Talking Tech with Neil deGrasse Tyson!


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  • Gio731
    Gio731 Day ago

    Mark ass browley

  • prakhar the great bhatt

    Man this was epic

  • Frilless Gaming
    Frilless Gaming Day ago

    Now THIS is epic

  • Muhammad Wajdan
    Muhammad Wajdan 3 days ago +1

    Just 3 black doods chillin n talkin tech

  • guri sangha
    guri sangha 3 days ago

    Man... I feel so dumb.

  • Robert James Chang
    Robert James Chang 4 days ago

    How am I just seeing this video now?! Amazing. Thank you for making this happen Marques!!

  • Aaron Buck
    Aaron Buck 4 days ago

    I like ole neil

  • Jason R Stanton
    Jason R Stanton 4 days ago

    Let's talk about tesla,,,

  • Diares Noctis
    Diares Noctis 4 days ago

    Shit Niiiiygga, he said the N Word

  • miguel guerrero
    miguel guerrero 4 days ago

    Marques looked bored LMAO

  • Rugved Kapdi
    Rugved Kapdi 6 days ago

    This was amazing

  • Daniel Lewandowski
    Daniel Lewandowski 7 days ago

    this is so great!!!! im so proud of you bro keep up with these amazing videos! your channel keeps me really entertained!!! cheers!

  • No One
    No One 7 days ago

    Mark Ass Brownlee

  • Tommy Hazelwood
    Tommy Hazelwood 8 days ago

    Love the video. Neil could keep going if you let him. I might be the only one to notice. Love the wall of TVclip channels thumbnails. Could make a few.

  • Armando Cortez
    Armando Cortez 9 days ago

    He didn't answer his question though, he did a great job at not saying the answer lol

  • Sunil D
    Sunil D 10 days ago

    Marques brownlee kumar Neil de grass de gupta aur Raja Babu

  • Karim Kesseler
    Karim Kesseler 12 days ago +1

    Marc-Ass Brownlee

    IBIMINA JUMBO 14 days ago

    Insightful! We use the NMR tool in the Oil and Gas industry to determine reservoir permeability, water cut, hydrocarbon pore volume etc. Basically productivity estimation & well performance.

  • Cez rok
    Cez rok 14 days ago

    absolute bullshit artist ?i give Neil deGrasse Tyson credit he is good at using his hands and lying at the same time -is he a rapist ? as well -i wonder how much these guys are being paid to promote and be a good uncle -toms yes sar ! There's a lot of money at stake with NASA - NEVER A STRAIGHT ANSWER

  • Brooke T
    Brooke T 15 days ago

    I love how Neil talks, he just radiates intelligence and love for science :)

  • sulaiman alyahya
    sulaiman alyahya 15 days ago

    Neil would have to be the most interesting person you could ever have a cup of coffee with

  • Ohsosaucy
    Ohsosaucy 16 days ago

    what he said in this video is bigger than tech and even science

  • Rodney Van der Westhuizen

    I would like to order one warp drive please. Thank you in advance!

  • Jestin Johnson
    Jestin Johnson 16 days ago +2

    Marques be like: Dad? Is that you??!! XD XD

  • Ansh Mathur
    Ansh Mathur 17 days ago

    Can Neil be my science teacher? Science class would actually be fun

  • Naamy1989
    Naamy1989 17 days ago

    This was way too short. Loved it!

  • Joel Dagang
    Joel Dagang 18 days ago +2

    We need more Neil Degrasse Tyson. Period.

  • nick jones
    nick jones 18 days ago

    I can listen to them talk all day

  • Daniel Braaten
    Daniel Braaten 18 days ago

    unpopular opinion: neil de grasse tyson is holding back. The true audience for his theories are a bunch of awkward white boys who don't talk to girls. but in this video his publicist is making him perpetuate the theory of diversity in the field of high mathematics

  • Bill Clark
    Bill Clark 19 days ago

    I am blown away this has 2.4k dislikes. Why would anyone dislike this?

  • Stay ahhh idk
    Stay ahhh idk 19 days ago

    If i could control rewi.......
    Enough of this 😂

  • casey Ri
    casey Ri 19 days ago

    If Neil was my techer I could listen to him all day

  • switchmuso
    switchmuso 20 days ago

    NDGT is the man

  • Spencer Fazzzio
    Spencer Fazzzio 21 day ago

    We gotta get Neil to host Meme Review with PewDiePie

  • Ephes Thomas Joseph
    Ephes Thomas Joseph 21 day ago +1

    I'm having the same face Marques is having... Just understanding nothing.

  • yashovardhan utpat
    yashovardhan utpat 21 day ago

    Whose Watching this in Dec 2018.

  • Jefe Final
    Jefe Final 21 day ago

    I learn a lot

  • winkipinky
    winkipinky 22 days ago

    Well that was interesting and educational.. great video

  • Lakshya Mongia
    Lakshya Mongia 22 days ago

    Does that mean that the surgery on the grape was destined a couple of decades ago?

  • Bang Obet
    Bang Obet 22 days ago

    granpa, grandchild and son

  • Felix Wilson
    Felix Wilson 22 days ago

    nice hasselblad shirt~

  • Perri Mitchell
    Perri Mitchell 22 days ago

    i fucking love the science nigga.

  • Putra Ramadhan
    Putra Ramadhan 22 days ago

    I'm gonna say the N-Word


  • Sanjeep Chettri
    Sanjeep Chettri 23 days ago

    I can listen to this guy talking for hours

  • weWonder
    weWonder 23 days ago

    I LOVE this!!! I can't wait to share it with my students!

    • weWonder
      weWonder 23 days ago

      Wait! I bet a lot of my students have already watched this...those little stinkers for not sharing it with me. :)

  • Jeremiah Gibson
    Jeremiah Gibson 24 days ago

    Mark ass brownlee

  • Jad Yassine
    Jad Yassine 24 days ago

    2:42 I don't get it :(

  • samuel rappaport
    samuel rappaport 24 days ago

    but did he do it?

  • Harshit Singh
    Harshit Singh 25 days ago

    Simply awesome.. ❤️

  • Fylosofy
    Fylosofy 26 days ago

    I'm just still sitting here with the same question in my mind the moment I clicked on the video: "Why is Neil deGrasse Tyson actually famous?" I just don't get it.

  • sf nooner
    sf nooner 26 days ago

    DeGrasse is really a brilliant teacher.

  • Victor Charlie
    Victor Charlie 26 days ago

    The guy sitting next to Marcus looks like he is holding in his fart

  • Sachin Dolta
    Sachin Dolta 26 days ago

    *Neil talks I learn*

  • Ben P
    Ben P 27 days ago

    Anybody else notice that the first automatic sliding doors were invented in 1954, four years before Neil deGrasse Tyson was born? There were other ones that used an optical sensor as early as the 30's...

  • Prophet Muhammad
    Prophet Muhammad 27 days ago

    Black³ smart³ people ³

  • Cypher
    Cypher 27 days ago

    Mate, he thinks iPhone is better because it's 15 seconds ahead of android.

  • ozkarhp
    ozkarhp 27 days ago

    Best interview for high people

  • STAN
    STAN 27 days ago

    Astrophysics black guy aye!!!

  • enigma mist
    enigma mist 27 days ago

    We know you were just waiting for the class to be over 😂🤣

  • enigma mist
    enigma mist 27 days ago

    Why weren't you speaking 😂 ?

  • Kenneil
    Kenneil 27 days ago

    yeah that's right drop the n word

  • Sturgeon
    Sturgeon 27 days ago

    Hey look it's MarkASS Brownie and that rapist.

  • Waheed Akhtar Wahid
    Waheed Akhtar Wahid 28 days ago

    Awesome but too short :(

  • Joe mo mumbo
    Joe mo mumbo 28 days ago

    3 niggas. Wew

  • MC Theta
    MC Theta 28 days ago +1

    3:36 Chuck's face mirrors my face walking into 2019.

  • Wickedly Gravitational

    1.4 million views and only auto-generated captions? rlly

  • FredlocksAsher2012
    FredlocksAsher2012 29 days ago +2

    thanks bro, great works

  • Defult Samurai
    Defult Samurai Month ago

    Mark ass brownlee

  • Why Try
    Why Try Month ago +1

    Who here just found out about Mark Ass Brown lee

  • James Smith
    James Smith Month ago

    Intervening mark zuckrrberg

  • Ashish Binani
    Ashish Binani Month ago

    As per a quick google search, automatic sliding doors were invented in 1954 and first installed in 1960 which is still 6 years before the first star trek series. Correct me If I am wrong.

  • Alex Diamond
    Alex Diamond Month ago

    I don't really like him. He's really smart but he seems really full of himself and kinda cocky

  • Karasu Edits
    Karasu Edits Month ago +1

    Neil is awesome, but I wish I could talk to him to be able to change his mind on God.

  • MrShit
    MrShit Month ago

    neil the type to chuckle after he smells his own farts

  • Zaryab Kharal
    Zaryab Kharal Month ago

    7:37 best editing in the business

  • ken knowles
    ken knowles Month ago

    am i the only one proud af to be watching a video of three black men sitting down discussing science and technology

  • Epicentre
    Epicentre Month ago

    2:45 what is happening XD

  • Joseph Matthew
    Joseph Matthew Month ago

    Its funny he says so much, but at the same time, nothing at all....

  • Tikus Keriting
    Tikus Keriting Month ago

    this is very very short

  • Mehmet Orhan
    Mehmet Orhan Month ago


  • LilK832
    LilK832 Month ago

    Chuck kind of looks like GZA to me

  • Mr NightNight858
    Mr NightNight858 Month ago +2

    God damn I knew about this information before but the way Neil described it just made me feel like I just got this information now. I freaking love this interview. Neil just breaks it down hella easy for people to understand even with semi big words in between people will get what the fuck he is trying to say. I love it. Thank you very much for this.

  • cheetosndew
    cheetosndew Month ago

    Unbox therapy is better.

  • meni45
    meni45 Month ago

    Neil has genes of the giant hands

  • Orrin Jones
    Orrin Jones Month ago

    why is this so funny to me.

  • Royal Yt
    Royal Yt Month ago +1


  • bukifuriku
    bukifuriku Month ago

    I hate these cuts

  • Breixo max Santa
    Breixo max Santa Month ago

    Soo educational thanks MKBHD AND NEIL deGrasse Tyson

  • Onkar Dogra
    Onkar Dogra Month ago +3

    Too bad this guy is now a sexual predator.

    • Sturgeon
      Sturgeon 27 days ago

      He is not NOW a sexual predator. He has ALWAYS been a sexual predator. We're just finding out about it now.

  • Doan Le
    Doan Le Month ago

    This is like Chinese to me. I understood nothing. How did I end up in IT Support ? LOL

  • thomas addis
    thomas addis Month ago

    Not a white dude in sight how times have changed

  • Abdulla Alsabti
    Abdulla Alsabti Month ago

    You look like a complete dimwit when Neil starts explaining and giving examples.

  • Deny Fauzi
    Deny Fauzi Month ago

    Clap > MEME REVIEW

  • Mehmet Karatas
    Mehmet Karatas Month ago

    This is the most intellectual talk that three black guys talked in history.

  • kittylovesfilms
    kittylovesfilms Month ago

    This was so beautiful.... Thank you for this short gem

  • kolakolabao
    kolakolabao Month ago

    3:10 I see the kurzgesagt logo there

  • Ritesh Shakya
    Ritesh Shakya Month ago +4

    One of the best videos on MKBHD channel

  • Reggie Reid
    Reggie Reid Month ago

    All of Nasa's images are cgi and fake. Everything they do
    is a lie. Satellites aren't real! If they were real we wouldn't have
    giant cables running under the oceans connecting the worlds internet
    and phone. If satellites were real you would get actual real images when
    searching. If satellites were real we wouldn't need all of these cell
    towers. Have you ever looked at your satellite which is static and
    pointing in one direction, and asked yourself how it stays connected
    with an orbiting satellite? I guess you just haven't thought about that. You will pay
    for playing a part in deceiving the world from the truth of God. You
    guys can laugh and mock all you want. I know the truth. I lost all
    respect for this guy.

    • appleh8terguy
      appleh8terguy Month ago

      Satellites for TV broadcasts are in geosynchronous orbit which is only possible above the equator that's why satellites dishes are always pointing towards the equator and if you're at the equator they will be pointing straight up... We use under sea cables and cell towers because they can carry much more bandwidth and are way cheaper... I urge you to do much more research

    • William Friedrich
      William Friedrich Month ago

      Reggie Reid so essentially what your saying is that 7 billion people are pulling a huge conspiracy in order to fool you? And who would benefit from lying to you about satellites being real? Satan? How does that benefit a make believe demon? Society isn’t lying to you, your lying to yourself.

    • Reggie Reid
      Reggie Reid Month ago

      +William Friedrich Well if you believe all those images are real then your being deceived. I can see that. Again I don't care about what you have to say as your completely lost. I'd rather hear a barking dog. I have no interest in communicating with you. Perhaps you have nothing better to do, but I do. Have a nice day.

    • William Friedrich
      William Friedrich Month ago

      Reggie Reid Reggie Reid right, because believing in satellites is the work of Satan 🙄. Even if people like you went into space, you still wouldn’t have any common sense. As for what spirit I’m guided by, it’s definitely not the spirit of idiocracy that you’re guided by

    • Reggie Reid
      Reggie Reid Month ago

      +William Friedrich Do you think I have any respect for anything you have to say, or that anything you say has any credibility to me? There are plenty of people that no the truth and I am in no way alone in this. All those who believe in God will come to the knowledge of the truth, and all those who believe the lies of the world are deceived by Satan. I don't count on the blind to lead me. God says that Satan will deceive the world and I can clearly see how hes doing it. We are all guided by the spirit. What spirit are you guided by? Its surely not the spirit of truth.

  • John2891
    John2891 Month ago

    chuck nice, leave.

  • Subaru Legacy
    Subaru Legacy Month ago