Pokémon Sword & Shield - All Normal vs Gigantamax Forms Comparison

  • Published on Dec 6, 2019
  • A comparison of all Normal Pokémon Forms vs Gigantamax Pokémon Forms including Shinies and the alternate evolutions in the Complete Pokédex of Pokémon Sword & Shield for Nintendo Switch.
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  • Daniel Kim
    Daniel Kim 9 hours ago

    Somehow Pokemon turned evil...

  • A Doggo
    A Doggo 23 hours ago

    Anyone else noticed he/she showed the Gigantimax and Normal? Am I the only one bothered? ;-;

  • LunaWolf0632
    LunaWolf0632 Day ago +1


  • Francisco Benedicto Doroy Abiera

    Machamp looks hotter in the gigamaxed

  • DrewDeLeon YT
    DrewDeLeon YT 3 days ago

    I missed mega evolutions

  • DerpRaptor
    DerpRaptor 5 days ago

    0:27 The Queen of the Monsters

  • CuPin79
    CuPin79 5 days ago

    2:58 meowth looks creepy asf

  • Cheese Man
    Cheese Man 6 days ago

    Normal pikachu:pikachu :3
    Gigamax pikachu:PI...

  • Maty La tizia che non sa mai che fare


  • Strawberry the Cat
    Strawberry the Cat 8 days ago

    Evies frickin evil

  • PlantyBoi 51
    PlantyBoi 51 9 days ago


  • Dean
    Dean 9 days ago

    I want to eat Alcremie.

  • riconil abaday
    riconil abaday 13 days ago

    What happens that the pokeball that i frogot the name g max

  • Dillon Reilly
    Dillon Reilly 13 days ago

    can we agree that drualadons dunamax form looks like a sky scraper

  • Telewizja Peterkragger

    4:54 When you sleep so long, that tree grows on you

  • Adine the Wyvern
    Adine the Wyvern 13 days ago

    Ight, Imma be *_SKYSCRAPER_*

  • Adine the Wyvern
    Adine the Wyvern 13 days ago

    Gengar is really into bore, huh?

  • Luan R Lula
    Luan R Lula 14 days ago

    New Digimon game looks weirdly familiar with pokemon

  • jesus is good
    jesus is good 14 days ago +3

    can we all just take a moment to respect the fact that this man has caught each and every single pokémon and has not only completed the regular pokedex but has also caught each and every single shiny in the game, hats off to you man

    • jesus is good
      jesus is good 11 days ago

      you never know man

    • Sora Kiwior
      Sora Kiwior 12 days ago +1

      Lol what it's probably a hacked game? People do that to get all these videos out

  • DiamondCrafting
    DiamondCrafting 14 days ago

    G-Max Pikachu: *PEE* PEE *Pee* Pee *pee* pee

  • MossyBoi YT
    MossyBoi YT 14 days ago

    Eevee looks terrifying as gigantimax tbh lmafo

  • Morgan Booth
    Morgan Booth 15 days ago

    Gigantimax Garbodor = katamari damacy

  • NotiStormzy
    NotiStormzy 15 days ago +3

    Doctor: say ahh
    Doctor: wider
    Gengar Gigantamaxed: AHHHHHHHHHHH

  • Owen Smith
    Owen Smith 15 days ago +1

    1:08 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles hero’s in the half shell turtle power!

  • Øï Suzi ïø
    Øï Suzi ïø 15 days ago +1


  • dashdestroyer82
    dashdestroyer82 15 days ago

    6:05 TORNADO

  • dashdestroyer82
    dashdestroyer82 15 days ago

    Why cant I see gigantimax in my pokedex?

  • Michael j m a r l
    Michael j m a r l 16 days ago

    noooooooooooooooooooooooo ika

  • Mark Foley
    Mark Foley 16 days ago +1

    Does anyone know a way to keep a Pokémon from evolving? I like Pikachu but I don’t want him to evolve into raichu

  • Alcione Santana
    Alcione Santana 16 days ago

    Porque ele não mos mostrou o Raichu de canto

  • Alcione Santana
    Alcione Santana 16 days ago

    Porque ele não mos mostrou o Raichu de canto

  • Ene Oodo
    Ene Oodo 16 days ago

    I want ash Greninja in the game

  • lenka1444
    lenka1444 16 days ago

    Anyone else still surprised at how big the Galar Pokédex is

  • Anthont Lopez
    Anthont Lopez 16 days ago

    All gigamax forms are scary

  • Baby Yamper
    Baby Yamper 16 days ago +2

    Why is grimsnarl literally eren jaeger in his titan form?

    • Baby Yamper
      Baby Yamper 14 days ago +2

      @LoserKnownAsNebby go check out attack on titan

    • LoserKnownAsNebby
      LoserKnownAsNebby 14 days ago +1

      I have no idea but im glad im not the only one who thought that

  • Squirtle
    Squirtle 16 days ago

    Flapple and Appletun's Gigantamax forms are my favourite

  • MrDragonMan216
    MrDragonMan216 17 days ago

    Damn, Grimmsnarl be out here looking like a JJBA characters

  • Deen Tunis
    Deen Tunis 17 days ago +3

    imagine if gigantamaxing went wrong

    me seeing pikachu with only the gigantamax tail: *pikachu use iron tail*

  • Parker & Ryker
    Parker & Ryker 17 days ago


  • Chillhop love
    Chillhop love 17 days ago +14

    Everyone else: is big and or changes form
    Meowth: L O N G

  • cmk jr.
    cmk jr. 17 days ago +1

    Machamp be skippin leg day

  • ツHidTheBush
    ツHidTheBush 17 days ago +6

    Gigatmax Butterfree: Now who scared?
    Mega Beedrill: Am I a joke to you

  • Andre Blueboy
    Andre Blueboy 18 days ago

    My question, how do you get shiny Gigantamax Pikachu, Eevee, & Meowth.

    • justour way
      justour way 15 days ago

      Meowth if you have the game nintendo will give it to you as a present in the menu on the pink present on mysterious present or something like that (I am Spanish btw)
      inserting a code that it is inside the box with the cartridge of the game.Picachu and Evee you have to have played to the lets go picachu and lets go evee on your nintendo account to get them.

  • Nurys Ortiz
    Nurys Ortiz 18 days ago

    2:56 *run*

  • KeairlBouryp
    KeairlBouryp 18 days ago

    They need more gigantamax pokemon. They only give attention to kanto pokemon but not the other regions. They could've made a cool metagross gigantamax, a flygon, lucario, steelix, dusknoir, ferrothorn, something actually cool for unown, and any other pokemon. Game freak and Nintendo only focus on kanto and leave out all the others for "new forms." They also need to leave charizard alone. He gets too much attention.

  • Ben McClure
    Ben McClure 18 days ago

    my boy eternatus looking like an end city


    How do u make ur Pokémon look different when dynamaxing

  • Creator 101
    Creator 101 19 days ago

    I ha e a complain.
    When is drednaw faster than thwacky

  • The True loser
    The True loser 19 days ago

    Poor dentists with gygantamaxed gengar

  • YoshiandMario99
    YoshiandMario99 19 days ago +19

    Gigantimax: Exist
    Mega Evolution: Am I a joke to you?

  • The Spirit?!
    The Spirit?! 19 days ago +2

    When the shiney Evee say :Eeeeeevaaaa it is very scary (a little bit)

  • D1am0nd
    D1am0nd 19 days ago

    G-Max Toxtricity looks like its bending over. Very Cool Nintendo

  • Justin WWERollins
    Justin WWERollins 19 days ago


  • GSS1-Sirius
    GSS1-Sirius 19 days ago +1

    Pikachu's "pee" gets me every time.

  • Mika san the meepcity person


  • Kenlyn Can’t Draw :3
    Kenlyn Can’t Draw :3 20 days ago +1

    God, if I saw that Gigantamax version of gengar in my room during the middle of the night.. It probably wouldn’t even fit in my room but that thing is just terrifying-

  • Mangaka2004
    Mangaka2004 21 day ago

    Am I the only one that think Meowth's form is the most ridiculous of the bunch ? Damn it's horrible xD

  • The Jacobverse
    The Jacobverse 23 days ago


  • princess puppyly
    princess puppyly 24 days ago +1

    is anyone gonna talk about the voice of Eevee, fatt Pikachu, and lonk Meowth?
    (edit) I love how they revert Pikachu back to its old fat self btw

  • Super Salmon
    Super Salmon 26 days ago

    G-Max Alcremie is precious