Why Today Was Five Guys Worthy


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  • Sneaky Mystics
    Sneaky Mystics 6 months ago +3610

    Omg IM IN THE VIDEO!!!!!

      JR MCGRIFSTER 21 day ago

      U were the kid in the vid?!!?????

    • gilded ninja
      gilded ninja Month ago

      Hi,guy! Your lucky, I live in California! (Wherever Alex is.)

    • TheRapGamer
      TheRapGamer Month ago


    • A.N. 27
      A.N. 27 Month ago

      +It's Alex Clark I'm going to your allota nada tour in LA

    • Yelena Barez
      Yelena Barez Month ago

      Sneaky Mytsics RThe

  • Subzero
    Subzero Day ago

    U should head to utah

  • Zane Pusey
    Zane Pusey 2 days ago

    Wait what’s five guys again

  • Traci Alcuri
    Traci Alcuri 3 days ago

    Wait what's five guys

  • TheFunny Ducky
    TheFunny Ducky 3 days ago +1

    A Diablo?

  • Stormtrooper190 Chungu

    Get 5 guys to SPONSER you every time you mention it. It’s basically getting broadcasted to about a million people

  • Matthew Tick
    Matthew Tick 7 days ago

    in 1:13 i saw a girl texting someone and it showed the person phone number

  • foofywoofy1 on roblox
    foofywoofy1 on roblox 12 days ago

    THERE FRIES AND BUGERS AND HOT DOGS ARE SO GOOD we have like 3 or 2 in my town

  • KaShoot Me
    KaShoot Me 14 days ago

    Quinn was such a cute sweetheart! Awe ❤️❤️❤️

  • MacRae Ruffin
    MacRae Ruffin 15 days ago


  • Erin Rocha
    Erin Rocha 15 days ago

    WhAts fiVe guYss?

  • Valeria Mendez
    Valeria Mendez 15 days ago

    okay I didn’t expect to be crying what. this is cool.

  • KarnageShot
    KarnageShot 16 days ago

    Who doesn't know what 5 guys is

  • David O Donovan
    David O Donovan 16 days ago


  • lil snowy panda
    lil snowy panda 16 days ago

    Mmm..mmm chicken

  • WAR Corp.
    WAR Corp. 16 days ago

    Gabriel Iglesias has a better show tho, but nice job anyway

  • Ashley Griffin
    Ashley Griffin 16 days ago


  • Jorge Najar
    Jorge Najar 17 days ago

    What is five guys

  • Nolan Benbow
    Nolan Benbow 17 days ago

    So what is five guys

  • Lungile Mooketsi
    Lungile Mooketsi 18 days ago

    Come to South Africa Johannesburg don't matter where I will find you

  • will komada
    will komada 18 days ago

    1:15 was that a Chinese yoyo I saw?

  • topofmyhead9 טופופמיהאד9

    Can you stop at San Francisco

  • Eduardo Beato
    Eduardo Beato 19 days ago

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  • Emaad Zaheer
    Emaad Zaheer 20 days ago

    (To a time of a song) Alex Clark
    Fiiiive guys fiiive guys
    Alex Clark
    (And repeat)

  • Nathan Crouch
    Nathan Crouch 20 days ago

    that's a cheeseburger

  • Rayquaza Rages
    Rayquaza Rages 20 days ago

    Five Guys is amazing

  • Kevin Montes
    Kevin Montes 21 day ago

    Five Guys

  • GamerKatze
    GamerKatze 21 day ago

    He says that they sell hamburgers but he shows a Cheeseburger

  • Oscar Wildner
    Oscar Wildner 21 day ago

    Wait... gingerpale isn't green in real live? **shocked**

  • Luisa Menendez
    Luisa Menendez 21 day ago

    I love five guys!

  • Hazel - Grunts
    Hazel - Grunts 21 day ago

    it’s Brgas

  • seba saad
    seba saad 21 day ago


  • Sophia Nigro
    Sophia Nigro 21 day ago

    You should go Iowa in your 2019 tour. I would love to finally get to see you

    JR MCGRIFSTER 21 day ago

    But what’s so special about 5 guys?

  • Ashley Walker
    Ashley Walker 24 days ago +1

    Five GUYS is an awesome hamburger joint!!!!!!!!! #😍🍔🍟🍔🍟🍔🍟🍔🍟💟🍔🍟

  • Shark Boy_YT11
    Shark Boy_YT11 25 days ago

    What is five guys

  • Ben Sullivan
    Ben Sullivan 27 days ago

    Yo Alex Clark how do you do your hair so good

  • The Group
    The Group 27 days ago

    I like 5 😀s

  • Slytherin and proud
    Slytherin and proud 28 days ago

    Legend wait for it ..... Dary

  • Allen18728
    Allen18728 Month ago

    wow wow wow, clark as a half mexican that lives in mexico i have to tell you that you dont eat tacos for breakfast unless its scrambled eggs

  • Rylee Gerdeman
    Rylee Gerdeman Month ago

    Five guys is AMAZING I have been there so many times

  • gilded ninja
    gilded ninja Month ago

    Hi, fan of Alex Clark!

  • NoelletheSlytherin
    NoelletheSlytherin Month ago

    5 Guys Burgers and Fries

  • Fortnite legend73687

    Is he vegan

  • IflyitFPV Aka Robbie Cooper

    I’ve been there

  • Reg Hamilton
    Reg Hamilton Month ago +1

    Do more of these type vids

  • KhatAllin
    KhatAllin Month ago

    i hav 2 five guys in my town (that i know of)

  • II Lydia II
    II Lydia II Month ago

    It's called 5 guys because 5 brothers started it

  • JAY Jay
    JAY Jay Month ago

    My favorites:
    #1 In n out
    #2 five guys
    #3 watching this video
    #4 breathing

  • Fortnite Season7
    Fortnite Season7 Month ago

    Five guys one reastoraunt

    RULER CARTOONS Month ago

    Now it's 3 guys

  • miles Morales crack

    00:56 buger of the babysitter ep7

  • Antonio Martin
    Antonio Martin Month ago

    I absolutely love all your videos Alex. They always brighten up my day. It would be unbelievably stupendous to see your show out in Germany. Keep up the awesome work making people's lives great!

  • Candice Perry
    Candice Perry Month ago

    I never ate at 5 guys restaurant

  • Patrick Marsh
    Patrick Marsh Month ago

    What's wrong with Five Guys? I mean like...it's expensive but...it's good lol
    Hope you make it to Maryland

  • Basmala Alawamleh
    Basmala Alawamleh Month ago

    whats a hamburger

  • Stephanie mcnair
    Stephanie mcnair Month ago


  • Jacob Bissett
    Jacob Bissett Month ago

    What is five guys lol

  • Aleah Jo Devasia
    Aleah Jo Devasia Month ago

    I went to five guys and all of the staff were mean to me and my family

  • Huddston The dog
    Huddston The dog Month ago

    I’ve still never been too five guys

  • Lilttle Flower
    Lilttle Flower Month ago

    I have never been to five guys 😧 what would you guys recommend to eat ?

  • SamDisplays
    SamDisplays Month ago

    18 hours!!! Holy shi-

  • Sandra Sip
    Sandra Sip Month ago

    I like Hamburg

  • Tyre Potato
    Tyre Potato Month ago

    I wish I could see you but I live in Australia 😣

  • Harvey Eddyson
    Harvey Eddyson Month ago

    Could you make your video a bit louder

  • Kyle Solano
    Kyle Solano Month ago

    Poor manager👨🏼

  • Circus Baby05
    Circus Baby05 Month ago

    five guys was the place me and my father had daddy daughter days

  • Alexia Ysabelle Penaflorida

    On of the day vids I ever saw in my life

  • alex medal gaming
    alex medal gaming Month ago

    Does any one else not like five guys

  • Wez Dodd
    Wez Dodd Month ago

    6:17 Barney the purple dinosaur

  • Taekook ShitDow!
    Taekook ShitDow! Month ago

    You should do vlogssssssss

  • renaya jaylie
    renaya jaylie Month ago

    the guy who says "fantastic" is wearing a southland bounty hunters t-shirt, in case anyone was wondering... :P

  • Variety of Everything
    Variety of Everything Month ago +1

    what is five guys

  • Akil Bryan
    Akil Bryan Month ago

    The part where you're on the plane about to leave reminds me so much of "Hey Buster"
    Anyone else knows that show?

  • Mason Lamb
    Mason Lamb Month ago

    The closest five guys to me *sad sobs* just closed down 😓

  • Ronald McDonald
    Ronald McDonald Month ago

    It used to be called five guys BURGERS AND FRIES

  • Stephanie Garcia
    Stephanie Garcia Month ago

    There's isn't any or much 5 guys restaurants in the Midwest!!

  • Maggie Cannon
    Maggie Cannon Month ago +1

    Llama Llama Llama Llama Llama Llama Llama 🦙🦙🦙🦙🦙🦙🦙

  • Latasha Hall
    Latasha Hall Month ago

    Seattle, WA Or Brunswick, GA. Your Choice Alex 👍👍👍😀😀😀😀😀

  • Angelo Garcia
    Angelo Garcia Month ago

    Five guys is amazing with free peanuts


    The Poo alpaca

  • First name Last name

    Five guys kinda sounds like six flags but you are allowed to disagree. ok?

  • Juicy
    Juicy Month ago

    i know what five guys is

  • Phillip J
    Phillip J Month ago

    your fans make me feel old and that is really hard to do because I feel like a aging immortal most days.

  • Cool Guy
    Cool Guy Month ago

    How does anyone not know about five guys its amazing I loved everyone should try it

  • ladybud 02
    ladybud 02 Month ago

    You have to come to utah

  • Mine Craft
    Mine Craft Month ago

    6:10 wrong animator dude

  • SuperSloth
    SuperSloth Month ago

    I used to live I. Fargo and I went t that Walmart every day

  • Giselle Hardy Atabek
    Giselle Hardy Atabek 2 months ago

    the odd ones out T-shirt

  • eevee pie
    eevee pie 2 months ago

    I agree with Alex

  • Kutie Gal
    Kutie Gal 2 months ago

    0:57 you showed a cheeseburger not a hamburger

  • Moonlight goddess HAHA
    Moonlight goddess HAHA 2 months ago

    Where is a good place I could get burgers at??

  • Theone2100
    Theone2100 2 months ago

    the lettuce buns at five guys are the best, mmmm

  • MemesAndChill 2o04
    MemesAndChill 2o04 2 months ago

    five guys is terrible

  • Spartan Doge
    Spartan Doge 2 months ago

    Why does Pam not have a pillow

  • Lucas Tyler
    Lucas Tyler 2 months ago

    Five guys is my favorite restaurant we would eat it before we go to book store

  • EliteTawy 00
    EliteTawy 00 2 months ago

    Five guys is the Bomb

  • Tasmi Dhoya
    Tasmi Dhoya 2 months ago

    I know five guys

  • Poppy xoxo
    Poppy xoxo 2 months ago


  • Justin Frost
    Justin Frost 2 months ago

    Been a Subscriber since last year love your content. Makes my day. You should look into doing a tour in Augusta, GA