How to stop Dark Cabal Illuminati New world Order Love and Light

  • Published on Mar 20, 2017
  • Love and Light all over this video much Love!
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Comments • 81

  • Gabriele Ruth
    Gabriele Ruth 27 days ago

    where are you at

  • Dank Gaming
    Dank Gaming Month ago

    Everything and I mean absolutely everything this guy talks about is complete bullshit but it puts me to sleep :)

    • Dank Gaming
      Dank Gaming 4 days ago

      Mandela Madness He has other videos that are up to 30 mins long. That helps to put me to sleep. Sort of a ASMR thing. It's complete bullshit but I think that's why it puts me to sleep.

    • Mandela Madness
      Mandela Madness 4 days ago

      Dank Gaming He needed to ramble on for about 30 mins to cure my insomnia. I now listen to commentary on the Book of Mormon and that seems to work.

  • EpicBladeTime
    EpicBladeTime Month ago

    Hey I think I have connected with you in meditation, i came here and found you I would like to buy one of your orgonite pieces.

  • Lilly Grace
    Lilly Grace 2 months ago +2

    hey are you OK You have not made anything in 11 mons PRAYERS ALL AROUND YOU GOD BLESS YOU !! PLEASE LET US NO YOUR OK ?

  • Onemore4ChristTheWord&logic

    Bro are you still with us?

  • Holy T
    Holy T 2 months ago

    Executive Order 13818 was just signed Human Trafficking Get A Human Trafficking Attorney do not say that your are "Targeted" you are being Human Trafficked for Illegal Purposes.

  • Angela Wisehart
    Angela Wisehart 2 months ago

    Praying you are okay 馃檹

  • Zane Khan
    Zane Khan 2 months ago

    I wanna sincerely thank you for all the work you've done..I have learned from your videos and I hope you're alright bro..stay strong. Peace

  • hammerpower100
    hammerpower100 3 months ago

    if you guys need orgonite just go here for the time being

  • swagcity
    swagcity 3 months ago +2

    please tell me your okay?

  • ako ito
    ako ito 3 months ago

    how have you been???you havent made a new video...whats going on?

  • Chirag Patel
    Chirag Patel 3 months ago

    Are you okay bro?

  • Perelman_19104
    Perelman_19104 4 months ago

    Hang in there. Take care of yourself.

  • MinskyDoxsky
    MinskyDoxsky 4 months ago

  • Phil Watters
    Phil Watters 4 months ago

    Can anyone find out if he鈥檚 ok? Or how to buy from him

  • Phil Watters
    Phil Watters 4 months ago

    Hey Bro, your great man! I鈥檓 also a TI and in Oregon, I鈥檓 trying to buy your stuff but it won鈥檛 let me

  • ayayayify
    ayayayify 5 months ago +11

    7mo absence I鈥檓 getting worried

    • Setnakhte Amun Re
      Setnakhte Amun Re 4 months ago

      Lucky One Let me know how things go I'm worried to.

    • Setnakhte Amun Re
      Setnakhte Amun Re 4 months ago

      Lucky One If you look at my playlist on my channel its called orgonite look at the first video. Its by James shin. And read the description.

    • Setnakhte Amun Re
      Setnakhte Amun Re 4 months ago +1

      Lucky One He is locked up. I don't know where.

  • EyamEl
    EyamEl 6 months ago

    I am coming for you. I still have not received my orgonite piece. This is Archangel EyamEl aka Macheavelli aka Lawrence Leary. I want what is mine.

    • hammerpower100
      hammerpower100 3 months ago

      you just buy one from here.

    • Anonymous
      Anonymous 6 months ago +3

      EyamEl Just make your own. He is locked up right now.

  • Darren Leavitt
    Darren Leavitt 7 months ago

    how do i get ahold of you???

  • Setnakhte Amun Re
    Setnakhte Amun Re 7 months ago +11

    I just gifted 3 area today by there Haarp device. It feel great the sun is so bright after I did that. Plan on gifting my whole town.

    • Monica Sp
      Monica Sp 2 months ago

      HAARP Look it up.

    • Setnakhte Amun Re
      Setnakhte Amun Re 3 months ago

      Sorry for my late reply i bury them by cell phone towers. Those are there harrp device. 馃憤

    • damn sonboi
      damn sonboi 4 months ago

      Setnakhte Amun Re by their heart device? What do you mean by this?

  • Setnakhte Amun Re
    Setnakhte Amun Re 7 months ago +7

    Free my Nigga

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 7 months ago +8

    Damn man they still got him lock up. That is fucked up if he end up dead we know who did it.

  • laney oswald
    laney oswald 9 months ago +2

    What is ConstitutionLost's full real name? With his name we or I could call around to several prisons to ask if he is in one of them.
    Anyone know where he is?
    If he is in prison, which one?
    If we know which prison, we can write him letters!

    • damn sonboi
      damn sonboi 4 months ago

      dude that is from 2014, that was the LAST time they inprisoned him, not this time.

    • pentaxpro
      pentaxpro 7 months ago

      laney oswald Mehrzad Malekzadeh
      Look at this. The media can't or won't get it right either because they are incompetent or they don't want to mention orgone.

  • Chirag Patel
    Chirag Patel 9 months ago +5

    bro where r u?

    • Angel Awakening
      Angel Awakening 9 months ago +3

      heard he is banged up in prison again seems like another set up

  • tioGa - of God's army
    tioGa - of God's army 10 months ago +3

    Hi 馃挄 Have not heard a video from ya in awhile .. just checking you are ok! God bless馃挄

    • Gabriele Ruth
      Gabriele Ruth 27 days ago

      Angel Awakening how do you now that he's in person ? this is so sad

    • Michael Panas
      Michael Panas Month ago

      How do you know this?

    • Social Decay
      Social Decay 7 months ago

      Ive also been wondering, love and protection sent. Why did They take him now?! Prayers for you. Stay strong.
      I listen to Barbara Marciniak and she's often in Sedona, I wanted to ask you if you'd ever been to get talks.seems it's highly spiritual around there Look her up online. Blessings for you, and the power to St Michael's mighty sward to fence them off.

    • Angel Awakening
      Angel Awakening 9 months ago

      dont know hun..james shin may know hes a close friend of him

    • tioGa - of God's army
      tioGa - of God's army 9 months ago

      That is a GREAT idea! Please post the address info if you (or anybody) gets it. Thank u馃挄 God bless!

  • human 777
    human 777 11 months ago +4

    Hey all,
    I sell black iron oxide orgonite in the UK, and since ConstitutionLost hasn't been active for a few months now, I feel as though a source of orgonite for those whom don't want to make it but try it is necessary. Costs 拢14.51 with postage through eBay, check out the link! P.s I am doing this for the benefit of all, and unfortunately in the current society we live in, I can't just send out orgonite for free.

  • john magdeline
    john magdeline Year ago


    • Recovering Soul
      Recovering Soul 9 months ago +11

      Other comments here say he is in prison again. Kind of hard to get back to you under those conditions. Have some compassion.

  • Balazs Pk
    Balazs Pk Year ago

    ConstitutionLost : Man you are gone once again! WTF ???????????????

  • john magdeline
    john magdeline Year ago


    • damn sonboi
      damn sonboi 4 months ago

      how did u know?

    • Broderick Bailey
      Broderick Bailey 9 months ago

      You Know the man just said people are STILL after him. Use common sense if you can he can't respond if he's constantly looking over his shoulder or if he's locked up. Think.

  • mmakshak
    mmakshak Year ago

    Evil is when people enjoy hurting other people more than the benefits they receive from getting the money, not having to do work, etc. Great to hear from you.

  • Balazs Pk
    Balazs Pk Year ago +1


    • Balazs Pk
      Balazs Pk Year ago +1

      man I've been missing these titles........"How to stop Dark Cabal Illuminati New world Order Love and Light".... LMAO

  • pentaxpro
    pentaxpro Year ago +8

    I was starting to wonder where you've been. I don't know you but I kind of get the sense that you are jaded cause they threw you in jail for a couple of years. I saw that report online. The media can't even get things right once again. My best advice is to say, "Live to fight another day."

    • pentaxpro
      pentaxpro 7 months ago +3

      joy joy Me? I'm in Florida. I prayed for this man the other night. I hope he stays out of trouble when he gets out but I guess he has to do what he believes is right.

    • joy joy
      joy joy 7 months ago +2

      Where are you ???

    • pentaxpro
      pentaxpro Year ago +3

      And if can give you anymore advice,.. seek wisdom first and get your life in order. As time and experience goes by the more I realize that we co-create our reality. Use your resources.

  • Nolan Corso
    Nolan Corso Year ago +7

    stay strong prayers sent. I pray in JESUS name for protection, healing and for peace in your mind. No weapon shall prevail against you.Amen

  • IamCancer624
    IamCancer624 Year ago

    Is that library in Phoenix, AZ? cuz I live in AZ and my library looks similar, well the shelves and that sitting stool looks the same :)

  • Trawa
    Trawa Year ago

    Pray everyday for all. Send my information all over the world. It works, I feel :D thank you

  • Jeannie Rivera
    Jeannie Rivera Year ago +9

    I pray for you. Jesuschrist be with you ! I ask Angels of God, angels of protection and love to go with you. hang in there, your not alone. Blessings for you. xox

  • Brand Ivan
    Brand Ivan Year ago +3

    nice, a video again! good to hear from you

  • Austin Trejbro
    Austin Trejbro Year ago +4

    My full love brother sending you light and love