Last 6 Minutes All Blacks Wallabies Bledisloe Cup 2014

  • Published on Oct 19, 2014
  • Played in Brisbane, Australia at Suncorp Stadium on Oct 18, 2014
    Commentator is Gordon Bray.
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  • CliPZ_Romme
    CliPZ_Romme 23 hours ago

    July 2019?

  • Manueli Vunivalu
    Manueli Vunivalu 4 days ago

    Respect. All Blacks.

  • BASS T4
    BASS T4 6 days ago

    Keep watching this under a 1minute :33seconds left and nick kicks the out wtf keep the ball in play and run the clock down coach killer.

  • Baker Samau
    Baker Samau 7 days ago +1

    Aussies played well for 79m and 32 secs

  • Bleed Green
    Bleed Green 9 days ago +5

    I love newzealand the great country . . . Am from Pakistan and I love cricket ,now the black caps are in the world cup final so I support the team black caps they will beat the England and lift the world cup for very first time. . .

  • Evan Gelist
    Evan Gelist 14 days ago

    Nothing better than the look on the wannabies faces.

  • Fab2
    Fab2 17 days ago

    We have to thank Nick White for the box kick and conceding possession.

  • Dan Samarasinghe
    Dan Samarasinghe 26 days ago

    I'm a die hard AB fan and I really wanted to see them loose for a change lol better luck next time

  • the lamb sauce
    the lamb sauce 28 days ago

    Fucking all blacks

  • ahmad fikii
    ahmad fikii Month ago

    Never give up all balacks

  • Adam Parsons
    Adam Parsons Month ago

    How can you play that well for 74 minutes? & still, lose. The answer? All Blacks.

  • Andrew Mason
    Andrew Mason Month ago

    "bit of obstruction there" waaaaaaaaaaaanker

  • TheIdeolocator
    TheIdeolocator Month ago

    I reckon thats a penalty at 3:14.

  • jj150r
    jj150r Month ago

    Id like to see NZ do that this year in World Cup???. I doubt they have the ability to pull off such wins at the moment with the current squad. South Africa are going to be a massive pain in the arse and so are Wales.

  • Riccardo Rahman
    Riccardo Rahman Month ago

    3:14 anyone see that?

  • James Postle
    James Postle Month ago

    Why kick the ball back to the opposition with 90 seconds to go and you're in the lead by 6? Nic White moron!

  • James Postle
    James Postle Month ago

    This reminds me how much of a crap commentator Gordon Bray was!

  • Rhys Jansen
    Rhys Jansen 2 months ago

    shit commentator

  • Lauranntinia Levi
    Lauranntinia Levi 2 months ago


  • Mike Dethierry
    Mike Dethierry 2 months ago

    Ostruction you wallabs don't know wat you talking about that's why we will always be the best sori bout it haha

  • Himalayan
    Himalayan 2 months ago +1

    Too much kangarooting not enough training🙈

  • David Parker
    David Parker 2 months ago

    Like men possessed

  • F Dc
    F Dc 2 months ago +2

    All Blacks. How good?
    Special Sublime

  • Ricardo Armando
    Ricardo Armando 2 months ago

    7:00 Fuck! 😀

  • Miraculous Villan
    Miraculous Villan 2 months ago


  • Jack Eden
    Jack Eden 3 months ago


  • カトウナオシ
    カトウナオシ 3 months ago

    LÔNE WØLF 3 months ago +1

    legend has it that scientist still haven't found a way to help the Wallabies beat the All Blacks...

  • TapePraMad
    TapePraMad 3 months ago +1

    No any team broken our Hearts.!❤️

  • TheAsiaCentury
    TheAsiaCentury 3 months ago

    Got nothing on them aussie dead beats

  • callum
    callum 3 months ago

    Why would the wallabies do a box kick in the last 1:30 😂 that’s what lost them the game

  • Wade Sharp
    Wade Sharp 3 months ago +1

    Never gets old! Watching this again 2019 lol my heart is still pounding hehe...That 19 for the ABs defence was outstanding!!

  • DKNZ7
    DKNZ7 3 months ago

    Haaaaaaahahahahahahah u still sux Aussie. And have gotten worst since then. N ur commentators sux too......hahahahahahahahahaaha

  • helamana
    helamana 3 months ago

    March 27th 2019 and I’m still holding my breath 😊😎👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽. I always watch this clip along with the Irish comeback 2012?
    Amazing tenacity from the All Blacks...ALWAYS

  • Stefan Jones
    Stefan Jones 3 months ago

    I was at that game, my first All Blacks experience. I also saw my first Rugby League Test the same year with New Zealand beating Australia in a tournament, bit of a Jonah I guess?

  • Tehara Dvc
    Tehara Dvc 4 months ago +2

    All Black. SENSATIONAL 💞💞

  • Impurious Valor
    Impurious Valor 4 months ago

    can their be fiary tale ending for wallabies haha these Commentry Curse for the Aussies Gloating about them is why the lose Commentry Curse hahaha

  • Much Raea
    Much Raea 4 months ago +1

    Nz Abz too good no1 in the world!!

  • Canea Nukunuku
    Canea Nukunuku 4 months ago

    Hey awwwstrylia. Lol, try not eating your mascot mr skippy the kangaroo. And you might just win. Might. Just. Lmfao ya idiots.

  • Darren Moeai
    Darren Moeai 4 months ago

    3:14 no one saw that punch??

  • John Leo
    John Leo 4 months ago

    Gordon Bray is a shitty commentator. Like marto and kearnsy, they should all be in the centrelink line coz they suck like the wobblies

  • PokeRomKid123
    PokeRomKid123 4 months ago

    If Slade missed that kick

  • Mamadou Kone
    Mamadou Kone 4 months ago


  • DidaLowG
    DidaLowG 4 months ago

    Nic White kicks it away and then misses the tackle on Fekitoa, a sequence of play that costs the Wallabies the game.

  • Sainty1980
    Sainty1980 4 months ago

    What a match...!!!

  • Desmond Fayana
    Desmond Fayana 4 months ago +1

    What a great comeback from the All Blacks!!! Wow..!!! The Man In Blacks never say die...

  • Кирилл Павлюченко

    Такую концовку можно смотреть вечно!

  • David Thompson
    David Thompson 5 months ago

    That's cold!!,hehe

  • brevia barasa
    brevia barasa 5 months ago

    The name of the commentator please?
    I get goosebumps whenever he says,surely it will be...Fekitoa......

  • sudama lasial
    sudama lasial 5 months ago

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  • 졍이남편
    졍이남편 5 months ago

    Why...scrum harf kick... TT

  • Fly
    Fly 5 months ago +16

    245 People disliked this, Hmmm, I wonder what nationalty they were ;-)

    • Jorge Campbell
      Jorge Campbell Day ago

      LTGB community doesnt like this video

    • TheSmiley316
      TheSmiley316 3 months ago

      I'm not sure if there's 200 odd Aussies who would have watched this? Lets just say... there are alot of other losing sides and countries that would probably have disliked this vid. World Cup year coming... lets see how we go...

    • Pine
      Pine 3 months ago

      ill squish you like a fly

    • Morris Anderson
      Morris Anderson 3 months ago


  • Dion Tamatea
    Dion Tamatea 5 months ago

    How many times have we done this . Lol

  • Damon Davidson
    Damon Davidson 5 months ago

    We are the best in the history of Rugby

  • Michael Plumpton
    Michael Plumpton 5 months ago

    Great game made better that the Aussie's lost

  • Taught history Is a lie

    Slade the most overrated 10 we've ever had he's lucky we won cause his little hiccup could've cost the game

  • Dev De Silva
    Dev De Silva 6 months ago +1

    All Black’s Grit!
    Well done New Zealand!

  • penkop2012
    penkop2012 6 months ago +2

    the blady slow cup. Then get a faster one.

  • Hayden Henderson
    Hayden Henderson 6 months ago

    Before Fekitoa turned into a sook.

  • o4e6
    o4e6 6 months ago

    4:42 はなんで蹴り出したんですかね?ハーフパントにしてもなぜ?

  • Mr CJ
    Mr CJ 7 months ago

    All Blacks buying out the ref as always. Obstruction occurs nothing happens???????

  • Mark Gable
    Mark Gable 7 months ago

    The All blacks are superhuman Lol.

  • Mike Kaio
    Mike Kaio 7 months ago

    They even tried the commentators curse on Colin Spade for conversion. Fuckn failed at that too.

  • Vincent George
    Vincent George 7 months ago

    Check out this video of every All Blacks Try in 2018. 78 tries

  • Devereaux Trego
    Devereaux Trego 8 months ago

    They literally won the game in the last 10 secs

  • Psycho Phil.
    Psycho Phil. 8 months ago

    I remember that watching this game that there were two penalties that were NOT paid to Australia in the last passage of play. One for deliberate obstruction & the other for a CLENCHED FIST swipe in a mail which is & has been an automatic send off for years. Robbed,!

    • Henry & Clara Gray
      Henry & Clara Gray 8 months ago +1

      Like a true blue loser cant accept that your team still has a lot to work on but still clenching on to referee decisions.

  • TheRadFactor
    TheRadFactor 8 months ago

    So the All Blacks gave the Australians the ball back four times in 4 minutes, and they got it back.

  • tui foleva
    tui foleva 8 months ago

    Too bad ozzy 😜😜😜

  • Ropate Opi
    Ropate Opi 8 months ago

    Why did he kick it? I blame the captain for not talking to players and encouraging them for the last 5 minutes to keep the ball and fight it out

  • ann johnson
    ann johnson 8 months ago

    Where's useless phil learns ???

  • Raana Setterington
    Raana Setterington 9 months ago

    rugby is a game of 80minutes

  • Dave Swagger
    Dave Swagger 9 months ago +3

    It's alright if it's held in NZ but home court? Damn that's double-dare!

  • Matthew Stewart
    Matthew Stewart 9 months ago

    Ever since millions of dollars lost on players like sailor, tikiri and matt rogers... the Australian rugby has struggled.

  • Don Mon
    Don Mon 9 months ago

    Allblacks are cheats

    • Darvy Topia
      Darvy Topia 9 months ago

      Hahahahahahahahahahahaha, I'm bursting out in estatic elation at that statement ...Good grief pull the other one......Yo''''

  • Mr UV
    Mr UV 9 months ago +1

    By FAR the most annoying and biased commentary in the world, Australian commentary 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Deijahna's Daily VLOGS
    Deijahna's Daily VLOGS 9 months ago


  • Flynn Clark
    Flynn Clark 9 months ago

    when the wallabies had a team not full of coconuts

  • Mia Van Kolver
    Mia Van Kolver 9 months ago

    7:39 Always

  • Jess Weeks
    Jess Weeks 9 months ago

    I really love the game cause all blacks just never give up

  • jj150r
    jj150r 9 months ago +1

    They just did the same thing against SA, a year out from the World Cup in 2019, ha ha. Funny that.

  • Rutvin
    Rutvin 9 months ago +50

    Needed 7 points in a minute, and 7 points they got in the minute!
    I'm an American new to rugby and have seen several spectacular plays from All Blacks, but this game to me shows exactly why they are so damn good. It's one thing to have the bench strength and the endurance to compete in the last minute like a pack of ferocious wolves as if their lives are hanging on this match; it's a whole another to blend that ferocity with supreme skill to actually pull the match out of the jaws of defeat. Such a beautiful fucking team!

    • Jacob McMillan
      Jacob McMillan 11 days ago

      crazy ay

    • Panda-G '
      Panda-G ' 29 days ago +1

      @williamperese ur giving me bad flashbacks

    • Tony Paul
      Tony Paul Month ago

      Rutvin - being a New Zealander and have lived in Oz for 30years, and psychotic Rugby fan, it’s ridiculous. I’ll say this.. if America starts to learn this game and starts being competitive. One day they’ll smash the AB’s and Wallabies.

    • williamperese
      williamperese 8 months ago +1

      Watch last minute All Blacks v Ireland 2013

      STAUNCH NZ 8 months ago

      if you wanna see another come back win from behind from the all blacks watch these games

  • ukidding
    ukidding 9 months ago

    that's the way the cookie crumles

  • Irene Sun
    Irene Sun 9 months ago

    3:14 i am sorry was that a direct punch on Australian player? is that legal?

    • Irene Sun
      Irene Sun 9 months ago

      K! thanks for the reply !

    • TheRadFactor
      TheRadFactor 9 months ago

      The Aussie was illegally holding his leg even though he was not part of the ruck, so he was kicking the arm away, just like you do when someone holds your arm or leg. Nothing wrong there.

  • Nori Bu
    Nori Bu 9 months ago

    There is nothing more I enjoy than seeing aussies look utterly destroyed mentally. You can't beat the Blacks.

  • Jonesy K1973
    Jonesy K1973 10 months ago +4

    Who else heard the swearing commentator when Fekitoa scored?

    iROAM rOYAL kHAN 10 months ago

    Good job AUSSIES worst sportsman in the world

  • Steven Farrington
    Steven Farrington 10 months ago

    This was recommended to me as Rugby League because dumbf*** American hipsters in Silicon Valley can't tell the difference

    GAGRALF 10 months ago

    nzl just need to bloody lose for once, theyre irritatingly good

  • TNT
    TNT 10 months ago

    5:30 lol both commentators are watching a different game 😂 😂 😂

  • josh b
    josh b 10 months ago

    17 From aus should have got cited for his 'tackle' at 5:56

  • orkust
    orkust 10 months ago +6

    4:50 is when they lost the game

  • MDWC Fam JesusTribe
    MDWC Fam JesusTribe 10 months ago +3

    What a moment for the ABs..just unlucky for the Aussies but it was the game of the year👏👏..well play from both teams🤝💪🏻

  • geoff beyer
    geoff beyer 10 months ago

    After watching this it occurred to me that the AB's really learn't from their heart breaking losses and came back stronger and more focused for addressing their down sides. I feel that Ireland has done the same after we pipped them and they are cleaning up now! Australia has never done it, they have the potential to be no1 if they can find their X factor again.

  • Neil  Widdison
    Neil Widdison 10 months ago

    So close ozzies ha ha ha love from a pin.

  • Andres Vanegas
    Andres Vanegas 10 months ago

    3:12 you see the ref clearly watching as number 4 on the all blacks punches the ausi

  • Glen Small
    Glen Small 11 months ago +2

    How could we lose the genius Malakai Fekitoa? I do not understand. We export so much talent.

    • Raana Setterington
      Raana Setterington 9 months ago

      he was good for a season then he shat the bed

      THEDON FONZ 10 months ago +1

      There are better centres .. I admire his up the guts play but that's 1 dimension.. All Blacks are about Depth.. Fekitoa is brute and raw talent still, don't get me wrong but Nonu started kicking and SBW can offload and create space, Crotty is consistent and now we got Goodhue I think? and he was brilliant on debut - defensively too

  • Glen Small
    Glen Small 11 months ago +1

    I am not convinced that the ref was right to penalise McCaw at 55 secs. Richie was clearly trying to extricate himself from the ruck. Bad call? Whatever

  • Te Toka
    Te Toka 11 months ago +1

    I just love listening to the commentary hahahahahahaha

  • robert simpson
    robert simpson 11 months ago

    15 years baby! Lets make it 16.

  • Ricardo Armando
    Ricardo Armando 11 months ago

    Mighty All Blacks won this game in the last 3seconds of the game.