Cookies video (Continued) 1.5 years later - Cookies Kid

  • Published on Jul 25, 2008
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    Well, a year and a half has gone by and I asked that question once again. Here is his answer.
    Watch the original "I don't like you mommy" video:
    Watch Justin's reaction 5 year on:
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  • Kieran Hill
    Kieran Hill 4 years ago +3

    Good kid but funny cookies kid

  • Cindy Hofmann
    Cindy Hofmann 4 years ago +1

    Juuustin is sweeeet :D

  • Mean Girls
    Mean Girls 5 years ago +4


  • totally not chloe
    totally not chloe 5 years ago +1

    It was probably something to do with his arm swinging.

  • ECLipse 501st
    ECLipse 501st 5 years ago +1

    look at his face 0:01 and 0:02 lol

  • zerö cööl
    zerö cööl 5 years ago +1

    well he understands this time that her mammy wants to make another funny video out of him :D

  • kaku popp
    kaku popp 5 years ago +1

    522 NOW BUD

  • nicotine
    nicotine 5 years ago

    Don't worry I watched this video a long time ago. it said Why is he spinning his arms?

  • Júnior Vac
    Júnior Vac 5 years ago +1

    em outro video ele tem unhas pintadas de ROSA E PRETO Pink

  • thereisaloop
    thereisaloop 5 years ago +1

    im worried about his eyessss

  • Super Sarah
    Super Sarah 5 years ago +1

    that kid is so small yet is so loving cookies lol :D

  • YeahThatYeah
    YeahThatYeah 5 years ago +1

    Repeatedly press 1.

  • its___lexii
    its___lexii 5 years ago +1

    Hey this little boy looks better than Justin Bieber lol !! This boy is so adorable .

  • AnOdysseyToTime
    AnOdysseyToTime 5 years ago +1

    LOL my brothers name is justin xD

  • Evan Hart
    Evan Hart 5 years ago +1

    Hilarious the first one is wwwaaayyyy better tho

  • Sameer
    Sameer 5 years ago +2


  • CJ Hinton
    CJ Hinton 6 years ago

    Maybe Justin Bieber will be young again! LOL

  • ariac6
    ariac6 6 years ago

    IS NOT Justin Bieber i do not love JUSTIN POO

  • Michael
    Michael 6 years ago

    If you milla jovovich he wood love you to bits like me but if you anit you gotta give him that cookie

  • Romy Igoe
    Romy Igoe 6 years ago

    this is soooo weird:O
    his name is justin and he acc looks like a mini justin bieber!?:O

  • emily duval
    emily duval 6 years ago


  • Hami Yılmaz
    Hami Yılmaz 6 years ago

    Justin bieber loves cookies.

  • RetardedBikingMorten
    RetardedBikingMorten 6 years ago +1

    Baby baby baby, I haaaaate you! I only like you when you giiiiive me cookies :|

  • TrayVon Pryze
    TrayVon Pryze 6 years ago

    A cookie monster will always be a cookie monster...Great kid

  • Margaret Mack
    Margaret Mack 6 years ago


  • chayago
    chayago 6 years ago


  • chayago
    chayago 6 years ago

    He grows soo fats

  • Charlotte Casey
    Charlotte Casey 6 years ago


  • SarcasticFish
    SarcasticFish 6 years ago

    really she made an app?

  • AUU23
    AUU23 6 years ago

    Justin Bieber when he was young lol!

  • Joe james
    Joe james 6 years ago

    sounds like justin beiber

  • Jade Brown
    Jade Brown 6 years ago

    he still high on cookies

  • Andrew C
    Andrew C 6 years ago

    CAN HE stay still

  • Aren
    Aren 6 years ago

    433 likes on your comment, click on ''(show comment)'' comment doesn't exist DAMN !!

  • Richard40216
    Richard40216 6 years ago

    That was adorable!

  • metehan genç
    metehan genç 6 years ago

    he hates his hands .I think

  • Prawn
    Prawn 6 years ago

    eh is this justin beiber GET ME OUT OF THIS VIDEO

  • lightthisciry
    lightthisciry 6 years ago

    Cute and justin bieber? In the same sentence?

  • Maisie Jackson
    Maisie Jackson 6 years ago

    awww i think he is adorbs

  • Sammyjskj
    Sammyjskj 6 years ago

    justin you sooooooooooo cute

  • Nicole88480
    Nicole88480 6 years ago

    he looks like justin bieber and his names justin :L

  • Rai Love
    Rai Love 6 years ago


  • PlayfulWolfPup
    PlayfulWolfPup 6 years ago

    We get better at lying as we get older....

  • Mentalrebel
    Mentalrebel 6 years ago

    cute kid

  • AnAvidFan
    AnAvidFan 6 years ago

    Mom: you getting dizzy? Kid: yeah

  • Lilly Roberson
    Lilly Roberson 6 years ago

    This kid looks like a chipmunk

  • nazanin ferdowsian
    nazanin ferdowsian 6 years ago


  • Buddhafollower
    Buddhafollower 6 years ago

    because they need to ''use'' their energy somehow otherwise the same energy will manifest as fear of dogs, for example.

  • Shortymanize
    Shortymanize 6 years ago

    if justins so dizzy why isent he coming into my house and hit my head off the key board? bv v vb mnj hyuj
    ~ NAUk
    vbgvfghjnmrfwfgtrv g N

  • how bout no
    how bout no 6 years ago

    'you gettin dizzy?'

  • hundle98
    hundle98 6 years ago

    theres no 37th second

  • Ghetto Gang
    Ghetto Gang 6 years ago

    now he likes her constantly, having undergone torture...:)

  • Tiffany Styles
    Tiffany Styles 6 years ago

    He was so adorable when he was little!!

    ROLF GUERRE 6 years ago

    he actually looks like Justin Bieber:P

  • Keaa Kay
    Keaa Kay 6 years ago

    he's fucking adorable.

  • Abril
    Abril 6 years ago

    lol his face in the beginning

  • Soumya Shyam
    Soumya Shyam 6 years ago

    I feel the mom is kind of repeatedly punishing him for one little thing he said as a small kid. Like keep asking him 'Would you say that to me again?' I dunno it comes across to me as kind of manipulative. Kids say the darndest (cutest) things and that original video is so adorable and honest 'I love you too but I don't like you all the time'...isn't that how we feel about a lot of our near and dear ones...let him be :P

  • judy enriquez
    judy enriquez 6 years ago


  • prabhjot toor
    prabhjot toor 6 years ago

    hes so cute

  • 09priscillamarie
    09priscillamarie 6 years ago

    I think that the last one was better

  • Machinima Partnerships

    lolz so true

  • Enoyz92
    Enoyz92 6 years ago

    0:03 epic moment..

  • I'm mama Jin
    I'm mama Jin 6 years ago

    he so dizzy

  • I'm mama Jin
    I'm mama Jin 6 years ago

    2 funning

  • jaybecakes
    jaybecakes 6 years ago

    U love that beater

  • kekelove25
    kekelove25 6 years ago

    Aww hes so grown and cute

  • lin davis
    lin davis 6 years ago

    This made me lol

  • Ellen Rosalie Quinn
    Ellen Rosalie Quinn 6 years ago

    Justin ♥

  • J.R. Caldoon
    J.R. Caldoon 6 years ago

    Mom: "Ok, Justin, what do you think about that video about the cookies?"

  • Thia///
    Thia/// 6 years ago

    justin bieber?

  • Thia///
    Thia/// 6 years ago


  • Hamza Shehryar
    Hamza Shehryar 6 years ago

    i wont fall for that

  • Web HAPS
    Web HAPS 6 years ago

    I hate the new sound youtube makes when you like someones comment!
    I like subscribe 4 subs!

  • 345kise
    345kise 6 years ago

    damm the mama sounds hot, i wonder how she looks like

  • Jordan Fox
    Jordan Fox 7 years ago

    I that Justin bieber

  • Cam Bolton
    Cam Bolton 7 years ago

    LOL! He's a very handsome little guy!

  • 982blastrox
    982blastrox 7 years ago

    Awesome hair style :)

  • Laurnea McKinnon
    Laurnea McKinnon 7 years ago

    awwhsz hes so cutee :DDD

  • Kaibostar
    Kaibostar 7 years ago

    i think your son is funny lol "i like cookies" classic.

  • aaron jones
    aaron jones 7 years ago

    @MrShameThat lolool

  • Oliver Penney
    Oliver Penney 7 years ago

    your son is cute

  • MrShameThat
    MrShameThat 7 years ago

    The only reason to watch this is mashing the 1 key and hearing "COOKIES COOKIES COOKIES" and seeing the kids face. xD

  • San Lin
    San Lin 7 years ago

    he look like justin bieber!

  • George Yalda
    George Yalda 7 years ago

    @SolidSnake3192 that's what we use to do when we wanted something ! haha

  • izeea
    izeea 7 years ago


  • Claudia Shamet
    Claudia Shamet 7 years ago

    he kinda looks like taylor laughtner

  • Lauren Emerson
    Lauren Emerson 7 years ago

    "you getting dizzy?" "YEAH!" lol

  • Cookies Kid
    Cookies Kid  7 years ago

    @SpareTimeDoodles is a nervous thing that kids do. :)

  • Linsay C
    Linsay C 7 years ago

    Hold down shift and keep pressing 1 really fast

  • UadrSianaA
    UadrSianaA 7 years ago

    What a cutie

  • matthew shaw
    matthew shaw 7 years ago

    @TheScootz98 omg thats so funny

  • nikhil reddy
    nikhil reddy 7 years ago


  • HeyItsTazHere
    HeyItsTazHere 7 years ago

    he looks like ronnie off jersey shore haha

  • Darth Zader
    Darth Zader 7 years ago

    @TheScootz98 SOOO FUNNY

  • Dylsig
    Dylsig 7 years ago


  • christian011899
    christian011899 7 years ago

    0:05 then he starts swaying

  • Xilomen Cofield
    Xilomen Cofield 7 years ago

    @caderoger It's not sweet to lie.

  • Emily Ortego
    Emily Ortego 7 years ago

    i love cookies!!!

  • imabeast2452
    imabeast2452 7 years ago

    Its Justin Beiber!

  • A H
    A H 7 years ago

    press 7- where did his arm go lol xD