Solo: A Star Wars Story - Movie Review

  • Published on May 15, 2018
  • Han Solo gets an origin story. Here's my review of SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY!

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  • Miguel B
    Miguel B 12 days ago

    the movie was fine. it was fun and i judge movies based on entertainment and i was entertained. you guys already had this movie made in ur mind and oh my god! the director didn't make the exact movie u had in your head? how dare they not be mind readers!

  • horizons own
    horizons own 12 days ago

    Han shot first

  • KND Video
    KND Video 15 days ago

    I enjoyed it was a fun popcorn flick I think you guys expect too much out of these films

  • Doggy Flip Flip The Third

    Thanks a lot for the info. Good video, Brother! Later, Dude!

  • Josiah Baughman
    Josiah Baughman 23 days ago +1

    you're so wrong Jeremy

  • Josiah Baughman
    Josiah Baughman 23 days ago

    you're so wrong Jeremy

  • Josiah Baughman
    Josiah Baughman 23 days ago

    you're so wrong Jeremy

  • Josiah Baughman
    Josiah Baughman 23 days ago

    you're so wrong Jeremy

  • Josiah Baughman
    Josiah Baughman 23 days ago

    you're so wrong Jeremy

  • Josiah Baughman
    Josiah Baughman 23 days ago

    you're so wrong Jeremy

  • Josiah Baughman
    Josiah Baughman 23 days ago

    you're so wrong Jeremy

  • Josiah Baughman
    Josiah Baughman 23 days ago +1

    Star Wars hater

  • Fausto olivas
    Fausto olivas 26 days ago

    I watch your reviews and you are usually right. I saw your review for Solo and it stop me from watching, I'm never doing that again

  • Kachena 98
    Kachena 98 28 days ago +1

    I actually really liked this movie, I understand why some people don’t though

  • IMGDoctaPhil
    IMGDoctaPhil Month ago

    I would have LOVED to see Khaleesi fight in GOT the way she did in this film..yes yes I know, she had 3 dragons and a great what's the need? but still....would have been cool to see a fight sequence between her and Arya.

    UNDERSTAND THAT! Month ago

    I Liked that they kept it Star Wars and Tried to make it Look and Feel like the Original. Also the Fact they they went from One Scene to the Next with Little to No Interruptions was also Good. I thought the Actor that played Solo looked more like The Han Solo I Remember at the End of the Film but he still didn't have the Cool Factor Harrison Ford did. Btw What was with the Creepy Pervy Darth Maul at the End? We will be Working Extremely Close Together? WTF! was That? Also I guess that means Darth Maul is Back? IDK? Where are his Scorpion Legs? Also I wonder if the Sequel they set up will be Made?

  • Rashid Hafez
    Rashid Hafez Month ago

    I saw the kessle run, and the maw, what more could an OG star wars fan ask for. The movie was great, and I was expecting Childish Gambino to be a terrible lando but he nailed it perfectly. You don't always need an antagonist, I love those refrences, i think the movie needed it, looking at the new movies they stray too far from the original EU and thats what i really dislike about them, whereas han solo feels familiar and i just really enjoyed the familiarity. And tbh the pacing wasn't that bad, if you wanted to negatively critique a star wars film, critique episode 3 or 7 or 8, the newer films are so unbearable to watch.

  • breadboy26
    breadboy26 2 months ago

    I know I'm late but why isn't anyone talking about Darth mall in this timeline. Didn't an 18 year old obi wan killed him which means Han and obi wan are the same age mind blown.

  • Todd Escourt
    Todd Escourt 2 months ago

    This movie was awesome, and Chewie was awesome!

  • Les Connards
    Les Connards 2 months ago

    I'm unfortunately too young to have seen the originals in theatre, but I saw the special edition in theatre in 1997, and even though a lot of changes sucked and there were fewer interresting new scenes than expected -so they were kind of a dissapointment on that part- it's as close to seeing the originals in theatre as my generation got, so here's a ''Québec 80's babies Star Wars crowd meter'' based on the reactions for all Star Wars movies, in order of release:

    A New Hope : super long waiting line, excitement could be felt in the air, people cheering at classic passes, ***people applauding frantically at the end credits***

    The Empire Strikes Back : super long waiting line, excitement could be felt in the air, people cheering at classic passes, ***people applauding frantically at the end credits***

    Return of the Jedi: super long waiting line, excitement could be felt in the air, people cheering at classic passes, though some boos at some changes, ***people applauding frantically at the end credits***

    The Phantome Menace: super long waiting line, people applauding frantically at the 20th Century Fox fanfare, most people leaving at the end credits

    Attack of the Clones : super long waiting line, some people openly and loudly making fun at stuff like Obi Wan using the force to close the (already automatic) ''toilet'' door, some people applauding Yoda's fighting skills, some laughing at it, most people leaving at the end credits

    Revenge of the Sith: super long waiting line, some people applauding at the 20th Century Fox fanfare, some poeple laughing at Vader's 'nooooooo' and some other stuff like the cheesy romance, people leaving at the end credits
    The Force Awakens: super long waiting line, some people giggling in excitement at the Lucasfilm logo, some people lauhing at Snoke, Kanata, Kilo Ren's teenage anger management issues people, annoying sighs at a 3rd death star and the film joking about it falling short of reconciliate fans with such a lack of imagination, people leaving at the end credits
    Rogue One: super long waiting line, ***people applauding frantically at the end credits***
    The Last Jedi: super long waiting line, people leaving at the end credits
    Han Solo: normal movie waiting line, some people leaving before the end credits
    Based on this geographically very targeted audience, Rogue One is the only Star Wars that deserves to be called a Star Wars since the originals, the prequels were a huge dissapointemen tlike everywhere else, the Force Awakens should be called the Farce Weakens-(the whole saga) and, is Han Solo a failed crossover between Star Wars and Marvels?

  • Buntingz
    Buntingz 2 months ago

    I absolutely loved the movie. There were a few issues. But I'm just glad I got a Han Solo movie. Donald Glover did a great job with Lando. I was initially skeptical but he delivered. I also love the story behind Han and Chewbacca.

  • Aaron Yochim
    Aaron Yochim 3 months ago

    I really liked it... right after I saw it. Now, a year later I don’t even remember what in the world happened. Garbage movie.

  • Rey Skywaka
    Rey Skywaka 3 months ago

    I thought it was okay.
    Would have loved to see what lord and miller would have done with the character.

  • voltar99
    voltar99 3 months ago

    Calm down. Take a breath. Why cut between each sentence? Did you even listen to this before posting? I liked you better on Friends, and I hate that show.

  • SPZ Max
    SPZ Max 3 months ago

    I liked Woody Harrilson!

    VOLD GAMER 4 months ago

    the movie should have been called soylo a soy story

  • Kaio_K!d
    Kaio_K!d 4 months ago

    Am I the only one who heard the Oof sound in a scene early into the movie? 🤣

  • Kimberly Robinson
    Kimberly Robinson 4 months ago

    I finally got so bored that I watched it last night on Netflix. There were moments, in the beginning, where I almost shut the movie off several times, out of boredom. But, it was just compelling enough to make me give it five more minutes and then five more, etc., until it actually started to get pretty good. Overall, I did think it was good but, then, my expectations were extremely low, to begin with. Glover was good and really captured Lando but I thought Emilia Clarke sparkled. This is the third movie I’ve seen her in and I think, despite what many say, that she really is a great actress. If anything, she’s at her most wooden in GoT. Then again, Dany is that kind of character. I still don’t like who they chose for the lead role but he did as well as he could, under the circumstances.

  • Carlos Ortiz
    Carlos Ortiz 4 months ago +1

    Rogue one and solo are actually more interesting than the main story we had right now

    • J. D.
      J. D. 4 months ago

      I agree. Episode 7 and 8 sucked moose balls. They were atrocious and should be erased from the SW universe

  • Chase Stacks
    Chase Stacks 4 months ago

    Maul was the best part even though i thought sidious killed him

  • Bert Lee
    Bert Lee 4 months ago

    News flash. Nothing happens in a Ron Howard movie. It's all setup and decent cinematography. No pay off, no climax

  • Gal Fore
    Gal Fore 5 months ago

    These reviews feel like Disney employees. The movie was not good. Watch on Netflix or something you are already paying for.

  • Dumisani Tsotetsi
    Dumisani Tsotetsi 5 months ago

    I finally watched the movie. And I'm sorry but nerd reviews are the worst. The movie was very good.

  • Billy Boot
    Billy Boot 5 months ago

    Yo i respect ppl not liking this but i dug the shit out of this film

  • Keith Springston
    Keith Springston 5 months ago

    I like this movie but I like rogue one more. Rogue one connects perfectly into a new hope. Solo feels too much like it's own thing and I dont really like that I wish it connected better to the other movies.

  • crocodile panda
    crocodile panda 5 months ago

    Nearly bought it

  • I’m Batman !
    I’m Batman ! 5 months ago

    i thought this movie was great !!! i just wish Anthony Ingruber was Han, thats my only issue

  • Supernova
    Supernova 5 months ago +1

    I'm at the 1:54 and Ican't stop laughing my ass off because everything he said is exactly how I felt before I stopped the movie (on netflix) about one hour into it. The movie was so predictable that I felt I had already seen it. The characters had so little development that I didn't care about them. Spot on review!!

  • Hugo Fernandes
    Hugo Fernandes 5 months ago

    actually this movie was good ! i liked it.

  • Johnny Gillan
    Johnny Gillan 5 months ago +1

    This movie was dogshit to me I’d rather watch the phantom menace because at least it had the darth maul fight and pod racing

  • Sealion Studios
    Sealion Studios 5 months ago +1

    In my not so humble opinion, the anthology series really didn't work. Both Solo and RO were awful.

  • Bobby Fleming
    Bobby Fleming 5 months ago

    I thought this movie was good. Not amazing but pretty good. Better than the last Jedi in my opinion. About equal to rouge one. I enjoyed it.

  • Maude Dillin
    Maude Dillin 6 months ago

    I feel like the Lord & Miller cut was probably way better. At the very least the jokes would have been more clever and landed better. In the final cut everything is just....awkward

  • JacksonsChannel Johannsen

    5 min video on a movie.. minimal effort and loud is a quality video (sarcasm).. moving on..

  • Laura Robles
    Laura Robles 6 months ago

    I thought the beginning was boring. I didn’t get to see it in the theater so I saw it at home and I started browsing on eBay because that train part was so uninteresting.
    I guess it was ok. It wasn’t terrible.
    I agreed with your review.

  • The Iranian Liberal
    The Iranian Liberal 6 months ago

    Just saw it. Probably the best out of the Disney Star Wars movies. I think most of its hate and apathy comes from backlash from Episode 8 but Solo is MUCH better than The Last Jedi.

  • Fraser Ayton
    Fraser Ayton 6 months ago

    Agree with everything you said man 👌🏻

  • rodwoo17
    rodwoo17 6 months ago

    I had low expectations, so I liked it, young Han was better than young Lando! I loved Han and Chewie's rapport. I enjoyed Paul Bettany and Emilia Clarke's characters. Loved when Han and Chewie pilot the Falcon! Did not like SJW robot and infes nest was a little forced. Hated how Han's last name is chosen and Han's blaster creation was odd. Would love to see how the original cut would be.

  • Andrew Hershberger
    Andrew Hershberger 6 months ago +7

    I loved how dark the Imperial war scene was, it made sense! And then they just kept the scenes way too dark, AngryJoe mentions his buddy asking "Is the projector broken?"

  • Ben McDonald
    Ben McDonald 6 months ago

    Jeremy loves Star Wars but here’s how you know he’s not a fanboy, he’s willing to say he disliked something Star Wars related

  • rJUSTINr1995
    rJUSTINr1995 6 months ago


  • rJUSTINr1995
    rJUSTINr1995 6 months ago

    Trying so hard to hate on this movie. What a fucking loser. Pacing was fine and it was not boring. Retarded as fuck.

  • Dallas Bell
    Dallas Bell 6 months ago

    I think it was a fun good movie I liked it, people

  • Jake Short
    Jake Short 7 months ago


  • Bobby_Peru
    Bobby_Peru 7 months ago

    Shite review. Solo was decent, above decent TBH. TLJ was awful, but Jahns sucks on it's tit.

  • Timothy James
    Timothy James 7 months ago

    This review doesnt determine for the movie. It is not the best but it was entartaining.

  • Stock Brazen
    Stock Brazen 7 months ago

    Not gonna lie you literally didnt tell me anything to support what your saying like i mean your saying that the pacing of action sequence was bad but your not saying what sequence that was your making points but not saying what those points are like for example “donald glover was the best actor in the movie” okay what made him stand out... what made han so bad what moments broke the immersion same thing goes for woody Harrison. This is a review but you barely cover any moments from the movie its self and what made it so bad for you, now all be it you could be avoiding spoilers but you dont say this... anywhere

  • 3choBlast3r
    3choBlast3r 7 months ago

    As thought most of the new sequel movies were crap, some of them were mediocre at best. I expected to hate this movie. I just watched it and I'm fucking blown away. Why is this getting so much hate and bad reviews? The movie is fucking incredible. This dude just called it boring?! It's anything but boring. There are some problematic things for sure, but other than that it's a incredible action adventure sci fi movie, a bit more grown up then the previous movies. With incredible acting, great humor, great fan service and a good love story (could have been developed a little more)
    My only issue was the teenage girl that apparently jumpstarts the rebellion with solo's heist money.. she was so fucking out of place and dumb. But you know "it's a movie with a male lead and it also has another big fan favorite male (lando)" It felt like they made her a teenage girl just to make it more PC which was dumb. She should have at least been an ADULT. She looked 14 or so at first I really thought she was the "lost daughter" of beck and val.
    But no she is a early rebel super warrior that kickstarts the rebellion.

    • 3choBlast3r
      3choBlast3r 5 months ago

      @S M I expected shit and got a good star wars action edventure. Yes I was happy with it.. I don't care if you didn't like it and preferred last jedi or some shit fest

    • S M
      S M 5 months ago

      its boring if this is the type of movie that 'blows you away' you're either lying or having seen any movies to even be making a statement as such

  • Mr. Beane's brickz
    Mr. Beane's brickz 7 months ago

    The worst part is how Han reunited with Q’ira so early in the story. Yeah, she was a pretty interesting character, but the movie lost its emotional weight. Instead of going on the mission because he wanted to reunite with Q’ira, he just goes because the plot tells him to.

  • Ignacio Hernandez
    Ignacio Hernandez 7 months ago

    It was aight