Breaking A Diamond Play Button


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  • Dominick Williams

    Jello in the mold

  • smileyboyz
    smileyboyz Day ago

    nice dunk

  • Young Doghc
    Young Doghc Day ago

    Hey guys i think i might have a solution to your diamond ice mold... Have you ever heard of ORGONITE??? i feel that may be ur best option along with trying distilled water to freeze...

  • MQ Q
    MQ Q Day ago

    First off thats not diamond because it's under lava.. Its just some silver designed well but the gold is real

  • Rebecca Sinclair

    They should put gummy’s in the mold!

  • Rishon Sunil
    Rishon Sunil Day ago

    fill it with jelly

  • KitKat 42
    KitKat 42 Day ago

    freeze mustard for some random reason

  • Ttrouble The game changer

    Make a gallium diamond play button

  • Ttrouble The game changer

    Make a gallium diamond play button

  • Cameron Higgins
    Cameron Higgins 2 days ago

    Cook dried ice

  • Sadie Adler
    Sadie Adler 2 days ago

    Save you some time 16:01

  • panda9990
    panda9990 2 days ago

    Lol diamond can’t be broken

  • karen allen
    karen allen 2 days ago

    Put dry ice in coconut water sorry if I spell wrong

  • amanda rupp
    amanda rupp 2 days ago

    can me and my brother Dakota have the diamond please The King Of Random

  • TonyDaDemon
    TonyDaDemon 2 days ago

    gummy play button

  • Alex Komlov
    Alex Komlov 2 days ago

    Do chocolate plz


    Make a cake in it?

  • Exotic Gaming
    Exotic Gaming 2 days ago


  • Chris Smith
    Chris Smith 2 days ago

    Please do a ruby and emerald play button

  • Jayden G
    Jayden G 2 days ago

    wait it's actually made of diamonds?

  • Dalilah Holloman
    Dalilah Holloman 2 days ago


  • Swaggers Hole
    Swaggers Hole 2 days ago

    make a mold of real gold and call it your diamond play button

  • jjVeronica Busch
    jjVeronica Busch 2 days ago

    Chocolate cake

  • Kookie
    Kookie 2 days ago

    You know its a scientist if it says *homogenous* instead of *mixed*

  • John Wick
    John Wick 2 days ago

    The only reason I’m not subbing again is grant is never in videos and I’ve been here since diy rocket fuel

  • james parker
    james parker 2 days ago

    do brass

  • Qudsia Qarar
    Qudsia Qarar 2 days ago

    CAST A BANANA 😋🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌PLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Couch Potato
    Couch Potato 2 days ago

    "Seems a little ghetto"

  • BillyTheGoat 25
    BillyTheGoat 25 2 days ago

    Is it just me or does Nate look kind a like Ryan Reynolds

  • Shayne Mcadam
    Shayne Mcadam 3 days ago

    16 min of showing off ur button lol

  • OldSlowGamer
    OldSlowGamer 3 days ago

    Boil water before freezing and then it'll freeze clear.

  • Alexandria Mitchell
    Alexandria Mitchell 3 days ago

    Did he really say ghetto I'm offended

  • Eva Varga
    Eva Varga 3 days ago

    They should have used flex tape

  • Jeff Bettnhausen
    Jeff Bettnhausen 3 days ago

    Make a chocolate one

  • mr roma
    mr roma 3 days ago


  • Kudoos
    Kudoos 3 days ago

    my owner was screaming when he was watching this tablet

  • Hyde
    Hyde 3 days ago

    Try gallium

  • hayyan 1902
    hayyan 1902 3 days ago

    If u boiled the water before freezing it wouldn't be white it would be clear

  • Jayden Srader
    Jayden Srader 3 days ago

    molten aluminum cast

  • HudxHawk3000
    HudxHawk3000 3 days ago

    The only play button I saw that broke, was the ice one.

  • Mastergirl 18pro
    Mastergirl 18pro 3 days ago

    Use that play botton mold and remake the play bottom out if iron, all if it in iron

  • Kevin Villalobos
    Kevin Villalobos 3 days ago

    Obsidian will be cool.

  • RAWBeats
    RAWBeats 3 days ago

    need low ppm in your water for clear ice

    ZYTAL YT 3 days ago


  • Kaitlyn Grayson
    Kaitlyn Grayson 3 days ago +2

    Fix the hole in the diamond part

  • SunsetBurst
    SunsetBurst 3 days ago

    Idea for the actual diamond. This is also a nerd idea but you can make a infinity Gauntlet and have the diamond in the center

  • Terraslayer
    Terraslayer 3 days ago

    This may seem to be a RANDOM question ,but could the silicon remove the shine to the play button

  • Amy Curtis
    Amy Curtis 3 days ago

    Have you tried boiling water, they say that makes clear ice

  • cassio
    cassio 3 days ago

    9:15 yeah, that’s just cristal glass

  • Sean Wilson
    Sean Wilson 3 days ago

    jolly ranchers

  • TheOnlyBart YT
    TheOnlyBart YT 4 days ago

    make a play button made from different food colorings to make 1 single Rainbow playbutton

  • Jax Santana
    Jax Santana 4 days ago

    I really want one it’s asowme

  • Matthew DeBord
    Matthew DeBord 4 days ago

    Cast cheese

  • Rocco ANDRADE
    Rocco ANDRADE 4 days ago

    Look what we just got in the mail
    The new diamond play button
    Lets destroy it

  • Aura Lee
    Aura Lee 4 days ago

    You guys should make a candy replica or a glow in the dark candy replica

  • Leandro Nunes
    Leandro Nunes 4 days ago +3

    Can you mack a dimond play buton of glass 😊☺😊☺😊☺😊☺😊☺😊☺😊☺😊☺😊☺😊☺😊☺😊

  • Samantha Crellin
    Samantha Crellin 4 days ago

    you should make a play button cake

  • its mj
    its mj 4 days ago

    U should cast brass

  • its mj
    its mj 4 days ago

    I should cast melted orbeez

  • neka lovechild
    neka lovechild 4 days ago

    Try making a diamond play button mold using resin and/or epoxy.

  • Zakrey Mayfield
    Zakrey Mayfield 4 days ago +3

    Fill it with ice and orbies

  • Scarlet Danner
    Scarlet Danner 4 days ago

    Make a cake with it!!

  • TechnoBoy54321
    TechnoBoy54321 4 days ago

    Cast a candy play button

  • glitchy C
    glitchy C 4 days ago

    Cast it with illuneam

  • S223 gaming
    S223 gaming 4 days ago

    *youtube uses this to give people their play buttons faster*

  • Steven Park
    Steven Park 4 days ago

    Cast silicon play button? Lol

  • Radek Sharp
    Radek Sharp 4 days ago

    use gallium

  • sean bump
    sean bump 4 days ago

    what is think you can mold is take your molding and then cast silicone yes put silicone in a silicone casting

  • Oscar Ericson
    Oscar Ericson 4 days ago


  • WookieJebus
    WookieJebus 4 days ago

    Apparently if you vibrate it very slightly during the whole freeze it removes all the air bubbles

  • The Exotic
    The Exotic 4 days ago +2

    you should send a broken diamond play button to youtube

  • The Exotic
    The Exotic 4 days ago +1

    why though

  • xxTERIONxx op
    xxTERIONxx op 4 days ago

    Super glue

  • Kiimeriba
    Kiimeriba 4 days ago

    Cast a soap in that diamond PB ( any color ) and cut it with a utility knife. ASMR

  • pts advance
    pts advance 4 days ago


  • iwastroll GTS
    iwastroll GTS 4 days ago

    Who still watching this in 2019 and my reaction is ... ... ... Wtf?

  • Trey Debono
    Trey Debono 4 days ago

    Make a gummy play button

  • Mindless Maniac
    Mindless Maniac 4 days ago

    Show cottage of them cutting and cleaning out the box before they show the silicone, then they say like 2 minutes later alright let’s get started and shows them cutting out the box again?? Lmao wtf, tryna make your video longer much😂 gotta get that 10 mins

  • Lishelle Mercer
    Lishelle Mercer 4 days ago

    TVclip comes to watch this " WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH THE PLAY BUTTON"

  • yoshijamergamer 45
    yoshijamergamer 45 4 days ago

    Judea for some decoration get a glass of water and try to make a tiny version of the mold freeze some water in the mold and then use the tiny diamond play buttons made of ice as ice cubes for your water

  • Mark Bergseid
    Mark Bergseid 4 days ago

    act of war against youtube: damage a play button

  • warriorslove+ mine craft freak 〈3〈3

    "Seems a little ghetto-"
    *Subscribes* XD

  • Clueless
    Clueless 5 days ago

    *Breaks diamond play-button to see if there's a feetis inside*

  • o b e y y
    o b e y y 5 days ago

    I love you guys

  • Xd bruvnight
    Xd bruvnight 5 days ago

    Gummy bear like if agree

  • kaylee q
    kaylee q 5 days ago

    Can u cast something. Like pen ink in the mold

  • Infamous Stupidity
    Infamous Stupidity 5 days ago

    Cast LEGO in the mold

    TNTJET 5 days ago

    Liquid metal

  • Blueberry King
    Blueberry King 5 days ago

    WHO Else is in 2019??

  • Matthew Block
    Matthew Block 5 days ago


  • loke sandford
    loke sandford 5 days ago

    Boil the water if you wanna get the water clear

  • TheRealJojo 857
    TheRealJojo 857 5 days ago

    You should make Jell-O in it

  • Barisaxq2
    Barisaxq2 5 days ago

    Talk to Burnie from rooster teeth he is a clear ice expert and very highly regarded in the field

  • Mr Rockstar
    Mr Rockstar 5 days ago

    Yo your the BEST

  • Pasha Jillani
    Pasha Jillani 5 days ago

    Plz pour chocolate

  • lordkay hackers
    lordkay hackers 5 days ago

    I've always wondered what would happen if you mix Acid with Liquid nitrogen. So can you please consider making a video about that

  • fatty_ bouncer
    fatty_ bouncer 5 days ago

    Cast a dimond play button with obsidian

  • Tanya Truehart
    Tanya Truehart 5 days ago

    I subscribed and by the way can I when your diamond play button please and thank you

  • Lo fi
    Lo fi 5 days ago

    Yo I'm actually confused is it actually diamond 🤔

  • chloe 06
    chloe 06 5 days ago +16

    You should cast candy in it