Nickelback Lyrics: Real or Fake?


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  • weirdo state
    weirdo state 12 hours ago

    I like nickleback 😡

  • Abba
    Abba 2 days ago

    They’re a good band. Plus, they’re from my province!

  • adrian crevan
    adrian crevan 3 days ago

    Idk if they are joking about not knowing what the mile high club is or of he was serious?

  • Brooklyn Phoenix
    Brooklyn Phoenix 5 days ago

    So I finally got around to watching this. You both have to listen to Nickelback. I aced it all. They're my favorite band, deal with it!

  • Dakyus Dark Elf
    Dakyus Dark Elf 9 days ago

    Haha jokes on you I like nickel back

  • William York
    William York 13 days ago

    Nickelback isn’t bad honestly. I listen to nickelback regularly

  • james harmer
    james harmer 15 days ago

    best band in the world

  • Jason Ramirez
    Jason Ramirez 17 days ago

    Love nickelback

  • Ευαγγελος Νασης

    Nickelback rocks. It's a wonderful band

  • Unicorn Blaze556
    Unicorn Blaze556 21 day ago

    Heck I saw NickleBack and flipped. I love that bannnd

  • Kevyn King
    Kevyn King 22 days ago

    Honestly I don't hate Nickleback. They have a handful of songs that if they came on the radio I wouldn't be mad.

  • Metagrabolised Rn
    Metagrabolised Rn 23 days ago

    What’s so wrong with Nickelback ;-;

  • GhostFighterGaming
    GhostFighterGaming 23 days ago

    If I was playing this game... I would intentionally get the answers wrong just to listen to the songs later because I love Nickelback to death. I know all these songs too well

  • ThatRedditguy imaybejacoborbob

    How You Remind Me is actually a good song, don't @ me

  • Michigan outcast airsoft

    Anyone catch a winks reference to the movie bait shop

  • TheLastCastaway
    TheLastCastaway 25 days ago

    I happen to love nickelback

  • TheHachiko27
    TheHachiko27 25 days ago

    but Nickleback is good

  • Timber Jacobs
    Timber Jacobs 27 days ago

    Everyone likes nickelback and if they say they dont they are lying to seem cool

  • David Vasden
    David Vasden 27 days ago

    Family Guy Quotes Quiz for an upcoming episode?

  • Weakboi
    Weakboi 28 days ago


  • ladyluneth
    ladyluneth 29 days ago

    Back in the day? 😂 I still jam to NB lmao

  • Rosie Taylor
    Rosie Taylor 29 days ago

    I love Nickelback
    *FIGHT ME*

  • Rachel Neil
    Rachel Neil Month ago

    Nickelback is my fav was jamming the whole time

  • Allen Jay
    Allen Jay Month ago +1

    Stop hating we all know we get lit to Rockstar 😂

  • Zac Hernandez
    Zac Hernandez Month ago

    19 years old and I still listen to their music. They only have one song that I don't like

  • Jeremy Munnings
    Jeremy Munnings Month ago

    In the beginning it said this video contains paid promotion. Very savvy, Nickelback. Very savvy

  • Khalil Williams
    Khalil Williams Month ago

    They’re newest album, Feed the Machine, is pretty good

  • * DaniTaz *
    * DaniTaz * Month ago

    I uh like this band........ *cough*

  • Amanda Bowers
    Amanda Bowers Month ago

    But. I love Nickleback 😂

  • Conner Vettrus
    Conner Vettrus Month ago

    Lol I actually like nickleback...

  • Noah Churchill
    Noah Churchill Month ago

    There is nothing wrong with Nickelback🖕

  • CityKanin
    CityKanin Month ago

    I am a lady and I HATE LIMOUSINES!!! I only love Jeeps, Land Rovers and Vilkswagen Beetles. Especially the latter one :3

  • Samuel Goforth
    Samuel Goforth Month ago

    I like Nickleback...

  • Anabelle Lockwood
    Anabelle Lockwood Month ago +1

    Lol I don't really know why everyone hates Nickelbacks music! Tbh I really like it 😳

  • Rae Sui
    Rae Sui Month ago

    Just gonna comment this: I love Nickelback unironically. I understand how they can be hated though-

  • TheIronAntelope
    TheIronAntelope Month ago

    4:13 I love the way Link said that

  • Good Comment Man
    Good Comment Man Month ago

    I like pudding.

  • Fading Willows
    Fading Willows Month ago

    I don't like limousines, and I like nickelback

  • Skyler Gray
    Skyler Gray Month ago

    I love the way Rhett’s casually tries to hide his laugh while he sips his water. Someone needs to make a 10 min video of nothing but that. 😅

  • Abby Leach
    Abby Leach Month ago

    I actually like nickelback

  • Make America Great again

    Chad Kroegen the lead singer writes there songs

  • Jason Fortenberry
    Jason Fortenberry Month ago

    Why do people hate Nickelback? They are a great band

  • CaramelBear
    CaramelBear Month ago

    I love nickelback ❤️

  • dreadcornet
    dreadcornet Month ago

    Greatest quote "lady's love big cars"

  • ?¿ _insecurecreep_ ¿?

    When this photograph looks at you.

  • TincyTiny Sweettart

    I love puddle of mudds songs

  • _ vSexyWhale_
    _ vSexyWhale_ Month ago

    I like nickelback

  • ThatWeirdKid
    ThatWeirdKid Month ago

    I don’t know why people hate on nickel back, when most viral rap songs have even worse lyrics or just one repetitive line.

  • snow the wolf
    snow the wolf Month ago

    Link you herd fall out boy I love there songs phoenix and centuries are my favorite songs

  • Mrs.QuotedLion 370
    Mrs.QuotedLion 370 Month ago

    I like Nickelback

  • Nickolas crossland
    Nickolas crossland Month ago

    I love Nickelback and puddle of Mudd

  • Lizzy Kehlor
    Lizzy Kehlor Month ago

    I love Nickelback :(

  • Austin Shaw
    Austin Shaw Month ago

    I like some nickel back songs

  • Helker Studios
    Helker Studios 2 months ago

    I like nickleback

  • Clorox Modz
    Clorox Modz 2 months ago

    Nickel back aren’t bad tho... they have some pretty good songs. The only reason people crapped on them was that a lot or there songs were so similar all the time but yet we praise people like lil pump and mumble artists. Most pop artists no follow same rhythm and formula for all there songs, you can google it, pop is just 4 chords now.

  • Conner Verheggen
    Conner Verheggen 2 months ago

    Ya when they said the main singer is writing notes ya hes long gone

  • Double 0
    Double 0 2 months ago

    I love nickel back. WTF is everyones problem with nickel back?

  • ian butler
    ian butler 2 months ago


  • shaye bansal
    shaye bansal 2 months ago

    link chad kreoger writes the songs who is the lead singer

  • Ameizing Zarya
    Ameizing Zarya 2 months ago +1

    Saskatchewanians Represent!!!

  • Aldo Maverick
    Aldo Maverick 2 months ago

    I don't care what people say, nickleback are one of the best bands of the 90s,2000s and the 2010s

  • Cyinite
    Cyinite 2 months ago

    5/5 this was so easy lmfao

  • Chad Petersen
    Chad Petersen 2 months ago

    They have some good songs. As a fan I'll admit, only some. Some that sound good, some with actually good lyrics, fewer with both, but some.

  • hunter gipson
    hunter gipson 2 months ago

    I like nickleback

  • Brock Chaney
    Brock Chaney 2 months ago +1

    That thumbnail was the most beautiful thing I've ever witnessed

  • spit roast
    spit roast 2 months ago

    i think somone became a fan haha

  • Olga Mi
    Olga Mi 2 months ago +1

    I love Link for how much he feels it and Rhett for the sass.

    OPERATOR SKULL 2 months ago +1

    Nickelback is a good band

  • Dennis Hillberg
    Dennis Hillberg 2 months ago

    i like nickelback

  • OnePlus 6
    OnePlus 6 2 months ago

    Rhett what are you talking about, we know that you enjoy secretly Nickelback at home and it is okey, cause they are good. And Link, you nailed it. Very memorable and entertaining.

  • Kelsey Toomey
    Kelsey Toomey 2 months ago

    I love nickelback...

  • Ronan -_-
    Ronan -_- 2 months ago

    Ó as ideia

  • Evan-Adam Oda-Stevens
    Evan-Adam Oda-Stevens 2 months ago

    I have a strange feeling that Link is an actual fan of Nickel Back.....he knew those lyrics to well....

  • david phillips
    david phillips 2 months ago

    I like nickleback

  • FireguyGaming 101
    FireguyGaming 101 2 months ago

    I would love to listen to that nickelback album

  • cheers, ghosties
    cheers, ghosties 2 months ago


  • A'n'B Gaming
    A'n'B Gaming 2 months ago +1

    NickelBack is my favourite band....

  • Grant Niles
    Grant Niles 2 months ago

    I got every one bc I am a not ashamed nickelback connoisseur

  • Christy Rose
    Christy Rose 2 months ago


  • chinmay pethe
    chinmay pethe 2 months ago

    Rhett going for the mug reminded me that, even I had a mug besides me which I forgot to drink

  • Durango Distler
    Durango Distler 2 months ago

    LOOOOK AT THIS (awkward space) GRAPH..............................

  • Reylen
    Reylen 2 months ago


  • Yeah.
    Yeah. 2 months ago

    Nickelback is my favorite, so stfu rhett

  • Caleb Evans
    Caleb Evans 2 months ago

    Why does everyone hate Nickleback?

  • Gracie LaVine
    Gracie LaVine 2 months ago

    I love Nickleback. I grew up listening to them. Really an amazing band.

  • Owen zarski
    Owen zarski 2 months ago

    Am I the only one that likes nickelback

  • Matthew Harris-Levesque

    Limozeen -
    Real or Fake? Lolz.

  • Pupdog402
    Pupdog402 3 months ago

    am I the only one who thinks nickel back is underrated

  • Brian Runolfson
    Brian Runolfson 3 months ago

    Nickelback isn’t that bad

  • Jillian Strebeck
    Jillian Strebeck 3 months ago

    I honestly love Nickelback and have several of there songs on my phone and listen to them often. I also have a few of there CDs.

  • Adam English
    Adam English 3 months ago

    I'm glad Link didn't immediately hate Nickelback just for being Nickelback. Lol

  • Adam English
    Adam English 3 months ago

    I see why people dislike Nickelback, but personally I love their music.

  • Maleeni Marajh
    Maleeni Marajh 3 months ago

    I love nickelback .. gives me a nice feel❤❤❤

  • Taylor Waite-Campbell
    Taylor Waite-Campbell 3 months ago

    Why does everyone dis them? They actually are good!

  • Kitty kawai Dogs
    Kitty kawai Dogs 3 months ago

    0:05 they put the arm on the table in the same time

  • Brandon Close
    Brandon Close 3 months ago


  • Teeter tottor Tyler
    Teeter tottor Tyler 3 months ago

    What’s with that FOB reference at the end though 😂😂

  • Law Babbitt
    Law Babbitt 3 months ago

    *sings awfully* LOOK AT DIS PHOTOGRAYUPH

  • asdfghjk l
    asdfghjk l 3 months ago

    This thumbnail had me dying