Jeff Buckley - That Way Young Lovers Do (live in New York)

  • Published on Jul 15, 2011
  • 1993.12.18 - CBGB's, New York City
    A terrific cover of Van Morrison's song. This comes out as the longest version to date with a nice little slide solo by Jeff towards the end of the song.
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  • Steve Wexler, OD
    Steve Wexler, OD 4 months ago


  • MojoPin1983
    MojoPin1983 10 months ago

    Apparently this show was filmed by multiple video cameras.

    • MojoPin1983
      MojoPin1983 10 months ago

      I agree. I read this on the Steve Hoffman Music Forums website:
      The person under the username, Trainwreck, wrote the following:
      *”...the 'first' live show with the band (at the tail end of overdubs for Grace) was at CB 313 Gallery....they tore that place down, had something to prove in their blood....the cameras were rolling, big ones.....That's the release I'm waiting for.* I'd been listening to the tunes in micorscopic detail for almost two months and watched Jeff nightly, in a private like setting....'do his thing'...and it was everything you'd expect it to be....mouth on the floor mesmerizing etc....but this was...mouth on the floor, cold brick upside the brain....sonic reality altered.....goosebumps.
      The audience was a weird mix...a lot of 'industry'....Andy of course, Steve Berkowitz etc... and pretty much all of the recording studio moles, myself included.
      And then, the 'fans', the ones that expected Jeff to be doing his solo/caberet thing (it was CB Gallery after all). This was their introduction into 'where' Jeff was going artistically and for some of them, it didn't go well, they cornered him after the show and berated him for going 'band' Dylan going was surreal.
      He tried to introduce me into the conversation after-show and they pummeled me out of the way like I was part of the just looked at me with a....stunned/wtf portrait captured like a cartoon....I was like....hugs & kisses, see ya tommorrow brother (some of his close friends were no better, dropping by the studio for a listen, responses were akin to....."ummm, this is different!!??"...poor guy, tough storm to stand against).”
      I noticed this and sent him a private email. We had a few exchanges. Here are his responses to me:
      *”Hey, There were cameras there, at times he was ham'n to them (ala Johnny Cash flip'n a bird etc..). So yea, I assume so, whether the footage still exist idk, if it did I'm sure they'd release it, unless it's in sub-par quality. I'll ask some who might know.*
      I was the assistant engineer at SoundTrack NYC on Grace. All the vox, and overdubs, fixes, and capturing the caberet performances...etc. Jeff lived down the street from the studio and started hang there a lot, a sorta artistic resort/enclave.
      Also, as life would have it, I was a student at G.I.T. in Hollywood with him (Jimmy Herring and Paul Gilbert) as well, same circle of friends. I still have the GIT graduation pamplet were Jeff is listed playing Weather Reports - Pearl on the Half Shell (on the attached image; see #13, #8 and #9 Jimmy Herring and Paul Gilbert performances...good times). So our life patterns were in sync I guess, we got to be good friends in NYC.
      Cabaret....basically his solo set. At the end of each night, Jeff would play thru tunes. Like Hali, or Corpus, trying to get 'the take', but he'd also break free and doing all sorts of random ****, from mocking Eddie Vedder to playing KISS tunes and Dylan, all over the was a treat. Just Andy and myself in attendance, nobody but the band and George were allowed in the session, he brought in Rebecca Moore to hear what was shaping and her reaction was bit....well....she said....."this is not what I expected Jeff", it wasn't a reaction he was anamoured with, but, nobody seen it coming, that's why the CB Gallery was so epic to me.
      After the show, he was literally cornered near the bathroom by fans telling him **** like..."Jeff, this all cute and everything, this band thing, but the REAL you is just you and the guitar Jeff, don't do this!!" etc...I was standing there with him!, he looked at me in disbelief, I was like, I'll see you tommorrow man....shaking my head and gave me a hug. He was trying to introduce me, but they kept pushing me out of the way to give him grief about his new
      Anyway...Hali and Corpus are composites.”
      I have tried to follow up with him several more times, but he hasn’t responded since March, 2018, despite logging in regularly. I don’t know why he has disappeared.
      Based on the Grace liner notes credits, the person in question is named, Bryant Jackson or Reggie Griffith.

    • Sam Mendez
      Sam Mendez  10 months ago +2

      MojoPin1983 Ooooh. Where did you hear this? Forget Her, from this particular show is exquisite.

  • Misa rai
    Misa rai 10 months ago

    he went innnnnn on that performance!😭so awesome

  • WeeWee Woowoo
    WeeWee Woowoo Year ago

    Thank you Thank you

  • Elizabeth cm1995
    Elizabeth cm1995 2 years ago

    well done!!

  • Lawrence Abbott
    Lawrence Abbott 2 years ago

    everyone check out this version that starts off with Zeppelin, homestly the gnarliessstt!!! EVERRRRR!!!!!

  • m 75
    m 75 2 years ago +3

    so beautiful...I.m crying

  • m 75
    m 75 2 years ago +1

    Forever in my heart...the only one...

  • katherinaJee55
    katherinaJee55 3 years ago +8

    Words are really beautiful, but they're limited. Words are very male, very structured. But the voice is the netherworld, the darkness, where there's nothing to hang onto. The voice comes from a part of you that just knows and expresses and is. .....Jeff Buckley

  • Susan Davidson
    Susan Davidson 3 years ago +1

    The worst of the worst of Robert Plant at his ABSOLUTE worst - meets an extremely autistic Van Morrison ... only (get this!) Van's band doesn't show up. Then all of the younger siblings of Van's band members - on a LARK - and drunk - try (try REAL hard) to play their older brother's instruments - for like the second or third time in their LIVES.
    That's the most complimentary way of putting it I can think of.
    Or let's just say "I could do better," on a BAD day, and (thankfully) I don't play an instrument, beings it might sound almost this horrid. Use your imagination: Robert Plant, this really IS the way you sound to most of us, post-Zeppelin, which ain't all that hot .... wooo yeaeah woooo yeaaahhh wooo yeaeah woooo yeaaahhh wooo yeaeah woooo yeaaahhh --- MAN I'M GETTIN' INTO IT!!!

    • Lucas  Trindade
      Lucas Trindade Year ago

      Shut the fuck up, you dumb bitch

    • Esme Joyce
      Esme Joyce 3 years ago +5

      +Susan Davidson um so you like it? :P sorry just trying to understand your point :)

  • Jon Ainsworth
    Jon Ainsworth 3 years ago +6

    How people in the audience could talk over this is beyond me.

    • Lawrence Abbott
      Lawrence Abbott 2 years ago +2

      Jon Ainsworth seriously hahahah, I guess Jeff didn't mind it tho, so I heard interview he had, which just makes it even cooler hahahah. Jeff Buckleyyy!!!!!

  • Sofia Noiti
    Sofia Noiti 4 years ago +5

    13:06 sings C6
    I need a time machine, too!
    THANK YOU!!!!! You feel me!

  • Naz Black
    Naz Black 4 years ago +9

    Whoever you are, angel on earth who recorded and uploaded it, THANK YOU. This version is the definitive one. If I could cash in several years of my life in exchange for the opportunity to be able to witness this show in person, I would.

  • sdasfd sdc
    sdasfd sdc 6 years ago +6

    i think i will never ever stop listening him , and finding something new , and relistening again and again , thanks jeff , thanks man:)

  • Jorge Torres
    Jorge Torres 7 years ago +6

    i want to tell everyone who loves jeff to take him with you everywhere you go and fuck the radio!

  • Bernd Schuller
    Bernd Schuller 7 years ago +1

    I want a time machine... thanks so much for posting this.

    • UKSeed Bank
      UKSeed Bank 3 years ago

      I will give you one sir. Close your eyes and feel his passion through sound.

  • trinstar71
    trinstar71 7 years ago

    Thank you for posting this!!!!!!!!!

  • Gabby
    Gabby 7 years ago

    Just lovely that you share this with the fans :) Love you for this!!! Thank you!!!