• Published on Oct 9, 2017
  • filmed this video in 4k on this --
    with this lens --
    big drone -
    OTHER GEAR ---
    Sony CAMERA
    BIG Canon CAMERA;
    OLD DRONE (cheaper but still great);
    follow me; on
    music mixed by
    i used this site to make the map animation

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  • CaseyNeistat
    CaseyNeistat  11 months ago +9592

    guy richie is actually spelled guy ritchie. i forgot the t sorry about that.

  • Jiddi Rohan
    Jiddi Rohan Hour ago

    mumbiker nikhil also work in qutar airways

  • XxlilGhostxX213
    XxlilGhostxX213 6 hours ago


  • Colin Shettler
    Colin Shettler 18 hours ago


    SLAM BOY Day ago

    The pilot sounded like a international burglar from a Austin Powers movie

    SLAM BOY Day ago

    just like a kid , ate the ice cream left the fruit .

  • Minty Suga
    Minty Suga Day ago

    I wonder how many kits he have now?...

  • Johneisha Robinson
    Johneisha Robinson Day ago +1

    Wish I had the money to wear off white to bed😂

  • しまちゃんねるSima channel


  • Yuvi Games
    Yuvi Games 2 days ago +1

    I went here mine was with bar also I was in first class it was hong kong to Paris

  • Entertainment Central

    Why do people treat celebrities different from regular people? For example, the flight attendants treated Casey different from other people onboard just because they knew of his channel. Why is this?

  • kristianm8
    kristianm8 3 days ago

    He made a good job with the napkin “cappuccino” “smoothie” ! I hate when I take a sip and realise it was coffee and not the smoothie 😂

  • Claire Lenden
    Claire Lenden 4 days ago

    Can I just say that Casey seems like one of the nicest people ever and that he does not take anything he has for granted.

  • Cornelius L�Áfvall Viskum

    Wow you are lokke

  • gacha cat playz a.r.m.y bts

    Im so jealous..

  • King Joker
    King Joker 7 days ago

    How about you try malaysia airlines

  • jjmatlapeng 627
    jjmatlapeng 627 8 days ago

    Like your glasses

  • NAE QATAR2007
    NAE QATAR2007 8 days ago

    I’m from Qatar

  • Pauli C
    Pauli C 8 days ago

    LOVE IT ..... some great camera angles as always, crack-up music and banter and fun, as usual. I am excited to be taking one of QRs longest flights next month ... AKL-DOH in business class as I fly home to spend time with my FAM ... good job bro

  • Afnan Alhamidi
    Afnan Alhamidi 9 days ago

    The music? Oh not creepy at all Casey not at all ...... WHO TF SAYS I LOVE YOU IN SUCH A QUIET VOICE I like the first one

  • No more Gold
    No more Gold 9 days ago


  • Mariam Coquard
    Mariam Coquard 9 days ago

    I was born in Doha

  • Jahanzeb Sarfraz
    Jahanzeb Sarfraz 9 days ago

    4:02 that middle finger

  • NumGaming
    NumGaming 10 days ago +1

    4:33 lady drops food 😂

  • plorr2FYI
    plorr2FYI 10 days ago


  • jomie orbino
    jomie orbino 10 days ago

    Goal in life watch kc video for 3 straight days

  • Ashlin Lily
    Ashlin Lily 10 days ago

    The music he uses is absolutely wow

  • Fardan Ahmed
    Fardan Ahmed 10 days ago

    Was worth it cause that flight is long😏✈️🛫

    HOWARD CHANG 11 days ago

    Hold me tight I love you

  • Jaii gogetit
    Jaii gogetit 11 days ago

    Casey is to be feared.. at least by airlines... hahahah
    he flies so much that airlines fear a bad review, brace for impact!!

  • Nate Aistrup
    Nate Aistrup 11 days ago

    Nice off-white pants

  • Sondoss Samir
    Sondoss Samir 11 days ago

    Whenever I fly I use Qatar Airways (as I live in Qatar) and always take economy (business costs a little too much xD) and the entertainment system is the same in long flights. The entertainment system in business and economy class is the same but the only difference is the screen size. The screen size in economy is smaller but not small to cause discomfort.

  • @ Robbo
    @ Robbo 12 days ago

    No one believes a word you say Qatar Airways after the greatest act of corporate fraud against your frequent flyers when on May 27 you ripped the shit out of it without telling your members, without warning. You stole from them by doubling the number of points they need to claim an award ticket, you closed down the call centre so no one can call, you decreased the points earn on flights, you charge for booking an award ticket even for your most loyal members, the Platinums at $25-50 USD a sector. It is nothing more than corporate thuggery, corporate theft and lies. Done overnight. In a clandestine way.
    And the worst part of it all, you lied about "listening to your customers" and "enhancing the program". Bloody liars. Bloody thieves.
    You have lied about your financial status for years and you expect those passengers, those customers who supported you during the on-going blockade by your fellow gulf countries, not even they trust you. It is the most despicable act of corporate crime an airline has enacted on its customers. Enhancement! Wrong! It's called Sickening. And so is Qatar Airways. But what were we thinking being loyal to an airline from that part of the world.

  • Creeperorama k
    Creeperorama k 12 days ago

    A gym would make the plane to heavy

  • Filip Ostrowski
    Filip Ostrowski 12 days ago

    He pointed with the middle finger and Casey was ordering the pancakes

  • Martina Abbiati
    Martina Abbiati 13 days ago

    At 4:25. CAPRICCINO. I'm dead. (It's CAPPUCCINO lmfao)

  • Mamoona VD
    Mamoona VD 13 days ago

    Butter an jam falls from the tray on 4:34

  • Hu Jinfan
    Hu Jinfan 13 days ago

    qatar is pronounced as cutter, not qua tar

  • Danah Lama
    Danah Lama 14 days ago

    Try the Saudi airline first class I haven’t tried it but I am from Saudi Arabia

    UNKNOWN CHANNEL 17 days ago

    3:26 hey u don't need to show off lol

  • Mukul Sharma
    Mukul Sharma 18 days ago

    Mumbiker nikhil is best

  • Thomas
    Thomas 18 days ago

    Because if some bloke decides to hurl a weight out into the window were fucked

  • Sora
    Sora 18 days ago


    *Lmao Sup*

  • Justin Capra
    Justin Capra 19 days ago

    How do you pay for these trips?!

  • Elishas Fun House!
    Elishas Fun House! 19 days ago

    Happy 10 million subs!

  • Dor Den
    Dor Den 19 days ago

    Was i the only one that saw the flight attendent drop the oil and salt on the ground?

  • Martin Muites
    Martin Muites 19 days ago

    Nice pjs (off white pants

  • Miriam de Souza
    Miriam de Souza 19 days ago


  • ZephonPlays
    ZephonPlays 20 days ago

    If this is business then first class must be incredible

  • Victor Huerta
    Victor Huerta 20 days ago

    the lady giving food drop some at 4:33

  • MX 998
    MX 998 20 days ago

    I am qatari

  • random life
    random life 20 days ago

    When I went on their plane their food made me sick

  • Carioca NoMundo
    Carioca NoMundo 20 days ago

    Fantastic! Casey, you're the best!! Another great video!! :)

    VASKE BJØRN 21 day ago

    Next time first class

  • Rhino playz
    Rhino playz 21 day ago

    That off white subtle flex... we see you Casey

  • FaZe Durty
    FaZe Durty 21 day ago

    I love you man!!!!

  • Infinity Games
    Infinity Games 21 day ago

    4:33 she just casually drops te oil on the plate

  • M. Ebtesam
    M. Ebtesam 21 day ago

    The space is probably for the prayer.

  • Superior Ruby Gaming

    An airplane review. Wow just wow

  • Fergal Downes
    Fergal Downes 21 day ago

    Hi buddy, deadly vid that you have here. Cheers.

  • Hazel Maydiy
    Hazel Maydiy 22 days ago

    Why they don’t put gyms on airplanes is because it makes it harder on you being so far up in the air but maybe someday it would be cool

  • Fadol
    Fadol 22 days ago

    i like that this old man is wearing bape x off white pants

  • barbie917851
    barbie917851 22 days ago

    3:29 its to heavy for the plane👍

  • Slime Time
    Slime Time 23 days ago

    You should do a video comparing first class and regular seats from the same airlines

  • Karina Garcia
    Karina Garcia 23 days ago

    I live in Qatar 🇶🇦 the capital is called Doha

  • Eisham Manulon
    Eisham Manulon 23 days ago

    I really like your travel airlines video

  • The Show Nation
    The Show Nation 24 days ago

    What the song at 0:10

  • lone traveller
    lone traveller 24 days ago

    Airhostess and the guy both were Indians. Everyone knows we indians are no 1 when it comes to hospitality

  • Kainen Augustine
    Kainen Augustine 24 days ago

    i was born in doha

  • MyLifeIsWeird
    MyLifeIsWeird 24 days ago

    I had a 48 hour flight from Shanghai (China) to Toronto (Canada)

  • yan zhong
    yan zhong 24 days ago

    Is it free😂😂how much?

  • Scott Jackson
    Scott Jackson 25 days ago

    Cause the gym will be to heavy or the play will crash

  • yaziid yaziid
    yaziid yaziid 25 days ago

    More airplane vlogs pleasee

    TAUSEEF RAJA 25 days ago

    Super bro

  • Corey
    Corey 26 days ago

    4:33 she dropped the butter

  • raven 6510
    raven 6510 26 days ago

    I ate a lot of desserts

  • Baby Cookie
    Baby Cookie 27 days ago


  • jane nantambi
    jane nantambi 27 days ago

    People are ok economy is still good

  • Callum The Planespotter And Trainspotter

    I could’ve sworn that you were in different seats form the start than the end

  • Adrian Allen
    Adrian Allen 28 days ago

    I can buy an r32 skyline gtr with that money wtf

  • Mark Bates
    Mark Bates 28 days ago

    Wait till you try the Qsuites

    MISS TKPG 29 days ago

    It feels like you are actually there. Also, you wish you had the money to buy that! 😁😅😂

  • I’m Arnboi
    I’m Arnboi 29 days ago

    Qatar is nice it’s like America but kinda better no offense like it is hot but the people are nice

  • Mau Cruz
    Mau Cruz 29 days ago

    Can somebody please tell me what's the name of the song playing in minute 01:15 ? I really love it but I don't know the name :c

  • Ben P
    Ben P 29 days ago

    where was everyone else

  • hkjuhu campbell
    hkjuhu campbell 29 days ago

    I just got through watching the new Qatar Airways Business Class Suite. I can't remember if you have done that. I remember the first class one, the suite looks like a first class on some airlines. Trying to catch up on the back vlogs. Sorry

  • 0744fxg
    0744fxg 29 days ago

    "from a style perspective...", Have you seen yourself before talking about style?

  • Lolwa Allunicorn
    Lolwa Allunicorn 29 days ago

    Did u know Qatar airplane never got crashed or something like this cool right.....
    I’m not from Qatar though

  • moath ko115
    moath ko115 29 days ago +1

    الي عربي يحط لايك

  • Nuzhat Azim
    Nuzhat Azim 29 days ago

    Casey go on their new q suite

  • MarioLuigiFun
    MarioLuigiFun 29 days ago

    I can’t believe that Plane Reviews are a new favorite video type of mine, but here we are.

  • heba yasir
    heba yasir Month ago

    I live in Qatar

  • Jonas Cherilus
    Jonas Cherilus Month ago

    I always wonder what Casey looks like cause I never see him with out sun glasses

  • Alucard Master
    Alucard Master Month ago

    Yoo I would like to try it

  • Rian Santosh
    Rian Santosh Month ago

    8k dislikes? For what?

  • S AlMazrouei
    S AlMazrouei Month ago

    I live in Qatar

  • Mister CRO
    Mister CRO Month ago +1

    4:34 did she drop something?

  • Monkey.D Luffy
    Monkey.D Luffy Month ago

    ijust hate the music

  • Computer Programmer
    Computer Programmer Month ago +4

    The other guy middle finger at 4:02

  • Archana Singh
    Archana Singh Month ago

    Omg u got 10M subs 😍😍