FEMA Employee Tells All

  • Published on Sep 22, 2018
  • The video with FEMA employees chilling message is here:
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  • Kathy Davis
    Kathy Davis 17 hours ago

    Who the hell can store a years worth of toilet paper ??? Or a years worth of food u r getting ridiculous send me some cash to stock up??? Bet that won't happen or send me a years worth u people r ridiculous

  • Robert Evans
    Robert Evans 12 days ago

    shared both videos :)

  • Robert Evans
    Robert Evans 12 days ago

    The FEMA Camps are for all of the survivors of what is coming ... a none paid work-force to rebuild everything, not the Elite, you!

  • Clint Vick
    Clint Vick 13 days ago

    My father was a master mason, prior to his death his goal was to become a shriner.

  • Brog Lang
    Brog Lang 15 days ago +2

    You spoke to another person just like yourself that has the same interests as you. He was probably happy to sit there and blah blah blah with you. So you need to reali,e all you got was just another person's opinions. There not facts. That dude doesn't know the real dark stuff were all trying to figure out. Dont get excited so easily lol

  • Joe Couchmam
    Joe Couchmam 18 days ago +1

    You should have ask him if they keep Guillotines there.

  • Jentje Bierman
    Jentje Bierman 18 days ago

    I saw a video of someone .He claims a Tyfoon wil hit Amerika . The whow costs line wil be underwater. Mozambick is also under water . Go inland .go to the mountains. If you can. I believe the pole is shifting . The world has many mudslides.

  • chase leny
    chase leny 19 days ago

    We should just launch our nukes and destroy the whole damn world as afuckyou to everyone outside the ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ˜„

  • Beth Gresham
    Beth Gresham 20 days ago

    I use to be on road 18 wheeler and I too have seen those convoys of certain trucks . Like 25 to 35 CVS, Walmart, Coke, ECT. Each one had 25 to 50 trucks. My ex made fun of me when I said this is too weird plus they were guarded by state police and the Army. That is what was so weird. This is when I began researching and three were others that saw those trucks besides me. I mean there are very few of us that are aware, I mean others are aware but not wanting to believe what is going on .

  • Guy Phillips {Texas}
    Guy Phillips {Texas} 22 days ago

    If there is something they don't want you to see, it would be easy to jam your Drone transmitter.

  • Glenn Smith
    Glenn Smith Month ago

    Hi we in the Mormon church put away food and water for 3 to 12 months for what's going to happen in the future plus bug out bag

  • Simon Delaney
    Simon Delaney Month ago

    Itโ€™s the end times, welcome back Jesus

  • Nicole Theunissen
    Nicole Theunissen Month ago +2

    Maybe the peaple &kids on the darkweb that are brutely murderd are comming from fema camp?just comming treu my mind

  • Marie Rose
    Marie Rose Month ago +1


  • Ullrrich Lemus
    Ullrrich Lemus Month ago

    Is too much talk,talk,..every thing will fine is evolution and why U want to be living like this ..

  • Ullrrich Lemus
    Ullrrich Lemus Month ago

    They say what U want to here...

  • Ullrrich Lemus
    Ullrrich Lemus Month ago

    Don't believe in everything people say ...man

  • Lee Jackson
    Lee Jackson Month ago

    Washington DC is a base camp the main FEMA office and the rest of DC's agencies are all in the center of the us.

    DONNYROCK911 Month ago

    can you just get to the point

  • Susan Donahue
    Susan Donahue Month ago

    Incredible vid re upcoming events.

  • Chessie
    Chessie Month ago

    Small business men / companies / blue collar workers w/ $$$$$ would fold immediately, taking their marbles & moving to safer destinations if there were any hint of problems on MSM. Look around and ask where would we be without open services & businesses. These Americans have enough $$$ to relocate immediately.

  • Jamie Briggs
    Jamie Briggs Month ago

    I don't think Aberdeen' Is away from the one.hundred mile marker for y USA for smart cities around the USA,?

  • Jill
    Jill Month ago

    Thanks for the info! Don't usually hear much about NW. I am in the SW Washington area.

  • Zac Keefer
    Zac Keefer Month ago

    Click bait title no footage worth watching. Sad

    GLOBAL NEWS UNCUT 2 months ago +1

    Great video bro ๐Ÿ‘

  • Timothy Johnson
    Timothy Johnson 2 months ago

    January 31, 2019 Leonardo Corporation announced immediate commercial availability of the E-Cat 20 KiloWatt heater which consumes only 380 Watts electrical. Learn more at: ecat.com

  • Felix Henry
    Felix Henry 2 months ago

    Have you moved states yet?

    EXTOL ZEBULON 2 months ago

    Fema needs to come get antifa.
    We have all been warned about rome ( goverment )

  • V Wilt
    V Wilt 2 months ago

    Tony Dann: bodies and containers in the ocean. I can't tell you how much I am praying that this is wrong. Blessing Vicky

  • V Wilt
    V Wilt 2 months ago

    Hello, I haven't researched this but I know you've been on topic with this. See TVclipr Adam darn. FEMA containers in the ocean? I think I spelled his name wrong he has four five videos about this I'll get it come back

  • Anna Foster
    Anna Foster 2 months ago

    Get to the point...your hem hogging around...you tell what truth? You talk too much n say nothing...you keep stating this is gigantic? What is?

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    h 2 months ago

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  • Paolo Stallone
    Paolo Stallone 2 months ago

    Wake up folks,we were brought here by Ancient aliens.

  • Tacy West
    Tacy West 2 months ago

    I do not think Russia is our problem but Iran and China are a huge problem. We need to connect with Russia for our own safety. Russia has always been our friend in history.

  • S Fallstrom
    S Fallstrom 2 months ago

    What ever The Jews said the same thing That god will save them and guess what They went through it like the rest of the people Its like this Be ready Be Smart or Grab it Bible and prey u die fast

  • Dyan Egleston
    Dyan Egleston 2 months ago


  • Dyan Egleston
    Dyan Egleston 2 months ago

    Hey Matt, I'm in Washington st. I'd like to know if you have an email? I'm concerned about this state worries me.

  • Agent Jane
    Agent Jane 2 months ago

    This guy doesn't finish his sentences or initial points. He's annoying. This is not exciting news

  • walter hartland
    walter hartland 2 months ago

    watch out eye open

  • Greg Yost
    Greg Yost 2 months ago

    God is great he's our only true salvation

  • OriginalXfyre
    OriginalXfyre 2 months ago


  • Martial Law
    Martial Law 2 months ago

    Should have asked him about the fema barges

  • Ruth Lilley
    Ruth Lilley 2 months ago

    What is going on in the northwest?

  • Jennifer Ellis
    Jennifer Ellis 2 months ago

    U have a beautiful heart I can see ur conscious eating u up. Don't let it bother u too much, that's why we have Jesus, to forgive us. God loves u, ur spreading the truth, that's what counts. God Bless U!

  • carlos manriquez
    carlos manriquez 2 months ago

    Keep warning people NOT to trust the government when they start to tell us to go to our nearest fema shelter it will be a trick to incarcerate us , be prepared make sure you have a bug out preparedness plan, have a designated place for your family to meet at and have a 2nd meeting place just incase. Its coming , its near. We will be cattle to them and sheep being eradicated

  • Wanda Connell
    Wanda Connell 2 months ago

    What are you saying is going to happen?

  • Sherry Yarger
    Sherry Yarger 2 months ago

    Maybe it was a UN vehicle.

  • Brian Ogram
    Brian Ogram 2 months ago

    After five minutes of your video you can't seem to keep your story straight....

  • MsSexyLdy
    MsSexyLdy 2 months ago +2


    • Black Wing Paranormal
      Black Wing Paranormal Month ago

      +Craig Vickers this persons advising and saying he lost many friends and all u can do is fkn spell check. Lol wow

    • Craig Vickers
      Craig Vickers 2 months ago


  • Sylvia Nealy
    Sylvia Nealy 2 months ago

    Be aware prophecy is about to start again. Currently we are in the Dispensation of Grace which is a time in history when all people have the opportunity to accept Christ as their personal Savior by faith and acceptance. Having Christ as your personal Savior now is the only way to be raptured when Christ returns in the air for the Church and escape the seven year tribulation which is in prophecy. Read the scriptures!

  • edwin
    edwin 2 months ago

    Just what tragedy is going to happen he hasn't mentioned that and I've watched just over half of this video ???

  • Keith Lynch
    Keith Lynch 2 months ago

    For human civilisation to get to level one on the Kardashev scale, the human population has to be reduced to one billion people.
    To get to level one, a global, one world government is necessay. The United Nations is the main NGO, responsible for promoting global warming, mass migration, and the UN's Agenda 21 and Agenda 30.
    Prof. Michio Kaku claims that it will take about one hundred years for humanity to reach level one. His view is that humanity has to achieve level one, if it is to survive into the future and that anything that interferes with progress to level one, should be deemed as terrorism.

  • Rhonda Hamilton
    Rhonda Hamilton 2 months ago +2

    I thank you for taking the time to make the American public aware this is very thoughtful of you. R u preparing? Have you received negative attention for trying to make others aware?

  • Mike Delta
    Mike Delta 2 months ago

    This guy is a joke

  • InnerMittenSignal
    InnerMittenSignal 2 months ago

    Have faith, nothing can happen if God won't allow it...

  • InnerMittenSignal
    InnerMittenSignal 2 months ago

    Look what they just did to Roger Stone. The enforcers are never told what they are up to their own selves...

  • Bunny Princess
    Bunny Princess 2 months ago

    always tell the truth were they recording you they cant remember you give them too much credit thank you for your report Praise the LORD!!

  • Loyce March
    Loyce March 2 months ago

    Check Sue Redeford on utube.

  • Fellow Sheep
    Fellow Sheep 2 months ago

    GOD BLESS EVERYONE ! If you have not accepted our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ as your savior please do for He is the only way to our true kingdom ๐Ÿ™

  • Kim Scovern
    Kim Scovern 2 months ago

    Underground tunnel systems that all interconnect. These camps are ontop of entrances of all tunnels. Dumbs. They can traffic humans for the reptilian bloodlines.that run this planet.

  • Silent Echo
    Silent Echo 2 months ago +3

    Brother be careful when you investigate stuff like that, people disappear left and right. DEPOPULATION is happening... starting with homeless,elderly, and disabled.... good video thnx

  • Justyn Mcbrien
    Justyn Mcbrien 2 months ago

    Go get ready for this shit know tomorrow get a lot of things for you and finally time is running out

  • Justyn Mcbrien
    Justyn Mcbrien 2 months ago

    Get out of the USA fuck

  • chrissio McKenzo
    chrissio McKenzo 2 months ago

    Another fema guy aint it amazing sinse youtube how many weirdos have been whistleblowers & make a channel out ofithahahaha gtfoh dumb yanks ur boring to death

  • Connie Crawford
    Connie Crawford 2 months ago

    I believe and I'm awake....

  • Kenny Mcormick
    Kenny Mcormick 2 months ago


  • True Patriot
    True Patriot 2 months ago

    I live in the Northeast, and 15 miles north of Boston at an undisclosed location is the staging area for FEMA, section one. Years ago I had heard on a local radio station that when the Yankee Brigade comes home from assignment/deployment, they will be designated HRFCC under FEMA which is Homeland Response Force Command and Control. It makes complete sense that the military would be involved, as they are the only ones that are logistically capable to carry out whatever would need to be done in case of any kind of scenario. Now I am a civilian, and just off the top of my head, I can think of hundreds of reasons to have our Military assets deployed strategically around our Nation, and no, I do not believe that they are there to take people away to prison camps, my God, they are our family members, brothers and sisters, cousins, parents, so people need to slow their roll with all these insane ideas. We have no idea how many different types of catastrophic disasters that could happen at any moment without warning, so all that I can suggest is that we live in the present. Live as best of a life as you can, prepare as best as you can, get right with the Lord, live your life to the fullest, and do not let the "what if" consume you. Be thankful for living in the greatest Nation in the world, and never take anything for granted, as everything that we have and rely on could be gone in an instant.

  • robert b
    robert b 2 months ago

    Wearing down the viewer who waits for the point of the video.

  • klaritydawn
    klaritydawn 2 months ago

    Just found your channel hour ago and have sub and hit the bell. I did stop and go watch conversation with guard at FEMA....that was wild but he seems to be a bit scared himself. Thank you for the information!!! Guessing I'll learn a lot from not only you but your viewers as well. You be Safe doing this stuff......as we know it can sure get Dangerous.

  • Derekgough Gough
    Derekgough Gough 2 months ago

    Another idiot spreading some crap someone's given him the idiot no martial law no jade helm he's full of bullshit.

  • Gayle Posey
    Gayle Posey 2 months ago +2

    What exactly are you saying is going to happen and when?

  • Karen Gregory
    Karen Gregory 2 months ago

    I liked and subscribed to your channel, I am worried about FEMA what the heck where I live Wal-Mart closed down. People say that something weird is going on, I will pray for all of us. Karen G from Cincinnati, Ohio

  • kathryn Rodlun
    kathryn Rodlun 2 months ago


  • kathryn Rodlun
    kathryn Rodlun 2 months ago

    i am in elma

  • kathryn Rodlun
    kathryn Rodlun 2 months ago

    where is safe.

  • Carol Dold
    Carol Dold 2 months ago

    I do believe FEMA has a sinister agenda but there are greater things at stake such as the salvation of one's soul.

  • Carol Dold
    Carol Dold 2 months ago +4

    Hebrews 2:3: How shall we escape, if we neglect so great salvation.....

  • Carol Dold
    Carol Dold 2 months ago +8

    Matthew 10:28: And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.
    John 8:24: ....if ye believe not that I [Jesus Christ] am he, ye shall die in your sins.

    • Pamela Remme
      Pamela Remme 12 days ago

      Watch Marching To Zion (official film) Know your enemy. Many on this feed do not know (((who))) is doing this to us. Watch The Greatest Story Never Told documentary all 21 episodes. You Tube banned it. Type in The Greatest Story Never Told Bitchute and it will come up. (((they))) own our media and You Tube. (IMO)

  • Softball Family
    Softball Family 2 months ago

    Thanks for the info.

  • Stephen Babin
    Stephen Babin 2 months ago

    So get to the point,

  • lucky sol
    lucky sol 2 months ago +23

    FEMA is true evil !

  • lucky sol
    lucky sol 2 months ago +3


    RICK THORNE 2 months ago


  • Deez Nutz
    Deez Nutz 2 months ago

    All bases say 100% i.d.

  • Linda Danz
    Linda Danz 2 months ago


  • sussy wawiranjagi
    sussy wawiranjagi 2 months ago

    Guys you need to relocate

  • Trudy Vaccaro
    Trudy Vaccaro 2 months ago

    Have food and water

  • Michael Kane
    Michael Kane 2 months ago

    Ikr......Iโ€™m former Law Enf Sc,all the disasters Pr,Tx,Fl,Nc all victems were told go to shelters ,for Food,and Shelter.They lied.Homeless went there,victems went there.Fishermen witnessed all being shipped to FEMA Barges,and dumped in 100s of Trailers ,in the ocean.There disappearing people.This is part of the De Population agenda.Next middle class,and officials are next.

  • Linda Neiheisel
    Linda Neiheisel 2 months ago

    I know all you say...I too have dreams. I have also seen vision since I was a young child and know that I have been given this gift by my Lord Jesus Christ. I was amazed that everything you told the people was like reading my own visions. I tell people the website. We have been chosen to tell people, we have the power through the Holy Spirit to bind Satan and will fight to death for our Savior. I dont fear anything or anyone. To be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord. Amen...God Speed Brother..there are many who are like is waiting for our Lord to come and take the church but until then we will keep preaching the word of God..and keep bringing people to open their eyes.

  • Layla Keline
    Layla Keline 2 months ago

    Is our government mostly made up of AI?

  • Sheila Keenan
    Sheila Keenan 2 months ago

    First 3:45, you said โ€˜Iโ€™ more than 30 times. End of story for me.

  • Carolann
    Carolann 2 months ago

    Love from uk .

  • Natasha Yarbrough
    Natasha Yarbrough 2 months ago

    U shouldโ€™ve told him that ur channel was mickeymouseclubhouse.com and then mashed the gas on ur way out.

  • Maine Wills
    Maine Wills 2 months ago

    Please share the video.

  • Maine Wills
    Maine Wills 2 months ago

    Thanks! For the information brother. I appreciate it you and let's continue to wake people up.

  • Linda Roberts
    Linda Roberts 2 months ago

    Good morning

  • AmericanBulldogRocky
    AmericanBulldogRocky 2 months ago

    What do you make of this?? FEMA KILLING HOMELESS?? tvclip.biz/video/BQ_RTEoYsIg/video.html

  • freeatlast927
    freeatlast927 2 months ago


  • tommy sport
    tommy sport 2 months ago +1

    EVIL WILL NOT PREVALE,,,,,,we the people will win,,,,with help from higher force,,,get with gods army,,,best wishes.