Breaking A Diamond Play Button

  • Published on Sep 29, 2018
  • In today's video we're taking our Diamond Play Button and making a replicator briefcase out of it!
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Comments • 14 167

  • Draven Grondona
    Draven Grondona Hour ago +1

    Cast some ground meat in there, and make a meat play button.

  • Jayceon Scott
    Jayceon Scott 22 hours ago


  • Jeremiah Coleman
    Jeremiah Coleman 3 days ago

    Liquid metal

  • Masterultrainstinct TV

    Is it real diamond ?

  • Miss Chloe Jenkins
    Miss Chloe Jenkins 3 days ago

    I was expecting you both to chainsaw the play button in half :(

  • Gg Tomczyk
    Gg Tomczyk 4 days ago

    Cast gallium please

  • Peyton Vaal
    Peyton Vaal 4 days ago

    The King of random Plzzzz can you cast slime in the diamond play button mold.

  • John Neustadt
    John Neustadt 5 days ago

    A gummy diamond play button

  • anany ranjan
    anany ranjan 5 days ago

    D&g shoes nice

  • Chill Bone
    Chill Bone 5 days ago

    you guys should make a resin play button

  • funnybeasty 1235
    funnybeasty 1235 8 days ago

    Try putting aluminum in there ( try melting it) and find a diamond and cut off the pieces until it looks like a real diamond play button. But
    put the diamond first, then the melted aluminum. I think you should try lava. If you melted it, and did everything I said, it will actually look like a real diamond play button. It will be a replica of the one you earned and when you set it down, you can't tell the difference!!!

  • suziehanks1
    suziehanks1 13 days ago

    Can you make a neon sign with your diamond play button mold?

  • Deven Garner
    Deven Garner 14 days ago

    Who else thinks that they need to put gallium in the diamond play button mold

  • Mason Miller
    Mason Miller 15 days ago

    LOL it's not even a real diamond. It's actually crystal glass.

  • Reed Spivey
    Reed Spivey 18 days ago

    Cast cheese and slime

  • Wolftactical27
    Wolftactical27 18 days ago


  • Lenard Castil
    Lenard Castil 18 days ago

    is that a real diamond?

  • AlphaGamer
    AlphaGamer 18 days ago


  • David Smith
    David Smith 18 days ago

    id love to see u cast an iron replica but with a gold or copper diamond in the middle

  • Jesse Sippl
    Jesse Sippl 18 days ago

    You should cast it with molten aluminum or copper with a new mold. Maybe, copper with an aluminum diamond, or vice versa.

  • Jackie poo
    Jackie poo 19 days ago

    Put some Jello inside the mold

  • ToddStockton
    ToddStockton 20 days ago

    *youtube did not like this*

  • limey 17
    limey 17 20 days ago +1

    6:26 haha

  • Robert Perez
    Robert Perez 21 day ago

    Put jello

  • Jonathan Rose
    Jonathan Rose 22 days ago

    Cast a gallium play button

  • Elisha Oporto
    Elisha Oporto 22 days ago

    chocolate and ink

  • Mr Pink
    Mr Pink 22 days ago +1

    The king of random is the only person who would break a diamond play button

  • [User Deleted]
    [User Deleted] 23 days ago

    A chocolate playbutton

  • William & Mark
    William & Mark 23 days ago

    How tall is Nate!!!

  • Danielle Dargy
    Danielle Dargy 25 days ago

    Somehow him at the end liking the play button made my day

  • Qaaim I
    Qaaim I 27 days ago

    Cast gallium

  • Ziptye 2005
    Ziptye 2005 28 days ago

    Couldn’t u have used an older play button

  • Chase Honarvar
    Chase Honarvar 28 days ago +1


  • TaTi Mashi
    TaTi Mashi 28 days ago +1

    I’ve always had this question is the diamond in the middle real?

  • Cornelius Hallom
    Cornelius Hallom 29 days ago

    Cast jello play button!

  • Bonswally
    Bonswally 29 days ago

    Rename to "idiots ruin their diamond play button"

  • vikas reddy
    vikas reddy Month ago

    I am vikas i what to ask is that if you can caste your wholebody starting with your hands legs and finally glue it all togetre and making a copy of you

  • Abbi Potter
    Abbi Potter Month ago

    jello put jello in the mold

    DATT BOYDARREN! Month ago


  • Barsha priyadarshini sahu

    can you please cast mercury pleaseeeeeeee!!!! i am a really great fan

  • Dragonlover 12345
    Dragonlover 12345 Month ago

    is Nate Grands son ?

  • lets play
    lets play Month ago +2

    You can put some gallium🤯if you have that much of it 😁

  • Gemilla Shireen
    Gemilla Shireen Month ago

    Use leamonade

  • Danny Froese
    Danny Froese Month ago

    Where do you get those small knives you use

  • K L
    K L Month ago

    Food coloring

  • K L
    K L Month ago

    Freeze it with vinniger next time

  • Harold Sistrunk
    Harold Sistrunk Month ago


  • no body
    no body Month ago

    ello 2019 friends

  • Powyr.
    Powyr. Month ago

    im sure all science experiments youtube channels have used their play buttons in experiments...

  • Oliver Fehrenbacher

    What’s inside did

  • Maddy S
    Maddy S Month ago

    You guys should make a diamond play button Popsicle! Who else agrees?

  • thecolour
    thecolour Month ago +1

    Fill it in copper.

  • Jonathan Quast
    Jonathan Quast Month ago

    Try casting your blood

  • Bahar Sipahioğlu
    Bahar Sipahioğlu Month ago

    eating everything
    my friend: who whould do that???
    me: normal for him...

  • Saheel Singh
    Saheel Singh Month ago

    Fill it up with platinum and gold

  • Pasquale Orribile
    Pasquale Orribile Month ago

    You can take a blowtorch to clear up a lot of the cloudiness at the surface of the ice mold

  • Matthew Matthew
    Matthew Matthew Month ago

    Make a gummy play button


    U should have pit the silicone in a vacuum chamber first

  • Ruchika Sharma
    Ruchika Sharma Month ago

    You're could maybe cast chocolate in it...?

  • Corrupt_ Data
    Corrupt_ Data Month ago +1

    cast it in gallium

  • House Full Movies
    House Full Movies Month ago

    Fill it with gallium

  • Molemo's world gacha YT

    You must boil the water to make it clear

    BAMBIKILLER69 Month ago +6

    3:04 Did nate just say "Seems A Little Ghetto" LMAO

  • Ruby Ruby
    Ruby Ruby Month ago

    Cast metal in the mold

  • Citrus TheWolf
    Citrus TheWolf Month ago

    Cast steel or copper

  • Trash Gang Music Daddelbee

    Congrats you ruined your diamond play button ▶️

  • icicicles
    icicicles Month ago

    And then you destroy the award for--------ENTERTAINMENT, what else!
    Thx guys for the great entertainment.

  • LS78
    LS78 2 months ago +3

    Can you use proto putty in the mold?
    Like if u agree😁😊

  • Mayra Esqueda
    Mayra Esqueda 2 months ago


    • Mayra Esqueda
      Mayra Esqueda 2 months ago

      It’s the codes of the glow sticks vs Blender