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  • Published on Jul 7, 2019
  • Hey guys! I wanted to give you some info about the off the grid objects we have in The Sims 4! Let me know what you think about some of the weird ways these work. Hugs my frienderinos!
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  • BlueberryHoney
    BlueberryHoney 9 days ago

    you help me a lot with this video! thank you!

  • Teapot Inc
    Teapot Inc Month ago

    Yeesh, I don't play this game but was more curious about this "off grid" and having lived off grid myself for a while all I can say about EA's design is; WUT WERE YOU LOT THINKING!
    This has nothing to do with off grid in the slightest! May as well have not bothered.

  • Gamer Kakyoin Noriaki
    Gamer Kakyoin Noriaki 3 months ago

    If you're near a waterfall you can shower with that

  • KnightOwl247
    KnightOwl247 4 months ago +17

    It'd be nice if they added solar panels and/or generators for the sims to use too

    • ZombieGirlsLife
      ZombieGirlsLife  4 months ago +1

      I love this idea so much, also freaking chickens!!

  • The Doctor
    The Doctor 4 months ago

    You know there is such a thing as libraries with outlets and power banks to recharge mobile devices.

  • ravenbloodommo
    ravenbloodommo 5 months ago +12

    Farm animals will at least help EA's version of off grid living look more authentic.

  • ravenbloodommo
    ravenbloodommo 5 months ago +8

    Console users are waiting for the Farm Animals Expansion Pack

  • ravenbloodommo
    ravenbloodommo 5 months ago +4

    I'll just decide not to use lights or any itims that is EA's version of living off grid lol

  • ravenbloodommo
    ravenbloodommo 5 months ago +3

    Of Course off gridders use electric freezers and fridges diy air conditioning and diy solar heaters and diy solar panels you can even make yourself this off grid trait is messed up Badly, and You the People PAY for this stuff lol

  • ravenbloodommo
    ravenbloodommo 5 months ago +2

    And no most off gridders are Not vegetarian i don't know where that myth was made they even make use of safe road kill because they know how plus most have cattle,pigs,chickens and crops to supply their daily diet and selling products, moneys made goes bback into sustaining the off grid system.

  • ravenbloodommo
    ravenbloodommo 5 months ago +4

    Of Course Off gridders use tubs of water and compost toilets DUH EA has A LOT to learn about off grid living.

  • ravenbloodommo
    ravenbloodommo 5 months ago +4

    Off gridding,Everything from hydroponics to fish farming,they can and DO literally make their own self sustaining echo system and EA is either truly ignorant of off grid life or their just lazy but they WON'T. Be lazy with Farm Animals,they should blow us all away with Farming World Expansion Pack..

  • ravenbloodommo
    ravenbloodommo 5 months ago +2

    E A took away the incentive for jobs,Why work if you can't buy anything lol EA must think off gridders are just a bunch of useless lazy hics lol Far from it they are thee most self sustainable people on the planet.

  • ravenbloodommo
    ravenbloodommo 5 months ago +2

    Off Gridders tend to make their own clothing blankets curtains rugs ect,and OF COURSE they pay bills,OFF GRIDDING is a business just like anything else the only difference is they live off of the same things they make money with and sure some have jobs.

  • ravenbloodommo
    ravenbloodommo 5 months ago +1

    Off griders have wells and wind mills and diy running water from creeks and water holes rain collectors ect.theres wood stoves and ovens and hot water through piping and even make their own hot tubs

  • ravenbloodommo
    ravenbloodommo 5 months ago +2

    Off grid pantries are stocked of food and hunted game they are the best eaters on the planet,no poisons additives or hormones their meat isn't tortured or injected with deadly poisons they raise eat and sell their animals and their animal products.

  • ravenbloodommo
    ravenbloodommo 5 months ago +4

    EA Obviously has no idea what off grid means lol,and let's make sure they only have 2 meals to cook,let's punish them off gridders lol

  • ravenbloodommo
    ravenbloodommo 5 months ago +6

    No solar panels No generators No water,let's just make most things unusable and make sure they are darn right miserable when they use the few itims they have lol,Who's bright idea was that?

  • ravenbloodommo
    ravenbloodommo 5 months ago +2

    If you want to live off grid just don't use electric, They gave you an off grid trait WITHOUT OFF GRID ITIMS,LOL

  • Brittany Waite
    Brittany Waite 6 months ago +6

    Thank you so much for making this video this is very helpful

  • 6 months ago +2

    I had no idea that lamp can warm a sim up and that off the gird part of description..

    • ZombieGirlsLife
      ZombieGirlsLife  6 months ago

      I literally pulled so many things out to see what was compatible 😭 lol

  • Nevarda O'Brien
    Nevarda O'Brien 6 months ago +12

    Thank you so much for the bbq tip. I can not believe I didn't think of it. It's my first off the grid build🤦‍♀️ so silly only 2 meal options on gas. Boring. Fridges can run on gas and kerosene. We lived "off the grid" when I was a child. You can have clean hot water without power. My sims hate showering now. I hope they do bring a pack for this trait. Thank you for the video.

    • ravenbloodommo
      ravenbloodommo 5 months ago

      Agreed scroll to top for all my comments

    • ZombieGirlsLife
      ZombieGirlsLife  6 months ago +1

      I also hope for an off the grid pack, it seems so obvious!! So glad to have helped 😊

  • Kittinthehatlady
    Kittinthehatlady 6 months ago +7

    Didn't know that about the wash bucket, hadn't tried that out yet. That's really annoying! I have tried some lights that should work, as they are clearly candles, but doesn't. Also, I find it weird how you still get the message that they are cutting of your electricity and water if you don't pay your bills. I mean, there shouldn't be any water or electricity there in the first place. ???

  • Amber Hageman
    Amber Hageman 6 months ago +24

    I agree, we should have a working water well because the laundry bucket is so annoying to sell and buy after every load of laundry

    • ZombieGirlsLife
      ZombieGirlsLife  6 months ago +3

      Omg I'm glad I'm not the only one that did this. I just really want that experience to be a part of the off the grid lifestyle 😭😭

  • hi
    hi 6 months ago +1

    Love ur channel!!!!❤️

  • hi
    hi 6 months ago +4

    Thanks for the tips !!