Thom Yorke: Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes - Traffic

  • Published on Oct 16, 2019
  • Thom Yorke: Tomorrow's Modern Boxes perform Traffic on Jimmy Kimmel Live.
    Guillermo's Road Trip to Brooklyn: Stop #1 - Dallas with Tony Romo
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    Thom Yorke: Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes - Traffic
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Comments • 210

  • Hunter power
    Hunter power 18 days ago +1

    People see outside but never inside. Thats the anima , the soul, el alma. He(the soul) takes our body like an instrument ,como de los muchos que existen,to express the anima.
    My body is meat conected with the energy and my brain is only funcional to remember things. The anima is the only thing cares. Thom yorke see this concept of reality and i too.

  • Player
    Player 19 days ago +1

    I guess he is not A rock musician anymore SMH

    • Damien Patton
      Damien Patton 12 days ago

      You're right, he's much more than that now.

  • jsthenest
    jsthenest 21 day ago

    When it's good, it's really really good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • gamingwith kitty
    gamingwith kitty 24 days ago +2

    Im so looking forward to his concert in 2020!!!!

  • Jaing Records
    Jaing Records 27 days ago


  • Milan Lajčiak
    Milan Lajčiak 28 days ago

    I used to love Thom Yorke and Radiohead music, bud the older they are the less sence their music makes to me 😔

    • John Wu
      John Wu 26 days ago

      You can consider their song 'Daydreaming' from their most recent album 'A Moon Shaped Pool'.

    • Ankhbayar Tsolmon
      Ankhbayar Tsolmon 27 days ago

      Check Suspirium
      Daily battles
      Dawn chorus
      Not the news

  • A.L.E.C
    A.L.E.C 28 days ago

    Dude lost his fuckin mind. I'm a huge fan of him, but this was just terrible.

  • Kowasi
    Kowasi 28 days ago

    Snap out of it Mr. Yorke! Your best work has guitars.

  • Alix Jay
    Alix Jay 28 days ago +1

    That’s not tomorrow’s modern boxes

  • Golbon Mol
    Golbon Mol 29 days ago


  • Vato nick
    Vato nick 29 days ago


  • CultureDTCTV
    CultureDTCTV 29 days ago

    Thom is a global treasure

  • Stunl3y
    Stunl3y 29 days ago

    Introducing my 14 year old daughter to Radiohead/Thom Yorke , she's blown away

  • Musical Commentary
    Musical Commentary Month ago

    Very nice song.

  • Pedro Vieira Marques de Oliveira

    Thom Yorke has the potential to be the next Joker

  • D Arnold
    D Arnold Month ago

    Stop with the idolatry guys. It's not manly. It's good or it isnt. This isn't. It's OK to admit that. Thom is human after all.

  • AnarchaoS 11
    AnarchaoS 11 Month ago

    Да ну нах такого йорка мне не надо слушать...гавно...слушаю ток первые три альбома ...ну четыре первых...дальше идут уже дебри непролазные и болота экспериментального Арт рока...

    • No name
      No name Month ago

      Ну Тому скучно, он по приколу всякую дичь поет

  • Jacob Costello
    Jacob Costello Month ago

    He said ROXANNE in the beginning I swear.

  • Jairo Varela
    Jairo Varela Month ago +1

    This is really music, master

  • Iván Radiohead
    Iván Radiohead Month ago +1

    ❤❤❤ Chile

  • eJacob Cornelius
    eJacob Cornelius Month ago +4

    Someone snuck some edibles in my pizza.

  • Luciano L da Silva
    Luciano L da Silva Month ago +1

    Greatest British men alive:
    Sir Paul Macartney
    Thom York.
    Liam Galagher

    • Robert de Best
      Robert de Best 20 days ago

      Name one good song Liam has ever written on his own:p

  • We Be Tuckin
    We Be Tuckin Month ago

    Thom Yorke is a legend! Been rocking for decades and I've been listening to him since the start. Thanks for this upload! Fantastic editing. 🤟

  • FunkoPopMob !!!
    FunkoPopMob !!! Month ago

    The only artist that denied Kanye to sample his music.... and consider him not a real musician ... 😂😂😂😂

  • FunkoPopMob !!!
    FunkoPopMob !!! Month ago +1

    The legend... I saw him at ACL this year! He’s beyond greatness...

  • unorfadox 19
    unorfadox 19 Month ago

    Follow the white rabbit.....!

  • Тимофей Простый

    super! genius!

  • Elina Bradel
    Elina Bradel Month ago +1


  • Marc
    Marc Month ago +4

    I saw him live in Toronto for the Tomorrow's Modern Boxes tour. It was the best live show I have experienced. The visuals, music, and energy were transformational.

  • Simple Guy
    Simple Guy Month ago

    Omg, how greedy are they to shove that freakin' Mercedes logo in viewer's faces all video long?! I'm pretty sure if given a check hefty enough Jimmy would plaster that stinking car logo even on his mom's face and make her wear it all day long.

  • Castro
    Castro Month ago +3

    2019 and a vídeo with only 720p!? :(

  • Descendant of Kraff

    Why is it called Tomorrow's Modern Boxes when ot isn't that album?

  • Annelie SE
    Annelie SE Month ago +6

    I love Thom just living life out there, completely rebelling against anything most of his fans used to lock him in.

  • J. Tron
    J. Tron Month ago +43

    Jimmy Kimmel presents Boiler Room with Thom Yorke

  • Cole Weston
    Cole Weston Month ago +1

    I love Thom Yorke and I love Paul Thomas Anderson, but let's be honest - this music requires mushrooms at Burning Man to even vaguely enjoy

    • Cole Weston
      Cole Weston Month ago +2

      @buckbumble okay cool. I'm open to new experiences. I'll just get naked and give it another try

    • buckbumble
      buckbumble Month ago +1

      Not at all. It’s hard to digest I’ll give you that, but listen to The Eraser (his first album) before this. It’s a kinder listen and somewhat poppier

  • Graham Addison
    Graham Addison Month ago

    Overthinking Thom.

  • chubs yang
    chubs yang Month ago

    What happened to radiohead?

    • Landon Lacey
      Landon Lacey Month ago

      chubs yang nothing, they’re just in between albums right now

  • HDM Reviews
    HDM Reviews Month ago +1

    This new album is incredible, great video too!!

  • Antonia Ford
    Antonia Ford Month ago +1

    Kid A, Gen Z

  • George Cilley
    George Cilley Month ago +7

    I've never heard of Tom York but this got me interested.

    • George Cilley
      George Cilley 29 days ago

      @trickster398 Watch Judge Judy? No, thanks.

    • trickster398
      trickster398 29 days ago +1

      Listen to Judge Jury Executioner ... that goes for you too unsuspecting thom yorke/radiohead fan ... yes you

    • No name
      No name Month ago

      Listen to Radiohead, they have a lot of cool stuff

    • buckbumble
      buckbumble Month ago +2

      Listen to his previous albums The Eraser first and then Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes. There’s also a great standalone single youwouldntlikemewhenimangry

    • buckbumble
      buckbumble Month ago +1

      susana not if you like more Thom Yorke!

  • xuclarockerx
    xuclarockerx Month ago +33

    How did this end up on national television lol

    • Charlie Scott
      Charlie Scott 28 days ago +4

      Who cares, just be glad it's there. Better than the usual stuff Kimmel has.

  • Max Georgin - Neorigg
    Max Georgin - Neorigg Month ago +6

    Incredible performance, Thom is truly from another planet!

  • PurelyAfrican
    PurelyAfrican Month ago

    I guess I'm out of the loop- I had no idea he had new album out!

  • Wally Boots
    Wally Boots Month ago

    This stinks!

  • jackgyeomlover78
    jackgyeomlover78 Month ago +24

    I can just see the audience right now 😂 they were probably all like wtf is this. 😂😂😂

    • Vince McManus
      Vince McManus Month ago +17

      Nah Jimmy's show has separate audiences for musical performances. So all these people were there to see their fav artist for free.

  • JamesonScalia
    JamesonScalia Month ago

    This is rad AF

  • Omar Baylis
    Omar Baylis Month ago

    Hello to my cousin Thom. ☆

  • Cryptic Critter
    Cryptic Critter Month ago +1

    I'm laughing the whole time 😂

  • Michael Russo
    Michael Russo Month ago

    Someone shut that stupid crowd up.

  • MZW72
    MZW72 Month ago

    OMG!!! DISGUST!!!!

  • Wilma Baird
    Wilma Baird Month ago +56

    I really truly love this man more than my children. Sorry guys.

    • Cole Weston
      Cole Weston Month ago +4

      Clearly my masturbation comment got censored. Very un-Thom Yorke of which ever fascist erased it

    • Jacob Sharir
      Jacob Sharir Month ago +2

      Kids come and go... Thom will live forever in our hearts 🍻

    • Lord Jagged
      Lord Jagged Month ago

      ..the whole herd?

    • Ramiro Garcia
      Ramiro Garcia Month ago +4

      I love him more than my parents

    • Fishehunter AL
      Fishehunter AL Month ago +6

      Wilma Baird I really hope you don't have children Haha

  • Fever Ray
    Fever Ray Month ago +8

    I love this comment section nothing but high praise for Thom

  • LeGarsDesPlantes
    LeGarsDesPlantes Month ago

    Terrific and Psychadelic, Love it !

  • Marco Decato
    Marco Decato Month ago

    This is mislabeled. This isn't Tomorrow's Modern Boxes. This is from Anima.

    • Daniel Strodl
      Daniel Strodl Month ago +1

      The live show/set up with nigel and tarik is still called Tomorrow's Modern Boxes

  • inxy
    inxy Month ago


  • inxy
    inxy Month ago


  • Sofia Aifos
    Sofia Aifos Month ago


  • Scarlett EG
    Scarlett EG Month ago +1

    0:40-0:48 wtf? it's kinda scary jaja

    • Scarlett EG
      Scarlett EG Month ago

      ​@Stryder2050 lmfao, if he's now into this shows, at this point everything its possible.

    • Stryder2050
      Stryder2050 Month ago +1

      Sound like the kid from the Shining, REDRUM REDRUM! Maybe this is just guerilla marketing for that new Shining sequel with Ewan McGregor

  • Christopher Bedford

    What a load of crap.

  • J Rock
    J Rock Month ago +15

    My daughter and I saw this show in Boston and were 6th row dead center stage. It's really unlike any show I've seen. Tarik Barri's visuals are projected on Thom and Nigel as well as the screen behind them, which really enhances the visual aspect of the performance.
    Thom, Nigel and Tarik have this format down.

    • Donzell Carter
      Donzell Carter Month ago

      Saw their show in Cleveland. I can't help but agree! Debating whether or not to go see them again in Columbus.