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  • K. Le Animateur
    K. Le Animateur 13 days ago

    I don't really have a favorite scene because every scene in this movie is great. None of them are boring, slowed down, unnecessary, none of that. The whole movie is awesometacular and I will buy it on Blu-ray (when I have the money of course)

  • Salman A
    Salman A 14 days ago

    Farm scene was so not required. But wow what an amazing movie. Kathleen Kennedy that’s how you say farewell to a hero

  • TheBlackdragon936
    TheBlackdragon936 16 days ago

    Don’t ever go to North Dakota, I used to live there and there are no mountains at all.

  • Rusty Shackleford
    Rusty Shackleford 26 days ago

    I think that X-24 is dead for good because the warped adamantium in its head will prevent its brain from healing completely.

  • DictatorSayers
    DictatorSayers Month ago +2

    I love the part where Logan is a Limo driver and there’s loud music blaring and young women in dresses drinking, and then one of them flashes his rear view mirror. The fact that he smiled from this was HUGELY satisfying since well he’s miserable for the rest of the film.

  • Hey, isn't that Devon Graham?

    Everything about this movie was just so well done, imo. It blew me away and that ending absolutely got to me. I love it.

  • camden sparks
    camden sparks Month ago

    Dont fuck you logan
    I love jeremy

  • Mother Russia
    Mother Russia Month ago

    The professor X impressions were funny fr

  • Muhammad Yahya
    Muhammad Yahya Month ago

    the first time he experienced life is when he was dieing

  • Connor Noiles
    Connor Noiles Month ago

    I actually clapped when younger Wolverine was shot

  • Harry Fowler
    Harry Fowler Month ago

    When Logan says “this is what it feels like” I think he means what it feels like to have family

  • Marty De La Fuente
    Marty De La Fuente Month ago

    Dude no. Really I love your channel but really I hated this movie. As a long time X-men Comics fan, as a long time X-men movie fan I almost walked out. Dude, this isn't Logan is a dopperganger.
    1) Logan learned his lesson in X-men 2 : Logan turned from being a lone wolf in X2, when he told his "creator" that he picks them and then his is a jerk to his daughter. WTF. Logan totally was not himsel.f
    2) Strategy much : Logan meets younger, clone and you'd think Old Logan would be strategic knowing he is not as strong. But No, Logan acts like an idiot and just leaps in. Same thing with him a limo driver, he just stands there and waits for them to shoot him ? Dude, this is dumb Logan he sucks.
    3) Unemployed ? So with all of the experience as a super solider, and Logan can't get a job except as a limo driver ? Seriously ? What happened to Xavier's fortune ? Dude, it could only be worse if he worked for a knife shop.
    4) Xavier Dies : So anti-climactic. So annoying. He just goes to sleep and gets stabbed. Wow, I think I left to get popcorn after that so lame.
    5) Woliverine amped up. The best part of the movie, positively the best part seeing Logan actually let loose. too bad it only lasted like 2 minutes.
    Such a depressing, lame movie I went home and rewatched X-men 1 & 2, thank god. When you watch "Pryde of the X-men" and realized Logan with a real canadian accent was better than Logan....you know you just saw a terrible movie.

  • René Dietz
    René Dietz Month ago

    The ending

  • DavesWorld
    DavesWorld Month ago

    I want Fox to do more Marvel movies.

  • kefkapalazzo1
    kefkapalazzo1 Month ago

    First scene with x23 or w Charles seized in the hotel. Either is my favorite

  • rajiv kumar
    rajiv kumar 2 months ago

    The x stands for weapon X not xmen

  • Connor Veenstra
    Connor Veenstra 2 months ago

    Wanna see me break your heart in one word?


  • abhishek rana
    abhishek rana 2 months ago

    Those Butter knives tho. 😂

  • Anyposs
    Anyposs 2 months ago

    Just having Jeremy talk about Logan's death scene made me tear up. Like holy fuck, the feels. I knew this movie was going to be good once I saw the trailer with Johnny Cash's rendition of "Hurt," but that scene blew away my expectations. This is by far the best wolverine movie, if not the best X-Men movie so far.

  • JuryHat09
    JuryHat09 2 months ago

    They put the post credit scene at the beginning with the Deadpool tease

  • Cassidy Barnes
    Cassidy Barnes 3 months ago +1

    I shed no tears till she made the cross an X. They got me there.

  • Kobrah De Duelist
    Kobrah De Duelist 3 months ago

    I thought it was interesting because Logan felt like a real guy in a comic book world
    But honestly I think people are liking the concept of the film more than the actual film
    Ever since professor X does the film go downhill but picks up at the end,in my opinion
    I don’t like how all the kids are in the film to be honest (including Laura who literally just fucking screams throughout) it kind of negates the darker,kind of realistic tone they were going for
    The first scene is easily the best part of the film which is followed by then last scene. The rest of the scenes in the film were either pretty good or mediocre
    Overall I thought it was excellent the first time but I seem to like it a little less every time I watch

  • O'Neil Benjamin
    O'Neil Benjamin 4 months ago

    Dude Fav Scene has to be when he uses his hand to pull out the claw that didnt really fully extend.. I was like woah bro you are like sick sick.. broke my heart... immediately after though, I played Last Of Us and felt a ton better.. ( Logan Lives on through Joel) :-)

  • Zechariah Boswell
    Zechariah Boswell 5 months ago

    I cried too

  • Dikeledi Musi
    Dikeledi Musi 5 months ago

    Nah guys... Logan is overrated. A good movie perhaps, but not the masterpiece it's being made out to be. The time Logan is set in is too soon for Logan to be an "old man". Since when does adamantium poison you from the inside? An entire family dies, because of Logan and Laura, but who cares right? There is no emotional connection between the viewer and Charles, so his death was more of a "it's about time". X-24 died in that way, really? Then the fight sequences are EXACTLY the same, shot EXACTLY the same way, over and over and over and over again. The hype is just because it was set in a realistic world. Oh well...

  • Troy C
    Troy C 5 months ago

    Logan was amazing

  • gelpy27
    gelpy27 5 months ago

    Wait no!!!! His last words meant he finally felt what love and being in a family feels like!!

    • gelpy27
      gelpy27 5 months ago

      But death, like Jeremy said, is a good theory!

  • TheHoodedBrony
    TheHoodedBrony 5 months ago

    My favorite scene in the entire movie was the beginning slaughter, when I first saw that, I was like “Oh shit, good thing I have my ticket, because we are going for a ride!” It basically told you “this will be Hugh’s last movie to wear the claws and we are going to send him off in the almost spectacular fashion of a “Goodbye.”

  • Airbreaker42
    Airbreaker42 5 months ago

    I loved the movie but I just disliked how depressing the movie was I never ever wanted to see professor x or Logan die because I love both of them and it broke my heart to see them die

  • Airbreaker42
    Airbreaker42 5 months ago +1

    I never knew admantium posions the user so ur telling me when Laura is about 200 years old the admantium will kill her too

    • Airbreaker42
      Airbreaker42 5 months ago

      Seth Carpenter i think it could bcz admantium is unmeltable and unbreakable and can only be broken by heated admantium

    • Seth Carpenter
      Seth Carpenter 5 months ago

      Airbreaker42 you think that metal can withstand the temperature of the sun?

    • Airbreaker42
      Airbreaker42 5 months ago

      Seth Carpenter no bcz his admantium skeleton would still be there but he wouldn’t be regenerating bcz he would be constantly burning

    • Seth Carpenter
      Seth Carpenter 5 months ago

      Airbreaker42 I'm pretty sure young Logan would die if he was thrown into the sun too lol

    • Airbreaker42
      Airbreaker42 5 months ago

      Seth Carpenter yeah that is true but if u think about it u can kill her if u throw her in the sun bcz she has no admantium skeleton that can survive the suns heat and she can’t regenerate if she’s constantly burning

  • Condor L Gaming
    Condor L Gaming 5 months ago

    I thought he meant this is what it feels like to have a daughter lol

  • dumblydorr_61441
    dumblydorr_61441 5 months ago

    My take on the adamantium poisoning is that all through his life his immune system was fighting it off, but when a a person grows old, their immune systems stop working as well, so the poisoning actually started to work.
    Also, I think my favorite scene was when Logan had to help Charles to the bathroom - it just further ingrained that fact that these two guys were long past their prime but still kept their bond.

  • Martin VR
    Martin VR 5 months ago

    This movie deserved the praise it got, it was great to see something new to the superhero gender, unlike avengers films, they are so overrated and generic, anyways that's a kids movie.

  • Roxas
    Roxas 5 months ago

    X-24's adamantium was a weaker version, which was weak enough to have a bullet to the brain. The scientist guy injected 24 with the green juice during the farm sequence insinuating a weaker version of prime logan. And the bullet was mentioned in the beginning of the movie when caliban smelled the bullet and laura found the bullet and logan admitted to attempting suicide

  • Nerd in the Library
    Nerd in the Library 5 months ago

    The scene where the kids took down metal-hand-dude was so fucking satisfying

  • Devon Doyle
    Devon Doyle 5 months ago

    I feel like I should like Logan more than I do.

  • The Juice
    The Juice 5 months ago

    Id be scared to masturbate if I was Logan.

  • John Stachteas
    John Stachteas 5 months ago

    The dark knight isnt a comic book movie

  • KillerReign _
    KillerReign _ 5 months ago

    This movie Reminded me of The Lastt Of Us

  • Cristina Gibson
    Cristina Gibson 5 months ago

    My husband watched this movie for the first time today and he was sad. I saw the trailer and that Johnny Cash song had me in tears. I knew enough to know the movie would have a father and son, father and daughter relationship vibe throughout. My father died in 2010 and had Alzheimers. I was a Daddy's girl. I can't handle movies with a father/daughter theme. I cry my eyes out. So as much as I'd love to see the finale of Logan, I'll appreciate this spoiler video and trust my husband when he says " it's freaking sad" 😔

  • Gabriel Moran
    Gabriel Moran 5 months ago

    Best fucking Professor X impression ever. “Fahhk you, Lohgahnnn.”

  • CheesyTits
    CheesyTits 5 months ago

    I'm tearing up just listening to you talk about it lmao. I gotta watch that shit again.

  • Zaku II Zaki
    Zaku II Zaki 5 months ago +1

    Am here because avoided Star Wars Last Jedi and watched Logan on DVD instead. Yea its december 2017. Logan is in Jeremy top ten 2017, so it has to be good right? Damn. There was a early brief exchange when Prof X mentioned to Logan about the statue of liberty and I had a flashback of Hugh Jackman's Wolverine fighting it out in the first X-Men movie in the early 2000s. Damn. From then on in the movie it was a salute to Hugh Jackman's Wolverine and to Patirck Steward's Prof X all the way with great casting on X-23. Layered movie, great movie. Way to end Hugh Jackman's Wolverine and a salute to what comic book movies can be.^^

  • Ryan Vance
    Ryan Vance 6 months ago

    Odd this Logan from the anime becomes a religious person after meeting night crawler

  • Garrison Andrew
    Garrison Andrew 6 months ago

    #1 spot on top ten this year maybe?

  • nd hickson
    nd hickson 6 months ago

    Favorite moment was X-23’s first fight sequence

  • Joseph Raymond
    Joseph Raymond 6 months ago

    i still find it’s interesting how his death predicted in the wolverine movie did happen in this movie

  • Joseph Raymond
    Joseph Raymond 6 months ago

    the most emotional moment is when xavier says how he had a nice night but then said that he didn’t deserve it and his last moment alive is him remembering what he did when he died

  • chevon1920
    chevon1920 6 months ago

    I hate this movie, it broke my heart, 😭😭😭😭

  • JPhoenix_ 10
    JPhoenix_ 10 6 months ago

    My film of the year

  • Yaqeen Snipes
    Yaqeen Snipes 6 months ago

    Love his professor x impersonation lol

  • When I Was Young A Penny Cost A Nickel

    I wonder how many times he Punch the camera by accident

  • Anton Bengard
    Anton Bengard 6 months ago

    Wait... no... origins is the one that made sense. I don't care what its made out of, its a bullet not a rocket.

  • DD Lee
    DD Lee 6 months ago

    I kept thinking "this family is toast" Noooooooo. I really liked the circle back to the first movie that he was cage fighting.

  • Michael Nally
    Michael Nally 6 months ago

    When I saw it at the end I’m like “I can do this I can do this”. Then she says “daddy” I’m balling.

  • TheAngryBoi
    TheAngryBoi 6 months ago

    I know I'm super god damn late, but are the X-men gonna be in the avengers: infinity war movie? Almost every superhero will be in those movies. And a bunch of them will die...

  • Jah Herbo
    Jah Herbo 6 months ago

    Seeing Logan come back looking like his old self did it for me and saving his daughter was a beautiful moment worst part was when Logan died fucked my whole brain over

  • Chan Winson
    Chan Winson 6 months ago

    It's just a well-balanced, and perfect movie. Not too much exposition, not too much action. Just right.

  • TerminalHamster
    TerminalHamster 6 months ago

    Jesus Christ that movie was depressing, the xmen universe is a frickin nightmare of abuse and apocalypse and our guide through it all is the one person who can cut themselves better than anyone yet take 8 movies to finally die.

  • Dao Yang
    Dao Yang 6 months ago

    I want to see Deadpool already.

  • Dao Yang
    Dao Yang 6 months ago

    I love how the movie doesn't show any more super heroes that could have been put in the movie. Like Cable or Bishop, or Wade.
    To be honest I was half expecting to see Magneto in the end in Eden. But you don't see Magneto, or Eden. James Mangold did right by having the movie be just about Logan and Professor X.
    These two guys are the remnants of what Professor X built. They are the hollow version of themselves because neither of them can really do what they used to be able to do anymore.
    I love this movie so much. It's depressing, it's got a sense of hopelessness, it's fucked up, it's tragic. But god damn it his death is so well deserved!

  • Dao Yang
    Dao Yang 6 months ago

    I forgot what Professor X and Wolverine said to each other but there was a hint at Daken.
    I think Professor X said something about a mutant similar to Wolverine but from the land of the rising sun.

  • Dicky Collins
    Dicky Collins 6 months ago

    Favorite scenes: Wolverine's death. Professor X/Entire calm peaceful family deaths, when logan buries Xaiver, that funeral scene, that final brawl, that scene where logan and laura just like kill everybody around them, that part where Logan DOESN'T break through the fence easily like you thought he would, that whole car chase thing, the ravagers invasion, the entire movie in general.

  • Julio
    Julio 7 months ago

    I was disappointed in this ending. I would have preferred if Logan had started a new school with his daughter and the children, following in the Professors footsteps. Instead two of my all time favorite X-Men die at the hands of a clone? Really? That’s the best send-off the writers could come up with for these two heroes?

  • Link hero of the winds really Ted Brodhead

    Just watched all of the x men movies in chronological order first class to Logan fuck I’m in tears

  • Colton Burke
    Colton Burke 7 months ago

    Watched this movie several times still touched my heart

  • Atheist Destroyer
    Atheist Destroyer 7 months ago

    I've watched Logan 5 times and I still cry like a baby at the end.

  • Rocky
    Rocky 7 months ago

    I could see the death of that family on the farm a mile away...

  • Mohamed Khatib
    Mohamed Khatib 7 months ago

    Great movie but the dark knight is still the bar the best movie until this day .

  • Gunjan Jha
    Gunjan Jha 7 months ago

    I cried watching the end ...

  • Aaron G
    Aaron G 7 months ago

    I'm not sure if it was only in the blu ray version, but the radio does fully say basically that professor x injured many people and 7 mutants or maybe several but I thought they said 7.

  • ilan6100
    ilan6100 7 months ago

    Weapon X

  • Milton2k
    Milton2k 7 months ago

    Yah, teared also a bit. Great death scene.

  • Milton2k
    Milton2k 7 months ago

    Man, I've dealt with elder ppl before. Stuart makes a great character. Huge respect for the man.

    • Milton2k
      Milton2k 7 months ago

      Oscar material IMO

  • Steven Reyna
    Steven Reyna 7 months ago

    Actually Wolverine is a religious man.

  • Supermagnificence
    Supermagnificence 7 months ago

    I feel like I'm the only person on the planet who thought this movie was pretty crappy.....

  • Netan Seamster
    Netan Seamster 7 months ago

    I cried ❤️

  • E D
    E D 7 months ago

    When Logan said "So this is what it feels like" at the end. I actually though he meant being happy or feeling good because of thwt moment with x23. But right after I thought maybe he meant what it feels to actually die.
    I thought it was a great ending. Got me right in the feels.
    Edit: i paused it before Jeremy got to that point, looks like we agree.

  • Darbell 115
    Darbell 115 7 months ago

    My 4th favorite movie dis year it's goes 4. Logan 3. IT 2. Baby driver 1. War for the planet of the apes

  • NutBleeder
    NutBleeder 7 months ago

    The gripe i had with the movie was with all the cringey kid characters. Now be it, they ARE kids, and kids arent as well had in acting as adults are, it just kind of hurt the movie for me. But the x-23 girl was competent enough

  • NutBleeder
    NutBleeder 7 months ago

    YOU have shitty posture? Oh please

  • Redneck Thoughts
    Redneck Thoughts 8 months ago

    Had to be when the girl just rolls the head and the scene where Logan goes beast with the serum

  • Chapman Storytelling Universe

    How about a top 5 best done superhero movies?

  • Michael Nally
    Michael Nally 8 months ago

    While I would love to see Wolverine and Deadpool on screen. I’ll take something like this. Wade Wilson bumps into Hugh Jackman and Hugh says “watch it bub!” And he has a Wolverine shirt on. Then wade replies “you watch it Jackman! Or Logan! Or whoever the hell you are!”. If we have something like that I will be satisfied.

  • kai9755
    kai9755 8 months ago

    i cried the second time i watched it

  • muchamuchacha
    muchamuchacha 8 months ago

    They whole move had my heart in it's hands and kept squeezing! But because Shane is my dad's favorite movie of all time, when the little girl quotes it, it made me giggle at first but made me cry! lol! That part hit me the most.

  • User IsAlone
    User IsAlone 8 months ago

    I can’t wait for X-23 movie

  • Amilcar Cuevas
    Amilcar Cuevas 8 months ago

    I just watched Logan a few days ago after watching The Gifted on Fox and I kind of took the future that Logan is living in is the extension of what is going on in that show. Any thoughts?

  • Johnnie Johnson
    Johnnie Johnson 8 months ago

    The farm scene will stay with me forever

  • Freddy McShreddy
    Freddy McShreddy 8 months ago

    I heard that in like the Portuguese dub he said "so this is what being a father is like"

  • Thomas Martin
    Thomas Martin 8 months ago

    Sometime in the middle of the dinner scene it just hit me....that family is totally dying, and probably everyone else except x23

  • Night Power
    Night Power 8 months ago

    LOgan could have killed the blond guy and the doctor and end it at half point of the movie...

  • Pat Parker
    Pat Parker 8 months ago


  • cancerman50
    cancerman50 8 months ago

    This had us down to only 2 X-men and they both were eliminated. Sony made us fall in love with these guys and now they are all gone. Bad move guys! You should of just done a passing of the torch so Hugh can move on to other roles.

  • Diablo Mutant
    Diablo Mutant 8 months ago

    I had emotional control until Laura called Logan "daddy"😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • InMyWorld
    InMyWorld 9 months ago +1

    when logan said this is how it feels like ..... I think he ment what's like to be a father !

  • Randomfully Wonderful
    Randomfully Wonderful 9 months ago

    Sad fact, Professor X got that Black family killed. Logan wasn't going to take them up on their offer for dinner.

  • Carrot Kim
    Carrot Kim 9 months ago

    I thought of Heroes too

  • Dario Dvon
    Dario Dvon 9 months ago

    I loved the cross being changed to X part 😄😄😆😟😟😟

  • TheSegacampGamer and Werecamp

    and then a Few Months Later Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 came out and the Post Credits went a little outta hand there must have been like 6 During the Credits!