'RuPaul' with Jana Kramer and Mike Caussin!

  • Published on Jun 14, 2019
  • Actress and country singer Jana Kramer & her husband, former NFL star Mike Caussin, open up about surviving infidelity in their marriage. Plus, “Flip or Flop” star Tarek El Moussa tells all about divorcing his co-star, and one lucky viewer gets a makeover!
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  • Victoria D'Auria
    Victoria D'Auria 2 days ago

    Ok they are crazy unhappy

  • jujia7
    jujia7 19 days ago

    11:21 my face exactly 🤣🤣

  • Tonya Small
    Tonya Small 19 days ago


  • English Garden
    English Garden 21 day ago +1

    I love this show!!!

  • Sanfranshelley & Jolie

    🌈LOVE ✌️🥰🤟Free Mom hugs here 🤗

  • nuru Kanja
    nuru Kanja 23 days ago

    Sex addiction ain't like being addicted to coffee.. Or food..honey... Coffee won't give anyone AIDS,STDS OR STI...HERPES...NOOOOOO HONEY..get your fact's STRAIGHT

  • Jennifer Anthony
    Jennifer Anthony 23 days ago

    Damn I could write a novel!! 😲

  • Lo La
    Lo La 23 days ago

    A THREESOME..Buddy was like HELL YEA

  • Lo La
    Lo La 24 days ago

    The problem with this show...the host is more interesting than the guests

  • Espiritu29
    Espiritu29 24 days ago +2

    Wow... this was actually one of the best shows so far... so much perspective

  • Leegail Adonis
    Leegail Adonis 25 days ago

    I’m a little worried about perpetuating the narrative that ‘men’ feel about sex in a certain way vs. ‘women’ who think of it in another. Why are we still pushing this binary bias?

  • Queen Shannie Love
    Queen Shannie Love 25 days ago

    The confidence on that beautiful woman shines through! I hope she keeps it up and struts her stuff all the time! Wow Beautiful

  • RecoveryJ
    RecoveryJ 25 days ago

    She should have taken him for every damn cent. That’s shitty

  • iLindahLIFE
    iLindahLIFE 25 days ago

    Patriarchal Society conditions 'fellow men' to do as they wish. The addiction here might be connected to 'entitlement'. The irony with this topic 'infidelity' is a double standard where HE wants his cake and eat it too but everyone else cannot be free. Anyone with this attitude must be dropped and literally, won't learn if he is with someone who makes excuses for him, enables him or feels she is nothing without him. If so, then SHE has a lot of personal soul searching to do as to why she has attracted this type of treatment?

  • iLindahLIFE
    iLindahLIFE 25 days ago

    All addictions are 'self-destructive' first. Not feeling 'good enough' and the like become too heavy for people who then search for something to soothe the personal inner pain with food, drugs, sex, alcohol, abuse, drama, emotional games, manipulation, bullying, etc. This is why #SelfLOVE is crucial for each individual to work towards ASAP. People treat others - the planet - the same way they treat themselves.

  • Treva Dixon
    Treva Dixon 26 days ago +1

    I'm so glad Ru has Tarek on here! I honestly liked him and always wanted to hear his side. I'm so happy for him glad his health is better

  • NakedAndLaughing
    NakedAndLaughing 26 days ago +1

    Never heard of Jana Kramer in my life, but she needs to RUN THE FUCK AWAY from her "husband" What will he bring home next, a STD? Fucking loser says his bottom line is if she cheats on him. Ohhhh, his poor little bitch ass couldn't HANDLE THAT could he? I will chop his fucking head off if I ever see him. What a piece of shit. Girl, he's messing with your mind. Leave the fucking prick now!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Black Beauty
    Black Beauty 26 days ago +2

    Uh that bold guy doesn't have a pleasant vibe just saying!

    • nuru Kanja
      nuru Kanja 23 days ago


    • NakedAndLaughing
      NakedAndLaughing 26 days ago +1

      he's a fucking narcissist and wow I spelled that right on the first try!

  • Sergio Melendez
    Sergio Melendez 26 days ago +1

    The dude is most likely still cheating.

  • Jnine Neuorpe
    Jnine Neuorpe 27 days ago +1

    Thus us a very good show! I found out that RuPaul has very unconventional and yet a realistic POV about marriage and commitment.

  • remconet
    remconet 28 days ago

    A bit too heavy/serious for my taste, this eps.

  • Sean
    Sean 28 days ago

    love ru paul ,everybody say love , a little bit of love goes a long long way !!!!! :)

  • 1DJSkittles
    1DJSkittles 28 days ago

    Wish I could find love like ru did

  • Dave Clarion Daing
    Dave Clarion Daing 28 days ago +2

    I'm appalled that she's still fighting for their marriage. Gurl, he cheated on you MULTIPLE times, and you're okay with it just because he tells you he's a sex addict? Nuh uh! I ain't buying it. He's just unfaithful. Plain and simple.

    • NakedAndLaughing
      NakedAndLaughing 26 days ago

      Amen. She needs to RUNNN. He doesn't love her. Claims in a twitter post he married his "best friend" LMAO.

  • romaczech75
    romaczech75 28 days ago

    This show doesn't stand a chance unless they can book some A-List talent to interview. Reality show garbage isn't going to cut it.

  • Vincent James
    Vincent James 28 days ago

    Mike Caussin

  • Vincent James
    Vincent James 28 days ago +2

    i can stay ahead of things
    the steps I need to take
    the meetings I need to attend
    the people I need to be around

  • Vincent James
    Vincent James 28 days ago +1

    they seem so organized in this interview ?
    or show visit ?

  • Vincent James
    Vincent James 28 days ago +1

    12 Step Programs ??

  • Vincent James
    Vincent James 28 days ago +1

    is cheating different for the rich and famous

  • Vincent James
    Vincent James 28 days ago +1

    great that cheating
    is not The End Of Days

  • Vincent James
    Vincent James 28 days ago +1

    to get all up in folks business
    seems darker than
    these smart successful
    folk get all the help they need
    not dark at all

  • Vincent James
    Vincent James 28 days ago +1

    Sex Addition ??

  • Vincent James
    Vincent James 28 days ago +1

    Hetro Normative ??

  • Jaimee Dianna
    Jaimee Dianna 28 days ago +1

    I can't wait to one day appear on this show! I am in desperate need of Rupaul's magical guidance!🙏🏾😇💕

  • David James
    David James 29 days ago

    I wouldn’t watch this show

  • Meesta Monsieur
    Meesta Monsieur 29 days ago

    Please don't stick to this format ru. This is some Jerry springer shit and I prefer ru to interview people like Oprah's new format. Focus on positivity .

  • Zenebatos
    Zenebatos 29 days ago +5

    Mike Caussin shouldnt be in ANY relationship. Whoever he's with will end up being hurt all the time, for his own selfish needs.

  • Caramel of Love
    Caramel of Love 29 days ago +1

    Lol his wife tells him what to say....cuz on the real if he was to talk about the affairs its be "i was catchin passes and slappin asses"
    And would talk about the freaky sex he was getting behind his wife's back she'd wanna stop talking about it real quick

  • Feelosophy
    Feelosophy Month ago

    I watched Flip or Flop because of Tarek. Super excited when they announced show with one host...then it was the other person. DISAPPOINTMENT!

  • H WILD
    H WILD Month ago

    Kudos to you RuPAUL!!!
    I have so many different comments for this episode that I choose to Simply say "SLAY". If I got at least 21 comments OVER "Too Many" comments to post and each one is about something different, then your show MUST go on. Cheers!!!

  • Cammi K
    Cammi K Month ago +9

    Her man is probably scouting the audience for his next adventure.

    • NakedAndLaughing
      NakedAndLaughing 26 days ago

      You know it. I would run up on stage and beat his ass if I was there...

  • Vikki DC
    Vikki DC Month ago +2

    I don't believe this dude. Congress off as the typical hypocrite that wants to have however many partners he chooses and his wife has to be overly faithful and chaste

    • NakedAndLaughing
      NakedAndLaughing 26 days ago

      Amen. I bet he sleeps with dudes too. I can just tell.

  • M L
    M L Month ago +10

    I’m sleep. That man cheating because he’s trash

  • Shazam Of Themyscira

    Mischelle shouldn't be sitting with the audience , she should be next to RU on the couch

  • A VC
    A VC Month ago +5

    You stayed with a cheating man??? Ya bet you'll go far honey.

  • Brad A
    Brad A Month ago

    I tried to thumbs up, but I only saw the pressure point w/o the thumb turning blue. So I took it as a sign. Love the show, keep going tho, you’re doing great sweetie!

  • Denise Martinez
    Denise Martinez Month ago +1

    Idk I love Jana but I just feel like it’s such a cop out for him to say oh I have an addiction to sex and be a victim. Like no you have a choice whether you stick your penis inside someone else that ain’t your wife. Just like I can choose to put the drink down. Drugs maybe a little bit different.. a little harder... but at the end of the day, it started as a choice and it’s still up to that person to take responsibility for their actions instead of blaming it on something else and trying to get sympathy for it... I’m sorry. I just can’t stan for a cheater or an irresponsible person playing victim.

    • NakedAndLaughing
      NakedAndLaughing 26 days ago +1

      yep he's a loser and she needs to run. blinded. so blinded.

  • Sean J
    Sean J Month ago

    plot twist that lady from arizona IS Rupaul.

  • Mavicity
    Mavicity Month ago

    Oh my god! Yes! Yes to makeover segments! Yes! If there's anyone qualified, it's mama ru. Also wouldn't it be nice if at season end, you have a makeover segment... but it's an attitude makeover! Like, a previous racist, sexist, bullies.
    Also, mami, your graphic dept needs to up their thumbnail game. ;) Not straight-up clickbait, but sorta verging on it.

    WILBERT ALMODOVAR Month ago +2

    The question is... He has repeated the encounters just to release his feelings. Sex addiction... Medication question was missed for all stress triggers. And his encounters must feel like pieces of disposable diapers. Sex addiction carries feelings that he does not have for his wife. NFL and Hollywood hook ups its whats its called. Seeding Hollywood to the fullest. Is he a porn addicted? He is a PNP player... Std check on a weekly basis?

  • James Bradford
    James Bradford Month ago

    10 minutes of blabber with a dowdy housewife and then three guests no one has ever fucking heard of. GOD this show is fucking awful!

  • Kittymeow Ceballos
    Kittymeow Ceballos Month ago +6

    This idea that you figure your partner because they have issues is a cop out. Regardless of your illness noone should disrespect you or your trust

  • Kittymeow Ceballos
    Kittymeow Ceballos Month ago +1

    Her husband is trash. Sex addiction my ass. He'd leave her if she cheated, so immature

  • M R
    M R Month ago

    i love this show so much

  • vovowe
    vovowe Month ago +1

    Wow! My first time watching the show
    I love it!! Thanks.

  • Aby 1975
    Aby 1975 Month ago +1

    Love Michelle on the show KEEP HER ON

  • jose jordan
    jose jordan Month ago +2

    About time people talked about interesting real stuff on tv!

  • Zulkafly Marsasiah
    Zulkafly Marsasiah Month ago +5

    Jana the universe said do not!!! The universe say get out now!!!!!

  • Alessa Levan
    Alessa Levan Month ago +4

    It’s SO easy to see that couple absolutely hates each other

    • Pretty Guardian
      Pretty Guardian 26 days ago

      @NakedAndLaughing Not really much of an argument here. What he did was pretty messed up. I wonder if they are together for the game. She did say her podcast took off after having him on.

    • NakedAndLaughing
      NakedAndLaughing 26 days ago

      @Pretty Guardian Oh please. If he cared his DICK wouldn't keep falling out and going into other peoples holes. Wonder how many stds he's given her.

    • Pretty Guardian
      Pretty Guardian 28 days ago +1

      I doubt that. Look at the body language. Arm around her, leg crossed open towards her. When he speaks she looks up at him with stars in her eyes. I think she hit the nail on the head when she talked about her addiction to love. She's in love with love and with her idea of what marriage is and will hold on to him beyond what his actions deserve because of it. He also clearly cares about her, but has his own emotional trauma that he's brought onto her.

  • Thelustral909
    Thelustral909 Month ago +3

    Yes, finally... more Michelle Visage!!! She needs to stay for the whole episode and be the balance that the show needs. Trust!!!

  • cosmo c.
    cosmo c. Month ago +3

    I wish it was RuPaul and Michelle, they have such good chemistry

  • Daniel
    Daniel Month ago +5

    My issue with Ru from listening to his podcast is that he's only interested in psychoanalysing people and telling them what he thinks about them, rather than actually hearing what they think. Like with the t-shirt woman at the start, you only found out anything about her from her daughter. It's very much the Ru show, not the Ru interviewing people show...

  • Gareth Davies
    Gareth Davies Month ago

    yaaaaas i love a freaking makeover and she actually looked great

  • Betania Gómez
    Betania Gómez Month ago +1

    This show is amazing, please let it stay

  • Problem Daydreamin
    Problem Daydreamin Month ago +1

    The story of Jana & Mike was so eye-opening and empowering because most people nowadays, not all, takes love as a game you play or boyfriends and girlfriends as trophies you earn because that's what you boast about to your friends. So cheating becomes a normal or natural thing that people do. But love is more than that, it is forgiving, understanding, and most of all it sets your mind and heart free from all of the negative emotions that is in there.
    *Edit: And I hope it inspires other couple to make an effort and change for the better. And Star looks like a different person, I love her style ❤

    • NakedAndLaughing
      NakedAndLaughing 26 days ago

      hahahahahahahahaha that's why he keeps cheating right?

  • Draggunt
    Draggunt Month ago +2

    Another great episode! That football player made me flood my basement. The discussion of infidelity led by a person who is flexible with the traditional monogamous relationship views was refreshing.

  • Shon Gee
    Shon Gee Month ago

    Tarek... I'm single.

  • João Ramalho
    João Ramalho Month ago

    wtf rupaul graphic tees are the coolest I'm so lost

    • João Ramalho
      João Ramalho Month ago

      now Michelle visage saying a cheater sometimes cheats because the wife isn't providing? I'm high but not that high christtt

    • João Ramalho
      João Ramalho Month ago

      it's the clothing epitome of not taking life seriously and also CAMP ???

  • Ryan H
    Ryan H Month ago +6

    Sorry, but cheating and seeing other people are two different things. To me cheating implies that the other person in the relationship is unaware of the infidelity. Seeing other people atleast has the other person in a relationships consent. I personally just don’t agree with “open” marriages. Before marriage sure, but isn’t the point of marriage to make that commitment of happiness with a sole person.

    • NakedAndLaughing
      NakedAndLaughing 26 days ago +1

      @Cody Mitchell you're dumb.

    • Cody Mitchell
      Cody Mitchell 29 days ago

      Marriage isnt just about monogamy. It’s great for assets and taxes 🤷🏼‍♂️

    • Ryan H
      Ryan H Month ago +1

      Agreed it was more like a clickbait content then actual discussion

    • Shon Gee
      Shon Gee Month ago

      They didn't go deep enough into this conversation.