Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix - Movie Review


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  • suna 173.6jm
    suna 173.6jm 12 days ago

    this movie is like in the upper third of my rating. i love the darkness of it, grimmauld place and kreacher (they nailed it), the casting of umbridge, luna and cho chang and how the department of mysteries looks. what i don't like is that they brought back the actor for sirius back bc i headcanon him way different :_) also that added cheesy quote about 'you will never learn love or friendship' and how they mellowed out Harry's anger bc in the book he yells in the beginning and in the end destroys Dumbledore's office but for some reason they didn't put that in.

  • Alucard, More Awesome Than Chuck Norris!

    I'm sad that Luna wasn't introduced earlier in the series. She was awesome. I loved Luna.

  • Alucard, More Awesome Than Chuck Norris!

    The year of the haircut.

  • moliere waleo
    moliere waleo 2 months ago

    i killed sirius black hahahahaha
    i almost cried

  • RRoJ
    RRoJ 2 months ago

    Favorite HP movie

  • Brendan Kyle
    Brendan Kyle 3 months ago

    Order of the Phoenix is one of the best Harry Potter movies but my least favorite Harry Potter book

  • Phil Ingrouille
    Phil Ingrouille 5 months ago

    As I've watched the films more over the years, Order of the Phoenix is my second least favourite. I know Deathly Hallows is meant to build up Part 2, but it still feels like a drag a lot of the time, so it's my least favourite. Prisoner of Azkaban is my favourite out of them, with Chamber of Secrets my second favourite.

  • Thomas Maner
    Thomas Maner 5 months ago

    Order of the Phoenix is one of my favorite Harry Potter movies. My least favorite are Goblet of Fire and Half Blood Prince.

  • Rene Knight
    Rene Knight 6 months ago

    Its my least favorite film, for the simple reason that Order of the Pheonix is the longest book, but one of the shortest films. Too much just got cut.

  • Ronaldo Li
    Ronaldo Li 6 months ago

    It's my second favorite

  • atta nyarko
    atta nyarko 7 months ago


  • Matei Bobes
    Matei Bobes 7 months ago

    I must see all movies but i have a feeling that this will be my favourite! I made contact first time with TOOP on PSP and this one i love! I also saw the 1st movie and have red the first two books.... Idk why, but i love Order of Phoenix

  • Cody Baggs
    Cody Baggs 7 months ago

    It's my favorite book and thereby my favorite/least favorite movie. I love it because it's an adaptation of my favorite book and it was a great performance by Gary Oldman as Sirius Black. But there were so many unnecessary changes made that I struggle to like certain parts of it.

  • KimPossible
    KimPossible 7 months ago

    Order of the Phoenix is my favorite of the books, but the movie ranks #6 out of the 8 films for me.

  • heather ridge
    heather ridge 7 months ago +1

    I do see why people don't like the film - like the Last Jedi, but I do see why a lot of people liked the film - like the Last Jedi. I like the darker tones - how far David Yates pushed Harry in an emotional depth. How Harry felt when Dumbledore avoided him - I found that part in the film brushed over, but it's more explained in the books. Umbridge was horrible - basically the only driving force that actually made me watch the film and read the books. It's not my favourite Harry Potter movie (or favourite movie in general - I do prefer how Rian Johnson did the Last Jedi more than what David Yates did with the rest of the Harry Potter franchise - mind you it's better than at least half of those young adult movies like the Maze Runner and Divergent). I'll probably say that either the Deathly Hallows or the Prisoner of Azkaban are my favourites.

  • Ron D
    Ron D 8 months ago

    "Look at me!!!" Best scene in all of the movies

  • Taylor Glover
    Taylor Glover 9 months ago

    well I personally believe this was one of my favorites. The thing is you see Harry's dark side. His feeling isolated and frustrated. Then I love Luna and her speech about voldemort wanting him to feel alone. people trying to protect him saying he's just a boy when in fact the war was inevitable anyway. I also loved Harry's speech about great wizards because it really meant a lot. I love this franchise because it really depicts how humans operate. I think Sirius blacks death really hurt me. I never read the book but I agree with you. While in college reading the giver the movie completely shit (not in a good way) on the book. I felt Harry's emotion with Sirius because he was literally all he had the closest to his family. God parents are really important. Now dolores... ugh I hate her in everything she's in ugh

  • miss rose
    miss rose 10 months ago

    I think Sirius' death in the movie was one of the most emotional scenes for me. Since I have read and reread the books countless times, it really was tragic. And the scene itself... how Dan Radcliffe screams and crumples in Lupin's arms as Lupin holds him back... all without any sound... gets me every time.

  • elisabeth moss
    elisabeth moss 10 months ago

    it’s my least favorite as well. the book was so much more emotional and the film didn’t really capture harry’s internal struggle. it also didn’t explain the prophecy well. i’m rereading the book now because i can’t remember shit about voldemort and the prophecy and the movie just glossed over it after a big lead up.

  • sincerestfall
    sincerestfall 11 months ago

    I didn't feel much for Sirius even in the books.

  • Andrea Youngken
    Andrea Youngken 11 months ago

    i do agree that sirius' death in the movie was like... well. that happened. ANYWAY. La-dee-da
    like. no. are you. what the fuck. just happened.

  • Andrea Youngken
    Andrea Youngken 11 months ago

    prisoner of azkaban is my fave, followed by this one- in terms of the books. i haven't watched the movies in a long ass time, but was planning to after i reread all the books. heh. so like. not for another year or 2 amiright

  • Gaming Animator
    Gaming Animator 11 months ago

    Anyone else noticed the spiderman shirt Jeremy's wearing???

  • Sarah Tohme
    Sarah Tohme 11 months ago

    Never thought about how unreliable Harry's story is, it makes me appreciate why everyone's being an asshole and not believing him😂

  • lily monroy
    lily monroy 11 months ago

    Is it weird order of phoenix one of least favourite for some reason

  • w_R Andrs
    w_R Andrs Year ago

    Yeah i agree, the fifth installment was the weakest (except the book because it was worth the 890 pages)

  • Hey, isn't that Devon Graham?

    Very odd movie for me. I remember watching it and feeling it was too fast paced and glossed over things I liked about the book. Can’t say I really felt that way about the other films. Idk for sure what it is but this is probably my least favorite film of the series

  • Sean Rhead
    Sean Rhead Year ago

    I disagree about the pacing. I thought it felt very rushed for most of the movie. The book did feel very slow though.

  • Taylor Glover
    Taylor Glover Year ago

    I am a harry potter fanatic. But this one is one of my favorites

  • jedidiahmarada
    jedidiahmarada Year ago

    when jeremy do umbridge's laugh tho lol

  • Roei Potash AKA Poihpio

    it's actually my 2nd favourite (only behind the last one)

  • Fred L.
    Fred L. Year ago

    In my humble opinion this movie was my favourite film of the saga

  • Pedro Bordini
    Pedro Bordini Year ago +1

    The Book is great, so the movie felt like a disappointment

  • Captain Mitchell
    Captain Mitchell Year ago +1

    Literally just sat down this month and decided to read all the books. I have never read them before, but have probably watched each of the HP movies a few dozen times. And I will say that I enjoyed the books so much more than the movies and I LOVED the movies. There is just SO much detail into every little thing that the movies just can't possibly touch on that you can only get in book form. This video is what convinced me that I should read them and I am glad I did. You are absolutely right about Sirius and not giving a toss about him in the movies. Anyways, I now need to find a book to fill the void HP left after I finished ha ha.

  • Kyle Christine
    Kyle Christine Year ago

    While I loved watching this series as a whole, I agree that this one is probably the least of my favorites. Don't get me wrong, I loved this one as much as the other ones. But there are a few things I disliked: 1. Being the shortest movie in the series. 2. UMBRIDGE!!!!!

  • Jeremy Brookes
    Jeremy Brookes Year ago +2

    @ 3.58 I get the drift regarding how dubious it would be for people to doubt Harry saying ''Voldemorts back!'' after someone died. similar to someone coming saying ''Hitlers back'' after someone died.
    But in the books and movies there are several pieces of evidence that Fudge skipped over:
    1. the death Eaters at the world cup plus the dark mark.
    2. the disappearances of people in the movie mentioned on the radio. (in the book Bertha Jorkins)
    3. Barty Crouch escaped Azkaban murdered his ministry official father kidnapped Moody and impersonated him for a year arranged the rigging of the tournament and testified to helping Voldemort (in the book he suffers the dementor's kiss but testifies under truth potion with Winky as an alias.)
    4. And later on the mass breakout from Azkaban.

  • Boochi Man
    Boochi Man Year ago

    I actually really enjoy this one. Probably #3. Yes we get a lot of exposition,... but we also get an epic wizard battle.. soo yea

  • AsgersWeb
    AsgersWeb Year ago

    Great vid

  • Mini Zondi
    Mini Zondi Year ago

    I actually hate Umbridge more than Voldemort and Bellatrix, that's saying something because Bellatrix killed Dobby and Sirius and boiiiiiiii I LOVED Dobby.

  • noiram
    noiram Year ago

    my list from better to worse movie :
    1 ) deathly hallows part 2
    2) deathly hallows part 1
    3 ) prisoner of Azkaban
    4 ) Philosopher's stone & order of the Phoenix
    5 ) Chamber of secrets & half blood prince
    10 ) ... gobelet of fire ( gosh, it actually took me a minute or so to remember it's name... that's saying something when we know I am a hard core Haryy Potter Fan ! ^^ )

  • Bruz the Chopper
    Bruz the Chopper Year ago

    the best potter film in my opinion

  • Sean Lee
    Sean Lee Year ago

    No mention of the final battle scene?!?!
    Also, I thought they did show the significance of Sirius Black's death. They did make him like a father figure to Harry IMO. The way they showed his death was more interesting to me because it was shown in Harry's perspective of disbelief, then fogging anger.

  • MissZeely
    MissZeely Year ago

    I have never heard anyone argue Fudge's side like this and I have to say, it does make a lot of sense 👍🏼

  • John von Shepard
    John von Shepard Year ago

    For a second there I thought they released a new Harry Potter film!

  • Tee F
    Tee F Year ago

    Umbridge is such a good villain and we get a great training montage, learn a lot of new info and we also get a fantastical 3rd act battle. My other fave HP movie.

  • TylerAdams
    TylerAdams Year ago

    My least favourite is deathly hallows pt 1

  • Super AJS
    Super AJS Year ago

    Fun fact: This is the ONLY Harry Potter movie I saw in theaters. That's the reason I have a soft spot for this.

  • Rozza
    Rozza Year ago

    the only thing I remember about the order of the Phoenix is that the book is actually 10cm thick

  • Taughtwheel 4
    Taughtwheel 4 Year ago

    Why the hell is this on my subscription box from today saying it has came out today WTF

  • Tiki80
    Tiki80 Year ago

    Thats the reason! Ever since David Yates took over I stoped watching them.. it was boring as hell and too zack snyder tone...

  • Joshua Oxenford
    Joshua Oxenford Year ago

    Not even been a few months since he'd seen the guy die. In the UK summer break is 6 weeks.

  • samenzwering
    samenzwering Year ago

    For me David Yates ruined the final four films, with his epic-cool-opera-exploding-darkening style. Wands became guns practically. Camera started spinning like shit. Rubbing the dark tone in your face. It's what he does. Empty epicness.

  • LordGNome1000
    LordGNome1000 Year ago

    I wish you'd talked at least a little about the showdown b/w voldemort and dumbledore

  • Eric Graham
    Eric Graham Year ago

    Basically Umbridge makes Voldemort and Bellatrix look like Jesus Christ and Mother Theresa respectively XD XD

  • Skittl3zMonst3r
    Skittl3zMonst3r Year ago

    Umbridge is the worst and Sirius is bae, I miss him ;-;

  • Fought a Pidgeon
    Fought a Pidgeon Year ago

    I skipped this movie in the series.

  • queendsheena1
    queendsheena1 Year ago

    My least favorite movie is the Goblet of Fire one but it's still a really good movie on a whole. This movie really showed how much things were changing for Harry at a rapid pace.

  • livknowstomuch
    livknowstomuch Year ago

    My List (Favourite to Least)
    1. Order of the Phoenix
    2. Philosophers Stone
    3. Deathly Hallows Part 2
    4. Deathly Hallows Part 1
    5. Half Blood Prince
    6. Goblet of Fire
    7. Prisoner of Azkaban
    8. Chamber of Secrets

  • Liam Mellon
    Liam Mellon Year ago

    Are you ever gonna do Half-blood Prince?

  • Holly Roxy
    Holly Roxy Year ago

    This remains one of my favorite Harry Potter movies for the end fight scene with Dumbledore & Voldemort alone. That scene was bad ass.

  • Holly Roxy
    Holly Roxy Year ago

    This remains one of my favorite Harry Potter movies for the end fight scene with Dumbledore & Voldemort alone. That scene was bad ass.

  • Parker Pshebnisky

    This movie is ten years old!

  • Sam McLatchie
    Sam McLatchie Year ago

    It would have only been like 6 weeks since Cedric died. Our summer holidays are not that long. Harry wishes it was a few months!

  • leonardo448
    leonardo448 Year ago

    5:12 Maybe the decision to make the scene entirely in silence took away the importance of the character, which i think, is the opposite to what they had intended.

  • Jamie Cruse
    Jamie Cruse Year ago +1

    Half-Blood Prince?

  • Raheem Hagane
    Raheem Hagane Year ago +1

    Harry Potter and the half blood prince review please

  • Ben Jen
    Ben Jen Year ago

    Actually , it was Wormtail who killed Cedric, not Voldemort

  • ClassySaia
    ClassySaia Year ago +1

    Can't wait for his take on Half-blood Prince.

  • kreglfromworld
    kreglfromworld Year ago

    JIMMY! Could you please. stop. mentioning his name

  • Anal Kumar
    Anal Kumar Year ago

    Why is this coming now?

  • BooBop1987
    BooBop1987 Year ago

    Nice Review Man!

  • Jason Thornton
    Jason Thornton Year ago

    Hmm ranking ... worst to best? 2, 7.0, 6, 7.5, 5, 1, 4, 3 but I still contend the fight at the end of 5 is the best, I felt bad when Sirius died simply because he's Gary Oldman.

  • Ree
    Ree Year ago

    You could be prattling on about earth science and I would still tune in. You have a way of making any topic entertaining. :)

  • Resident Evilfan666
    Resident Evilfan666 Year ago +1

    yeah i love emma watson she is smoking hot and im glad that she was cast to played hermione Granger

  • TheBestMovieCritic
    TheBestMovieCritic Year ago +1

    To me, Least favorite: Half blood prince
    Favorite: Goblet of Fire

  • Kaleb Hatton
    Kaleb Hatton Year ago

    This movie gets dead Sirius.

  • Tihs Eht
    Tihs Eht Year ago

    man how is the order Ur least fav out of all of em, sorcerers stone for fuck sake. u didn't like Dunkirk but u loved that Shit Boston bombing movie. wtf u like em I ain't going to see em more u hate I'm buying a ticket, u like power rangers for fuck sake

  • Ganesh Seetan
    Ganesh Seetan Year ago

    hey jeremy can you wear a pair of harry potter glasses for your half-blood prince review or you can just wear it for the thumbnail

  • Scott Karrasch
    Scott Karrasch Year ago

    Same man, I started reading the books after Order and read Half-Blood Prince and Deathly Hallows before seeing the movies

  • SimonDP
    SimonDP Year ago

    Dolores is worse than Voldemort

  • M
    M Year ago

    Probably the best movie after Philosopher's!

  • The Youngwolf
    The Youngwolf Year ago

    for the book readers it was quite tramatic when sirius died

  • ctl eurocollege
    ctl eurocollege Year ago +1

    1:18 *Cue Booing*

  • Reality Weasel
    Reality Weasel Year ago

    The slowest of the Harry Potter movies was The Half Blood Prince. Because it was fucking terrible.

  • AP12
    AP12 Year ago

    You're kidding me, when Sirius died I was rooting for Harry to kill that bitch!!!!

  • Timothy Hammons
    Timothy Hammons Year ago

    They DEFINITELY under utilized Sirius black in the movies. But I still cried so hard.

  • Cecilia Mok
    Cecilia Mok Year ago

    My opinion's the same as you! This movie is my least favourite of the series. I couldn't remember the plot even after watching it for more than three times when I was a teen. I guess, like you said, it's way too informational for my liking, and all those info has made the story a bit too lengthy and complicated.

  • Moses Owembabazi
    Moses Owembabazi Year ago

    interesting that it's your least favorite cause it was one of the most favorite.....

  • Haley Lee
    Haley Lee Year ago

    Wait her real name is umbridge? I thought it was always umbitch.....I don't why I would think that's her real name though.

  • schmittelt
    schmittelt Year ago +1

    Phoenix was my favorite book. When Dumbledore showed up at the Ministry, I really felt the relief the kids were feeling. I was truly terrified when Voldemort possessed Harry, and I really felt Harry's rage when Dumbledore said, "I know how you feel" after Sirius died. Having said that, I do have to agree that none to little of that transferred to the movie. My love for the book means I just can't call this my least favorite HP movie, though I will call it the least successful. That might be a weird distinction, I know. But my least favorite movie has to be Half Blood Prince. In the book, it's explained why Snape is the title character and in the movie it's not. When he reveals himself at the end, I thought. "Well, yeah I knew that because I read the book, but taking this movie by itself, who cares? What does it mean?" There's just nothing there to latch onto. Without that explanation, the words "Half Blood Prince" are just some words and I think the explanation should have been given. That makes it more flawed than Order of the Phoenix in my opinion.

  • Zain Ali
    Zain Ali Year ago

    Half blood prince is my favourite by far

  • James Cameron
    James Cameron Year ago

    OOTP is my least favourite flick of the 8, but one of my favourite books out of the 7. I like Prisoner of Azkaban equally with OOTP among the books.

  • Nidorino Alliance
    Nidorino Alliance Year ago +3

    It's my most favourite. I think it has one of the most effective arcs for Harry in all of the movies, and I love the way it culminates: When he's fighting Voldemort in his mind. Other series might have found a scene like that to be corny or overly sentimental, but Harry Potter commits to it and it makes it work. It also contains a lot of my favourite scenes in the series, and I do think Sirius's death in it works tremendously. For me, this is the prefect culmination of the two tones of the series, and it has some excellent dark and lighter moments. My second favourite is Deathly Hallows Part 1.

  • Veloziraptor111
    Veloziraptor111 Year ago

    Ron looked like shit, but Harry looked better with longer hair, I'd say.

  • Seoul
    Seoul Year ago +2

    For everyone who wishes they were Harry Potter...

    Get raised by terrible people for almost 11 years
    Get bullied by a blonde kid
    Get almost choked by a guy who's got the man who killed your parents on the other side of his head
    Have people think he's secretly the heir of slytherin
    Get bitten by a giant snake
    Learn that one of his parents friends betrayed them
    Have dementora constantly attacking you
    Get attacked by huge spiders
    Ultimately cause the rebirth of lord Voldemort
    Get placed in a tournament that he's unprepared and not ready for
    Get attacked by a dragon
    Get attacked by sea creatures
    Get attacked by Voldemort
    See a fellow classmate/friend die
    Have the man who killed your parents reborn in front of you
    Have nightmares every night
    Get attacked by Voldemort in your mind
    Get tortured by toad face
    Have people not believe in you
    Have Voldemort attack your mind
    See the only family you have left killed
    See the man you trusted and were close to killed
    Get attacked by some weird ass lake people things
    Have to got out and destroy the horcruxes
    See your parents grave and destroyed house
    See the house elf who saved you and you grew to be close too die in your arms
    See friends and family attacked and killed
    The place you called home for so long gets destroyed
    Not to mention all the other people that died like moody
    And the most important one, not being able to kiSS EMMA WATSON

    Except in that weird horcrux vision...

  • Nick Otto
    Nick Otto Year ago


  • Audrey-Anne
    Audrey-Anne Year ago +1

    omg I cried so much when Sirius died. Actually I cried when Harry started to cry. I decided to read the books after watching the 6th movie because I didn't want to wait to know how it all ended lol

  • Marco Gavin
    Marco Gavin Year ago

    i agree with everything jeremy said on this movie its my less favouriate as well

  • FivebyFive FivebyFive

    Harry Potter and the Order Of The Phoenix, is my very favourite I think it breaches the topic of loneliness and knowing your not alone even when you think you are, really loved that. I love how even through the dark parts there are still people like Fred and George or Luna trying to fight back. I'm not sure why but when in films/books there's that dark depressed tone, then it starts getting better a slow trickling of light entering the dark I just love it. Even though the dark was still there continuing throughout the other films, it seemed that this film really made viewers and the characters and readers ready for what's to come.

  • skyrimcat9416
    skyrimcat9416 Year ago

    Nothing beats Helena Bonham Carter as Bellatrix Lestrange!!! She gave my 12-year-old self a long boner and loved starring at her!!!