Nirvana - Territorial Pissings

  • Published on Jan 26, 2008
  • Come on people now smile on your brother everybody get together, try TO love one another right now

    When I was an alien
    Cultures weren't opinions

    Gotta find a way ,find a way, when I'm there
    Gotta find a way, a better way, I'd better wait

    Never met a wise man
    If so it's a woman

    Gotta find a way , find a way, when I'm there
    Gotta find a way, a better way, I'd better wait(x2)

    Just because you're paranoid
    Don't mean they're not after you

    Gotta find a way ,find a way, when I'm there
    Gotta find a way, a better way, I'd better wait(x2)
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Comments • 28

  • Nicu Enache
    Nicu Enache 6 years ago

    The picture is making me feel uncomfortable O_o

  • Daniel Cruz
    Daniel Cruz 7 years ago

    ROFL at 2:08-2:23

  • PivotSweden
    PivotSweden 7 years ago

    Justin Bieber...

  • GregdaFoot
    GregdaFoot 7 years ago


  • pepijn smoker
    pepijn smoker 7 years ago

    @jaspedood666 in your lyrics is a little fail you wrote: got to find a way , find a way.
    but it is: got to find a way, TO find a way.

  • Matthew Brown
    Matthew Brown 7 years ago

    @Jaspedood666 And don't understand metaphors, smile at life up there.

  • g3orgiaclark
    g3orgiaclark 8 years ago

    Never met a wise man, if so it's a woman

  • Churchy
    Churchy 8 years ago

    its the cover of the album nevermind

  • SpickyRooster
    SpickyRooster 8 years ago

    just because your paranoid, dont mean there not after you...

  • DarkFairy003
    DarkFairy003 8 years ago

    @smokadagonja23 It doesn't.

  • kozmicblues14
    kozmicblues14 8 years ago

    @Jaspedood666 lol yeah really i mean come on its just a baby lolz

  • Emily
    Emily 8 years ago

    @D00kie11 ROFL

  • Daniel Gillard
    Daniel Gillard 8 years ago

    the end of this song is so intense!!!!!!!! makes me want to smash shit up!!!!!

  • 0lCerebratel0
    0lCerebratel0 8 years ago

    Lol he was only paid $100.00 for being on the album cover

  • Dan Sergeant
    Dan Sergeant 8 years ago


  • Danny Liedorp
    Danny Liedorp 8 years ago

    oh, and
    im watching Johnny Test right now, they're on the moon, the aliens have heads like nutsacks....

    VIVAVISCONSIN 10 years ago

    Gott,was hab ich diese Energie geliebt!!!!!!!

  • t.t
    t.t 10 years ago

    i'm studin for my exams and these songs are hepling me :) thank you!

  • jakovasaur
    jakovasaur 10 years ago

    Totally has an 80's punk sound.

  • Axel Bogos
    Axel Bogos 11 years ago

    ,mmhmm i will not be happy if i were u gf !!!!! XD jkes im dude XD

  • cheeseypleesey203
    cheeseypleesey203 11 years ago

    lol awesome!

  • Johnathan Vega
    Johnathan Vega 11 years ago +1

    I don't know why people are perverted and jump to conclusions. No one considers the fact that due to the angle of the photo it could just be the baby's foot.

  • Cobaltdrums
    Cobaltdrums 11 years ago

    Check out for Animarum bad notes!

  • lionbite121
    lionbite121 11 years ago

    yeah i heard he re-took the same pic again at like 17 and in the same exact pool but with shorts lol

  • Anne McDonald
    Anne McDonald 11 years ago


  • Brent Ramby
    Brent Ramby 11 years ago

    NEVERMIND IS THE BEST ALBUM EVER! and no not because of smells like teen spirit it's because of something in the way, polly, on a plain, lithium, territorial pissings, and breed

  • Kyle Koneski
    Kyle Koneski 11 years ago

    this song is good and has a good meaning. find a way to do something at all costs

  • PearlJammer07
    PearlJammer07 11 years ago

    I was wondering if anyone on here was able to get their hands on Nevermind (GOLD DCC) album. I saw this at my local record shop. Is it worth the buy for the sound quality? I already own this album in CD and VINYL format.