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  • PlayStationGrenade
    PlayStationGrenade  3 months ago +1272

    Thanks for watching. I appreciate it.
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    • Judas Reacts
      Judas Reacts Month ago

      Are the mythical items cannon to the story

    • Logan Paul
      Logan Paul 2 months ago

      You can hear the rocket siren from season 4

    • Justin Taylor
      Justin Taylor 2 months ago

      What the name of the songs

    • Justin Taylor
      Justin Taylor 2 months ago

      What name of the songs

    • Liam
      Liam 2 months ago

      if u look closele at 12 05 threw the smoke u can see a house and a tree i think it will be a new place in season 7

  • Chayan [SNK]
    Chayan [SNK] 3 days ago

    4:15 à song OF the Cube

  • Cjn Gamer
    Cjn Gamer 14 days ago

    Umm.. an iceberg crash at season 7?

  • Marcel Davis
    Marcel Davis 14 days ago

    If you listen carefully when the rocket shoots out of loot lake you can hear a quicker version of the sound when the cube shoots lightning at you

  • Jackson Mahaffey
    Jackson Mahaffey 21 day ago

    Rip Kevin the cube and mostiy mire

  • Jackson Mahaffey
    Jackson Mahaffey 21 day ago +1

    Kevin the cube forms

  • Jackson Mahaffey
    Jackson Mahaffey 21 day ago +1

    My boy drift

  • Jackson Mahaffey
    Jackson Mahaffey 21 day ago +1

    Oh no no Noahnoahs told me to put oh no no in every video

  • Charles Dilliehunt, Jr.

    What is the name of the song playing in the background in the beginning?

  • Trey Golf
    Trey Golf 29 days ago

    I'm in the video I'm the calamity with the mako

  • Ali Alwaeli
    Ali Alwaeli 29 days ago


  • Clarissa Purdy
    Clarissa Purdy Month ago

    8:50 COME ON "LAUNCH LAKE" WAS STARING AT YOU STRAIT IN THE FACE (it took me 7 seconds to figure that out)

  • Clarissa Purdy
    Clarissa Purdy Month ago

    I got an ad for fortnite, it's about a website called bucksfort

  • the mills games
    the mills games Month ago

    First off this is not a story

  • [TGW] Gamer X
    [TGW] Gamer X Month ago

    So I think I can summarize all seasons. It started with a meteor with living aliens one the meteor chrashed into dusty Depot the vsitor wanted to go back home so he fueled his rocket with the fuel he had left in his rocket since the impact spreaded hop rock, he launches the rocket and some malfunction s happened causing rifts and things to dissapear leading to season 5 when the rifts bring drift Stonehenge and a carrege things were normal till the rifts bring the cubes, the cube will move around to loot lake also leaving tracks. Then the cube finally reached loot and made loot like how u said a trampoline then the cube lifted the mansion along with the cube moving the the tracks to pickup energy, then the cube is fillied and moves back to loot and destroys itself. The news about the cube spreaded to all islands giving the interest of the season 7 island that crashes into ours. The ice Kings was disappointed about the cube destroying itself and the king gets a problem about another king. *This part is therry* the fire king wants to attack our island for land so the ice king makes a blizzard across the whole map to show it's his island and eventually the two Kings will fight and fire king will win and bring back normal fortnite.

  • Stepan Durci
    Stepan Durci Month ago

    so the cube made it over to loot lake and it turned the entire lake into a giant bounce pad! 7:15

  • javaughn ramsay
    javaughn ramsay Month ago

    An iceberg comes to fortnite

  • Caleb Gray
    Caleb Gray Month ago

    I got 17 kills shooting the cube while it was spinning😂

  • xXSyokuni KittyXx
    xXSyokuni KittyXx Month ago

    12:43 She actually looks beautiful TBH

  • ItzHeating
    ItzHeating Month ago +1

    Hello im from the future snow will come :lenny:

  • Juan david Ramirez
    Juan david Ramirez Month ago

    When will you make a video with season 7.

  • Shaheer Alam
    Shaheer Alam Month ago

    Whos here after season 7s event

  • Evan Baldean
    Evan Baldean Month ago

    I think there will be a weather warning

  • BigFatCat
    BigFatCat Month ago +1

    when the cube/kevin started to move i stod infront of it and i got crushed and died xD

  • justicerk
    justicerk Month ago

    I predict those purple things on loot Lake is going to explode and make the map better and different

  • OMaRi
    OMaRi Month ago

    Fortnite Battle royale is the best online storyline game in the world.!!!

  • Nabhy Gamingz
    Nabhy Gamingz Month ago

    I luv kevin

  • BTW my penis is small But anyway

    Wait so who was the visitor

  • Adurrehman Wajid
    Adurrehman Wajid Month ago

    I like how the rifts in the rocket launch were called a malfunction when they were(in my opinion) quite planned by Carbide and the heroes

  • Halfrican Indian
    Halfrican Indian Month ago

    What about Steve the sphere

  • Aph rap
    Aph rap Month ago


  • ZanMan Not Just Gaming

    R.I.P. Kevin. Hello Karen the Sphere!

  • Song Guy
    Song Guy Month ago

    Aliens are coming to Fortnite I think around seasons 8, 9 or more cause I think the people transporting the meteor rocks to the lair put them in the rocket and that gave the rocket an ability to go through the rift barrier that the meteor probably caused, i think the rocket will come back. No actually i think that the visitor was dangerous and aliens or some other life force made that rift so the rocket wouldn’t leave the island, possibly to destroy it

  • Mateo Petkoski
    Mateo Petkoski Month ago

    The meteor is the egg

  • Djole Gamer 9
    Djole Gamer 9 Month ago

    His name is LUKSI Clips

  • Djole Gamer 9
    Djole Gamer 9 Month ago

    Someone copied this video

  • Gauche Harmony45
    Gauche Harmony45 Month ago

    I think, dragons will be rising. And in season 8 our favorite spots will get flooded. And we’ll be able to use the boat.

  • Cody
    Cody Month ago

    idc what anyone says this is why this game is so great, no other developers are doing this ttype of stuff

  • Killer Kitty1233
    Killer Kitty1233 Month ago

    He needs to be grounded u people let that Kevin do whatever he wants!

  • Killer Kitty1233
    Killer Kitty1233 Month ago

    Kevin’s birth!

    BRKEN Month ago +1

    Shockwave grenades have hoprocks jammed inside

  • captainpanda pants
    captainpanda pants Month ago

    I think that maybe the space police will come back to retrieve the leftover cube fragments in leaky lake.

  • Syam Tawakkal
    Syam Tawakkal Month ago


  • Syam Tawakkal
    Syam Tawakkal Month ago


  • Llama loco
    Llama loco Month ago

    What about thanos event?

  • 5hawn
    5hawn Month ago

    I love how that guy was in the water praising the cube

  • John Timmers
    John Timmers Month ago

    We all know that the meteor didn’t destroy dusty depot. R.I.P. factory 😞😢

  • Abigail Thompson
    Abigail Thompson Month ago

    The creative team is so great. Really brings the game to life. The story is my favorite part.

  • Furkan YT
    Furkan YT Month ago

    i miss live no

  • YaBoii CG
    YaBoii CG Month ago

    For me its like:
    Cube:Thanos w/Infinity Gauntlet
    Runes:Infinity Stones
    days later...

    Cube drains

    Cube:You should have guarded the meteorite
    CUbE Snap/Explode.

  • Opra_l3th4l
    Opra_l3th4l Month ago

    Wtf is that voice 0:07

  • Raquel Nieto-Tyler
    Raquel Nieto-Tyler Month ago +1


  • Freddy Potts
    Freddy Potts Month ago


  • Duncan Lin
    Duncan Lin Month ago


  • Bernardino plays
    Bernardino plays Month ago

    Giant ice island is next

  • Jordan Dunlap
    Jordan Dunlap Month ago

    i wonder if the season 7 event will be small or big like season 6. *sniff* Rest in Peace Keven :(

  • Star Boy SCL
    Star Boy SCL Month ago

    Guys! Go into creative mode and look all the way up in the sky. ITS ANOTHER SHOOTING STAR!

  • SpinNinjaX
    SpinNinjaX Month ago

    From another video I watched
    He says that the owners were originally the characters fate and omen then omega launched the rocket when fate was defeating his
    Then the visitor modifies the rocket before the launch
    Then he rode the rocket
    Ya know why the rocket was aiming for tilted towers
    Fate and omen programmed it to destroy tilted towers
    Then vertex defeated them
    Visitor saved tilted towers because he modified it to create a portal which is the rift
    He went back to his home dimension

  • brendan grenoble
    brendan grenoble Month ago

    Dragons will appear

  • GermanSniper
    GermanSniper Month ago

    I seriously have no idea when and how they are going to improve on this. I mean the story seems finished.

  • Its me UNICORN
    Its me UNICORN Month ago

    For this season on season 7 i think the ice king will cover Fortnite island with ice and snow and might awaken ice dragons because ice dragon eggs have been leaked by Epic Games

  • Tewerion 76
    Tewerion 76 Month ago

    On short. Meteor hits dusty, hop rocks are used for the rocket launch, rocket maked the crack, crack maked the cube, cube maked season 6, season 6 sploded the cube, loot lake is not trash anymore.

  • penguinsolo Bs
    penguinsolo Bs Month ago

    Is it me or I can here the siren from when the rocket launched at 12:09

  • Kyan mccleary
    Kyan mccleary Month ago

    Anyone notice that all of the things that came from the rifts are where the paradise palms is and the anchor is where the Viking village??

  • connordor64
    connordor64 Month ago

    Somewhat of an event update: We’re hearing rumors of a dragon I guess

  • Ninja jack 64
    Ninja jack 64 Month ago

    My prediction is that a whole glacier appears and covers the map

  • A1burrit0
    A1burrit0 Month ago

    I always thought that the rift that saved tilted wasnt a malfunction, and that the superheros were real and they were the ones that saved tilted with that rift, and thats why it didnt come bcak through the sky crack

  • The G Place
    The G Place Month ago

    Rust yn pypperoni kevin

  • The G Place
    The G Place Month ago

    8:30 tho

  • The G Place
    The G Place Month ago

    The rift looked like the Eye Of Horus, so that’s probably why drift has the Egyptian mask. It also looks like drifts pickaxe

  • The G Place
    The G Place Month ago


  • The G Place
    The G Place Month ago

    RIP Noms

  • The G Place
    The G Place Month ago


  • I’m a ha’am
    I’m a ha’am Month ago +2

    8:49 Loot Lake doesn’t feel so good...

  • Isa Swagger
    Isa Swagger Month ago


  • This. Channel is Gon

    RIP cube 2018 2018

  • Anti Septiceye
    Anti Septiceye Month ago

    *about to explode*

    Gimme That Slurp Juice
    *Rex* :I Need That-

  • CodeName Content
    CodeName Content Month ago

    All of this because of one meteor

  • fat
    fat Month ago

    12:08 did anyone else hear the sound of the rocket launch? listen closely

  • Willl
    Willl Month ago

    Tilted your safe for now

  • artificial
    artificial Month ago +2

    Here is my theory behind all of this, Theory 1 GameMaster
    Okay okay the theory named “GameMaster” sounds weird, but let me explain, when the meteor crashed into Dusty Depot, the “Visitor” was in the meteor, I’m still wondering how it even got in there but, if the “Visitor” was in the meteor, could any other life be in those other meteors? As the “Visitor” launched the rocket you could see it cracked the sky, but how? This makes me think that the whole Battle Royale Island can be a dome. As time went by the Omen could have been looking for the Visitor.. The Sudden crack in the sky made the cube, “Kevin”. Kevin made its way to loot lake, it looked like Kevin got melted into the lake, the lake wasn’t that deep for us to swim, which I think that Kevin found and opening somewhere or use its power to go under the lake, Kevin as you see in the video, gave its bouncy powers to the lake, Kevin flowed to the island, as it touched the island Kevin (what I think) got stuck in the island, suddenly the cube bounced the island to make it fly, as the flying island made its way to all the ruins, the ruins gave the power back to a Kevin, as Kevin got all its power back it gave all its power to the Husk, when giving all the power to the Husk spawning again the power drained from Kevin, as I said earlier Kevin did something to the island, when all that power got drained, the island exploded, when that happened it made players teleport to another dimension for a few seconds, this is Butterfly Stage , so how does all of this go to “GameMaster”? Well about that dome I said earlier the “GameMaster” wanted another world, where peace comes along, but it didint go well.
    *either I just made a story or a stupid theory.*

  • Louise Muneka
    Louise Muneka Month ago

    Is it just me or has fortnite just lost its meaning

  • Mikko Oliveira
    Mikko Oliveira Month ago

    why does no one see it? that butterfly is what happens when you take a rift, just alot quicker. plus kevin was born through a rift

  • Shadowing 815
    Shadowing 815 2 months ago

    Not gonna lie this is awesome

  • Hess Royale
    Hess Royale 2 months ago

    When is shrek getting added in the game does anyone know?

  • Ashley Jacobs
    Ashley Jacobs 2 months ago

    Can I play with you my user name is Ianislit123me

  • Danolex GD
    Danolex GD 2 months ago

    i maybe could predict the broken remains of the cubes still works when it is in the storm the place still floats due to the power of the storm

  • sameeha riyas
    sameeha riyas 2 months ago

    did anybody realize when you kill a person with the cube and you go bottom left where is the place they show who kill who in that one if you kill a person with the cube they are not showing the thing

  • TheGamingBro
    TheGamingBro 2 months ago

    damn, I missed all of these, but now its season 7, I *HOPE* that epic will make another event

  • catotac
    catotac 2 months ago

    do you have a fortnite acount

  • Rhino RAGE
    Rhino RAGE 2 months ago

    Just realizing the symbol on the telly was just the front of the lair

  • Navjo2006
    Navjo2006 2 months ago

    The darkness took over the rift and used it to create the cube, full to the brim with darkness and power, to release the darkness into the map.

  • An V
    An V 2 months ago

    Who is the bus driver?

  • D GEEZY123
    D GEEZY123 2 months ago

    i'm not seeing a story just random shit with no context.

  • xd Ween
    xd Ween 2 months ago

    The zombie was probably the free save the world version but with the last budgets

  • RagdollXRumble
    RagdollXRumble 2 months ago

    A iceberg hit the map

  • PotatoAndSparklesowo
    PotatoAndSparklesowo 2 months ago

    I miss Kevin... :(

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    Imagine if there was a story mode in fortnite

  • Picific Buddies
    Picific Buddies 2 months ago

    And this happend ali a intro plays theme plays

  • Andrea Mejdi
    Andrea Mejdi 2 months ago +1

    I remembered on my birthday the building was a okay but then a couple days later boom it broke