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  • Published on Feb 27, 2017
  • India is bureaucrat's paradise. In fact, if that were to be the key to prosperity, India would probably be the wealthiest country in the world. Unfortunately, bureaucracy, instead of encouraging business, prevents it... In this video we talk about India's current challenges and its posible future.
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  • RabaDori
    RabaDori 2 hours ago

    I'm African. Sure India will be superpower. Will pass us and china. I'm big fan of India. But not it's people. India is good contry. But indian people's not good. Chinese people is better in terms of humanity.

  • Tech Tnx
    Tech Tnx 15 hours ago

    Hey.... I really loved your work.... But can you tell me from where you got all this information?

  • ss11123
    ss11123 Day ago

    You know jack shit, stick to talking about us and europe

  • Vishwam Khandelwal

    Hi from India there are regional prime ministers but are known as Chief Ministers

  • Lv Youtube
    Lv Youtube Day ago +1

    Umm China is communist and autocratic but india is not which is why China developed faster

  • Sheshan R
    Sheshan R Day ago

    This video needs an updated version for 2019

  • raj mohan Dutta
    raj mohan Dutta Day ago

    My blody ass. Atleast till Modi is PM. india is going Pakistan way.

  • Mainak Bag
    Mainak Bag Day ago

    Time to do another analysis. Terrorism by Pakistan and the elections. Would love to hear your POV.

  • Vivek Tiwari
    Vivek Tiwari 2 days ago

    There are so many reforms happening in India that every video becomes outdated in 6-8 months. Now we need a new video for 2019!

  • Nick T
    Nick T 2 days ago

    Long answer short - I don't think India will become super power any soon (until next 100 years i think)
    Rampant Corruption exists at every level even today 2019
    Bureaucracy exists every where and is painful. - 2019
    Water, Electricity & Infrastructure remain huge problems - 2019

  • Nanda Kishore
    Nanda Kishore 2 days ago +1

    Why be superpower..I want it to be one of the happiest country.
    However becoming superpower is next to impossible with present generation politicians and current mindsets of people.

  • sam pal
    sam pal 2 days ago

    Damn what wrong if foreign products have to taxs in India... This is becoz to courage Indian product to utilize in order to grow economy...... Western shiiti only think about themselves

  • Chakka Maheedhar
    Chakka Maheedhar 3 days ago +2

    There's a lack of depth in the analysis ...You should choose a topic to concentrate on....You comment on many things all the analysis in those u get it from top news articles for which all you have to do is google ..U are not a good analyser ...My suggestion is choose a area to do your thing don't go for everything

  • open defecation
    open defecation 3 days ago

    China is ahead of India, despite millions killed & property damages in ww2. However, India already superpower in TVclip channel.

    IT'S MATTERS 3 days ago +1

    India have too much corruption , so no chance we can rise as big power as long as corruption isn't remove. even corruption is Increase in next 10 years.

  • Code
    Code 4 days ago

    In india they need instant gratification they dont think about future,even if modi is doing good to our country we are very smart to outwit him and make him a fool,no body is enemy to india only indians are and will be.[#HippocraticIndia].
    To get justification of this comment watch current election situation and leaders arguments(mainly congress[ruled india for 55 years to make a miserable country into a miserabilest country])

    YASHESVI SINGH 4 days ago +2

    We have a very good prime minister

  • Rudra Dey
    Rudra Dey 4 days ago

    RSS is an extremist organization????? Do your research before spewing nonsense.

  • Rahul Nn
    Rahul Nn 6 days ago

    You dont k ow about india and indians and about Modi ji. Why in the world their are cristion and Muslim countrie & not Hindu. you half head people have know right to talk about Bharat. You see whats happening with your own country. F you.

  • Vasu Sri
    Vasu Sri 6 days ago +1

    Make a 2019 video

  • Yashodeep Vaidya
    Yashodeep Vaidya 6 days ago +1

    Please do revisit this topic now.

  • Suresh Tejawat
    Suresh Tejawat 6 days ago

    I feel India never rise and never fall below this level

  • Harmaan R A J Madon
    Harmaan R A J Madon 6 days ago +1

    The political entity you call India today is the residue of British colonialism.
    The stifling bureaucracy you witness here is a perfect example of colonial residue.
    To call India a country in that sense isn't entirely accurate.
    Also, can you imagine a European Union, where the European parliament would determine how much funding each never country could get, and how they could spend it? India's federal systems are flawed as well.
    Lastly, all things considered, it's important to remember that India isn't an "or" country; it is an "and" country.
    Yes, there's communalism, and there's religious tolerance. Every single religion in the world finds representation here.
    There's chauvinism and mysoginy, and there are matriarchal communities.
    So, in a nutshell, there are many contradictions, yet those very contradictions are representative of the idea of India.

  • Forever L
    Forever L 6 days ago

    india will be superpower in rape

  • Vania Tiwari
    Vania Tiwari 7 days ago +1

    Get lost

  • legionSpat
    legionSpat 8 days ago

    completely WRONG description of BJP , RSS, and MODI... they are all fighting for equality, and social justice,,, unfortunately, in india anyone who talks about equality is branded an extreme organization.

  • Shantanu Sharma
    Shantanu Sharma 8 days ago +1

    Any plans of a follow-up video on this now?

  • deepak bansal
    deepak bansal 9 days ago +1

    The first problem you mention is solved now we did !

  • Shahar Brodski
    Shahar Brodski 10 days ago

    love and support to india from israel

  • Sanky P.
    Sanky P. 10 days ago +1

    A pretty accurate and well researched video. Good job👍

  • Chirag Sharma
    Chirag Sharma 11 days ago +1

    It has been 2 years since this video was uploaded and now you can see the change in this time span 😎

  • kush bhadauria
    kush bhadauria 12 days ago +6

    RSS is not a political party it's an organization

  • farrukh shahzad
    farrukh shahzad 12 days ago +1

    Why don't you talk about modi's gujarat massacre of Muslim? And condition of farmers

  • crypto king
    crypto king 13 days ago

    This man should have done some research on this topic..... Every thing he said is typical rumours which are mostly not correct
    1st he is a terrorist
    Don't believe me before he was PM he didn't have the permission to visit US because of the gujarat riots he had done and on this also there are many evidence on youtube regarding the sting operation
    2nd he is from a completely good financial background
    ( he was never a Tea seller)
    This was thing was just to. Collect some sympathy from the citizens.
    3rd thing he is trying to sell India to Mukesh Ambani
    Check the Rafael deal scam
    So do your homework properly before spreading this kind of shit.

  • raman kumar
    raman kumar 14 days ago +1

    superpower?? india s huge population is not even getting enough food to eat. people are believing fucking norms and rituals of their fucking relegion. most of the people wants to move from there to other western nations.

  • andri wijaya
    andri wijaya 15 days ago +1

    India will become a superpower ? Please dont sale panipurri again and build sanitation and toilets before talk will become superPOWER

  • H M
    H M 16 days ago

    Indians won't be a superpower unless they don't learn how to eat beef 🍖🍗🐮

  • Ben Leow
    Ben Leow 17 days ago +1

    Smelly .

  • Ejaz Nagori
    Ejaz Nagori 17 days ago

    The man who took 1.3 billion people for a ride ..What a wolf he is ..

  • MegaSpassky
    MegaSpassky 19 days ago

    At present vehicles carrying goods no longer wait at inter- states border for hours. Entry tax to states has been abolished. GST(Goods and Services Tax) has replaced most of the other taxes for most of the goods(GST has a common tax structure all over India). Now a truck carrying onion from Maharashtra can reach Kolkata in 3 days instead of 5 days without stopping at state borders.
    The number of bank accounts opened for persons without bank account is more than 320 millions in 4 years. Direct transfer of subsidies to the bank accounts of the poors has saved more than 90000 crores. It has prevented siphoning of money by politicians and govt officials. Previously it was done through local bodies run by politicians.
    The most serious thing in India is corruption. More than 95% politicians are corrupt and they control all the Institutions of government. And there is no light at the end of the tunnel.

  • Mayank superhero
    Mayank superhero 19 days ago +3

    Bharat 🇮🇳 will soon conquer the world again

  • napy naf
    napy naf 20 days ago

    prime minister of India is aaa shittttttttt
    wasted 3000 crore for statue

  • PRNP Deepak
    PRNP Deepak 21 day ago

    8:07 "illegal" 😂

  • Rishi Sagar
    Rishi Sagar 21 day ago

    very well-researched

  • Badrinarayanan Srinivasan

    M K Gandhi was never awarded the title of mahatma.

  • Mithun Reddy
    Mithun Reddy 22 days ago +1

    U r giving old analysis now it's 4 largest economy...

  • Roshan Hammu
    Roshan Hammu 22 days ago

    Narendra modi is India only disgrace

  • G K
    G K 22 days ago

    He is using perceptions and past news events to make video. Where is real data or comparison in this video. No facts presented and still a conclusion is made.

  • Crimson Citadel
    Crimson Citadel 23 days ago

    Modi is a liar and an A-hole..businessmen are getting richer and the common men are suffering...I'll give you an example...before demonetisation Ambani was allowed to set up 4G towers all over India and he gave free internet to everyone for months...after he had spent all his black money, he was able to whitewash all of it after demontisation...not a coincidence I'm sure :) Modi's government spent millions on building the statue of unity...what the hell was the necessity? Wouldn't it have been more practical to build some universities or medical colleges for the youths? They passed and LGBT bill and right after they passed a bill which made adultery a non punishable offense...perverted old men...now they're trying to pass the citizenship amendment bill...don't we have enough population problems already!? Do we really need to give asylum to millions of immigrants? My only goal in life now is to finish off my studies and leave this hell hole behind...people say keep the city clean but where are the garbage disposal bins? You expect me to walk 3kms to throw my trash? Where the hell are the atche din!? We're paying your bloody taxes but I can't see or feel any difference...it feels even more suffocating now with prices on everything increasing...BJP is done for btw :)) they're not going to win the next elections and even their propaganda movies like Accidental Prime Minister and Uri (yes propaganda too) will help them

  • Akshat Nagar
    Akshat Nagar 24 days ago

    India is the fifth(nominal) or 3rd(ppp) largest economy

  • anchit pandey
    anchit pandey 24 days ago

    i am seeing this and laughing. you could not differentiate between propaganda and reality

  • govind b
    govind b 24 days ago

    I don't think there is a better leader than Modi in India currently and his economic reforms didn't held India's GDP behind in fact we even over took Germany in terms of GDP placing India in 4th place. His forign vists really helped in increasing forign investment. He's even praised by people like Bill gates , kotler for his plans. He won many international awards. To all those who says modi is nothing then please say who is and what makes them better than Modi

  • Swagato Chatterjee
    Swagato Chatterjee 25 days ago

    Yep you are right about everything you said about Modi, except the fact he promises were just tall promises and no action, with tax money spent heavily on Advertisement, fueling Moral Policing and Fake News (both printed and digital, just Google BJP IT Cell), and de-legitimization of Democratic Opposition, and Adulteration of Education, and Demonizing Intellectuals; if this doesn't look like a wannabe Nazi Germany I don't know what it is? And regarding improvement in Infrastructure say Railways the only thing we saw is a promise of possible Introduction of one Bullet Train which the 0.01% can afford but won't afford because that route is covered well by Airlines and thus is a cash sink. And regarding improvement of Relations with China and Pakistan, it is a lie more damned than statistics; the only Investment from China is world's largest statue which is technically made from foreign aid and local economy, a cash sink, whose contract was given to a Chinese Company. And here is our PM voicing his great opinion he is trying to beat Chinese Economy. It also has the worst diplomatic relation with Pakistan in it's history, like threatening to start a War and doing a condemnable surgical strike which could have led to an end in peace , this also gives China a more nuanced opportunity to woo Pakistan, which they are doing for a long time. And yes this messes up Kashmir problem further, and all other Indians can do is wait and see their GDP rise along with it's GINI.

  • Swagato Chatterjee
    Swagato Chatterjee 25 days ago

    Ahem he is not single, he has a wife who he left apparently to loot our country (and now his minions will run a Godhra on me)

  • Michael How
    Michael How 25 days ago

    Deep in Modi's heart he envy China's position for India.
    He visited China many times before he was elected. He even printed out Chinese language business cards to reach out to people.
    In history, China got Buddhist religion from India and now if India feel like to come to China to take something good back for its people why not.

  • HELP!-TV
    HELP!-TV 25 days ago

    Now in Jan 2019
    India's ease of doing business ranking is 77th and until next 1 or two year, India's strategy is to further improve this ranking under 50 which is closer to China
    Coincidentally two hours before watching this video I have registered my Pvt. Ltd. Company and it took me 15 min and around 20 USD as a government registration fees To register online .
    In 2015 this process used to take 1 or 2 months time,lots of hectic paperwork,Bribes through agents etc.

  • Jatin Abhir
    Jatin Abhir 25 days ago +1

    5:56 INSANE!!!!!!!

  • geo
    geo 25 days ago

    Eat beef and get your head chopped off. Fuk this kunt

  • Vikram Agnisvann
    Vikram Agnisvann 26 days ago

    Nice video. To the question will modi? I know the easy answer is No cos it carries a majority of guarantee. For me the ills of India are deeper than just Analytics and strategy of development. They go to its government itself. We require a much more complex system and that of checks and balances, and a government and constitution that is a more capitalist system which means money off production, instead that of s welfare state with a heavy gov which is what we are. The leader here needs to show people by example of meeting high thinking like a Buddha and high performance. There are inherent issues with the populace as well which is where the fruit comes out of. That the productive result of an average Indian is very poor. So not only skill but we need a brain improvement as well as in value education, thinking quality, and role models. If India makes it to a great power it’ll be nothing short of a miracle. It would be nice though. Another thing is modi is secretive. We don’t know what’s on his mind and his plan. As demonetisation showed he can throw a curve and take us back by ten years. So I sort of don’t trust him to take a right decision any longer.

  • Avinash Pardeshi
    Avinash Pardeshi 26 days ago

    I like ur videos until I watched this one ☺ right or left there is no such thing in India... ur just with a hyperband classifying things...

  • vocalbc
    vocalbc 26 days ago

    India needs a revolution to get rid of its caste system from people's mind, and do a thorough land reform, and form a strong central government. Folks, Revolution is the only way out in certain times and at certain places.

  • Marcus Bass
    Marcus Bass 26 days ago

    I knew he was grey beard haha

  • Mount Olympus
    Mount Olympus 27 days ago

    2:40 he was member of Hindu Mahasabha not RSS google is not always right people are biased

  • Abdulla Rashid
    Abdulla Rashid 27 days ago

    Why don't you make a video on pakistan

  • saif Malik
    saif Malik 27 days ago

    India is basically fuked

  • saif Malik
    saif Malik 27 days ago

    Priminister of india is matherchaud modi

  • Orion Conner
    Orion Conner 27 days ago

    5:54 not an Indian train, that pic is from Bangladesh 😑

  • Gareth Ifan
    Gareth Ifan 28 days ago

    'Savior..'?? Saviour..surely

  • Rallabhandi Prabhakar
    Rallabhandi Prabhakar 28 days ago

    This is a very generalised presentation of complex problems of India. India is a country with 1.3 billion people with 22 official languages which date back to several thousand years. It is a democracy in no uncertain terms. There are more than two dozen major political parties. Managing India is the most complex job in the world and maintaining a growth rate of> 7 % is a substantial achievement ( Several states have over 10 % growth) . Comparing Singapore ( a country that has lesser population than Mumbai ) to India is quite foolish. Modi or any Indian PM doesn't have the powers of Chinese Premier and can not overrule individual state Govts - many are under rule of regional politician belonging to different political parties. Trump has realised that it is not easy to push any major changes in US and US has only two political party system . Imagine USA, with > 20 political parties and each state has its own language . But Modi Govt despite some controversial decisions ( you mentioned demonetisation) kept the country on a high growth part, substantially improved ease of doing business, lifted several million people out of poverty, boosted infrastructure, managed difficult conflicts with China without yielding etc. However unemployment level still remains high and this will also be tacked in next few years. There are some who think that intolerance has gone up, Modi Govt is more nationalistic but compared to past India is safer and much more liable today than a few years ago. One major concern remains- Pollution

  • yuvaraj ponnusamy
    yuvaraj ponnusamy 28 days ago

    A typical westerner view on India. To a whole the basic crisis in India starts from its social setup which is getting reflected in economic status. The basic problem in India is prevailing caste system and lack of access to education. Different parts of India shows different levels of growth and development. U can see south India is far more developed than north. Here economic development of people and social indicators are bettered by local state government than national one. comparing India with china is not appropriate china imposes its culture and language and wiped out large number of ethnic minorities as a goal to reach a unified nation and progressive growth. For India concerned its constitution respects all ethnic minorities and their culture and it will take lot of time to develop them in their own way.

  • Salman Farissi
    Salman Farissi 28 days ago

    @Himanshu Dixit alert! alert! logical fallacy alert! 1) "christian idiot" "chutiye"- (ad hominem-logical fallacy)- using bad language to threaten when logic fails. 2) "if kerala is so good then why do kerala nuns go to UP?" (loaded question- logical fallacy)- making claims without required stats to back your claims- show me the authetic report to back your claims.

  • Swapnil Upadhyay
    Swapnil Upadhyay 28 days ago +34

    FYI: India has risen to 77th place in ease of doing business😀✌

  • Himanshu Dixit
    Himanshu Dixit 29 days ago

    Latest update ease of doing business india is at 77

  • Wave Rider
    Wave Rider 29 days ago

    Modi worser than muhammad bin thuglaq

  • Bibhuranjan Nath
    Bibhuranjan Nath 29 days ago

    The govt isn't totally wrong about adoptation of electronic payments. The number of e-payment and cashless transactions has seen a massive bump ever since the demonetisation. Furthermore Indian democracy is literally being hampered by its political influences and practices. The rival party, Indian National Congress that was responsible for ruining the economy for all these years, is still making false claims and running brainwashing scams to delude the people into voting them to power.
    If they had it their way, people would remain poor-deprived and then they will come once in a while to relive them of their woes. Kind of like the Mad Max scene when "Immortal Joe" releases the water for a short duration and then turns it back off again.

  • dolphinrose21
    dolphinrose21 Month ago

    He just wants to control everybody , this is not development, it's dictatorship

  • Billy 11 Shanghai
    Billy 11 Shanghai Month ago

    Never, india need a big revolution.

  • Karthikeyan Jayachandran

    Get your facts straight. Don't spread misleading stories about Modi or India.
    Disliked and Reported as Hateful speech.

  • Iklas Sss
    Iklas Sss Month ago +2

    Yeah butcher of gujrat notoriously called,,, I used to know that...

  • AsiA I.
    AsiA I. Month ago

    ugly british should not be doing videos on IndiA, british are going to be genocideD''' we aint going to war against china until whites ere completely decimated and wiped ouT'

  • AsiA I.
    AsiA I. Month ago

    answer is yes and nahendra modi better pass the bill to stop all muslims coming to our overpopulated country they are not welcome here and neither are whites. IndiA needs to keep very close watch on the central bank.because I don't trust it and nobody should especially the interest rates being lowered.

  • Madhu Patel
    Madhu Patel Month ago

    Yes he will do if he next two teem PM. Thank you for video..
    Explore india more. Some are negative point for and wrong

  • Sanatkumar Singh
    Sanatkumar Singh Month ago

    2:45 - Modi was the regional Prime Minister in the state of Gujrat. Correct that to Chief Minister in the State of Gujrat.
    You haven't touched on India being a young economy with one of the highest percentage of working age population as a drive factor.
    Awesome video though.

  • Farhan K
    Farhan K Month ago

    Millions of jobs my ass. All of that was BS.

  • chandar bhati
    chandar bhati Month ago

    This guy tried to explain the Indian economy in 11:30 minutes, dude you need at least 2-3 day to explain Indian Economy 😌

  • avi G
    avi G Month ago

    Modi himself is corrupt. Forget he punishing corrupts.

  • angryzombie
    angryzombie Month ago +2

    Modi is full of lies..
    He is a uneducated corrupted tourist...
    No one in southern part of India likes him.
    But he use hate politics and north majority having low IQ people vote for him

  • khatiwwaraa
    khatiwwaraa Month ago

    One of the best youtube channel, i would say, agree? good luck!

  • Akshay Seth
    Akshay Seth Month ago

    India is a failure

  • kshitij tiwari
    kshitij tiwari Month ago

    Fact is that you don't clearly know the indian political situation . That is why your opinion is not at all correct.

  • Junaid Baig
    Junaid Baig Month ago

    27% reduction in education budget haha this is how it will become super power my foot

  • Sankalp Kumar
    Sankalp Kumar Month ago

    Dont use bangladesh pics in this video

  • Sam S
    Sam S Month ago

    No and never wtf are you kidding me? I mean come on Man 🧠🧠🧠

  • Iltaf Khalid
    Iltaf Khalid Month ago

    India and Pakistan share the same problems i.e. corruption, bureaucracy and teasing taxation laws. Both of these countries need presidential system for the govts to be strong enough to make legislation and think beyond 5 yrs tenures.

  • anup singh
    anup singh Month ago

    what a load of bollocks,this so called pm is a dream-seller with no truth,in short he can be called twin bro of the liar trump.got it.

  • Anand
    Anand Month ago

    This is all untrue..India has declined to the bottom under this guy...I am an NRI and I am telling India is stopping to low...

  • razorback ggf
    razorback ggf Month ago

    Hey man, make a video on the current situation in india....

  • Graf Jenja Standart

    mad eye mody

  • Surya Tej
    Surya Tej Month ago

    Would you please do another video on India?

  • bill leadbeater
    bill leadbeater Month ago

    I hope India continues on its path to become a global superpower, financially and militarily because India is a democracy, the worlds largest democracy. India is also more responsible than China and more honorable, in addition the standard of higher education, especially its private schools are more than capable of manufacturing decent, intelligent and capable leaders just like the British system on which it is based. India has shown its maturity time and time again, with Pakistan for example, India has suffered near constant harassment from its neighbor, a neighbor it could easily have stifled militarily but chose not to in favor of debate and mutual agreement. It will be a decade or two before India alone can cope with Chineese expansionism, until that time it should be able to rely on other democracies such as the US and Uk who have traditional ties both in democratic terms and, importantly, culture and language. China is trying to encircle India and thereby dominate the subcontinent. I would feel safer in my bed if India stood with the USA and NATO to keep the peace in our most fractious world.