son Goku 5 days ago

    I like this guy but it seems you weren't the one talking tech at all. hahaha

    BOT JEFFY 5 days ago

    It's funny how he says all that but was super skeptical about SpaceX in the beginning.

  • Akshay Parambath
    Akshay Parambath 5 days ago

    Lol , everybody heard all those words hard as rock ... I didn't understand a Word . Thank you !

  • xperiaviper
    xperiaviper 5 days ago

    God he reminds me of my family members when they talk to each other and shit and always touch the other person's arms like, now listen to this every few minutes 😂

  • Nathan Jolly
    Nathan Jolly 5 days ago

    A true meeting of the minds.

  • Harith R
    Harith R 5 days ago +1

    Star Trek's pure shit
    Star Wars for lifeeee

  • Abhijith PB
    Abhijith PB 5 days ago

    "BUT THEY DIDN'T "- This made me laugh so hard.😂😂😂😂

  • wunademones
    wunademones 5 days ago

    love this. black excellence, black power.

  • Monoman2345
    Monoman2345 5 days ago

    I would love to see an uncut version of this

  • Jennifer Gentile
    Jennifer Gentile 5 days ago

    so to prove God exists you need a microscope ? you already Invented a microscope to prove germs and bacteria exists , so that means before the microscope was Invented there was always germs and bacteria that were Invisible. dumbass

  • Olorin8977
    Olorin8977 5 days ago

    Thanks for this. Always enjoy your channel and always enjoy listening to Neil.

  • fragmasterjuju0
    fragmasterjuju0 5 days ago

    So they’ve dropped the N word!...gotta love neil

  • Ivica99 Tablet ttm8.1 Dacovic

    thank you
    love from EUROPE, Serbia, Belgrade ... LU

  • inmer photo
    inmer photo 6 days ago

    content!!!!! yes!

  • Debapriya Kar
    Debapriya Kar 6 days ago

    I was following Neil well and good, but somehow ended up in the fifth dimension.

  • E Murtaza
    E Murtaza 6 days ago

    ‘You matured nicely’ something only a pedophile would say

  • Mark and Kathryn Dahlager


  • Mark and Kathryn Dahlager

    Dummy Degrasse

  • James Murray
    James Murray 6 days ago

    Shame you couldn't interview Stephen hawking

  • kneckel
    kneckel 6 days ago

    I wish this was longer... it was very interesting! I like the way Neil answers the questions, his response changes your perspective of the question you asked as well as subtly suggesting/ implying the question you should have been asking.

  • Arman A
    Arman A 6 days ago

    Great frecking video!

  • Best Reviews of All TIme

    Such a funny video i enjoyed it really you did very hard work

  • ruban karthik
    ruban karthik 6 days ago

    who the hell unlikes these kind of videos ???

  • Woo Reviews
    Woo Reviews 6 days ago

    Why do I feel like I can listen & talk to this dude all day

  • Sucharith Battina
    Sucharith Battina 6 days ago +1

    Good boy.

  • Jake Paul
    Jake Paul 6 days ago +1

    thumbnail looks like Marques just found his dad lol.

  • indigoal3n
    indigoal3n 6 days ago

    Wow, one fantastic question, and one even better answer. That was very insightful, thank you!

  • erzan
    erzan 6 days ago +1

    Black Excellence.

  • Rishab J
    Rishab J 6 days ago

    You didn't want the interview to go this way rt.Correct me if I'm wrong, but I was kind of fun tough XP

  • Vivian Lowenstein
    Vivian Lowenstein 6 days ago

    Two black guys talking about how bad the n word is... Talking about "nuclear" ... And that's why u love these two men

  • Thomas Moroz
    Thomas Moroz 6 days ago

    Omg. Do any of you fools realize this guy is just a smooth-talking actor he doesn't know his ass from a hole in the ground this f****** dick still thinks the Earth spins oh my God I can't believe how many fools still up there actually believe this despicable traitorous person who's corrupting the and continues to perpetuate the greatest lie given to mankind may he burn in hell

  • Tony Jose
    Tony Jose 6 days ago

    Marques, can you post an uncut video of this please? really keen to see it.
    And send Neil deGrasse Tyson the politicians to make them understand why we should invest in research rather power-points/project reports :)

  • suresh kumar
    suresh kumar 6 days ago

    This one just blew my mind. I am really happy that you are interacting with some really sharp people ! combined with your ability to articulate and connect to your audience has a new, very relate-able, entertaining, engaging mouthpiece. I became your fan all over again MKBHD > keep doing these videos ..

  • Lucas Vieira
    Lucas Vieira 6 days ago

    Good thing u made up with ur dad and uncle

  • yubeie
    yubeie 6 days ago

    very cool!! instead of the usual stuff

  • BraydenFoxTV
    BraydenFoxTV 6 days ago

    John Green's book chilling on the table...

  • Jamie Warnier
    Jamie Warnier 6 days ago

    take a shot every time Neil touches Marques' arm