History of Every K-Pop Scandal with JYP Entertainment

  • Published on Aug 8, 2019
  • Well, this finally closes this series on KPop Scandals with the Big 3. TVclip doesn't seem to like me doing these videos because they violate their monetization policies (they manually reviewed both SM and YG ones already) and so I intended this to be the last one on this video topic. Hope you all understand. I must admit that it was a challenge this time reading all the statements from each one on this video. Made me question how they intended each to be said lol. Oh well. I tried!
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    KPop Stars Songs, Music Videos (MV), Scandals (Alphabetically) Discussed:
    2PM Jay Park MYSPACE Posts & Nichkhun Drunk Driving Accident
    GOT7 Jackson Black Face & Pepsi Ad, Yugyeon Underage Drink & BamBam N-Word Usage
    DAY6 Junhyeok Departure after Dating Fan
    JYP J.Y. Park Salvation Sect
    TWICE Sana Instagram & Tzuyu Taiwanese Flag
    Produce X 101 Trainee Yoon Seo Bin
    #JYPEntertainment #KPopScandals #JYPWhisper
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  • DareDB KPop
    DareDB KPop  4 months ago +709

    EDIT: My choice of words for Yoon Seobin lumped all his allegations together, but my mistake was that he did NOT admit to bullying. My apologies for providing that false detail. He only admitted to his partying lifestyle.
    One of my more recent requested videos is finally here lol. Closing out this Big 3 series of K-Pop Scandals with each company. As mentioned, TVclip doesn't exactly approve of these videos for monetization purposes, so this is planned to be the last one. Hope you all understand. Do please enjoy and stay tuned for other great content coming from me! So, please hit those subscribe, like and bell buttons for me! Much appreciated! :D

    • god slayer
      god slayer 17 days ago +1

      Korean culture is so weak ...they fear of vanishing? against Afro American culture

    • Rovvy Danica
      Rovvy Danica Month ago


    • Scott Adams
      Scott Adams 2 months ago +2

      Honestly what happened to Tzuyu and Sana makes me so mad. One girl is holding a pair of flags, one from Korea and one from her home country, and she is accused of being a political hack, loses business opportunities and is forced to apologize in a scary concrete room? The second girl makes a positive happy post about the new era and she gets attacked? Good god people need to grow up.

    • Eliwood Pherae
      Eliwood Pherae 4 months ago

      @Yee Haw I'm hearing chan's hihi now lol STAAAAHP

    • MelodyCheshiresUniverseNevies
      MelodyCheshiresUniverseNevies 4 months ago

      Can you did cube scandal since 2009

  • Multi Stan
    Multi Stan 10 hours ago

    Just because she held a flag of where she was born, grew up & was raised! 🤬 That's bullshit! That grown man who started the hate towards Tzuyu is such a dick.

  • Elsa Emuu
    Elsa Emuu Day ago

    “This is in no way meant to defame the company”
    Proceeds to obviously mock what artists do

  • Ne Hirai
    Ne Hirai 2 days ago

    Tzuyu...a Taiwanese girl, was criticized...for holding a Taiwanese flag...

  • Taekook Xuihyun
    Taekook Xuihyun 2 days ago

    Idols of any company: *makes a mistake*

    K-netizens: *big breath of air* Scandal!!!

    (If this offended anybody I'm sorry)

  • Laura Happy
    Laura Happy 3 days ago

    I think Jackson is right

  • łìā êðîţß
    łìā êðîţß 4 days ago

    Why is Sana Gay?

  • Honsol0
    Honsol0 4 days ago

    none of these are even remotely a big deal, besides maybe the tzuyu one. jesus

  • ari
    ari 4 days ago

    funny how you portray got7 members in a negative light but don't show the controversy with jihyo dressing as an indigenous person for halloween and calling herself "indian jihyo" or about stray kids' member bang chan wearing cornrows. anyways, jackson made sure the pepsi ad with his GELLED HAIR (NOT DREADLOCKS) got taken down after the controversy and has since improved himself. also, bambam has apologized three times for saying the n word and he has also majorly improved himself.

  • AiBird Magila
    AiBird Magila 5 days ago

    Jay park already said that jyp' staff beat the kids up. How can yll say this less than sm and yg scandals

  • 멜라베스
    멜라베스 5 days ago

    7:16 I'm sorry, this is ridiculous.. dreadlocks are not cultural appropriation. It's fucking hair, get over it

  • Sichael Mtevens
    Sichael Mtevens 5 days ago

    Sana and Tzuyu didn't deserve the ordeal they experienced from those issues. They didn't deserve to be dragged to these political issues just to be bashed upon by stupid people who couldn't keep their problems between themselves. It made me so angry seeing the undeserved hate those two girls received. Tzuyu and Sana are pure souls.

  • J3on_Xook
    J3on_Xook 6 days ago

    I still think JYP is the least problematic out of the big3

  • Maritina M.
    Maritina M. 6 days ago

    Tzuyu was just holding her home country's flag is it that bad wtf

  • Yanira T
    Yanira T 6 days ago

    Yes cause holding a flag from where you are from is a crime. Shouldn't we be glad that it wasn't a Nazi flag. Why the fuck do fans take everything so serious stop worrying about other and just worry about yourself. If you really are a fan of them and care for them you wouldn't judge them.

  • KBLINK Love
    KBLINK Love 7 days ago

    Am I the only one who thinks that a race owning certain hair styles as ridiculous. It only makes sense if it's meant to be derogatory to be angry, but an ad picture, really?

  • azhnhzqh 222
    azhnhzqh 222 7 days ago

    SM : idols mistreated
    YG : drugs scandal
    JYP : politician

  • Terry Yoo
    Terry Yoo 7 days ago

    lol if this was YG, it would be a 1 hour long vid

  • Sasha B
    Sasha B 8 days ago

    I remember on some show JB was on he submitted all these demos to JYP that were beautiful and would’ve made amazing songs but JYP just tossed them all away. His idea of “quality” is way too different from industry standards anymore and needs to give their artists more freedom to be successful

  • Frokie1 And Lesley
    Frokie1 And Lesley 8 days ago

    This will also tell you about twice sana and tzuyu's feel special scenes

  • falconaire
    falconaire 8 days ago

    .don't touch my TzuyuSana!

  • Scar Merome
    Scar Merome 9 days ago

    I'm sorry but a hairstyle is a fucking hairstyle. It had nothing to do with race until people brought up that fact. Black or not people have the right to their own body. You shouldn't be mad at someone because they wear a certain hairstyle. People that's childish.

  • MasterdeBater44
    MasterdeBater44 9 days ago

    I haven’t seen your YG video but I assume it’s like an hour long lol. People are just too damn sensitive in my opinion and that’s what led to a few of these scandals

  • Betsy Spellman
    Betsy Spellman 10 days ago +1

    I see Sana I click

  • Kaila Neville
    Kaila Neville 11 days ago

    I feel that Jackson gets shitted on a lot for no reason. The black face situation I believed he handled it correctly because as a African American we have to remember that Asian countries do not know the meaning behind blackface until we tell them. As an African American, I do not think he was doing cultural appropriation because it means taking something from another culture and claiming it as their own or referring to it in a derogatory way. Jackson was not wearing the dreads out of hate but in admiration and does not take credit for dreads. He received death threats for this, which isn't right. His answer was more for the people making death threats at him and his family not the ones say " hey Jackson, this look is offensive because when African Americans wear dreads or their natural hair. We are discriminated against." I say his post when it happened and I personally saw the threatening posts and I had to tell them that it not okay to threaten someone for a misunderstanding, and one of those people called me "racist" and said" I don't understand because I'm not black" when in actuality I am more than half African American. So some people just want to be angry just to be angry, and most of the people making the threatening remarks were not African American at all, majority were of Asian descent.

  • jeanjean92500
    jeanjean92500 11 days ago

    Your voice is disgusting

  • konfuzzled
    konfuzzled 11 days ago

    "Cultural appropriation" then how 'bout y'all stop stanning kpop and straightening your hair lmao

  • starry grimes
    starry grimes 12 days ago

    I love Jackson & know he had good intentions but we don’t get to decide what offends another race. Loads of other idols have done it too - maybe Korea needs to be more culturally/politically aware.

  • Cecania cc
    Cecania cc 12 days ago

    There was nothing really wrong in Sana's 'Scandal'. Before i read her post, i saw many of my favorite Japanese artist posting something like hers and i think they were just really looking forward on the New era of Japan with so much positivity.

  • MultiCultural FanGirl
    MultiCultural FanGirl 13 days ago

    3:25 what was the point? Don't even start with stupid excuses.

  • spark YT
    spark YT 13 days ago


  • Sarahi Chavez
    Sarahi Chavez 13 days ago

    So I couldn't use dreads just because it from another culture?
    Wow, so stupid thinking, then we couldn't study other languages because it's culture appropriation or adopting trends about fashion or traditionals way of dressing or trying their food (like kimchi or sushi) just because other ones create them ?
    Such stupid, the only thing they did that was just because Jackson it's an idol

  • otaku_trist
    otaku_trist 14 days ago +16

    the stupid ones:
    • jackson dreads
    • tzuyu taiwan
    • redfaced yugyeom
    • sana japanese post

  • Lorenzo Nievera
    Lorenzo Nievera 15 days ago +1

    Thank most netizens for the reasons why most idols go through one of the most heartaching phase an idol can go through: Criticism.
    Netizens or fans will pin point every single little thing that they won't like from an idol, and they will make it the biggest thing in the world. Most Koreans are some of the most pettiest and the longest grudge holding people in the world. One of the reasons why I hate people from Korea. Most of them only care about their entertainment. I hate how they make idols go through too. They make so little just to appease what the Korean people want, and if they don't meet that, they'll get punished for it and have to 'self-reflect' on it. The 'fans' or netizens are the reasons why Sulli and Goo Hara committed suicide.

  • No Sana No Life
    No Sana No Life 15 days ago

    Sana's scandal was so stupid, she did nothing wrong and people just made a huge deal out of nothing. I still feel bad for such a sweetheart like Sana having to go through something like that for no good reason. Seeing our happy Sana so sad while that was taking place literally broke my heart. Glad its all over with now and Sana can go back to being her beautiful, radiant, happy go lucky self.

  • Riya Kapoor
    Riya Kapoor 17 days ago

    The company does not have scandals because its too busy overworking artists i mean please give twice a break... i mean its good they are giving mina the rest but do you guys even wonder why she's in a state like that ??

  • Harmony Birey
    Harmony Birey 17 days ago

    Hahahhaha Jay Park was too much

  • hI tHerE iTs mE BARNEY

    JYP still haven’t said sorry for his blackface

  • shintot
    shintot 20 days ago

    Fack the chines why should i apologize hahaha

  • Wolfs Wagem
    Wolfs Wagem 20 days ago +1

    ''Cultural apropriation" is the most ridiculous shit in the world

  • Asher M Feroze
    Asher M Feroze 21 day ago

    It wasnt even Tzuyu's fault though...

  • Dwayne min
    Dwayne min 23 days ago +4

    bambam in 2019: “Okay Boomer”

  • feel special
    feel special 24 days ago

    the photos of sana crying literally made me cry aswell


    6:33 *we still say FUCK MARK LA Friends do doing that. Everyone agree his friends are TRASH af.*
    7:03 *this was dumb because so many male idols had fake dreads. Even the biggest like Big Bang, Exo, BTS, VIXX and more*

  • BellJD
    BellJD 24 days ago +1

    People are fucking stupid.

  • Marcus Alexius
    Marcus Alexius 24 days ago

    That Sana scandal is ridiculous. Haters gon hate.

  • Pbjloverxox
    Pbjloverxox 24 days ago

    The person who accused yoon seobin apologized and said it was false and we have no proof he really did drink except a picture of him just sitting in front of alcohol which still doesn’t prove anything

  • Nine Serran
    Nine Serran 25 days ago

    Fckin haters, the tzuyu and sana issue is not really a big deal tbh but these ill minded peace of shts twist everything just to put my girls in an issue smh.

  • Dubu The Eagle
    Dubu The Eagle 25 days ago

    Small Company but still have a humanity and have equal rights

  • Flaming Hollow
    Flaming Hollow 26 days ago

    I know it's been awhile But Im still pissed about them Attacking Sana

    SANGITA JANA 27 days ago

    Wait.. Dating a fan is bad???? 😕

  • Brndyy X
    Brndyy X 28 days ago

    Damn some of these fans are way to sensitive. Who cares about some flags and idols drinking at a party jesus. They claim to be fans but they criticize every little thing that the idols do. They are humans, they are not always perfect. Get over it 🤨
    Let them live please, they are already always living under such strict rules.

  • R. S
    R. S Month ago

    I didnt understend sana's scandal..can someone explain it to me?

  • Laura simon
    Laura simon Month ago

    i just find out today that jay park used to be part of 2pm group.

  • Seberiana Lopez
    Seberiana Lopez Month ago

    Im sorry Koreans take everything so political. and I tought America was bad....

    JJJ LLL Month ago +1

    Even though some of these scandals were pretty fucking stupid like the jackson and tzuyu one but other than that, jyp is the most unproblematic industry ever and you can just tell jyp loves all his groups equally. Unlike sm ang yg.

  • Marita Romero
    Marita Romero Month ago

    No puede haber tanta maldad en el mundo. Si hay alguien bueno y sin maldad ni malas intenciones ese es Jackson Wang.Jackson es PAZ !!There can't be so much evil in the world. If there is someone good and without evil or bad intentions that is Jackson Wang. Jackson is PEACE !!

  • Akshita Jain
    Akshita Jain Month ago +1

    Jackson really went off . Lol you go my man. I’m tired of these over sensitive snowflakes having problems with everything.

  • c.p1114
    c.p1114 Month ago


  • Army 92939494959597

    These aren’t as serious as stuff happening in sm and yg that’s why JYP is a good company to join