How To Clean Dashboards - Chemical Guys InnerClean

  • Published on Dec 3, 2014
    Chemical Guys InnerClean is the ultimate quick detailer for your vehicle’s interior!
    The unique formula of InnerClean cleans and protects every surface of your vehicle’s interior faster than ever imagined. The revolutionary quick detailing formula safely cleans and protects any surface in your vehicle’s interior. InnerClean has zero limitations while providing endless possibilities. InnerClean removes dirt and dust from plastic and vinyl surfaces while also removing body oils and restoring shine to painted interior trim. The interior quick detailing spray removes dirt and dust from your interior surfaces while providing an OEM factory appearance that protects against harmful UV solar rays.
    The unique InnerClean conditioners bring life back to dry and neglected interior surfaces restoring the factory appearance. The sweet pineapple scent is the perfect complement to any interior. InnerClean works great on dashboards, door panels, steering wheels, shift knobs, vinyl and leather seats, glass, DVD and navigation screens, instrument clusters, cup holders, and much more! InnerClean utilizes a revolutionary UV solar protection coating which prevents fading and cracking of your dashboard and other interior surfaces. Our unique UV protection coating creates a strong bond with the surface providing your vehicle’s interior with the protection to fight off the elements. Don’t let Mother Nature degrade your investment. InnerClean provides the highest level of protection for today’s modern vehicles.
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Comments • 80

    MARCO LOZANO 10 days ago

    What happened with the Before and After?? Does this product wotk with rough stain??

  • Momin Nz
    Momin Nz 4 months ago +1

    today i did the butter wax and it was hard for myself, as was the whole car is a hard job, but i felt that removing butter wax is very easy , no need to rub it.

    • Momin Nz
      Momin Nz 4 months ago

      @Chemical Guys 100%

    • Chemical Guys
      Chemical Guys  4 months ago

      Thanks for watching! Tune in for new videos every Mon-Weds-Fri!

  • Momin Nz
    Momin Nz 4 months ago

    Ive been using these products, and truly there is no product like chemical guys.

    • Chemical Guys
      Chemical Guys  4 months ago

      Happy detailing!

    • Momin Nz
      Momin Nz 4 months ago

      Yesterday ordered 6 different products and will be making a review. I’ve got inner clean and butter wax. Both are top top top. I’m at extremely meticulous person and can guarantee . THIS IS THE REAL DEAL

  • NSUBigMac9
    NSUBigMac9 6 months ago

    How removing suction mount dentition off car dashboard?

  • Rutger Meurs
    Rutger Meurs 8 months ago

    do you need to dillute inner clean can't find anywhere the ratio for this?

    • Chemical Guys
      Chemical Guys  8 months ago

      Hi! Inner Cleans ships ready to use. Happy detailing!

  • Raymond perez
    Raymond perez Year ago +2

    What is the dilution ratio??..

    • IS350 F Sport
      IS350 F Sport 5 months ago

      b374mxg thx

    • b374mxg
      b374mxg 5 months ago +1

      @IS350 F Sport Don't dilute Inner Clean. Use as is.

    • IS350 F Sport
      IS350 F Sport Year ago

      Chemical Guys what about diluting it if you get the gallon....

    • Chemical Guys
      Chemical Guys  Year ago +1

      Hi Raymond, good question. InnerCleans comes prediluted and ready to use! Simply mist on your microfiber towel using the handy spray bottle and wipe away! Thanks for watching, Raymond, and thanks for being a part of the Chemical Guys family!

  • Isidro Sandig
    Isidro Sandig Year ago +1

    Can that product remove shine from my old products

  • Carlos Castillo
    Carlos Castillo Year ago +8

    Can you guys demonstrate this product on a dirty interior? I feel like it's cheating since that car is in prestine condition.

    • Chemical Guys
      Chemical Guys  Year ago +1

      Hi Jack, we hear you loud and clear. Stay tuned for some exciting interior content coming your way soon!

  • Allan Rayo
    Allan Rayo Year ago

    How often should you clean your dashboard?

    • Chemical Guys
      Chemical Guys  Year ago

      Hi Allan, thanks for watching this great video, I would say every three weeks to a month, I hate interior dust, especially because it's a mixture of what comes from the outside, and what your body produces. Clean as often as you like, Inner Clean will not harm your dashboard. Remember that a clean car is a happy car. Chemical Guys will catch you on the next video!

      C.G. Alex -

  • Jeff Hurley
    Jeff Hurley Year ago

    Love your products have used your gloss works shampoo your sig series glass and wheel cleaner your bare bones as well as jet seal and butter wet wax and your speed shine quick detailed and your towels just got inner clean and white light for my Silverado will be swapping out everything to chemical guys as my funds allow you guys give great tips and have great products thanks 😎👍

    • Chemical Guys
      Chemical Guys  Year ago

      Heeey Jeff, how are you, on behalf on everyone at the Chemical Guys media team, we want to thank you from the bottom of our detailing hearts. It's really great to hear that our products have made an impact on your details, our company wouldn't be where it's at without great people like you. Chemical Guys always strives to make more unique and clever videos that entertain as much as they do educate. We hope to hear from you soon, and if you ever want to share your pictures, stories, or enthusiasm, you can by checking out our Facebook and Instagram account. Stay tuned for more amazing videos Jeff, more amazing products, and above all else, more CHEMICAL GUYS!

      C.G. Alex -

  • youngbreezy
    youngbreezy 2 years ago

    How does it smell??

  • SAB8
    SAB8 2 years ago +1

    Suggestions for maintaing BMW black Piano wood interior trim finish? Thanks.

    • Chemical Guys
      Chemical Guys  2 years ago

      Hi there, we suggest you use our Total Interior Cleaner. It's perfectly safe to be used on wood dashboard trim without any left behind residue.

  • Berkay Ak
    Berkay Ak 2 years ago

    Whatif I spray directly onto the interior and the wipe it

    • Chemical Guys
      Chemical Guys  2 years ago +1

      We recommend you spray the towel because this way you have more control of your product and you use less. You don't want to spray the product directly and risk getting it into hard to reach places that you can't get to, leaving it stuck there. Being careful is the name of the game and you want to take your time when detailing.

  • Paul Di Leo
    Paul Di Leo 2 years ago

    will innerclean remove shiny armor all off my dash and leather seats? Do I need to follow up with a leather conditioner? thanks!

    • Paul Di Leo
      Paul Di Leo 2 years ago +1

      thanks guys!

    • Chemical Guys
      Chemical Guys  2 years ago

      Hey Paul, how's it going. I would high;y recommend using Inner clean on your dash to remove the armor all. For your leather I recommend using the dedicated leather cleaner followed by the conditioner to keep the seats clean, and nourished.

  • Tim Carb
    Tim Carb 2 years ago

    I bought the green micros with inner clean and the micro fiber doesn't glide across my dash, it like gets stuck. I have the leather dash in my 2017 Tiguan. Do I need to use the yellow microfiber?

    • Chemical Guys
      Chemical Guys  2 years ago

      Hi Tim, do you fold your towel in fours like in the video? Also did you remove the tag, maybe the tag is snagging. The towels are the same, they are different colors so that you know which towel is used for what task. You don't want to use interior chemicals on paint, paint chemicals on interior etc.

  • will berrios
    will berrios 2 years ago

    Hey guys! I was wondering if you all have something that will remove the shine or will this product remove the shine as well?

  • Life Is Out There
    Life Is Out There 2 years ago +1

    Inner Clean VS Non Sense?

    • Chemical Guys
      Chemical Guys  2 years ago +1

      Innerclean is a detailer Nonsense is a surface cleaner.

  • RedNasty7
    RedNasty7 3 years ago +1

    It's cleans and waxes basically.

  • Emilio21melo
    Emilio21melo 3 years ago

    can i clean my t.v samsung screen at home

    PRAY IV DEATH 3 years ago +2

    what if you want gloss does anyone Know if chemical guys have one out of their 300+ products

  • Bkuyk9 ***
    Bkuyk9 *** 3 years ago

    But how does it smell?

    • Ihateliberals901
      Ihateliberals901 3 years ago

      I just got my order of innerclean and nonsense in this morning and used them both for the first time. The innerclean I used at full strength and their is a definite smell but I got more pina colada/coconut with only a slight pineapple scent on the end. If you didn't tell someone it was supposed to be pineapple they might guess another fruit/scent. I just checked the smell of my interior while the car has been sitting for about 4 hours since I used the innerclean, and the smell is almost gone. I also noticed that Chemical Guys do have a pina colada air freshner, so that might be what is making the scent in the innercleam, but I am just speculating. After my first use of both innerclean and nonsense I would recommend both products. The nonsense has no odor and neither products left behind any sort of sticky residue or streaking on the vinyl. The only leather in my interior is the steering wheel and the innercleam removed a decent amount of gunk and is dry to touch with a slightly newer look. I am going to try leather conditioner next.

    • Bkuyk9 ***
      Bkuyk9 *** 3 years ago +1's pineapple...that's a no go

  • RikWCrlsn
    RikWCrlsn 3 years ago +1

    can i get a sample to use on my semi?

  • Muhammad Abdullah Qazi

    can inner cleaner be Diluted?

  • Young Gucci
    Young Gucci 3 years ago

    Can it be used on paint as a spot cleaner ?

  • Spartan
    Spartan 4 years ago

    does this remove the conditioner already on the seats or the dash ? and do I have to re condition after I use this product on my seats or dash

  • Froztinc
    Froztinc 4 years ago

    Can i use this to clean my white MB-Tex seats?

  • C-Kicks
    C-Kicks 4 years ago

    Can inner clean be diluted?

  • Lovemore Ruwende
    Lovemore Ruwende 4 years ago

    I think it's always a good idea and of great benefit to those with old vehicles how they can be restored to look as good as new. That way many people will be persuaded to buy your products

  • Adrian Fedele
    Adrian Fedele 4 years ago +2

    I'd love to see a video about removing swirls and scratches from high gloss paint interior parts. My high gloss black panels are so sensitive... It's annoying

  • Dashcam Dumbasses
    Dashcam Dumbasses 4 years ago

    This is the second Chemical Guys product I've ordered and I have to say it's a great cleaner. I still follow up with with an application of 303 Aerospace because that stuff is just pretty much the gold standard when it comes to protecting and adding a matte but protected look.

  • brock sawyer
    brock sawyer 5 years ago +22

    you guys are gonna make me broke....

  • 89Trashmaster
    89Trashmaster 5 years ago +4

    Where is the difference between InnerClean and Nonsense?

    • TRouBLeSHooteR23
      TRouBLeSHooteR23 2 years ago

      89Trashmaster as mentioned, inner clean is a detailer while nonsense is surface cleaner

  • ralfman5
    ralfman5 5 years ago +16

    cg: u guys are going to get a lot of criticism from viewer's for showing off products on already cleaned or new cars. you guys need to really demonstrate why we should use your products.

  • Tanner Blais
    Tanner Blais 5 years ago +22

    Can you guys start using cars that are actually dirty and show the before and after instead of using one that is already clean and just saying that it's clean! I've bought many of your products but it's frustrating seeing your videos where you use an already clean car!

  • Keith G
    Keith G 5 years ago +4

    Any side affects - what happens when it contacts window films?

    • TRouBLeSHooteR23
      TRouBLeSHooteR23 2 years ago

      Keith G buff it off with damp cloth then window cleaner. I'm pretty sure they're safe on all inner surfaces incl windows

  • jonathanclarkewater
    jonathanclarkewater 5 years ago

    What about old interiors and dirty interiors, does it also help clean them as well?

  • jonathanclarkewater
    jonathanclarkewater 5 years ago +6

    Does it work on old and dirty interiors too?

  • Alex Solano
    Alex Solano 5 years ago +1

    Greg can you explain the difference between nonsense and this new interior cleaner? Im sure it might be minimal but for me I want to kill two birds and one stone thanks bro.

    • John Roman
      John Roman 2 years ago

      It has a banana scent and UV protection.

    • Tat2Dragons
      Tat2Dragons 5 years ago

      @Makedeth Sure a good APC can do that, but this product does a lot more than just clean.

    • Tat2Dragons
      Tat2Dragons 5 years ago +1

      @DiamondDubstep No one said it was a new product, it's a new formula which was mentioned. Companies reformulate their chemicals all the time. Oh so you're pretty sure the new formula is BS and it was just given a new better look. Can you prove that? I don't think you can. As for there being no need for a special interior only cleaner you're right, but some people prefer a product such as Inner Clean because it offers a lot more than what a regular APC product can.

    • Makedeth
      Makedeth 5 years ago +1

      @DiamondDubstep Youre right. a good APC can clean most of your vehicle with only one product. Just dilute it properly. :)

  • Bluesr0cker
    Bluesr0cker 5 years ago +1

    Why didn't you use a older car and restored that interior??? This is seriously stupid,,,, that car haven't been used for longer then a year so this makes no sense

    • Tan N
      Tan N 3 years ago +1

      you seem to miss the point of the product. it's a light duty cleaner and protectant. neglected surfaces will require a stronger cleaner

    • Bluesr0cker
      Bluesr0cker 5 years ago +7

      if you want to make a good commercial of your product you should use a dirty car.. simple as that..

    • Makedeth
      Makedeth 5 years ago +1

      This is more of a commercial. They dont use dirty cars in their videos.

  • juan gutierrez
    juan gutierrez 5 years ago +7

    You guys are like Walmart your going to overwhelme customers with cheap price items and then take us for all our money. How can you guys afford to make a new product every week? Lmfao I love your guyses stuff but seriously stop it. Then I'll make an order and you guys will come out with something else with in the same three days that my item is waiting to be packaged then I'll call your customer care to add something to my order and they'll deny me like always or you guys will say your out of stock and I'll have to order another 50$ worth of product to get the one item for free shipping.

    • Robert Proctor
      Robert Proctor 4 years ago +1

      @juan gutierrez Or you could just buy it on Amazon for the same or less and get free shipping with 35 bucks.

  • WRB-Berto
    WRB-Berto 5 years ago

    What can I use to remove gum strands off my car's body ?

    • OC714CM
      OC714CM 5 years ago

      Stoner brand makes a good remover called Tarmimator. Safe on the paint too.
      I asked CG store if they had a product that did that job because I had tar and asphalt stuck on my car, they said they didn't. So I went with Stoner.

  • Alex Poberezhskiy
    Alex Poberezhskiy 5 years ago +6

    Great now I gotta use up 2 of my bottles so I can buy a new one with a cooler sticker. STOP MAKING ME SPEND MONEY!!

    • Alex Poberezhskiy
      Alex Poberezhskiy 5 years ago +3

      Im like a blond with her spiced pumpkin latte from Starbucks...when it comes to Chemical Guys

  • George Donaldson Fisher

    Nice presentation!

  • JAG
    JAG 5 years ago +3

    This is by far the best interior cleaner I've ever used!!!!! Awesome product.