Chris Parnell's Voice Has Always Been In High Demand

  • Published on Dec 7, 2019
  • Since his early days reading the morning announcements in high school, "Rick and Morty" star Chris Parnell's voice has been in high demand in show business. #Colbert #ChrisParnell #Interviews
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Comments • 472

  • Paul Rho
    Paul Rho 4 days ago +1

    Cyril Figgis is the employed version of Jerry Smith

  • Pejman Golkar M
    Pejman Golkar M 7 days ago

    I'm sure nobody there saw a single episode of rick and morty

  • npbevo
    npbevo 8 days ago

    Why didn't they mention Archer in the intro? Wtf

    THEOPENENDED1 11 days ago

    His best role was in WALK HARD

  • Gabe Anderson
    Gabe Anderson 12 days ago

    Uh that's doctor spaceman

  • Tristan Thorndyke's Rock N Roll Cannibals

    Dude, he's lost so much weight since SNL!

  • HopefullySoWhat
    HopefullySoWhat 18 days ago

    What a heartthrob! I always loved ol' Merv the Perv!

  • Jayant Belgaumkar
    Jayant Belgaumkar 19 days ago

    Shoutout to fans who love him for Dr. Leo Spaceman

  • Blas
    Blas 21 day ago

    Shut up Jerry.

  • Martin Greene
    Martin Greene 22 days ago

    Did he age 20 years since last year?

  • August Rauchle
    August Rauchle 23 days ago

    Nice job cousin!!

  • Robert Zimmerman
    Robert Zimmerman 24 days ago


  • Kingsley
    Kingsley 24 days ago

    When he speaks I see Cyril and Jerry at the same time

  • LongTallTexan
    LongTallTexan 24 days ago

    He could not have been any less interested in being there. Can't blame him though.

  • Clayton Demge
    Clayton Demge 24 days ago +3

    His voice is basically the vocal equivalent of a rabbit; soft and unthreatening.

  • Hubris73
    Hubris73 24 days ago

    They should have played him onstage with human music...

  • Shamus Bob
    Shamus Bob 24 days ago +1

    With his weight loss he looks vaguely like Ben Mendelsohn.

  • Zooba57
    Zooba57 25 days ago +1

    Was Parnell the guy in the Red jogging suit who did that cool dance in all the "What's up with that?" intros?

    • Zooba57
      Zooba57 23 days ago

      @linkvigilante21 Thanks, Sudeikis was hilarious in that red jogging suit. Parnell did good stuff too.

    • linkvigilante21
      linkvigilante21 23 days ago

      Zooba57 I remember that being Jason sudeikis

  • Anthony LaRosa
    Anthony LaRosa 25 days ago

    Chris gives me slight Ed Norton vibes in this interview.

  • Stuart T
    Stuart T 25 days ago

    15 years ago in Lazy Sunday he had a bald spot the size of a baseball. Now it's completely gone? Maybe that's the subtext of Stephen's hair comments.

    • Stuart T
      Stuart T 23 days ago

      @Cindy Howard you can see the side/ back of his head well enough when he comes out to see he hasn't a giant bare spot there like someone who's been losing his hair for 15 years would. He's also had innumerable appearances on other shows, in recent years that would also show the difference. If I were you, I wouldn't make personal comments like calling someone much more observant than you "ridiculous".

    • Cindy Howard
      Cindy Howard 23 days ago

      Stuart T did I miss the camera shot of the back of his head? You’re ridiculous

  • supreme vegetable
    supreme vegetable 25 days ago

    omg he looks like Cyril too

  • RitaPortugirl♥
    RitaPortugirl♥ 25 days ago

    He even looks like Jerry, minus the gray hair

  • R5150i
    R5150i 25 days ago +1

    Where have you guys been, Turbo man is the only best Xmas toy ever! Duhhhhhh uhh hahahahahahahahaha

  • MGSHans
    MGSHans 25 days ago

    Pluto is a planet!

  • BaconDragon First of This Name, King of Andale


  • Mr Smith
    Mr Smith 25 days ago

    He looks like Phil Cool

  • victor pasta
    victor pasta 26 days ago

    We love you Jerry Smith!
    also can we get a Jerry and Zeep adventure plz

  • Eulalio Magana
    Eulalio Magana 26 days ago

    Why did Stephen roast him for his gray hair?

    • Robert Zimmerman
      Robert Zimmerman 24 days ago

      I think he’s saying it used to be grey, now it’s salt and pepper (less grey)

  • Tanner Aubrey
    Tanner Aubrey 26 days ago

    Poop Mouth!!!

  • Bill Tooke
    Bill Tooke 26 days ago

    My big takeaway is I'm shocked Stephen & Chris never met before

  • Eric Hand
    Eric Hand 26 days ago

    Vanilla anyone?

  • Erika Lee
    Erika Lee 26 days ago +1

    I ❤ Chris Parnell!!!

  • Azazel
    Azazel 26 days ago


  • DialZForZero
    DialZForZero 27 days ago


  • Jack Kutey
    Jack Kutey 27 days ago

    Do you wanna develop an app?

  • John Ferraro
    John Ferraro 27 days ago +1

    Shut up, Jerry

  • Tyler West
    Tyler West 27 days ago +2

    "more cowbell"...

  • Michael Duvic
    Michael Duvic 27 days ago +1

    My entire adult life, I've been told that I should work in voice-overs or as a professional singer. I fucking WISH I could.

  • Paul Little
    Paul Little 27 days ago

    He's such a Jerry.

  • mark garcia
    mark garcia 27 days ago +6

    If you close your eyes, Jerry is on the talk show with Stephen

  • Ryan Casaletto
    Ryan Casaletto 27 days ago

    Is nobody gonna say that he’s also the progressive box?

  • Higginz1991
    Higginz1991 27 days ago

    To be fair, I never know who the guest stars are till I see the credits. At which point, I have to watch the episode again!

  • Sepehr Moghani
    Sepehr Moghani 28 days ago


  • cockad00dle
    cockad00dle 28 days ago +47

    He was also in the cowbell sketch on SNL as the lead singer of Blue Oyster Cult.

  • Ludwig Fan
    Ludwig Fan 28 days ago +1

    Looks like he's going for the Steve Martin look!

  • Brandon Caudill
    Brandon Caudill 28 days ago +53

    Am I the only one who was a fan back in his SNL days? One of the best straight men in the show's history. Was great at delivering dry humor and whenever everyone else was cracking up he always managed to stay in character.
    Basically, Chris Parnell is the anti-Jimmy Fallon.

    • KaleLikesWaffles
      KaleLikesWaffles 4 days ago

      He has bars on Lazy Sunday

    • Brandon Kirk
      Brandon Kirk 16 days ago

      :) His SNL Weekend Update song to Britney Spears is transcendent.

    • Daniel Bathen
      Daniel Bathen 25 days ago

      exactly, also you're not the only one.

    • Anjelica Parana
      Anjelica Parana 27 days ago +3

      You out it into words Omg Parnell is the anti-Fallon!

  • linclip
    linclip 28 days ago +2

    Shut up Jerry!!

  • Jimmy Lewis
    Jimmy Lewis 29 days ago

    Cyril Figus!!!

  • Garrett
    Garrett 29 days ago +72

    Chris is possibly the most underrated comedy actor of all time

  • Kara Thomas
    Kara Thomas 29 days ago

    science is whatever we want it to be

  • First to Infinity
    First to Infinity 29 days ago +6

    5 minute interview? What a joke! Is Stephen scared that he won’t have enough time for trump jokes?

  • stvp68
    stvp68 29 days ago +3

    One of SNL’s best actors

  • Marcel Lecours
    Marcel Lecours 29 days ago

    Probably the least funny SNL cast member aside from Will Forte.

  • Frederick Borner
    Frederick Borner 29 days ago


  • Rafe Wheadon
    Rafe Wheadon 29 days ago +30

    ahem, he is cyril figgus long before jerry smith

  • Veteran Bicycle
    Veteran Bicycle Month ago +85

    This man is more important than he lets on.

  • Joel S
    Joel S Month ago +24

    Chris Parnell has the distinct ability to be able to say virtually anything with a complete earnestness. He's an incredible comedic weapon.

  • 54NELA
    54NELA Month ago +1

    Hey look everyone it’s Tom conners from the diamond resort and casino from GTA online.

  • Rex Hargrove
    Rex Hargrove Month ago +55

    His A.M. radio DJ character in Hot Rod was priceless

    • Status Q
      Status Q 26 days ago +7

      I like to think a little bit of semen is blocking his urethra to allow two streams lmao

    • Frankie Wimbish
      Frankie Wimbish 28 days ago +1

      Rex Hargrove a priceless movie

  • IvanGotYokes
    IvanGotYokes Month ago +1

    What is Colbert going to do when Trump is gone? Because his interviews are still so cringe.