Gordon Ramsay Restaurant Las Vegas - Ultimate Cheeseburger!

  • Published on Oct 19, 2018
  • The Ultimate Cheeseburger ($15) at Gordon Ramsay Burger at Planet Hollywood may just be the ultimate cheeseburger.
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  • Juanda A Wright
    Juanda A Wright 5 days ago +1

    Too expensive. Stick to buffet and get.morr bang for the buck.

  • Judokast36
    Judokast36 7 days ago +4

    Ahh yes well done meaning flavourless with a taste of burnt. Good lord man! Those onion rings looked good. The prices however were outrageous, I'd stick to the buffets in Vegas.

  • KRAM R
    KRAM R 8 days ago

    I dont hate very many people in life but Ramsey I hate as aa chief and especially a person. I've seen him in public and he is even a worse disrespectful person in public. Fuck that guy. I wont support anything he does. Piss on that mthfka!

  • roundingcorners
    roundingcorners 9 days ago

    Ramsey's fame originated from his michelin star, get with the program

  • HW2800
    HW2800 10 days ago

    Cannot wait to try it!

  • peter buccheri
    peter buccheri 10 days ago

    medium rare is so much tastier and the only way I order mine

  • JOEL M
    JOEL M 11 days ago

    Well done?

  • James Gilbert
    James Gilbert 13 days ago

    Yes, $16+ for a burger seems overpriced, but sometimes perspective helps. I went to the local five guys to get burgers for the family. A Five Guys bacon cheeseburger is now $10, by itself. And that’s at a regular, crappy Five Guys. So for only 6 more dollars I can eat a Gordon Ramsay burger? I’ll take that. $8 for fries, or $9+ fir a specialty app? Sure. You are also getting the experience of eating at Gordon Ramsay Burger. If I’m paying $4.50 for a bottle of coke in the hotel sundries shop, $16 for a burger doesn’t seem that bad.

  • Philip Gaynor
    Philip Gaynor 14 days ago

    I ate at the Gordon Ramsey restaurant at Caesars in Atlantic City. Absolutely terrible.

  • xoxo xoxoxo
    xoxo xoxoxo 15 days ago

    Med well lol looks yummy

  • Gregorio Martini
    Gregorio Martini 20 days ago

    when i was 15 years old i worked at wendys, it was summer of 1979. I learned how to cook hamburgers that summer, you never forget.

  • Scouser In The Falls
    Scouser In The Falls 22 days ago

    Poor value. Another con job.

    JOHN VINCENT DEROMA 24 days ago

    im freaking sweating my mouth

  • John Martin
    John Martin 24 days ago

    Its too noisy out there

  • Diana Alkayali
    Diana Alkayali 28 days ago

    Thanks God to have in-n-out burger it's more delicious than this 💩

    • Rabbit Child
      Rabbit Child 23 days ago +1

      Diana Alkayali in n out is pretty good but it won’t beat Gordon’s burger because that is delicious

  • June
    June Month ago +3

    Those onion rings look on point!

  • Bmw Forlife
    Bmw Forlife Month ago

    That burger looks dry even with the cheese.

  • amierull ridzwan
    amierull ridzwan Month ago

    when you eat that remember blood and tear are spilled in the kitchen for that perfect burger


    Saiba como

  • Bob G
    Bob G Month ago

    Looks awesome. Thanks for the review!.. My Irish Great Aunt used to call me luv!

  • Tmanqz
    Tmanqz Month ago


  • Kay Kay
    Kay Kay Month ago

    Looks like the perfect place to take my hubby because he doesn’t like confusion and too many choices either. You made that burger seem very appealing. Thx again!!

  • Ricardo Tejada
    Ricardo Tejada Month ago

    commenting without finishing the video, quit the video because "Well done burger" this is madness and a disgrace

  • Chill Will
    Chill Will Month ago

    What's so wrong with a well done burger guys. Steak maybe I can handle medium rare but a burger c'mon

  • Hollywood Purgatory

    Meh, 20 minutes isn't that bad of a wait at a sitdown restaurant.

  • Dan's GoPro Adventures

    Those onion rings look incredible

  • Fabeldyret
    Fabeldyret Month ago

    Why is there so much noise in his restaurant, GOD PLEASE!!!

  • Jonathan Reed
    Jonathan Reed Month ago

    Exciting. I can’t wait to try this place. Yes. I am a total fan of Gordon Ramsay’s and think he deserves the respect and success he is experiencing. It is attention to detail, quality and intensity that-if applied by ubiquitous, apathetic, ignorant, kitchen staff everywhere-would instantly turn around food quality in thousands of American restaurants. They typically hire cheap help that doesn’t speak the language, lacking food background, and then wonder why quality suffers. Not here!

  • obrbob194
    obrbob194 Month ago

    Crisps are what you call CHIPS they’re NOT French fries

  • Luis_ GM2001
    Luis_ GM2001 Month ago

    There’s no wrong pick, every food that’s served is amazing

  • Justin Reily
    Justin Reily Month ago

    Just an FYI: What we in the U.S. call fries, they call chips in the UK and what we call chips, they call crisps.

  • Rad Kotssigner
    Rad Kotssigner Month ago +1

    U should order a RAW only then Gordon ramsay will come out and yell at u

  • ura prick
    ura prick Month ago

    u got floor staff applying lip balm who a bet not washed there hands and he had a dirty plate and she calld him love .not sir

  • D G
    D G Month ago

    thanks for shining a light on the arsehole

  • D G
    D G Month ago

    ramsey burger hahahahah the guy who criticizes every restaurants food , then makes burgers , imagine if there were no fools ?? that would be a terrible money making process

    JAMES COBURN Month ago

    I’ll never eat this good.

  • Niki Edmonds
    Niki Edmonds Month ago

    I've been wanting to eat here but every time I go the line is sooooo long...if I ever make it I want the Ultimate Burger...it looked so good and I like my burgers well done also 👍🏽

  • Susie
    Susie 2 months ago

    Crisps in Britain are your Potato Chips : )

  • bigboy
    bigboy 2 months ago

    I hate truffles too ! LOL

  • Teri Pacheco
    Teri Pacheco 2 months ago +1

    Great!! Now I'm hungry and its time to go to bed.. Mabie.. I'll dream if cheeseburgers and onion rings!!! Thanks for video!!!!

  • Rocko Pruden
    Rocko Pruden 2 months ago

    🤡 you are!

    TOXIC_ WOLF 2 months ago

    Im from britian and let me just say something why american say chips and french frish are the same theyre not if you have fish and chips at the sea side the chips are thick and full of potato where as french fries which u get at a fast food resturant are thin and crispy if your from england youll agree with me why this is fustrating

  • WRECK 215
    WRECK 215 2 months ago

    We didn't get to go to chef Ramsey restaurant when we were there. The BURGER looks good but it looks COLD so dose the fries... chef Ramsay would have a fit if he was there and seen that.

  • Tsst89
    Tsst89 2 months ago

    I can make 12 burgers for what he spent at that restaurant. And make them taste even better with more ingredients. Overrated

  • Mike Brewer
    Mike Brewer 2 months ago +1

    What an awesome burger !!! Man just looking at that made me hungry.

  • Clarita Mamaril
    Clarita Mamaril 2 months ago


  • E Martinez
    E Martinez 2 months ago

    Your my hero - Well done!!!! Wo go to GRS all the time at the Paris and order our Ribeyes well done. Gordon would kill us if he found out

  • carlos martinez
    carlos martinez 2 months ago

    Just ordered a God damn Burger already 🤔

  • Doublepump
    Doublepump 2 months ago

    Its bloody delicious

  • Russell Pouliot
    Russell Pouliot 2 months ago

    I know this is an older video but your eyes and the look on your face says it all after that first bite 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Mannygsx
    Mannygsx 2 months ago

    Bro? You ok???

  • Lodemer Carpina
    Lodemer Carpina 2 months ago

    Im hungry

  • Dj Pat
    Dj Pat 2 months ago

    I wonder if Gordon have restaurants in Texas?

  • Soul Alone
    Soul Alone 2 months ago +2

    Lucky you Gordon Ramsay wasn’t present.
    Ramsay wasn’t the chef bro

  • Kimberly Weiss
    Kimberly Weiss 3 months ago

    That was cooked perfectly. Sometimes those well done burgers are like hockey pucks but that looked just right.

  • Rene Grondzi
    Rene Grondzi 3 months ago

    Wel done is how you supose to eat if you want to eat raw meat just bite in your self or in a cow

  • fire lioness
    fire lioness 3 months ago

    You can get ur burger how you desire well done, well, medium well no pink medium, medium well a line of pink rare or tar tar point is ur paying for it..

  • trailerpark stevefrench

    Had this. Average for a burger, no way near good enough. Five Guys is 10x better.

  • Gregory J
    Gregory J 3 months ago

    well done is the only way to go, good vid

  • serialchiler
    serialchiler 3 months ago

    Gordon Ramsey ain't even a good chef..

  • rah rah
    rah rah 3 months ago

    I like these videos a lot but I WISH you would be more adventurous in your selection. You always talk about what you do not like and really you get the same thing; TYPICAL MIDDLE OF THE ROAD MIDWEST MEAT AND POTATOES. I mean you go to GORDON RAMSEY and you are over the moon for THE ULTIMATE CHEESE BURGER while passing over the Lobster Burger and other more exotic offerings that would really make this more interesting. All you did was sit there for 20 minutes to order a hamburger and some onion rings. (Yawns)
    Try thinking about your audience we all know you don't like much but we DO! SHOW the meat and potatoes and let us see its there; " hey they meat and potatoes but let's try something I think you all may like or want to see." We all know we can get MEAT AND POTATOES OR SPAGHETTI in Vegas. My two pesos since Im out of the country watching this.

  • Joan Edwards
    Joan Edwards 3 months ago

    6:54 you seem like a very uncoordinated person.😕

  • シャオハオズン
    シャオハオズン 3 months ago

    5:15 that’s girl passing by is a savage to asked that question.... well since he’s cutting a burger with knife so..... 😂

  • bandamakarony
    bandamakarony 3 months ago

    So fucking expensive...18 dollars burger plus taxes plus tip...and onlt fries 8 dollars? Jesus

  • Zach Young
    Zach Young 3 months ago +2

    Well done???? Jump off a cliff, mate.

  • Ridiculed Victor
    Ridiculed Victor 3 months ago

    Who tf cuts a burger in half...

  • juan reveles
    juan reveles 3 months ago

    worst steak ever!!!! chili's steaks are better. from now on ill just watch his shows

  • Jim Cole
    Jim Cole 3 months ago

    The burgers were good. My girl ordered the impossible burger. Said that was amazing. Bullshit there is an up charge from real meat 🍖.

  • The Pick Of Destiny
    The Pick Of Destiny 3 months ago

    She called me love

  • Kishor Devadiga
    Kishor Devadiga 3 months ago

    5.23 She called me love 😂

  • theslowevo
    theslowevo 3 months ago +1

    We do not call them “freedom fries”

  • Logues Life
    Logues Life 3 months ago +2

    Such a good restaurant! We ate there last year and for a girl that isn’t a big fan of beef, my hamburger was amazingly good!!!

  • Purple Sparkle Felicity

    I love your channel Derrick

  • Ben Ritchey
    Ben Ritchey 3 months ago +41

    I hate when he picks up half of the burger and the other half is still attached and falls apart. 5:25

    • Liverpooloflife
      Liverpooloflife 3 hours ago

      Yeah, Although I like all Derek's videos, he is a bit messy with a lot of the food he eats..

    • Do Contra
      Do Contra 2 months ago +1

      Me too!

  • Karl XII of Sweden
    Karl XII of Sweden 3 months ago

    Why do Americans dress up so bad at restaurants. In sweden we dress up with shower , new washed costumes just to go to the store

  • Jude Frazier
    Jude Frazier 3 months ago

    Looked awesome Like mine well done too 👍🏻

  • Scorpio Life
    Scorpio Life 3 months ago

    I like my burgers when I eat one WELL DONE as well. I don't like drinking blood!

  • Root Nixlz l نكسلز
    Root Nixlz l نكسلز 3 months ago +11

    Yall say its overpriced
    Well youve never seen the restaurants in saudi arabia a whole meal of a burger a fries and a drink would averagely cost you 30$

    • fauxpiano V2
      fauxpiano V2 2 months ago

      Alaa H that's cool, never been there

    • Alaa H
      Alaa H 2 months ago

      fauxpiano V2 if you live there!! The food is good here

    • fauxpiano V2
      fauxpiano V2 2 months ago

      Root Nixlz l نكسلز why on earth would you eat a burger at Saudi Arabia

    • Alaa H
      Alaa H 3 months ago

      You went to the pricy restaurants, most people don't eat from there...

  • Vinnie Bruno
    Vinnie Bruno 3 months ago

    You don't want Gordon yelling at you !!!

  • SYOTOS 88
    SYOTOS 88 4 months ago

    This is why we told the British to fuck off. $30 a hamburger. I can go to the best burger joint in LA and pay half that.

    APCWORLDSUXAZ 4 months ago

    I just picked up a smoked ham shank for 8 bucks and a pork loin for 11.26 both on sale...… who is dumb enough to buy 15 dollar hamburger.

    RACCOON RAMPAGE 4 months ago

    Wait he didn’t order the F word burger

  • Felix Alvarez
    Felix Alvarez 4 months ago

    You ordered your burger well done? You ruined it.

  • Amir Nuriddin
    Amir Nuriddin 4 months ago

    They close at 12? Nothing should close at 12 in Vegas

  • oG Vengeful
    oG Vengeful 4 months ago

    Am I the only one that read the menu in Gordon’s voice.

  • Vikki Marker
    Vikki Marker 4 months ago

    my new favorite person

  • Tarihin Amına Koyanlar

    I am so hungry

  • MountainDew
    MountainDew 4 months ago

    lol 20 minutes for a well done burger. And the music is too loud it's a restaurant not a disco made me laugh because that's what Gordon said on one of his episodes.

  • Azim Shabaruddin
    Azim Shabaruddin 4 months ago

    Cant take review from someone who take their burgers welldone

  • Christian Canlas
    Christian Canlas 4 months ago

    *jUsT fRi3s*

  • Attila Banovits
    Attila Banovits 4 months ago

    Taking advice from a guy who can’t Fu**** read . Lol ok

  • borna asi
    borna asi 4 months ago

    Lmao, literally any restaurant (not fast food joint) will charge u 15$+ for a bigger (most come with fries tho). Even Denny’s charges 13$ for a burger😂. Rlly good prices, pretty nice restaurant and good service, definately a go-to restaurant if your in LA

    VIREN 4 months ago

    side tables are so tightly stacked

    COACH DEE 4 months ago

    Gordon has balls , he would of threw that food up for sure

  • shameblamenamegame
    shameblamenamegame 4 months ago

    Well done, I'm your fan for life

  • Saptak Biswas
    Saptak Biswas 4 months ago

    Ya your mom is crazy

  • MaSTerOfGaMEs
    MaSTerOfGaMEs 4 months ago

    why would gordon play let me love you ??

  • cykacookie tardovic
    cykacookie tardovic 4 months ago

    U go to bland area 51...

  • Bakalaka Gaming
    Bakalaka Gaming 4 months ago

    who eats a burger well done?

  • Anthony Rodriguez
    Anthony Rodriguez 4 months ago

    Mmmmm .....shut ur channel down!!!! (Well done)