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  • Published on Feb 27, 2017
  • India is bureaucrat's paradise. In fact, if that were to be the key to prosperity, India would probably be the wealthiest country in the world. Unfortunately, bureaucracy, instead of encouraging business, prevents it... In this video we talk about India's current challenges and its posible future.
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  • hey you! stalker

    Yes we will hav our time

  • veeramittu !
    veeramittu ! Day ago

    rupee has fallen, petrol price raise, india goin to economic crisis.

  • Davidson Eboseremen
    Davidson Eboseremen 2 days ago

    So grateful for the comment section reminding me that we are a lot.

  • Sonny Wong
    Sonny Wong 2 days ago +1

    I already know 10 years ago that India will be the next manufacturing of the world because China wages increases alot after India it will be Africa the next manufacturing for us.

  • waleed ali
    waleed ali 2 days ago +1

    no , I do not think so , because of the indian democracy ,

  • HZK Fashion wali
    HZK Fashion wali 3 days ago

    Only Bollywood and Tollywood heros have super powers.. 😁😁😁😁😁

  • Saroj Pandeya
    Saroj Pandeya 4 days ago

    If you do not reform up biharism then you will never become *******

  • S R Bhaskar
    S R Bhaskar 4 days ago

    Unless India fixes corruption by changing its system of governance, reforms its judicial system, and tames its political class, it will get nowhere anytime soon.

  • Ayu
    Ayu 4 days ago

    Not sure but ...one of the reason for creating cash crisis do resulted people getting digitalised cause most people didn't have bank accounts and this made them desperate to make one so that they dont have to be dependent on third party to pay them and exclude all third party.......

  • Aditi Sharma
    Aditi Sharma 5 days ago +1

    Paid video

    MJTUEN 6 days ago

    Well, anyone including Modi can dream, and keep dreaming. Just look at the basic infrastructures of the country will tell you if that dream is achievable.

  • Truth Faith
    Truth Faith 7 days ago

    India has the advantage over China to become a super power because they are a democratic country. The wealth of growth for the people is unlimited. Unlike China just take a look at Jack Ma. When he is about to be richer than the government, the government just took over everything. LOL sad ending.....

  • Ciccio Pasticcio
    Ciccio Pasticcio 9 days ago +1

    The way India will be able to collect more taxes and revenues on its natiomal resources is the main point for development. They need a strong economic base in domestic economy. Poor wages, too much billionaires who pay low taxes, no good public service means very weak domestic market. Foreign investments are important, but they can go away easly, you need your domestic market to be your stronghold. Modi has to increase minimum wage, only middle class can pay good taxes amounts, and government should nationalize India's main resources, as rare stones. If you give them to manage to rich capitalists they will pay few taxes and will invest revenues in western countries and in fiscal paradises, while Indian government can use those revenues for strength domestic market.

  • Shahid Imran
    Shahid Imran 10 days ago

    First we should fight poverty rather being trying to b a super power

  • rahul gupta  kodarapu
    rahul gupta kodarapu 10 days ago

    Ahhhh, politicians...... Haha

  • Vignesh Nayak
    Vignesh Nayak 10 days ago

    Whenever I feel low....I will watch his videos .....and I can't stop laugh....

  • Arvind R
    Arvind R 11 days ago


  • pr pradhan
    pr pradhan 11 days ago

    No I can't buy these explanations. Also these photos are of not from India.

  • Aditya Singh
    Aditya Singh 12 days ago +6

    india needs a dictatorship, with a good ruler

  • Vinatge Camera Market
    Vinatge Camera Market 12 days ago +1

    You look like a bald Ryan Reynolds

  • akiman75671
    akiman75671 12 days ago

    Modi would be instantly labeled as an oppressor if he were to be as determined and headstrong as Lee Kuan Yew. Problem is that although our citizens would like their surroundings to be Singapore-ish, they wouldn't want to upgrade their etiquette to that of the Singaporeans. When you have a vain population that wants others to be responsible without themselves acting responsibly, who upon the slightest inconvenience will switch loyalties and not-to-mention, can be easily misguided and not bother to take any time nor the effort required for fact-finding, you cannot do much. Truth be told, India doesn't deserve Modi, they only deserve to be taken for a ride. An Indian.

  • Sree Vignesh Aravind
    Sree Vignesh Aravind 13 days ago

    One word hypocrites , and I am from India

  • Choo Chweet
    Choo Chweet 13 days ago

    Many things said about Modi and his govt's achievements are false. Before becoming the PM of India, Modi did the exact same in Gujarat meaning he continued to advertise he's doing pretty good whereas the ground reality in Gujarat stinks. Only certain places like its capital were kept like a MODEL and advertised by the PAID media that he's gonna transform the entire country. 4 years down, We have becoming more n more intolerant with minorities and Dalits put together will be the MAJORITY in the Country. His Fancy name sake Govt programs like MAKE IN INDIA hasn't really made any progress. His own dream project of 3000+ crore worth SARDAR PATEL statue is MADE IN CHINA. His Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana might have helped opening up bank accounts for the people who have no money. His Govt brought 99.9% of the cash back into the system as stated by the Reserve Bank of India, Where is the corrupt money?! Many lives were lost during the worst ever disaster called DEMONitization. While all these are happening, BIG BANK DEFAULTERS like VIJAY MALLYA (9000+Cr), NIRAV MODI (13000 Cr), Mehul Choksi ($ 1.8 bn), Nitin Sandasera (5000 Cr) and much more ran safely out of India which is prime example of how well the corrupts were handled by Mr. Modi. On top of all these, Mr. Modi helped to get the RAFALE deal worth of $ 8.8 bn to his closest friend, Businessman ANIL AMBANI's company which was a 10 Day old Company named Reliance Defense removing the STATE owned Company HAL. He never held a press conference and almost all of his interviews are held with PRO-BJP channels which are pre-scripted. Above all these no body knows about the Genuineness of his DEGREE yet?!

  • Kamalakannan A R
    Kamalakannan A R 14 days ago

    1. The most lying, backstabbing and laziest of my friends are bureaucrats now. That tells a lot
    2. Most businessmen get around this and cook everything up
    3. Anything goes in India as a result of the previous two
    The root of all this is the idea of "purity" and the cheap cleansing of sins by just dunking oneself. Cash crisis is over, caste crisis never is

  • *inser witty username*

    4:58 we all pay taxes. Thanks for coming to my ted talk. Moreover after GST paying taxes has become really really easy.

  • *inser witty username*
    *inser witty username* 14 days ago +2

    Bro. Now that Congress is out of our way, we can finally thrive now

  • *inser witty username*
    *inser witty username* 14 days ago +3

    RSS is not a party. Thank you.

  • D&A company
    D&A company 14 days ago

    This man called Modi must be a gay and he can't marry a man because it's illegal for a man to marry a man in India so he preferred to stay single lol

  • Mohit Trivedi
    Mohit Trivedi 15 days ago

    There’s plenty discrepancies in terms of factual representation of arguments. Not an all bad piece at all; could have approached someone who’s an Indian to proof the script. Good attempt anyways.

  • Golu Pachori
    Golu Pachori 16 days ago

    Lots changed since feb 2017 (TODAY OCT-2018)

  • death wings
    death wings 16 days ago

    yeah modi is our saviour

  • Ghulam Mohammed
    Ghulam Mohammed 16 days ago

    Once Modi finishes making toilets for indians to shit, and killing all kashmirees, then he will attack China, as Indian will need toilets to shit bricks.

  • Moto Guzzi
    Moto Guzzi 17 days ago

    The youtuber Johnny Sins

  • Priyank Sharma
    Priyank Sharma 17 days ago

    RSS is not an extremist organisation, just so you know.

  • Nihad Mohamed
    Nihad Mohamed 17 days ago

    he will clear all the muslim's and poor people's

  • kiran prakash
    kiran prakash 18 days ago

    Modi can achieve all this and India will have a chance to get in the track of superpower only if he gets another 2 more terms ,if miraculously papu(Raghul ) wins the election then that's it,no one can help us

  • Aditya Tripathi
    Aditya Tripathi 18 days ago

    21st century will be India's century. You'll live to see it happen. Modi also brought GST. you missed all his key reforms. He has liberalised Foreign Direct Investment a lot.

  • Aditya Tripathi
    Aditya Tripathi 18 days ago

    India has jumped from 130th to 100th position on the Ease Of Doing Business. please update it.

  • Avinash Tavares
    Avinash Tavares 19 days ago

    You need to make another video showing how modi's policies have failed

  • ajay bhambhu
    ajay bhambhu 19 days ago

    This all is a propaganda run by the ruling party....Modi has proved to be a complete failure....they have spread religious religious intolerance among two biggest ethnic groups of the country

  • abhijit bhambure
    abhijit bhambure 20 days ago

    BALDY, RSS is not extremist org. But nice video.

  • Anindya Basu
    Anindya Basu 20 days ago

    you are bogas

  • Niraj Kumar
    Niraj Kumar 21 day ago

    Modi the agent of Ambani sold india

  • Sidtube10
    Sidtube10 21 day ago

    The bureaucracy is a two-edge sword and the command economy of China has used it to its advantage, while with India it's been a drag, which is somewhat typical of democracies! Great to see the dynamism under Modi's leadership in the face of manifold challenges.

  • Sanket Thakuriya
    Sanket Thakuriya 23 days ago

    No way India is going to become a superpower in this century.. When you come and see the lack of infrastructure, public schools, government hospital, corruption at every level of bureaucracy and legislation, rural poverty, intolerance, and so on.. we have at least a century before we can hope to curb these problems and it's not likely for India to become superpower by 22nd century...

  • Sara Parker
    Sara Parker 24 days ago +10

    Be prosperous India! Love and respect from the UK.

  • Ajinkya Patil
    Ajinkya Patil 24 days ago

    did you think that India is superpower in 21st century well why this country in world people believe that China superpower but their people only think that country will superpower but in this century no one is think that United States will be the no.1 superpower I think that is will do some big and small thinks then will no one and no country no countries will superpower again if that then we will se United States will in superpower for all century plus United States will get very big economy for all time I no people say that not truth but I want to tell those people if u.s. no in power than why India and China and so other countries no one call future is not for everyone yes future is for everyone but superpowers is one or only one that the United States but if we think who is next superpower then we got many options but not India and China and not other countries but think their is the next superpower nation and that nation is not from the Asia or in the east that nation from the west that will superpower nation in the world
    so their is some people who believe that modi make India in power so those people are idiot and if you think that I am wrong then sow this country they will always be say lies not truth
    and buy the way modi is a jurk

  • Anil Jeerankalagi
    Anil Jeerankalagi 24 days ago

    India is not 22 sq kilometers country like Singapore. Singapore model will never work for India. Singapore is very easy to handle unlike India. Kindly take everything into consideration before uttering your invaluable words. And never compare 22 sqkm Singpaore with Gaint India in terms of development model. Legend says that, If India is developed no other country in the world is developing country or poor country. It's that complex!

  • kartik anand
    kartik anand 25 days ago

    Please make a video of India now, in 2018. Post GST and demonetisation and all the other policies under PM Modi. We also jumped 30 ranks and ended up 100th on the Ease of Doing Business rank in just a year. Love your videos!

  • Nabin Rai
    Nabin Rai 28 days ago

    He is a gujarati murderer

  • Tamim xRz
    Tamim xRz 29 days ago +1



  • Thomas M
    Thomas M Month ago +1

    India is a shithole, I have been there and I dont ever intend to go back, Indians multiplied like rabbits but then India doesn't have enough jobs or resources to support everyone so Indians go to other people's countries and eat up their resources and jobs. As a country, India has made zero contribution towards advancement of mankind, in America, they abuse H1 visas and lie and cheat their way into jobs because that's how they are brought up in their country. What a shithole it is

    • Thomas M
      Thomas M 16 hours ago

      +Aditya Singh lol Indians need America more than America needs Indians, look at our Ivy League Universities, what do you have, most colleges are diplomas mills letting students pass if u bribe them. Look at the Indians applying for fake asylum and refugee status in America, tell me why do Indians leave their country and come to America but no Americans immigrate there? Because India is a shithole

    • meera shree
      meera shree Day ago

      American people are brainless so only indians are getting job in IT......

    • Aditya Singh
      Aditya Singh 12 days ago

      lmao, ur country is built on H1 visa without it would collapse, 90% of ur silicon valley r Chinese and indians. Just go search up a video by michio kaku leading american phsycist. Zero contribution um... isro indian space agency launched the most satellites at a single time making a world record and r the most cost effective space agency, also they confirmed water is on the moon.
      I only agree with u on 'breeding like rats' but this is only ppl who live in poverty but is a major problem nonetheless

    ON YOUTUBE Month ago +2

    *70% population don't have toilets*
    *India is top in aids*
    *india is top in rape*
    *india is top in violence on minorities*
    *5 states wants freedom from india*
    *indians are the most stupid poeple on the planet*
    _still india is a super power_ ?

    • Sayan Dutta
      Sayan Dutta Day ago +1

      +ON TVclip well 94% Indians have toilets now.

      ON YOUTUBE 24 days ago

      +Sara Parker populous doesn't mean mean super power. India has economy of 2 trillion dollars and it's population is about 1.28 billion. Your enemy Pakistan has economy of 320 billions dollars and has population of 200 million. India has more GDP because of more population but that doesn't mean that it is super power. It still buy weapons from israel which is a lot smaller then india so how is india a super power ?

    • Sara Parker
      Sara Parker 24 days ago

      India is populous. They will be on top everything if you compare the stats by population. Proportion-wise, India is one of the best countries out there in terms of rape, aids, and violence to minorities. I'm a British btw, and I research a lot before commenting...unlike you. :) Have a nice day.

  • DEVPRATIM khanna
    DEVPRATIM khanna Month ago

    India is the fastest growing economy currently..its time for you to review your own thoughts in the video

    S.AVINASH IT Month ago

    India will never achieve complete development.Similarly,put picture this.There are just too many diverse groups in India who have their very own idea of development.If the government wants to privatise and industrialise,it is called suit-boot ki sarkar, If not ,it is called strict and anti-liberal.If the PM takes a bold decision, he is called a dictator otherwise he is called underachiever.Certain groups want reservation, others don't want it.Now in this diversity, only those groups whose vote is of max value will win and only their development happens and not the overall growth.This will continue as long as India is a democracy or has a multi-party system.Limit the number of political parties to 2 or max 3 and then see what happens.

  • dick cock
    dick cock Month ago +1

    really ashamed to have an idiot as my country's prime minister

  • sadashiv gambhire
    sadashiv gambhire Month ago

    Good explanatory video...
    Lots of bitter truths...
    And modi have desire to overcome these problems...
    Definitely something good will happen...

  • Zodiac Sign
    Zodiac Sign Month ago

    I'm not Indian but I admire Modi. I have this to say though about all these world leaders idolizing Lee Kuan Yew. Don't. No one country is the same. Lee Kuan Yew only had to deal with 5 million people in a country half the size of many major capital cities in the world. Many members of the federal congress in my country say they model their policies after Lee Kuan Yew which is total BS. It's become the easiest thing to say now to look good in front of an audience in a still developing country.

  • lowriderrookie
    lowriderrookie Month ago

    Narendra Modi is not single.

  • Elavarasan Ramalingam

    Modi is a threat to Indian economy his naivety on economics hits India badly.

  • Ayush Agrawal
    Ayush Agrawal Month ago

    Narendra Modi is the finest Prime Minister India has ever seen in its 70+ year independent history. He's taken several monumental steps to curb the corruption. I wish gets him as her prime minister again.

  • Geek Guy
    Geek Guy Month ago

    India is far away from becoming a superpower but Narendra Modi is the best prime minister India has ever had

  • Hassan Shersha
    Hassan Shersha Month ago

    Don't look at media..it's simply liar as like you😉😂 ask the citizens who living in india..later upload a video about him

  • Shirwane Tucker
    Shirwane Tucker Month ago

    Please do one for Jamaica, and do you beleive that Jamaica can become a wealthy country like all those first world countries

  • aditya bhagat
    aditya bhagat Month ago

    since this the system of taxes is changed

  • Stephen Marcus
    Stephen Marcus Month ago

    India will one day rule the world. Britain's financial powers as well as arms industry chose the US as it's successor after WW1 when it became obvious that the Empire was fading and in the process clung onto more power than would otherwise be expected aiding the UK in punching above it's weight.
    The US is doing the same with India. Bush began military transfers, also blessed Israel selling India technologies generally reserved for NATO. Obama continued by working with India on trade solidifying India over Pakistan as our main regional ally.
    India has challenges, must reform the bureaucratic apparatus without becoming some libertarian paradise: Texas on steriods.
    India must continue to invest in technology while leveraging the nation's knowledge and use of English. In addition it would be helpful to also focus on a building boom: New cities to replace slums acting as a employment scheme while molding a 21st Century India.

  • Kierron Matte
    Kierron Matte Month ago

    India target of double digit growth in near future can take many as a surprise. We have already studied China's economical model and inheriting best of it and avoid wrong things. India is transforming itself rapidly. Our target is to replace China in the world by half.

    AMIYA ANURAG Month ago

    Not not possible at all .. 21st century is not going to be India's century .. How can be India compete with the countries those are self sufficient for food which is the basic need for anyone... These are only political statements to say India will be among leading countries ..

  • Chumchum Gyadi
    Chumchum Gyadi Month ago

    Modi's Demonetisatiob has cost India more then 50 billion dollars. N many thousands of small businesses from all over the Country was lost.
    There is no progress with so called Make in India Initiatives.

  • Usama Hazari
    Usama Hazari Month ago

    Modi isn’t interested in making India a superpower. He is only interested in making India a Facist Hindu state . If you compare his regime to Hitler’s regime .. you will see a lot of similarities.

  • Dharmana harish naidu

    India and Indians involve in blame game rather than competitive regain . When China is progressing and investing in other countries ,we still blame China and start diplomatic political battles . We rather need to start thinking how to improve economy rather than involving in other internal political affairs ..

    SACHIN JOSEPH V Month ago

    This government considers the corporates not the peoples. he is just a theaf. steals money from poor, and filling his and his friends pockets.A puppet!!. I believe that we have to support small and medium level companys not the giants.India will never beat China if this government is in power.

  • Hangphan Thingnok
    Hangphan Thingnok Month ago

    Its sounds good from above but in ground level, its different. Hope for better future of country

  • Asim Malik
    Asim Malik Month ago +2

    Yes it is going to be India's century if it doesn't have to deal with Pakistan too often! Pakistan has no economy & will drive others into chaos. India has to get ride of its cast & class system just as it has with the land lordship. It has defeated its Pakistan on so many fronts it is laughable! India's main enemy is corruption & poverty!

    BTS ARMY Month ago

    India is losing it's influence even in South Asia,who let them to dream to become a superpower. Please stop to fool them. Pakistan,Maldives,Srilanka,Bangladesh & Nepal are now turning towards China. 😂😂

  • Chris Macdonald
    Chris Macdonald Month ago

    Why is it that there are so many indian economics professors at universities versus east asian, yet I can walk into any store and see what east asians have produced and how they are doing so much better economically than their indian enemies worldwide?

  • Mohammad Ali Ahasan

    I really want to know his Name 👅👅Please tell me what his name??

  • Orkun Keles
    Orkun Keles Month ago


  • Ronak vijayvergia
    Ronak vijayvergia Month ago

    RSS is not a party as the video suggests and "extreme" word is extreme. Will suggest you read the vernacular paper ( if possible using google translation) vs English newspaper.

  • Ali Habib
    Ali Habib Month ago

    The only place India can outperform China... Is manufacturing People !!!

  • Arghyadeep Pal
    Arghyadeep Pal Month ago +1

    Is he the new Michael from Vsauce lol!!

  • Adrian Kasa
    Adrian Kasa Month ago

    Your video are with many flaws, get your facts right and then make a video.

  • vteck9
    vteck9 Month ago


  • Patrik Wihlke
    Patrik Wihlke Month ago +4

    Some Indian commenters below need. Nobody is laughing at India. Get a grip bhaiya! Nationalism is not the way forward. Hope you turn the country around so that one day my kids can grow up in their ancestral home.

  • Jaimaan Singh Monga
    Jaimaan Singh Monga Month ago +1

    Regional Prime Minister=Chief Minister 🙂

  • Sourav Banerjee
    Sourav Banerjee Month ago

    Rss is not political party fool its an association nd indian will rule the world right now india has an gdp of 8 and still rising which is more than china. India is now reclaiming its lost power

  • Harsh Mishra
    Harsh Mishra Month ago

    Please do a gst and demonization on Indian economy

  • Alan Frayser
    Alan Frayser Month ago

    At raping maybe

    MOHAMMAD KAIF Month ago

    we love you AL-QUDS , InshaALLAH we will liberate AL-QUDS from zionists the way Salauddin ayyubi liberated AL-QUDS from crusaders

  • Sarvesh Rao
    Sarvesh Rao Month ago

    Truck drivers are not queuing up now because only gst paid bill is enough for clearance

  • Sarvesh Rao
    Sarvesh Rao Month ago

    Update india position in ease of doing business , it is now ranked 100 in ease of doing business

  • Gautham Thampy
    Gautham Thampy Month ago +1

    no modi can save india. only condoms can

  • Gautham Thampy
    Gautham Thampy Month ago

    "But then the pm started to say that it was all part of a great plan to encourage people to use digital money.
    you're the man, simon !

  • hareesh h
    hareesh h Month ago

    India needs gujarat model of infrastructural devolopment..
    Modi has to study well on kerala model of educational, human devolopment..

  • Gagandeep sandhewal

    its seems from your videos that countries are now run like corporations and its PM and Presidents are like ceo 's hired for short term if they cant fit the american model the countries got bankrupt and go out of business and another ceo is given chance by spending millions dollars and this goes on and on and on

  • Gagandeep sandhewal

    india will never be superpower untill caste ,religion based politics and corruption come to an end.

  • Priyansh Singhal
    Priyansh Singhal Month ago

    I advice you to make a remake of this video in 2020. (After 3 years of this video)

  • Ashish Patil
    Ashish Patil Month ago

    Current Ease of doing business rank:100 ..4 years ago 130
    Central tax system: GST
    Highest growth.rate of infrastructure ever.
    Best foreign policy ever.

    MOHAMMAD KAIF Month ago

    This man is making india as ally of ISRAEL, Judeo-polytheists alliance

    MOHAMMAD KAIF Month ago

    india is intolerant nation, muslims are lynched despite being with huge population of 25 crores