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  • PlayStationGrenade
    PlayStationGrenade  Month ago +1245

    Thanks for watching. I appreciate it.
    If you'd like to help me out by supporting me (Adamaru) in the Support-a-Creator event it would be awesome and allows me to continue making Fortnite content. No Pressure; You be you.

    • Logan Paul
      Logan Paul 4 days ago

      You can hear the rocket siren from season 4

    • Justin Taylor
      Justin Taylor 9 days ago

      What the name of the songs

    • Justin Taylor
      Justin Taylor 9 days ago

      What name of the songs

    • Liam
      Liam 11 days ago

      if u look closele at 12 05 threw the smoke u can see a house and a tree i think it will be a new place in season 7

    • Random People Do Random Stuff
      Random People Do Random Stuff 11 days ago

      What's your intro song

  • Luke G
    Luke G 2 hours ago

    Thanos lake

  • xFace
    xFace 6 hours ago

    Goddamn meteor started it all

  • Kinon
    Kinon 9 hours ago

    The rocket event was the best!
    Keep this videos up! They are awesome!

    CRTL AT 15 hours ago

    stop with the adds

  • Plain Gaming24
    Plain Gaming24 Day ago

    Did any one notice in season 4 story line he’s saying the exact same words he said in the original video lol

  • Kristen Rehs
    Kristen Rehs Day ago

    Season 7 is out you noob

  • apocalypse-Roblox,giveaways and more!

    I predict the next event to be... Oh Ice Age

  • Jake the Gamer
    Jake the Gamer 2 days ago


  • NickGaming73
    NickGaming73 2 days ago

    My suggestion
    -the government have created a new character with the cube pieces some rifts comets.
    -the characters name will be Unknown ((that’s his name))
    -he escapes the government to creat something
    -he used some of the storm power for the creation
    -Unknown unleashes the new weapon at the middle of the map making the map a into madness
    -flames start
    -rifts appear again but sometimes they take players
    -the cube ((Kevin)) reappears but then gets taken in the rift and left
    -the rocket come out of the rift and then get destroyed
    -Unknown recreates the rocket and gets inside and uses it for a weapon to destroy tilted towers salty and loot lake.
    -but the he failed because the cube became a butterfly rift of course and then destroyed Unknown and then the butterfly rift left.
    -everything goes back to normal
    -and there are also now snowman stones which makes you a snowman.

  • Tomato 4life
    Tomato 4life 2 days ago

    The visitor started it all

  • Dysmo Fan
    Dysmo Fan 2 days ago

    Fortnite season is just a I DONT KNOW WTF IS HAPPENING

  • Luke Petersen
    Luke Petersen 3 days ago

    Some of the ice on ice peak will melt revealing a whole village ran by the ice king

  • SB SB
    SB SB 3 days ago

    You got a like from a stw player. Good job on being cultured on this topic. They are husks as he says, not zombies!

  • Christopher Mcworkman

    I think the cube went the way the rocket went. It might not be in order but it makes sense.

  • Project Maximus
    Project Maximus 3 days ago

    the event should be where a small cube made of ice will appear and engulf all the snow then explode

  • Afie Afiq
    Afie Afiq 3 days ago

    Is coming to the island

  • Afie Afiq
    Afie Afiq 3 days ago

    The iceberg

  • Snq
    Snq 3 days ago

    "Tramp lake" more like "Trump lake

  • Enderboy1804
    Enderboy1804 4 days ago


  • Shahid Mahmood
    Shahid Mahmood 4 days ago

    Maybe because of the rocket launch, aimbot and all the other aliens in space got revenge and sent down the cube... RIP Kevin.
    Season 6, because of all this, aimbot came down to investigate and did some research. He then made the iceberg appear from space and the Enforcers came to help aimbot.
    Season 7, when the iceberg hit, aimbot had completed his duty and called the others to come... Season 8 will be interesting!

    ANIMATII TAMPITE 4 days ago

    Half of the map is sbowy

    SANIC SPEED 4 days ago

    NAVI after all these years but hey thats just a game theo-

  • wR Clan
    wR Clan 4 days ago

    Peep the montage

    GAVIN ROACH 4 days ago

    Welp, Season 7

  • Lottie-rose Vlogs
    Lottie-rose Vlogs 4 days ago

    Like if season 6 was trash

  • james trystin
    james trystin 5 days ago

    Season 7 should make more cube that rip the land and shows a dark world

  • james trystin
    james trystin 5 days ago

    In the different dimension in the glowing spheres there is a living thing coming out

  • DJ Hrehaan
    DJ Hrehaan 5 days ago

    It will all be iced for a fact ok

  • roldan af
    roldan af 5 days ago

    TSM_Daequan and Tfue is the only thing that keeps me from playing this game

  • Tastefull Brick studios

    The small meteorites made it look like the red zone in pubg

  • RedRingGamingTV
    RedRingGamingTV 5 days ago


  • ArkSurvivor Osborne
    ArkSurvivor Osborne 5 days ago

    Imagine if this kind of stuff happend in real life lmao🤣

  • gpep popping balloon

    Maybe the bitterfly means the butterfly effect and the space dude changed something in the past and that’s what changed look lake

  • Le Child
    Le Child 5 days ago

    I think ch.2 will tie in with save the world or have something with the rift undeegroumd

  • Mystic OfTheDark
    Mystic OfTheDark 5 days ago

    Master ov?

  • Kolby Pacubad
    Kolby Pacubad 5 days ago

    Kevin:don't call me Kevin call me Gamecube

  • Taco dude Vlogs
    Taco dude Vlogs 5 days ago

    Rip the visitor no trace of him was left behind

  • BrawlArcher
    BrawlArcher 5 days ago

    Cool story, i start at the beginning of sesion 6

  • TheGamingNerd
    TheGamingNerd 5 days ago

    Fortnite Chapter 1: The story of kevin
    Fortnite Chapter 2 preview: The blizzard

  • cup gamIng
    cup gamIng 5 days ago +1

    What if the aim robot came to earth for the cube

    • Fiorella Lamberti
      Fiorella Lamberti 2 days ago

      The a.i.m skin came for the iceberg, where the ice king lives.

  • The Void Walker
    The Void Walker 6 days ago

    7:25 that one guy that had to ruin the shot

  • GalaxyGoats
    GalaxyGoats 6 days ago

    Hop rocks we’re unstable energy for the rocket

  • BirthLord Playz
    BirthLord Playz 6 days ago

    Ice burg

  • William Ringland
    William Ringland 6 days ago


  • William Ringland
    William Ringland 6 days ago

    I love telt

  • Mike Steiner
    Mike Steiner 6 days ago

    something fell into the map from the cube right before it exploded..

  • PowerMMC
    PowerMMC 6 days ago

    Why does everyone say dusty DEPO it's Dusty DE-POT not Depo Jeez, get it right.

  • Donyo Lobsang
    Donyo Lobsang 6 days ago

    what a strange online community game

  • Justin Tangpongprush


  • Astroid wave
    Astroid wave 6 days ago

    Miss season 3rd

  • Lawanda Williams
    Lawanda Williams 6 days ago

    Good explaining

  • Douchebag who shows his muscles for attention

    I remember this on a game informer in 2013. I thought I was gonna get it.

  • Freyja Le Courtois
    Freyja Le Courtois 6 days ago

    I know in your vid theres all these allien space stuff and fortnite liked nasa so it might be a space theme pls shout me out if im right and drift means to move around on a float on a smooth surface so... that might explain the the new seasone will be a season with new technoligy and space things

  • Jesse Churchill
    Jesse Churchill 6 days ago

    The only live event I saw was the cube explosion (I also recorded it) so I can't speak much for the others

  • UnknownWayZz
    UnknownWayZz 6 days ago

    What was the background song at the start please

  • MadMaxwell Gamer
    MadMaxwell Gamer 6 days ago +1

    So you know,the rocket launch it caused a earthquake then some places in tilted towers where braking.
    RIP moistey
    ... and also it said E9 so if you look on the map it’s the disco place I think and I think it will get destroyed in season 7 but then I thought before it done the butterfly thing I thought the air was going to make the cube fly to hit a place and then do a weird explosion to the map and make a new map.
    Sorry I had so many ideas 💡

  • xXMartiniGamerXx
    xXMartiniGamerXx 6 days ago +3

    There will be snow... I think... and hope so

  • jwsimpson
    jwsimpson 6 days ago

    Winter is coming

  • Ahmed_thebest Playz
    Ahmed_thebest Playz 7 days ago +1

    The tea so far

  • Tyler Lund
    Tyler Lund 7 days ago

    he forgot the dance fit bwteen carbine and omaga

  • Crazy Cousin
    Crazy Cousin 7 days ago


  • Sam Star
    Sam Star 7 days ago

    All of these led to grass in loot lake

  • Snowwolf Wolfs for days

    ITS LIKE Assassincreed

  • Grayson Malvesti
    Grayson Malvesti 7 days ago

    It’s deafly going to be a Volcano

  • Bhasom B
    Bhasom B 7 days ago

    If you are in the storm loot lake will S centre will come up

  • Mr Coconut
    Mr Coconut 7 days ago

    The next event is an iceberg, total guess 😅

  • wowmeme goodboy
    wowmeme goodboy 7 days ago

    Season 7 is aim robots being parachuted

  • Jack Rojas
    Jack Rojas 7 days ago

    Lean lake

  • ExcaliburnII
    ExcaliburnII 7 days ago

    I'm not sure if anyone noticed this but. Dark Bomber looked like she was about to *cry* at 12:48!!
    Fam u alright? (Btw this a ridiculously late comment but I love ur channel P.S.G.!)

    • minty
      minty 4 days ago

      Mourning Kevin

  • guccigangkage
    guccigangkage 7 days ago

    season 10: 10 cubes fortnite dead

  • Cooper Gaul
    Cooper Gaul 7 days ago

    8:50 it’s thanos lake

  • Jordan Layman
    Jordan Layman 7 days ago +1

    *im scared*

    COUCH POTATO FILMZ 7 days ago

    Love the memes

  • Jelly 1234
    Jelly 1234 7 days ago


    CHRISTOPHER HARRIS 7 days ago +1

    Thanos Lake

  • Zover Vids
    Zover Vids 7 days ago

    Season 7 coming soon..........

  • Stranger Cats
    Stranger Cats 7 days ago

    At 1:05 I love how the havoc skin was there when he said causing havoc

  • PhantomFoxyGaming
    PhantomFoxyGaming 7 days ago

    Like season 4[] Comment season 6

  • HyperLiner
    HyperLiner 7 days ago

    I got to say that the rocket shot parts of it when it was flying and my theory is that the iceberg castle actually houses the part of the rocket and the traveller got the enforcers and the aimbots to destroy battle Royale island as a punishment for getting him stuck there and the iceberg island is actually the travellers base

  • Jason Piao
    Jason Piao 8 days ago +1

    I mean whatever happens
    Even if the cube does die


  • Ninja Kat
    Ninja Kat 8 days ago

    When he said for the rocket heres how it went down I got a food add🤣🤣🤣 rocket must have been hungry

  • billago
    billago 8 days ago


  • Seven_Peks Gamer
    Seven_Peks Gamer 8 days ago

    Nice editing man

  • OfficialMisk
    OfficialMisk 8 days ago

    Lol someone got hit for 14damage at 4:03, on the far right in the middle

  • Gilbert Mendez
    Gilbert Mendez 8 days ago

    I saw the first kightning strike in a playground

  • PassTheChicken
    PassTheChicken 8 days ago

    Thanos lake

  • Thiby_11
    Thiby_11 8 days ago +2

    Imagine if T H A N O S dabbed

  • maximorra
    maximorra 8 days ago

    for the enforcers i think they created the cube and stopped the visitor before he destroyed tilted towers whit the rifts

  • McChicken Guy
    McChicken Guy 8 days ago

    We will all miss dusty depot

  • matuting gamer 67 Arban

    Good bye kevin 😭😭😭😭😭

  • John 227955
    John 227955 8 days ago

    I was in the live event where the cube was created and I didn't notice

  • Paris Black
    Paris Black 8 days ago

    7:21 that emote was legendary!

  • jason ___
    jason ___ 8 days ago

    So the Visitor causes all this!?

  • Matthew McGonigle
    Matthew McGonigle 8 days ago

    Am I the only one who miss prison

  • Pritiv
    Pritiv 8 days ago

    Putting a story in a Battle Royals
    Now that's *Epic*

  • Darth Vader
    Darth Vader 8 days ago +1

    I bet I will be in the next crossover event when the next Star Wars comes out

  • EcHo Cryptii
    EcHo Cryptii 8 days ago


  • JJ R
    JJ R 8 days ago

    Totally skipped the fact thanks was there as well!!!!

  • Dark Slender
    Dark Slender 8 days ago

    my theory is that next season winter is coming