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  • filmed this video in 4k on this --
    with this lens --
    big drone -
    OTHER GEAR ---
    Sony CAMERA
    BIG Canon CAMERA;
    OLD DRONE (cheaper but still great);

    follow me; on

    music mixed by

    i used this site to make the map animation
  • Runtime: 7:27
  • Etihad A380 The Residence Complete Flight Review  THE $21000 FIRST CLASS AIRPLANE SEAT  first class  business class  qatar airways  qatar airlines  etihad  emirates  bed  shower  casey neistat  best business class  best airplane food  push ups on airplane  

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  • CaseyNeistat
    CaseyNeistat  11 days ago +6880

    guy richie is actually spelled guy ritchie. i forgot the t sorry about that.

  • telsah1
    telsah1 4 hours ago

    I think all of Qatar Business Class looked very good. Even the pyjamas that you did not like.  The food looked fab.  I agree looks like two thumbs up.

  • Henry Narzary
    Henry Narzary 5 hours ago

    "Why don't airplanes have gym?" 😂

  • The stupid life of vivek

    Pls come to bahrain....😁 it's next to qatar

  • Justin Short
    Justin Short 5 hours ago

    Anyone else see the flight attendant dump the strawberries off the plate while she was serving Casey?

  • Aidan Chouinard
    Aidan Chouinard 6 hours ago

    It weighs too much

  • 2wo tr3y
    2wo tr3y 8 hours ago

    I like the smoothie please *looks in the ca+mera happy 😂*

  • Jason Grace
    Jason Grace 8 hours ago

    Thank you for putting this up I miss Qatar already :(

  • corrie brownrigg
    corrie brownrigg 10 hours ago

    the food looks very nice , veryclean cabin

  • Owen Trader
    Owen Trader 11 hours ago +1

    I'm sure you would put a go pro on the outside of a plane if you could...

  • ÇutëKäwäiiĖmbër
    ÇutëKäwäiiĖmbër 18 hours ago

    how rich are YOU?!?!?!?!?!

  • Ahsan Mevahwala
    Ahsan Mevahwala 18 hours ago

    Mumbiker Nikhil

  • Gee A
    Gee A 23 hours ago

    I'm from qatar and I would love to meet you

  • Steelers Fan120
    Steelers Fan120 23 hours ago +1

    I check his acc every know again and always I find plain vids

  • meme9909 al-abdulqader

    I'm from Qatar ❤️🇶🇦 Hope you all have a great day 👍🏻 😊

  • Serious Serious
    Serious Serious Day ago

    His trouser are really cool. Does anyone know where to get them through internet?

  • raph plays11
    raph plays11 Day ago

    Im in new york

  • mmwpro63
    mmwpro63 Day ago

    The second you mentioned a smoothie....XD . Business class airline flights are the bomb.

  • Omar Ismail
    Omar Ismail Day ago

    bro the last flight i took the guy next to me farted that's about it.

  • YumYucky
    YumYucky Day ago

    I'll take all the food.

  • Z Rich Life
    Z Rich Life Day ago


  • Jazi Cabaio
    Jazi Cabaio Day ago

    Qatar airways is the best airline

  • Max L.
    Max L. Day ago

    casey should get a life .stupid unenployed dork

  • Andrew Dale
    Andrew Dale Day ago

    The A350!

  • bill Lawrence
    bill Lawrence Day ago

    We fly on any sort of plane

  • inigojuancarlos
    inigojuancarlos Day ago

    I'm flying Qatar airways business class going to Cape Town. Awaresome!

  • HeartBreakKelby
    HeartBreakKelby Day ago

    Caseyyyy, looking good in Off White!

  • Tahir Akıncı
    Tahir Akıncı Day ago

    God, King Arthur was a terrible movie.

  • Fuzion180
    Fuzion180 Day ago +1

    Damn what an experience! nice to watch someone else experiencing it. Looks one heck of a flight! economy just doesn't cut it

    ALPHA GAMER Day ago

    Dude ur camera is sick👍👍

  • Thomas Rousseau
    Thomas Rousseau 2 days ago

    I like how the lady dropped his food

  • Polar 182
    Polar 182 2 days ago +1

    He ate a lot of desserts

    MAXJAROCKY 2 days ago

    visit to poland!

  • Noahgund
    Noahgund 2 days ago

    Never travel with Norwegian.

  • DodjersBoy
    DodjersBoy 2 days ago


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  • Tsetsi * Medical Leech Therapy * Enema * Цеци Ceci

    The salmon has caviar on it?

  • Tyke Handsome
    Tyke Handsome 2 days ago

    You have EARNED this. You go boy!

  • Samy ox
    Samy ox 2 days ago

    wow casey is a hypebeast

  • museluvr
    museluvr 2 days ago

    Casey.. a gym on a plane. Weight issues. Hello.

  • SEMS
    SEMS 2 days ago

    Looks nice, but considering the premium cost for this, it doesn't really seem worth it.

  • tono80
    tono80 2 days ago

    Very good quality, but the seats are very open, and not very "coccoony" like other cheaper business classes (i.e. United Polaris) . I prefer more privacy

  • Pink Flyod
    Pink Flyod 2 days ago

    too bad we can no longer use this airline

  • Typical Jp
    Typical Jp 2 days ago

    Nice video love it.

  • MadAceReigns 17
    MadAceReigns 17 2 days ago +1


  • Sultan Al-Maadeed
    Sultan Al-Maadeed 2 days ago


  • Sultan Al-Maadeed
    Sultan Al-Maadeed 2 days ago

    i am from QATAR

  • Gian Winarto
    Gian Winarto 2 days ago

    nice video

  • mat werry
    mat werry 2 days ago

    dude my favourite guy richie movie is snatch too hell yeaah dude

  • Vince P
    Vince P 2 days ago

    Nice music

  • Déya Music
    Déya Music 2 days ago

    should do like some economy reviews because.... pretty sure most of us cant afford business class haha

  • southchum101
    southchum101 2 days ago

    I can’t relate to this shit...

  • Uygar Çalık
    Uygar Çalık 2 days ago

    Daha kasik tutmasini bile bilmeyen senin gibi bir kekoyu ; A350 nin o busines koltuguna : nasil oturttular insanin akli almiyor :)

  • iPhoneTips&Tricks
    iPhoneTips&Tricks 2 days ago

    Prolly cuz the dumbbells alone are 550 lbs (5lbs-50lbs)

  • societyschild 54
    societyschild 54 2 days ago

    You sure know how to live! Last time I was on a plane, we were sandwiched in like sardines, givin' four peanuts and a shot glass of coke, but not after being stripped searched like a common criminal at the terminal. The guy behind me must of eaten a dead skunk and thought it proper to share it with me the entire trip. NEVER AGAIN!

  • Low Effort Gaming
    Low Effort Gaming 2 days ago +3


  • Nolan Tams
    Nolan Tams 2 days ago

    That’s so cool

  • justin carson
    justin carson 2 days ago +1


  • Chris Holliday
    Chris Holliday 3 days ago

    WE get it ,you're rich, you fly business class a lot! That being said ,Love most all your stuff. I flew coach from Tokyo to Chicago 5 times. That ..... would be a video eh ?

  • TheAliLife
    TheAliLife 3 days ago +8

    That dessert looks better than dessert you can get on the ground

  • Michael Akingbade
    Michael Akingbade 3 days ago

    My plane has a gym..

  • Matts YT
    Matts YT 3 days ago

    Awesome review! ... creepy music?

  • Vlog by Skye
    Vlog by Skye 3 days ago

    I would like the smoothie please :D

  • Troy Shaw
    Troy Shaw 3 days ago

    I flew American last week. T/hey suck ASS!!!! So rude!

  • kaushal kishore kumar

    in majority of this vedio ... blog starts from airport and end at next airport ... feeling hungry
    wana taste ...ICE CREAM ...😂😂😂😂

  • smoshwatcher100
    smoshwatcher100 3 days ago

    Omggg I was literally on Qatar airways 2 weeks ago

  • LA_ X
    LA_ X 3 days ago

    Pls try oman airlines

  • Shafayat Noor
    Shafayat Noor 3 days ago

    Hi Casey! Do visit Bangladesh once if you have the time!!

  • zamboor83
    zamboor83 3 days ago

    U look like a squeezed dry lemon ☺ keep that up

  • paul Smith
    paul Smith 3 days ago

    I went on Qatar Airways to Doha but on economy. :(

  • vincRBL
    vincRBL 3 days ago

    subscribe to me and i subscribe with 2 accounts back

  • tσσσpчn
    tσσσpчn 3 days ago

    How come when i fly with business class it isnt NEARLY as nice as this?

  • Adam Dowd
    Adam Dowd 3 days ago +1

    Nice gear s3 frontier edition

  • Fabi. zip
    Fabi. zip 3 days ago

    Wait i got an Emirates ad before the video...

  • ja3
    ja3 3 days ago

    im new to neistat, but man i just gotta say he is one charming gent

  • andivax
    andivax 3 days ago

    ahh. dat panasonic autofocus )))))) nice vid though, thanx!

  • York Pimiento
    York Pimiento 3 days ago

    This is crazy I was just in Doha Qatar exactly two weeks before this! Im on deployment right now and Qatar was one of our port visits. 🇶🇦🇶🇦

  • Rick Trap
    Rick Trap 3 days ago

    I love U

  • cody bersick
    cody bersick 3 days ago +1

    *ew who dresses this guy lmao*

  • Raphael
    Raphael 3 days ago

    I wish I had the amount of "I don't give a fuck" as Casey so that I could just start doing stretches and pushups in an airplane aisle.. then again at some point it would become inconsiderate towards other people

  • Jeruhmi
    Jeruhmi 3 days ago +13

    That's one of the nicest airlines I swear.

  • F33R Roflcoptr
    F33R Roflcoptr 3 days ago

    anyone else notice his Off-White Pjs??? casey is a hypebeast

  • Tim Dawson
    Tim Dawson 3 days ago

    Mister see how is your knee did you get it repaired and how is your ability of walking now are you back running

  • DeepGlaze
    DeepGlaze 3 days ago

    The rice gum of vloggers

  • Nicolas Nario
    Nicolas Nario 3 days ago +1

    Off white?

  • cesar picazo
    cesar picazo 3 days ago

    valla hijo de tu puta madre hasta q te alcanzo para otro viaje

  • Claudio Rivera
    Claudio Rivera 3 days ago +1

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  • Jeremy David
    Jeremy David 3 days ago

    Cool. Now the 17 people who see this who were considering the business class quasar airways will be happy.

  • C OB
    C OB 3 days ago +1

    casey is a racist..heard him yell nigger at a kid in san Francisco..

    nazi neistat!!!

    piece if shit

  • Here Be Barr
    Here Be Barr 3 days ago +3

    Haha.. another great vlog.. I think a gym with free weights on an airplane would be a major hazard with any risk of turbulence. Maybe a few really locked in cable stations could be safer in theory.

  • Lit _66
    Lit _66 3 days ago

    How rich is he

  • TronCreeper54
    TronCreeper54 3 days ago

    Lol the NYC airport that is my airport!

  • Justin Mainemer
    Justin Mainemer 3 days ago

    What watch do you wear Casey? I always see it lit up. I like to if I can afford possibly get that same or similar watch. Hope you can let me know, that be super cool to hear back from you :) Love the videos!

  • Halonkata
    Halonkata 3 days ago

    They have gym in the space, why not in the airplens

  • Oscar Frausto
    Oscar Frausto 3 days ago

    Anyone know where I could find the song in the video

  • LennyWeen
    LennyWeen 3 days ago

    the newest planes dont even have window shades anymore... its a touch operation for an opaque window!!! get a newer plane Casey!!! get the 787!

  • Lorry Buehler
    Lorry Buehler 4 days ago

    Thank You I really like there’s videos , 1#

  • andrewchen425
    andrewchen425 4 days ago

    Verdict for this video: boring and sloppy compared to the one that made him famous.