GIRL Names! 100 Most Popular Baby Girl Names in English | American English Pronunciation

  • English Girl Names!
    Useful list of popular girl names (female names) in English with "how to pronounce" video lesson. They are also the top baby girl names in English that will inspire you.
    • Patricia
    • Alberta
    • Lynda
    • Cara
    • Brandi
    • Janessa
    • Claudia
    • Rosa
    • Sandra
    • Eunice
    • Kayla
    • Kathryn
    • Rosie
    • Monique
    • Maggie
    • Hope
    • Alexia
    • Lucille
    • Odessa
    • Amanda
    • Kimberly
    • Blanche
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    Michael Jordan Month ago +1

    Out of all the names on there, my name was not on there
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  • It’s Sophia Yt Bascao channel

    Many People named there baby girls Sophia... why is it not there it is popular..

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