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  • Published on Feb 27, 2017
  • India is bureaucrat's paradise. In fact, if that were to be the key to prosperity, India would probably be the wealthiest country in the world. Unfortunately, bureaucracy, instead of encouraging business, prevents it... In this video we talk about India's current challenges and its posible future.
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  • Harshit Madan
    Harshit Madan 5 hours ago

    India is indeed a bureaucratic hellhole. That pushed me towards right libertarian-ism and even anarcho-capitalism. I have a visceral hatred for bureaucrats and politicians.

  • Prabhat Kumar
    Prabhat Kumar 21 hour ago

    No india will never become superpower I don't want because I like to die poor in poor country than rich country

  • Nite Ryder
    Nite Ryder 3 days ago

    This guy Modi is ruining the country

  • Obed Mwakalonge
    Obed Mwakalonge 3 days ago +1

    please do a video of Tanzania under new president John Magufuli as model for african leaders!!

  • Vikrant Kotak
    Vikrant Kotak 3 days ago

    Poor reserch done and getting the facts wrong by Simon. You are behaving exactly like democrats behave with Trump. Did not expect such half baked facts from you Simon. Grow up and don’t be biased to India’s best Prime Minister in 7 decades.

  • AsiA I.
    AsiA I. 3 days ago

    IndiA tigeR''''' is the best!

  • Anil Eapen
    Anil Eapen 4 days ago

    Not yet

  • mayank gautam
    mayank gautam 5 days ago

    Sir please make another video on this topic because after this videos india takes some serious good steps such as ease of doing business in which India jumps several stages and some diplomatic wins like in Maldives, Bangladesh etc and yes the best content breaker for you is the elections which are going to happen in 2019 in India...i hope you will do it...btw your content is lit👍

  • Fancy Danda
    Fancy Danda 6 days ago

    Review again on this mate. This was a fraudulent P.M ever India to have

  • Being Indian- club
    Being Indian- club 6 days ago

    21st century will be India's and Modi will make India great 🔥

  • Bipin Ramachandran
    Bipin Ramachandran 6 days ago

    4:44 with the world bank ease of doing business improving to 77 and current govt's term is 90% over, would you do a follow-up on India's current state?

  • kaushal Adhikari
    kaushal Adhikari 6 days ago

    Modi is god, he's still bound to make our india great :(

  • Varun Sharma
    Varun Sharma 6 days ago

    so little update- india has sorted taxation process- GST, biggest tax reform in last 3 decades,
    2nd- India's rank in ease of doing business is now 77. pretty good jump.

  • jastej sandhu
    jastej sandhu 6 days ago

    Foolish where are these buildings you shown in video fake video

  • jastej sandhu
    jastej sandhu 6 days ago

    Not till.modi is here it will decide in cast and religion and seen to be good man but please ask some indian about modi

  • Random Affairs
    Random Affairs 7 days ago

    I can't imagine rahul gandhi there 😂😂😂modi is the future

  • Amar Pawar
    Amar Pawar 7 days ago

    @VisualPolitik - Just one correct ‘RSS is not a party, but a voluntary organisation’. I agree and disagree with some of your observations here, but happy to accept it as your view/perception as an outsider, at the same time, would suggest that you have more detailed research before you put it in your videos and not be dependant on general articles available over web. Meanwhile, I have been following your videos for a while and was considering all of it to be factual till date, but this video definitely makes me aware that I too should validate the info shared by you before using it for any discussion.

  • Sradha Suman
    Sradha Suman 8 days ago +1

    Johnny Sins after acting as astronaut, doctor, teacher etc... Now as reporter 😅

  • Vikash Kumar
    Vikash Kumar 8 days ago


  • Alla Soiko
    Alla Soiko 8 days ago

    Ana araf India wo zhidao zhongguo I love India he me travai India я лубю Индия yo me encanto india

  • Mr.Right Thinker
    Mr.Right Thinker 8 days ago +1

    your research is not deep. Modi' Government is the most currupt govt in the history of mankind. each week new curruption scandal revealed. the modi' coming on the power was alsp a bogus conspiracy. Their party Bjp Managed the country's ELECTION Commission, They used Hacked and reprogrammed ELECTRONIC VOTING MACHINES to take the seats . the business tycoons who helped them to these Sins , have flee from the country .

  • olderthangranite
    olderthangranite 8 days ago

    Post-colonial India is probably better off that most post-colonial countries. It held on to some of the good things introduced, by the British Empire. It has not, like so many post-colonial places, retreated to the stone age. India might be the leading country, in the world, in almost everything, had it not been for the Mughal Empire's (Islamic occupation) horrifying mass murder and theft of everything that could be carted off, over about three and half centuries. If they throw off acting like Communist useful idiots, they will do much better.

  • Abhimanyu Kohli
    Abhimanyu Kohli 9 days ago

    Mate, it would be good to research more about the RSS before sating that it is an extreme right wing organization! It is the LARGEST NGO in the world. It has helped in disaster relief work innumerable times, irrespective of where the disaster has struck across the nation.
    Give it a good read.

  • Abdullah Shamsi
    Abdullah Shamsi 9 days ago

    India cannot become a superpower till mr moody is in power

  • Sagar Adhikari
    Sagar Adhikari 9 days ago

    private and workers labour are employeees of government with politicians judiciary power private sectors hijrs lgbts rites youths are employees

  • Sagar Adhikari
    Sagar Adhikari 9 days ago


  • Dan Amal John Gollapalli


  • stink ass
    stink ass 9 days ago

    the whole of india farting at once could wipe out china.now that's power.

  • Ashwin Mane
    Ashwin Mane 9 days ago

    Don't need to compare India with any Other. Definition of success is varies !

  • I'm Playing with you
    I'm Playing with you 10 days ago

    i dont see india becoming a superpower anytime ..maybe in the future....money grabbing politicians and the foolish elderly people are to blame .... but we can definitely be one of the best countries in the next 5-10 years

  • Anu Martin
    Anu Martin 10 days ago +1

    Hard to say india is walking backward, just because of BJPs extreme Hinduism, Mr. Narendra Modi never appears in single press conference.

  • Srinath Radhakrishnan
    Srinath Radhakrishnan 10 days ago

    We'd be asking this question even in 2050, China never made any tall and ridiculous claims about them being the best, they never involved in self aggrandizement and that has earned them respect and were looked upon as polite people, though the opinion about their government isnt very patronizing. The Chinese started out from strengthening their basics, they improve their agriculture and then moved to the secondary and finally the tertiary sector, things in India has rather been haphazard, our agriculture is labour intensive, heavy dependence on natural factors and farmers' suicide says it all about our sad state of agriculture. We have'nt done our ABCD properly and its totally frivolous to think about bigger stuffs when the priority is grossly being ignored. Other factors would be
    1. Faulty Education system, and a large number of illiterate young people
    2. Braindrain, the best mind goes overseas, cant blame them, we have an infamous policy of ignoring the meritorious people and...NUFF said
    3. Sanitation is a huge issue and honestly we just simply cant blame the respective govts for this, of course govt officials dont do a great job in this domain, but we as public are equally nonchalant about hygiene and cleanliness.
    4. We still have sectarian loyalties by and large, for me that's one incomplete nation, a tamil may remain indifferent to a flooding in Assam and vice versa, we still have an us vs them mentality amongsts us, why blame politicians when we are the real culprits?
    5. We compare ourselves with those who are quite week and insignificant on global stage ex: Pak, thats the only country we can compete ourselves with, sadly, Pakistan is a dying nation and its hurting to see that we have come to a position where we couldnt make comparisons with those who are doing the best, we literally stand NOWHERE in the frame when compared to China, this is the truth and a bitter one.

    • Anime Boy
      Anime Boy 4 days ago

      +Srinath Radhakrishnan a decade ago more than 54% people were living under extreme poverty. Now it's 4.5%. A decade ago more than 70% people didn't had any access to toilets. Now it's 96.93%. Only 50% people were educated back then. Now it's 80%. The slum population of India is also decreasing. Wait, we need one and half decades now to be a developed country.

    • Srinath Radhakrishnan
      Srinath Radhakrishnan 4 days ago

      Anime Boy arey come on boss..if you disagree with my views then stick to the point, calling out left right and about turn wont do any good..what ive said were facts..where's the leftist propaganda in this

    • Anime Boy
      Anime Boy 4 days ago

      You are a pure leftist. Can't you see what was it a decade ago?

  • Vivekananda N
    Vivekananda N 10 days ago

    RSS is not an party... Its an socialistic organization which works for empowerment of Patriotism in individual

    • Chasing Gods
      Chasing Gods 3 days ago

      +unknown Hey each to his/her own. I am still living in a democracy, I can always see that you have your truths and I have mine. I've heard Hinduism is a way of life, RSS is a socialistic organization and that we need more statues and renaming cities to suit the culture of India. Hey, that is great! But, I chose to disagree. Because, I can, currently, in this India that I live in.
      What one should learn to do, is to recognize a human and wish him/her well. I don't know who you are "unknown", but I only have sympathies. You are still talking about Hindus and Muslims &so on and So forth. I really don't care for these classifications. I know Humans. Learn to see it that way. It will only help.

    • unknown
      unknown 3 days ago

      Chasing Gods
      Rss is nationalistic and nothing else
      Exposing Muslims and christians of their hipocricy is need of the hour
      Nationalism is not Jingonism
      Without Nationalism India will be finished

    • Chasing Gods
      Chasing Gods 7 days ago

      what the hell does that mean? Brain washing?

  • Just a Guy
    Just a Guy 10 days ago

    Obviously throw out congress outta India and ban Islam and we will be superpower in no time

  • Yo 934
    Yo 934 10 days ago

    It is funny how people say China succeeded because of linguistic and ethnic homogeneity while Inda can't because it is too diverse. You guys should just take a look at history books about China and you would see this country is not immune to civil wars. Back in the early 20th century before WW2 China was a mess way worse than India with warlords and shit, just like Syria or South Sudan today.
    If China is united today it came with a big human cost, the rise of the CCP (communists). Some will say the problem with the CCP was Mao and Deng Xiaoping brought prosperity to his country. It is true but the one child policy was not a good solution. You can't be a superpower if your population is old, and it certainly will be for China around 2050. Demographics are very important when it comes to power. With no real social system for old people and no youth to support them China will face a serious challenge to sustain its development at a certain point.

  • mishoo s
    mishoo s 10 days ago +1

    Modi is part of the problem a corrupt, kleptomaniac, pathological liar, supremacist, narcissist, obscurantist...GST etc were work in progress coming from the previous government...But he has bungled big time...He has no vision except to turn india in some version of iran, pakistan and saudi arabia a hindu theocratic state...With renaming and statue building...

  • mishoo s
    mishoo s 10 days ago

    India is always a country of future and will always be so!
    Sorry Charles De Gaulle and Brazil!

  • Joy Chakravarty
    Joy Chakravarty 11 days ago

    I'll be honest simon is trying hard to make things look more positive but as someone who watches visualpolitiks a lot all these achievement seem not at all impressive when I've watch so many videos on china I'm sorry but I don't think its working

  • Dhanender Gautam
    Dhanender Gautam 11 days ago

    Saale tere khud ke sar pe baal nhi tu sikhayega baap ko bc

  • ujjawal singh
    ujjawal singh 12 days ago

    5:52 not india ..thats bangladesh

  • Noel Pathiyil
    Noel Pathiyil 12 days ago

    These dumb fucks don't understand that foreign investment is not what we need in India (modi himself oppposed it). We have to first focus on Improving education, Healthcare and mentality of the people. It is stupid how these people think that privitization and foreign investement solves everything.

  • Noel Pathiyil
    Noel Pathiyil 12 days ago

    Hahahahahahaha.... Modi needs to go and bring a capable leader. No offense but the current PM is not that capable.

    • unknown
      unknown 3 days ago

      Noel Pathiyil
      Congress IT cell
      Pappu bhakti

  • Youthoob Gamer
    Youthoob Gamer 12 days ago

    When you get a Gujarati on the throne. Never worry about money

  • Sekhar Kr. Shrestha
    Sekhar Kr. Shrestha 12 days ago

    Update Nov 2018:

    GST has been implemented.. so no more confusion of taxes
    The no. of direct tax payers has increased by about 150%
    India ranks 77th in Ease of Doing Business
    India ranks 23rd in Ease of Access to Electricity (was 99th in 2014)
    Lazy Govt Bureaucrats are facing the music, as the ministers of the govt are quick to act after they receive a complaint on Twitter or fb
    Almost all Indians have a bank acct today..and middle men are killing mosquitoes instead..as they can't do much in this
    Inflations hve been consistently at all time lows around 3%-5% per annum (used to be >10% before 2014)
    We don't hear any news on scams by the govt...as they don't exist
    The markets are at an all time high
    The GDP is soaring
    Every opposition leader despises Modi..and want to kill him (and i literally mean it..as there hve been many comments by them which point in that direction)

  • cristopher wong
    cristopher wong 12 days ago

    No. Too poor to do that. Too poor in knowledge

    • unknown
      unknown 3 days ago

      China's nose is bleeding

    • imh ranjan
      imh ranjan 9 days ago

      We might be poor but not in knowledge...do some research...!! Brother...

  • Sunil Reddy
    Sunil Reddy 12 days ago

    dude you got most your facts inaccurate. your narrative is so superficial. i now am questioning myself, did i get misinformed about Norway, Israel, etc.

    NITIN KUMAWAT 12 days ago

    You got it wrong RSS is not responsible for mahatma Gandhi

  • Navjot Singh
    Navjot Singh 12 days ago

    This bald guy needs to get his head out his ass and get many facts right in this video.

  • Aazaad
    Aazaad 12 days ago

    I finally see what Modi is doing

  • Karan Gupta
    Karan Gupta 13 days ago

    Congress blunders from 1947 to 2014

  • Karan Gupta
    Karan Gupta 13 days ago

    3 crore collection of sardar patel 10 years

  • Virtual baba
    Virtual baba 13 days ago

    bsdk barbad kr rha he India ko

  • 小林
    小林 13 days ago

    The only superpower is the United States, China is not a superpower.please keep this in mind.

  • Ashutosh Srivastava
    Ashutosh Srivastava 14 days ago

    ban of note of 500 & 1000 was not a disaster If i were to explain then i will have to speak for 1 hour

  • Ashutosh Srivastava
    Ashutosh Srivastava 14 days ago

    let me correct you Mr. Simon that RSS has nothing to do with the Nathuram Godse , the Assain of Mahatma Gandhi whom you are speaking that he was a member of RSS.

  • Louie Gildred
    Louie Gildred 14 days ago

    india will never be anything if the cast system is still in place. simple.

  • Angry Laugher
    Angry Laugher 15 days ago

    India will never became super power untill 2100...

  • kevin joseph
    kevin joseph 15 days ago

    stupid music

  • Naga Guy
    Naga Guy 15 days ago +1

    Let's restart india...
    Kill all the dirty Political leaders.

    • unknown
      unknown 3 days ago

      China was already in path to become a superpower under a republican government when communist systematically destroyed the entire country

    • Anime Boy
      Anime Boy 4 days ago

      Dirty leftist

  • Vikramvicky Kaler
    Vikramvicky Kaler 15 days ago

    Great conclusions...

  • тαιwαɴвαll
    тαιwαɴвαll 16 days ago

    What're they gonna do about scammers?

  • Prithvi Raj
    Prithvi Raj 16 days ago

    When people are starving
    He is to going picnic to other country

  • Prithvi Raj
    Prithvi Raj 16 days ago

    The Real hero is not MOgi.
    Manmohan Singh, Vaajpay,&Rao are the persons who make the india to an economic power

  • Allwin M.A.
    Allwin M.A. 17 days ago

    I am laughing watching this..what he has done to indian economy is pathetic

  • fane babanu
    fane babanu 17 days ago


  • Simplified Facts
    Simplified Facts 17 days ago

    5:58 that pic was of the train of BANGLADESH.

  • Rauno Loik
    Rauno Loik 17 days ago

    That is one fat vegetarian.

  • huraankur
    huraankur 17 days ago

    1. GST Tax bill passed.
    2. Demonitisation was done to increase tax base.
    3. Waterways, expressways started.
    4. Ease of doing Business index ranks India at 77th. It was at 130th rank just 2 years ago.
    All this Just an year later this video was published.

  • Roger Wu
    Roger Wu 18 days ago

    well, i wish indian ppl the best.

  • anand raj
    anand raj 18 days ago

    Please don't post videos without a proper prior research about the topic. Ignorent moron.

  • mohit singh
    mohit singh 18 days ago

    Mandir wahi banega..😝

  • Chaitanya Ruhatiya
    Chaitanya Ruhatiya 18 days ago

    RSS is not a party

  • hemant yadav
    hemant yadav 18 days ago

    this guy does not know what he is talking. please, study before you do any post related to India. especially, read more about demonetisation.

  • Ayesh Biswal
    Ayesh Biswal 20 days ago

    2:44 it's chief minister, not Prime Minister

  • Learn
    Learn 20 days ago

    Why do you act like an asshole?

  • Vikram Deshmukh
    Vikram Deshmukh 20 days ago

    One aspect you didnt highlight is ... India could become super power if they encourage meritocracy in education & jobs. India has some backward sections which must be uplifted. But now it has become shameless practice by many to claim themselves backward & depriving opportunities for real backwards. Fight for meritocracy is diminishing under to veil to increase reservation for the backwards. This will cost India badly in the futures to come.

  • Blaze Striker
    Blaze Striker 20 days ago

    He's the Trump of India and he's a big fat liar and coward.

  • akash sharma
    akash sharma 20 days ago

    rss is not an extremist group bro correct yourself before speaking ok

  • abhi raut
    abhi raut 21 day ago

    Pm Modi is best .. Proud Modi voter ..

  • Google User
    Google User 21 day ago

    Mr. Whistler ...
    Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) or national volunteers organisation.
    is not a political party.
    Its a NGO which was started to unite India in 1925. It's basic work is to make people patriotic by regular SHAKHAS (Branches) They teach discipline and do the work of vyakti nirmaan.
    Please do some research and say then only.

  • Tinynat Chamyuna
    Tinynat Chamyuna 21 day ago

    India will be the biggest importer of biryani!! 😂😂😂😂😂 And they will release a lot of Bollywood movies which defies every laws of physics. And they will rise to power tru Vegene Guys leadership. 🤔😘

  • kikistar125
    kikistar125 22 days ago

    i hope so then maybe they can keep their people in their own country

  • sourav sarkar
    sourav sarkar 22 days ago

    China do not have democracy compare to India..

  • Sumit Aggarwal
    Sumit Aggarwal 22 days ago

    This bald creature is stupid

  • shivam kanojiya
    shivam kanojiya 22 days ago

    India 41 now business rank

  • shivam kanojiya
    shivam kanojiya 22 days ago

    India population 160 million 2022 joke

  • Harish Venna
    Harish Venna 22 days ago

    What is the music that's starts at 9.30??

  • SharZb
    SharZb 24 days ago

    Greedy you tuber 4 advertisement 10mins of Stretch

  • Hemanth kumar G.R
    Hemanth kumar G.R 24 days ago

    RSS is not a party, retard

  • Shivansh Shukla
    Shivansh Shukla 24 days ago

    Cash ban is now worth it. The government has recieved billions and the number of tax payers has increased by 10 times :)

  • Daniel O'Dey
    Daniel O'Dey 24 days ago

    India is the world's largest democracy ..what an achievement ! Economic growth seems to follow democracy as individuals can get out and start buisnesses , which may grow into companies . Isn't this all part of Adam Smith's The Wealth of Nations . China is a police state . This affects the creation of businesses and companies .

  • sharfaraz AHMAD
    sharfaraz AHMAD 25 days ago

    Modi illiterate only speaks India is going through bad phase under his rule he is liar and bootlicker of businessman fucking asshole modi

  • Bhavin Shah
    Bhavin Shah 25 days ago

    Ok I can see so many jealous people over here. One advise to my friends DON'T pay attention to this people . Haters are going to be there no matter how developed your country is. Let this people laugh and talk rubbish. IGNORE THEM. We should be attention to our development only.JAI HIND

    ROAD KING 25 days ago

    My pm is my god.. we love you Mr Modi

  • Rahul Shewale
    Rahul Shewale 26 days ago

    Nope worst pm of india mate

  • superoyly
    superoyly 26 days ago

    I see you like Captain Morgan and Hendrix. Excellent choices! We should drink together Simon :-)

  • Ankit Patel
    Ankit Patel 28 days ago

    BJP government good work

  • shady shady TV oopsy
    shady shady TV oopsy 28 days ago

    India needs to build Navy base in Fiji before China 🇦🇺

    MyRISING STAR 29 days ago

    You will need to re-make this video again in 2019.