Blade Runner 2049 Desert Effect

  • Published on Oct 14, 2017
  • Get some of the crazy looking visuals from Blade Runner 2049 done entirely in After Effects!
    Camera tracking episode:
    **GEAR WE USE**





    C300 mkII:
    A7s II:


    H4n Zoom:
    Zoom F8:

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  • Knghtmin
    Knghtmin 14 days ago

    anyone else annoyed that one dragon is closer to the person than the other in one shot, and then exact same distance as the other dragon in another shot?

  • Tam Koeberle
    Tam Koeberle 24 days ago


  • Riley Rutter
    Riley Rutter Month ago

    You said no moneyz! I don't have they moneyz to but element 3d or magic bullet looks!

  • Daniel Novák
    Daniel Novák Month ago

    Good intent but cringe

  • avgn
    avgn 2 months ago

    It is not 0 budget video coz at least you need to have a camera (((

  • James Neave
    James Neave 2 months ago

    I just thought, "fog machine and orange lights"

  • S M
    S M 2 months ago

    Hey, I have a question for you! How should I start to learn editing? I wish I could learn on my own but there are tons of softwares and they all seem pretty advanced for a beginner. How do you learn about layering, objects, etc?
    I immediately subscribed, I love this kind of content :) Thank you!!!

  • James Dobbs
    James Dobbs 3 months ago +1

    As my question will show, I'm no after effects expert, question being-...... do you need to rotobrush every frame?

  • 44werewolfnomore
    44werewolfnomore 3 months ago

    Head.. out cha ass

  • Ruben Wojcikiewicz
    Ruben Wojcikiewicz 4 months ago

    youtube has made you fat.

  • Derek's Corner
    Derek's Corner 4 months ago

    LOL one of the best skits in a long time, By the way I want to see more Aris and Emily

    SUKANTHA MANNA 4 months ago

    Both are you so really 😂😋😘👌

  • Nomad Studio Productions

    Awesome tutorial, and Josh nailed it. It stops crying... Only minor critique is the dragons do look wrong right off the bat- because the perspective is off. They needed to be rotated toward each other a bit more. Of course once all the filters and atmosphere are added you can't reeally tell, but it's there. But for tutorial sake, meh. it's still pretty awesome.

  • Aman Jain
    Aman Jain 6 months ago

  • Mark Barrera
    Mark Barrera 6 months ago


  • Young Dexter
    Young Dexter 6 months ago

    What video editing software is this??

  • rajeev madhumadhawa
    rajeev madhumadhawa 7 months ago

    thnx film riot. i use this effect to my short film this is the link of my short film

  • Doctor Casa
    Doctor Casa 7 months ago

    Bien hecho par de locos.

  • Intuitive Inquisition
    Intuitive Inquisition 8 months ago

    This mamadey filmmaking look fun

  • Walid Alfaid
    Walid Alfaid 8 months ago

    Can't you be more specific man. This is so fast and it sucks

  • Bulent KAZAR
    Bulent KAZAR 8 months ago

    u must expln more slow & clean , u must help to noob s... maybe we need learn how u can do this effect vs vs vs thnx for tutrorial

    4REEDOM 9 months ago

    Film Roit what editing software do you use

  • Tony Ling
    Tony Ling 9 months ago

    BRB, gonna go make Blade Runner 2069.

  • Kenneth JR
    Kenneth JR 9 months ago +1

    i love you guys

  • Hemanth Hemu
    Hemanth Hemu 9 months ago

    How did you made your virtual studio at 0:45

  • omi patwa
    omi patwa 9 months ago

    they made it look so simple, good work!!

  • James Phoenix
    James Phoenix 10 months ago

    I have some free blade runner style music on my channel if you need it.

  • Mohamed Sherif
    Mohamed Sherif 11 months ago

    I still get "Yum yum yum" nightmares...

  • aeko
    aeko Year ago

    "Or don't." I love this guy.

  • bobo letti
    bobo letti Year ago +1



  • Data
    Data Year ago

    There's so much missing here, the fuck.

  • Video Master
    Video Master Year ago

    You guys are always awesome WITHOUT the comedy. EVERY time you guys go to the HORRIBLE comedy, it just stalls the video.

  • Isaac Munyaradzi Machakata

    Kept me laughing the whole time

  • yw1971
    yw1971 Year ago

    Just to show how Cinematography is not needed these days.

  • alsakun
    alsakun Year ago

    this shit is too difficult

  • wrangleroooo
    wrangleroooo Year ago +11

    can you please do a normal tutorial, so I can learn it?

  • Field Rebel
    Field Rebel Year ago

    Get your head out your ass! LOL

  • 88feji
    88feji Year ago

    Looks better than 2049 ... seriously I think so ..

  • Skyreader
    Skyreader Year ago

    1:45 What Monitor is this?It`s hard for me to see.

  • Mike Stankovich
    Mike Stankovich Year ago

    I'm impressed and amused

  • Bobby Garrett Iii

    What happened to the Dr. STRANGE tutorial you all did ?

  • Ryan Commins
    Ryan Commins Year ago

    Good content, awful, cringe-inducing jokes.

  • Dakota Wentzell
    Dakota Wentzell Year ago

    As someone who used to watch every single episode of Film Riot for years straight but sadly fell off and stopped watching a few years ago, it’s amazing to see you guys still have your genuinely hilarious and endlessly charming style and format. I think it’s time I start binging the last 2 years of content to watch back up

  • VaNilla
    VaNilla Year ago

    Nice tutorial, but the shooting situations were not right. You wouldn't have such contrast and hard shadows on the subject in foggy weather.

    MAFIA PASTA Year ago

    If only you could do this in FCP...

  • Stewart McConnell

    is there a way to add those 3d models to final cut pro without buying anything extra?

  • Nikolay Vasilev
    Nikolay Vasilev Year ago +1

    Isn't there too much contrast and direct lighting and clearly defined shadows? In the desert "mist" tehre is no way that light could create such clear shadow, imo

  • Positivewheat
    Positivewheat Year ago

    what film programs due you use

  • jakemj03
    jakemj03 Year ago +1

    not fucking funny at all

  • statorworks 345
    statorworks 345 Year ago

    Blown away 👍

  • Janelle Difuntorum

    I don't even know these softwares and I still finished the video because of Blade Runner.

  • Jordan Sparte
    Jordan Sparte Year ago

    That is a beautiful beard Josh, I’m jealous!

  • Salvation73
    Salvation73 Year ago

    Great video but I did not like the movie. The original is one of my top 10 films but I couldn't get into this sequel, I really didn't like it.

  • Amir Farag
    Amir Farag Year ago

    greetings from Egypt

  • Mr5tanley
    Mr5tanley Year ago

    Or you could film when there's a lot of mist and use Curves or Tint to change white to orange. Really easy and done in a few seconds.

  • sean sorensen
    sean sorensen Year ago

    you guys know how to make me giggle

  • Aspire Studios
    Aspire Studios Year ago

    ROFL @ "head out ye ass" 🤣

  • James F. Ewart
    James F. Ewart Year ago

    Every time I select Mask Reference, the mask disappears. What am I doing wrong?

  • xevious2501
    xevious2501 Year ago

    Learning techniques to create a shot is one thing, its fine, learn what you can learn, BUT for those on the creative concept end of things... dont be so lame. BE ORIGINAL come up with YOUR OWN ideas, bring forth something ORIGINAL. Stop copying what you see from other peoples work. Truth is creatively speaking, copying simply shows everyone what talents you dont have.

  • Faran Khan
    Faran Khan Year ago

    as soon as the first shot started playing.. i was like... HEYYY that was not in the BR2049 I watched last night :D
    excellent visuals guys!

    SHWN SHTS Year ago

    Settle a bet; Whats with all the filler? My friend says that these are "jokes",but jokes are supposed to funny and this is very unfunny. My friend says okes can be unfunny, but i argue that would be a waste of time and no one would work in this manner towards a complete waste of time for youtube which has no schedule demands. My friend says this is "comedy"; I say tragedy. Who is right? Loser has to watch more videos😨Anyways keeo up the good work! #groundbreaking

  • Matt K
    Matt K Year ago

    the jokes are so.......... oh well at least the video is informative

  • GAMER L22
    GAMER L22 Year ago

    Josh is so funny Ryan might have some competition

  • Mike Hughes
    Mike Hughes Year ago

    Amazing work, I'm shocked anyone could not like this.

  • Nicholas Zakrajcek Films


    The movie was so fkn good

  • Russell Fedorov
    Russell Fedorov Year ago

    the white balance is off, lol jk

  • Juan Miguel Novoa

    Ryan please teach us how to do an intro like on mean streets. PLEASE!!! Its soo cool

  • Arcade Alchemist
    Arcade Alchemist Year ago

    gay people are so boring to watch

  • CZsWorld
    CZsWorld Year ago

    This reminds me of old Film Riot humor and I miss it.

  • Mike Sgroi
    Mike Sgroi Year ago

    Here's my video based the tutorial!

  • Angelo Capalbo Ghelli

    You win

  • Chendzeea Li
    Chendzeea Li Year ago

    Funny and a learning experience. You have a new subscriber!

  • Shawn Shackelford

    When is Film State coming back assholes?

  • Kriss Kross
    Kriss Kross Year ago

    just explain your technique and don't waste other people's life with attempts on humour.

  • Nantu Dutta
    Nantu Dutta Year ago

    You guys are Crazy !! ;)

  • Dylan Brouwer
    Dylan Brouwer Year ago

    When he started about 'Why did you take your sock off?' , I thought there was gonna be a 'Dobby is a free elf' joke.

  • Pix Studio 19
    Pix Studio 19 Year ago

    Thanks Film Riot
    Here is the link for my one minute shot film

  • Rogue
    Rogue Year ago

    this is probably a stupid question, but how did he get that search bar in after effects?

  • Powder Dog Productions

    i love how the trunk closes super slow

  • Matthew Village
    Matthew Village Year ago

    Cool helpful tutorial but as a first time viewing of this channel the skit wasn't funny and didn't need to be there, gonna watch 2 or 3 more videos but if theres more skits im not sticking about.

  • I M 3 7
    I M 3 7 Year ago

    why is there an hour long kids song video in the vfx playlist XD

  • Doğukan Süner
    Doğukan Süner Year ago

    2:02 :DDDD

  • BMAC
    BMAC Year ago +3


  • TheRedverb
    TheRedverb Year ago

    Josh, with a capital J

  • WhodatTv SoSeriouzEnt

    Can this be done in fcp

  • Prashant Rawat
    Prashant Rawat Year ago

    Can I have that sock?

  • GruberAG
    GruberAG Year ago

    Josh you're the man in the pants;)Greeaaatt video and tutorial!

  • Jordan Santacana
    Jordan Santacana Year ago

    So could you potentially recreate this look, but with a different color...say, BLUE?

  • Edward Hitten
    Edward Hitten Year ago

    Let's be a purist: this orange splash IS NOT the Blade Runner look. Watch the 1st (and only one). The 2049 is the cinema equivalent of high treason.

  • David Lean
    David Lean Year ago

    ...and I thought cracked was the worst example of bad wanna be comedians shooting their mouths off on you tube....welcome to our new hall of famer, Film riot. Great info fellas, just drop the annoying attempts at humour.

  • BaNu [GFX]
    BaNu [GFX] Year ago

    i m felling so sad , you guys have so manu apps and umfg , and i m using just sony vegas 11 :,(

  • Youssef
    Youssef Year ago

    This channel needs to stop failing and being funny holy fuck this was a painful watch from start to 4 minutes in.

  • Ken Nishimoto
    Ken Nishimoto Year ago

    How do you feather the roto layer?

  • Poseidon22332
    Poseidon22332 Year ago

    You guys are awesome

  • Phil Anderson
    Phil Anderson Year ago

    The best, and I mean BEST thing about this, and most of their vids, is the speed of which he goes through the tutorial. It's like 99% of all "how to's" on TVclip go at super slow speed for people who just started using any of these apps, plus it's often filled with extraneous, pointless, doubled up information, not to mention all the "ummm" and "uhhh" moments. Not here. Ryan explains all you need to know, starting at 2:26. If too quick, watch it again.

  • Ali
    Ali Year ago +1

    Yum yum yuuum

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  • Lego Migginy
    Lego Migginy Year ago

    I didn't know that roto brush thing existed? WTF?

  • BeastMediaGaming
    BeastMediaGaming Year ago

    i fucking loved this episode dude!!