Annihilation Explained! What is The Shimmer?


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  • Jimmy Champane
    Jimmy Champane  10 months ago +26

    Thanks for checking out my video, everyone!

    • nookleer
      nookleer 9 months ago

      Excellent video.. But you missed a very important connection. Look up the Lovecraft alien "the Color in the Sky" to better understand

    • Chelsea
      Chelsea 10 months ago

      Jimmy Champane has

    • Ruben Pulido
      Ruben Pulido 10 months ago

      Jimmy Champane. R u JOHN CONNOR

    • MovieManCin2
      MovieManCin2 10 months ago

      You're welcome and thanks, Jimmy. It's a good and succinct explanation.
      On a side note, doesn't it ever bother you having your hair hanging down over your left eye? Please don't think I'm being a smart ass, because I'm really not. It's just something which has puzzled me for a long time, and I would really like to know. And I figure this is my chance to hear it from the source.
      Btw, when I was in college I wore my hair fairly long, but it was never down over my eyes because that would have really bugged me. :-)

  • Johnny Kain
    Johnny Kain Month ago

    I always thought too that the being tried to unterstand how bio-chemical life works. So it refracted (disected) and reorganised all life it could find. It experimented to find a way to transform its own form of life into a biomass body and DNA was the easiest access to it. Or so...

  • kalps
    kalps 2 months ago

    So it was plot by aliens to find perfect humans

  • John Smith
    John Smith 3 months ago


  • Jonathan Bejamin
    Jonathan Bejamin 3 months ago +1

    When I saw this movie I thought of the Archons.

  • Mlogan11
    Mlogan11 5 months ago

    Thumbs down for a clickbait thumbnail - a red circled area that's isn't included in the discussion.

  • u2popmofo
    u2popmofo 6 months ago

    Finally saw this movie, loved it. Really enjoyed your take on it as well, some ideas I hadn't fully considered. Cool stuff.

  • Lily Halter
    Lily Halter 7 months ago

    My only question is what the light could be and its purpose. Also, I was wondering if the scientists put the self destructive women into the shimmer in order for the mimicking nature of the alien to destroy the alien.

  • Tim Epperson
    Tim Epperson 7 months ago

    I really enjoyed this movie, If I was smarter I might have gotten more out of it lol

  • Cody Pelter
    Cody Pelter 7 months ago

    Anyone else think if the movie evolution while watching this? This film is more involved, but a similar concept.

  • nosuchthing8
    nosuchthing8 7 months ago

    The lost time was a great mechanism to make anything inside the shimmer lose track of time and space. How can you retrace your steps to leave if you can't remember anything.

  • Supakb007
    Supakb007 7 months ago

    I don’t know why Kane’s doppelgänger seeked out Lena for sure but I don’t think it was for reproductive purposes. It just seems pointless seeing as how the shimmer begins it DNA altering or cell refraction as soon as you enter it not to mention it’s ability to make copies of those who enter the light house idk maybe I’m wrong maybe not

  • Scottius Maximus
    Scottius Maximus 7 months ago

    I don't get it. Refracting what? Refraction is a path that takes something (like light) and it continues through an object, but changes wavelength, frequency, and angle. How does this apply to DNA? What is it emitted from? What is going through and changing the angle? It literally doesn't make sense.

  • Ben Quinney
    Ben Quinney 7 months ago

    A Planck particle

  • Nick H
    Nick H 7 months ago

    What??? Poe Dameron is married to Queen Amadala??? No wonder Anakin turned to the dark side.

  • Keith Anderson
    Keith Anderson 7 months ago

    What does the skeletons spell out on the beach in front of the light house

  • Ali Joon
    Ali Joon 7 months ago

    I just wanted to say ur hair style is really cute.
    Im going to change mine like this 🤗

  • Enzo Farias
    Enzo Farias 7 months ago

    That mutated bear looks a lot similar to a skin walker

  • pho
    pho 8 months ago

    fuck your thumbnail

  • PhuckHue2
    PhuckHue2 8 months ago

    I don't think the shimmer is a place where you wanna get laid

  • Marcus A.H.
    Marcus A.H. 8 months ago

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  • Niall Baskerville
    Niall Baskerville 9 months ago

    Great video btw... opened up my mind a lot more

  • Niall Baskerville
    Niall Baskerville 9 months ago

    I mean... did he really know she was cheating? Or did he just get sent on a mission he had to take? I thought they portrayed the "affair" to happen when he was gone for 6 months with no contact.

  • 868_ LINK
    868_ LINK 9 months ago

    Thanks love what u say

  • Juan Fernando Serpa Raymond

    what is the forearm "infinity" tattoo about?

    • nicodimus2222
      nicodimus2222 8 months ago

      Self-destruction. It's a snake eating itself.

  • William Rawls
    William Rawls 9 months ago

    Where are all the other doubles? When The husband immolates himself we see in the video the double appear from behind the camera. So it shouldn't be too big a leap to say that some people become their doubles (like the woman who became a plant) but I now think there would be other humans that, when they died their double was "released". So where are all the doubles?

  • P S
    P S 9 months ago

    Sorry, forget the cancer metaphor. That would be very obvious. The lighthouse is important.
    The Shimmer represents the Talmud, which can make your whole culture self-destruct.
    The lighthouse represents robust, healthy identitarian culture, free of the influence of smallhats.
    The Shimmer distorts and adulterates everything.
    But a little bit of light and the Talmud's ruinous effects are neutralized.
    Read about the Talmud. Everything unnatural and hideous is there. It's seriously gross.

  • Dibyajyoti Gogoi
    Dibyajyoti Gogoi 9 months ago

    Beautifully explained....👍

  • Brian Maxwell
    Brian Maxwell 9 months ago

    The most thought provoking alien movie ive ever seen, everone one should give it a watch

  • Marc Heijerman
    Marc Heijerman 9 months ago

    A bettet interpretation would be that it is actually Lena but she embraces the clone Kane because the clone wouldn't know that she cheated on him.
    This is exactly how i saw this too. For me it'was obvious that the "real" Lena walked away and in the end just embraced the clone for what it was/is.

  • Robert Bosch
    Robert Bosch 10 months ago


  • Robert Bosch
    Robert Bosch 10 months ago

    Excellent synopsis, Jimmy. I agree with every point you made. I just watched it a second time and I think you nailed it. Thumbs up!

  • Droffats_views
    Droffats_views 10 months ago

    Lol sorry that hair

    • Droffats_views
      Droffats_views 10 months ago

      Jimmy Champane lol my b that was uncalled for I just kept waiting for the drop the beat

  • Marco Gomez
    Marco Gomez 10 months ago

    What if the alien was only trying to communicate? We never get to understand what its physical form was. How do we as humans communicate when we don't understand other's language, if not by mimicking? Perhaps the alien had not an organic based body, but emulated one in order to communicate. This may explain the copycat of Leena's very movements. As for the expansion, perhaps the being was scanning the planet in search of more evolved species. Or the being may not be sentient in the way we understand it: a self aware, personality, with an ego and complex motivations. Perhaps the being was simply spreading as part of its nature or as an unintentional mean of preservation. I do not think the book or the movie are about a malicious entity, but an alien intelligence which, being totally different to ours, do not show any clear intentions. And I bought it, I did never saw any clear intentions, human like goals or purposes, a selfishness, nothing. Not that I couldn't speculate but I think no spectator can say for sure, which for me is the success of this movie. After all, ET life may be quite different, both.physically and.intellectually

  • IsisV33 Alternative Studios Alexandria L.L.C.

    Best Explanation I've heard!

  • steph hughey
    steph hughey 10 months ago

    What is the meaning behind the infinity tattoo?..... I find it strange all of them had the same one

  • Cretaal
    Cretaal 10 months ago

    My first impression of the shimmer was like the schwarzwelt from the DS game Strange Journey. I loved the idea of the accelerated evolution that was happening... I have to admit that the bear terrified the living hell out of me until they explain why it mirrored its victims voice. I thought it was an evolved hunting method that allowed it to vocalize well enough to attract its desired food like a bird call... I mean, it was clearly effective. But it hurts the approach, in my eyes, that the bear wasn't hunting or eating, and that it's vocalizations seemed to be explained in an almost magical way. Long story short, I loved it, but in the end it pressed the suspense of belief just hard enough to break it.
    See, I was analyzing it as an environment where the evolution rate was outpacing humans at a rate where they could not evolve fast enough to outcompete nature while it rapidly adapted to anything they had. Plants and fungi rapidly exploit our biology to spread and grow, animals adapt to gunfire quickly (the crocodile for example), until ultimately we become infected by this extraterrestrial organism which forces us to evolve so rapidly and violently that we are no longer human. I thought that, in the end, the great killer was going to be some altered human looking like a deathclaw from fallout, signaling the end of man as we know it. It would still fit the notion of the evolution, while frightening, was creating and changing instead of destroying or killing.
    But that's just my humble take on it. I'd have loved to see them play on the notions of forced aggressive evolution instead of doing a 180 and essentially pulling the same card that Contact did, almost like the creativity petered out towards the end.

  • KrueMann1992
    KrueMann1992 10 months ago +1

    What is your background music?

  • S.
    S. 10 months ago +1

    I think you’re looking at this movie too much like a traditional science fiction creature alien movie. This being, if you can even call it that, it’s more like a concept or ghost that can affect the real world, or to base it in reality, something between a gaseous yet solid entity that’s conceptually like a virus. Viruses are interesting because they’re not actually alive. They are rather, if you care to describe it this way, like needles on the ground that if you step on and they hurt you, or do other things like say, glue will fuse you to yourself or other things. It’s a thing that does something because of its properties. Except most importantly in the case of viruses, they are also able to self replicate using other peoples/organisms cells. But those are merely just instructions, they are not really alive in anyway. The point is that this being is like a mirror floating in space that reflects images into a world that has never seen a mirror before nor has any mirrors. It’s just reflecting light, or in the case of this movie it’s refracting all information of all kinds because it not only knows cellular level information but dna and atomic structures and interestingly enough, human emotions. The movie also works well because it’s an allegory for so many things, like marriage, human events changing themselves sometimes forever, cancer, death, and more

  • crni gruja
    crni gruja 10 months ago +1

    omg,that haircut

  • hilmir
    hilmir 10 months ago

    my takeaway: Lena survives because after being met with her alien assimilation, she realises that if one Lena is going to rejoin the world, it has to be the genuine and honest Lena, someone real. she went into the shimmer saying she owe it to Kane, but she comes out owing it to herself to live her life right this time. this is also why she conceals the truth during debriefing to protect the new Kane, so she can have a second chance at a happy life without sabotaging it.

  • Mykal Esparza
    Mykal Esparza 10 months ago

    Survival. Good 🎥

  • Cris More
    Cris More 10 months ago

    Spoiler !
    When entering the shimmer I think they become cells in the alien ambient ( the shimmer ). Every second inside they are evolving, letting the alien cell and the human DNA create the new life form. The tatoo is a great detail, it is from the soldier body on the pool wall, later it apears on Anya, to end on Lenas arm... And the humanoid entering the core on fire, is because it knows that it has optaind its purpose. Creating a male and a felame humanoid for a new life form....

  • J Shields
    J Shields 10 months ago +2

    Never thought of the idea that the alien could have been trying to live on through Kane and Lena in that sense, awesome interpretation

  • Mario Scevko
    Mario Scevko 10 months ago

    She somehow received a Infinity symbol tattooed on her arm while she was in the shimmer, she didn’t walk into the shiner with it . Who els noticed it ?

  • James Bell
    James Bell 10 months ago

    I noticed that she had one of the same tattoos as one of the other girls in the movie (the snake looping around and devouring itself). I was wondering, did they mention this in the movie or did I just notice it?

  • Ethan Almon
    Ethan Almon 10 months ago

    Did anybody else notice that Lena dident have that tattoo on her wrist at the beginning. It was on the Latina chick

    • A Leyva
      A Leyva 10 months ago

      I missed that point when watching it and it was pointed out in another analysis video. It was explained that same tatoo was km the "exploded" soldier on the pool wall. I guess this is the shimmer's effect of genetically mutating and combining life forms. But it's also explained that non biological elements are combined with organic hence the formation on the pool wall.

  • Derek Brandell
    Derek Brandell 10 months ago

    People keep saying "plants that grew like people" but I had another take on that, as when the Dr walked off we never truely seen what happened to her. we get a glimpse of what looks like her turning into a plant and then walking out of frame, then gone with a bunch of people plants. Personally I think those plants where the towns residents and the government lied about the evacuation the lead lady spoke of.

  • timothy donatelli
    timothy donatelli 10 months ago

    Aliens win!!!

  • Ryo Vanderpool
    Ryo Vanderpool 10 months ago +4

    Hi im watching annihilation while watching this so i dont have to be scared

  • cheezy tortilla
    cheezy tortilla 10 months ago

    That's Lena but you heard that the shimmer is giving a clue to the authority that they're making something new so it's not changing Lena but it's adding something at Lena bcs they need to survive without being searches by authority that's why after the mirror body get in to Lena, Lena grab the granade bcs they already in Lena and Kane so they have to destructing their self so no one know what happens and by the end we know that the shimmer will easily spread if they're on humans body (I'm sorry if I'm wrong it's my opinion)

  • Alejandro Gallardo
    Alejandro Gallardo 10 months ago

    So Darth Vader was or not Luke's father?! I I still don't get it

    • Matt Hunt
      Matt Hunt 10 months ago

      luke was fractured into his OWN father...

  • werinmalandrin
    werinmalandrin 10 months ago

    why the paramedic and lena have the same tatto?

  • subobrata biswal
    subobrata biswal 10 months ago

    Turn on the manual focus. Your camera is going crazy

  • Damian Fitzgerald
    Damian Fitzgerald 10 months ago

    Whats the song playing throughout the video? A podcast i watch uses the same song as their intro

    • Damian Fitzgerald
      Damian Fitzgerald 9 months ago +1

      BipsTheSecond the cracked cold ones and conspiracies podcast.

    • BipsTheSecond
      BipsTheSecond 9 months ago

      Damian Fitzgerald Which podcast? I recognize the song too, and I can’t quite put my finger on it.

  • john doe
    john doe 10 months ago

    i think the shimmer is a representation of the globalist elites practicing their biochemical warfare on the planet...

  • syke930
    syke930 10 months ago

    I don't think the alien needs sexual reproduction to spread. That part doesn't ring true to me.

  • syke930
    syke930 10 months ago

    Worst. Psychologist. Ever.

  • What
    What 10 months ago

    That bear spooked me in my boots

  • Liz Torres
    Liz Torres 10 months ago

    The reproducing part doesnt make sense to me, because the shimmer effect killed everyone before those two.

  • Saint Jiub The Eradicator

    The music at the end gives me chills

  • Aaron Ferguson
    Aaron Ferguson 10 months ago

    This review is mind numbingly basic, EVERY living thing wants to survive. Your review is the most unoriginal it can possibly be. Wow

  • Heidi S
    Heidi S 10 months ago +3

    I am guessing if we read the book series we will find out the truth . I feel that Kane took the suicidal mission for like it was said in the movie he found out about her affair. I think he loved her and it pained him and did not know what to do or how to approach her about it so i think he took a suicidal mission out of the sadness he felt around his wife. Now as far as the shimmer is concerned I think really it was one big alien experiment and the shimmer was to provide the "controlled environment" for the experiment. i don't think it was about attracting a couple so to reproduce. Think of it. All it needed to do is get its DNA in you and send you home but instead it replicated Kane. Kane committed suicide while the replica filmed it. The replica had limited memory of Kane and was not able to provide any answers about whats going on. I think the Alien race detected earth as a life sustaining planet from far away. They may not have been aware of it being inhabited already by us. The shimmer could have also been a form of terraforming our environment so it can sustain their alien life far in the future when they arrive. I just do not think it had hostile intentions everything that happened was biological with no intelligence behind it ( no tthe aliens that sent it but what was in the light house causing the shimmer) . What ever was in the lighthouse seems to be just a catalyst and not an actual alien being. But anyway the who what and why is driving me mad so I plan on reading the book series. I believe its a 4 book series

  • MovieManCin2
    MovieManCin2 10 months ago +3

    I LOVED this film! I give it a 9.8/10. The only film I've ever rated higher is 2001: A Space Odyssey, which the only film I've ever rated 10/10. 2001 is the greatest film of all time IMHO.

    • Marc Bell
      Marc Bell 10 months ago

      That's a high rating for a film with lots of mediocre acting, so so photography and bad dialog. Best parts are Portman and the special effects.

  • Leann2.0
    Leann2.0 10 months ago

    Yes im sure the alien was very pleased that it was still living within them in the end. I wish the end was 10 minutes longer ugh

  • Jed Farley
    Jed Farley 10 months ago +4

    It fell apart after the last bear scene. The guy on the Wall like mold and the screaming bear was great.

  • Nathan Corley
    Nathan Corley 10 months ago

    I felt sadness for the shimmer when it caught fire. It just wanted to survive. It’s desires to spread seemed more like and instinct rather than a mental desire. A unique and somewhat beautiful alien force in the wrong place at the wrong time.😢

    • Fas Ligand
      Fas Ligand 10 months ago

      it's more like a mold, it doesn't really have intentions, not aware of itself

  • Vermogen 39
    Vermogen 39 10 months ago

    Question: their goal- reach the lighthouse- lighthouse location is on the beach. Why in the hell didn’t they just take a damn boat, pull up on the beach and viola- they are there. No need to hike through the swamp

    • Cro Cop
      Cro Cop 10 months ago +1

      Vermogen 39 they did. Nobody came back alive.

  • Mikey P
    Mikey P 10 months ago

    That was an interesting interpretation of the movie. I found this movie to be very refreshing, I love when a movie maker swings for the fences, hit or miss. Your thumbnail was misleading though, lay off the click bait crap, you dont need to do that.

  • Charlie_Willie
    Charlie_Willie 10 months ago +2

    I'm really wanting to see this again

  • am83330
    am83330 10 months ago

    I dont mind high concept. But vague meandering abstract story lines suck.

  • thermalmusic
    thermalmusic 10 months ago

    Its a trilogy. Read the books.

  • Nic Mic
    Nic Mic 10 months ago

    I think Lena is dead. I think they try to make it clear when the cast said people who go into the shimmer...either were killed or went crazy and killed each other. they repeat that notion a few times. I like your idea that Lena survived but I have trouble accepting the idea that she...was a lone survivor...given the credentials of the other cast members.

  • interlinked Media
    interlinked Media 10 months ago +5

    The internet is telling me I'm overreacting, but I loved this film and its ending? Thanks for the upload.

    • Yatsura2
      Yatsura2 5 months ago

      The mutated corpse on the wall also had this tatoo.

    • nosuchthing8
      nosuchthing8 7 months ago

      Same here

    • interlinked Media
      interlinked Media 10 months ago

      Saw it again today ( yes, it's still in theaters!) and noticed two things I had missed. Alex Garland hates clearly exposition, good man.

      1. While looking at the footage in the lighthouse, Kane seemed to have inherited a southern accent, maybe he absorbed it from a fellow team member?
      2. Lena certainly got her infinity/snake forearm tattoo from Anya.

    • Jimmy Champane
      Jimmy Champane  10 months ago

      I loved it too!

  • Secede em 4 Freedom
    Secede em 4 Freedom 10 months ago

    Its not an alien. It is an advanced genome sequence that incorporated all variation in one, where as our dna is corrupted by carbon14 in a state of decay. If we made the discovery of carbon as a whole, which probably cant simply be found within our galaxy, would initially grant immortality. This same sequence on the other side of the universe may be built around whole carbon. Thos was not alien as we all in theory came from a big bang, which means it is in the same. Once it came in contact with Earth dna, it had to constantly replicate life to fix the damaged dna. By the end of the film we may believe they are doplegangers, but the cells were communicating memories and prior mental health and tatoos were intact. So now you have the same 2 people but now they are immune to cancer and are immortals, unless an incindiary gets em, lmao. The evidence for my interpretation is in the shimmer where it is refracting light as it holds all radioactive isotopes in the one sequence allowing exposure. This is why thry get sick from radiation, up until the dna begins to repair itself. So this would be the melting pot of all dna sequences, incorporating even cross species chimeric hybridization and influenced by all forms of isotopes, where Earthlings can only absorb certain radiation. Human radiation is gamma and doesn't refract, as it passes thru solid matter. This shimmer mashes everything together as if it is the ONE. Like the big bang theory.

  • Finn Maccool
    Finn Maccool 10 months ago

    Gawd, what a shitty movie.

  • Book of shadows contributor Brian

    Wonder if they are make a sequel

  • Vault Hunter
    Vault Hunter 10 months ago

    My favorite part of the movie is the scene where Lena was asked to describe the form of the alien and she couldn't. This was put at the end of the movie and it was kinda like a question meant for the audience as well: can you describe its form, after seeing it with Lena? And I couldn't. It's not like any other alien movies before. Not natural instinct, not self-consciousness. Don't know what it is.

  • Mark Landgraf
    Mark Landgraf 10 months ago

    There's one explicit thing shown in the ending that I don't understand: how did Lena's incomplete clone show up out of the hole before Lena was able to climb out herself? There's a gap there that seems significant.

  • Sean Ryno
    Sean Ryno 10 months ago +2

    The Shimmer does not exist. The protagonist hallucinates it. She is insane.
    You're all wrong.
    This is a story about a grieving woman, who loses her mind looking for answers, until she hallucinates a narrative that is so much more comfortable than the truth, that she commits to it. Much like in the movie "Shutter Island".
    There are clues.

    • nosuchthing8
      nosuchthing8 7 months ago

      Other people enter and never return. She also. Maybe the events she experienced were a dream. But where are the clues.

    • code guy
      code guy 10 months ago +2

      I think Sean's theory is incorrect but the sentiment is spot on. This movie is not as smart at it thinks it is. It's stubbornly ambiguous until the ending which looked as if it was gonna continue the ambiguous route like 2001, but copped out at the last moment with the most heavy handed symbolism of self destruction it could muster. The mirror entity literally just walks around burning down it's progress. This movie looked really nice and the idea had potential, but it jumped the shark with the silver surfer and cheap ending.

    • Sean Ryno
      Sean Ryno 10 months ago +1

      Jake Murrin I thought the movie was great. I've mentioned this several times. Thanks for compiling those, I've been looking for them for the review I am working on.
      I have no problem with female protagonists.

    • Jake Murrin
      Jake Murrin 10 months ago +2

      "Otherwise, it's a shitty sci-fi visual porn about an all-female covert team, each of whom have crippling anxiety, depression, and/or self-harming tendencies, who practically just met, each of whom are given armolade rifles and allowed to jump into a giant alien jellyfish where the protagonist meets a gay iridescent alien, dances with it, and then single-handedly saves the day by tricking the near-god like being into killing itself EVEN THOUGH IT HAS EXPERIENCE AND PRESUMABLY KNOWLEDGE OF WHAT A PHOSPHORUS GRENADE IS.
      That is an absurd, stupid sci-fi pandering to cgi-whores, and female-centric demographics. Ya'know, cuz it's 2018."
      Sean Ryno, we get it: You're a troll who didn't like the movie, apparently in large part because it went over your head and you resent the predominantly female cast. You don't need to beat us over the head with it, absurdly, by claiming that the only interpretation that could "salvage" the movie would be that the whole thing was a "comforting scenario" invented by an overly-emotional woman--because getting eaten by a mutant bear as a prelude to the annihilation of humanity by an alien race is so "comforting." (Of course, your comment overlooks the essential theme that self-destruction is in our DNA--which is reflected not just in the self-destructive actions of many of the characters, but in the Shimmer's own self-destruction.)
      "Why the all-female crew?"
      YES: "Proof" of your "theory"!!!
      "why was the water on the glass CGI?"
      The light was refracted. Can you guess why?
      "What about the fact that the US military composed a covert team made up of psychologically damaged, self-harming women who practically just met each other, trusting them with armolade rifles and sends them into a giant, mysterious, alien jellyfish."
      YES: More "proof" of your "theory"!!! (And a good-faith, neutrally stated concern, no doubt: Especially the bit about trusting women with rifles, although I also enjoyed "in the real world, covert ops teams need to get to know one another first.")
      "The military would not send an all-female crew with serious psychological problems. Ever. Cgi-visual porn aimed at a female centric demographic who are completely ignorant of all military protocol."
      I'm sure you're an expert on all relevant military protocol, "Sean Ryno."
      "Women in that situation often lose their minds."
      "Also, her tent is not in a clearing. It's buried under foliage in such a way that no one would ever set it up. but it is pretty, which, especially for females, is often more important."
      We get it: Female protagonists bother you a great deal. But you've been copying and pasting the same incoherent rant across so many videos to make this point that it's hard to escape the conclusion that you're not just a troll, but someone with more serious problems.

    • Sean Ryno
      Sean Ryno 10 months ago +4

      DEJAVU I gotcha. I want to read the book now. But Alex Garland, the director, said that the movie is not based on the book, but rather more of a tribute to how the books made him feel.
      I'm watching again tonight. Third time. Haven't nerded out like this on anything in ages. Lol cheers.
      I will be taking notes. I have to do my own review.

  • Zinc Chameleon
    Zinc Chameleon 10 months ago

    I can explain what the Shimmer is, and why it is probably real. Something like the Shimmer--and alien technology that operates from a higher dimension, and the Shimmer is a 3d shadow. Look up the questions about the Cambrian explosion, and the Maotianshan shales.

  • UB Cornboy
    UB Cornboy 10 months ago

    No spoiler alert 😂😂

  • Aaron Kurz
    Aaron Kurz 10 months ago +2

    The shimmer was invincible and growing. It could survive without luring anyone to it. I think this movie was about a massive gay orgy.

  • Mike Hunt
    Mike Hunt 10 months ago +13

    You need to annihilate that haircut

  • david santiago
    david santiago 10 months ago

    When she reaches the lighthouse and see herself and shoots it she runs upstairs and again confronts the mirror of herself with hate and destruction... when she gives herself the granade she relieves herself of hate and passes on her own self hate to the mirror and the mirror takes death to the creator.

    VGZ1NFX 10 months ago

    #ANNIHILATION: This movie, is for the Educated in, "Close Encounters of the Third Kind." Because most are lost from the ending being @ the beginning. When the film itself explains the finale. So for the Sci-fi enthusiasts. This film will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout, with & ending that, will undoubtedly bring you back to the beginning of creation, itslf(?)...

  • Al Fischer
    Al Fischer 10 months ago

    I thought alien terraforming device.

  • Christopher Schott
    Christopher Schott 10 months ago +2

    The Extraterrestrial intelligence , I felt very strongly , the film did a good job of trying to express something so far beyond comprehension. That literally is creating. Within an energetic paradigm , it spoke to me On some very deep level... Wow ...
    And the film was pretty freaky. In a good way ...

  • Christopher Schott
    Christopher Schott 10 months ago

    I saw both Black Panther and Annihilation,.. What two amazing films... Wow ...
    Annihilation did prove itself a pretty incredible experience ...Natalie Portmans portrail...amazing performance . The entire cast as well... The intensity of the film I enjoyed. The film sucked me in...and grew more and more interesting. Some truly gruesome, horrifying moments. But they felt integrated into the overall plot...Some fantastic ideas and visuals , I really enjoyed this movie .. Had an amazing final act ...went beyond my expectations...thank you. Amazing

  • Seraph Espada
    Seraph Espada 10 months ago

    Dude, you need to do this for all kinds of movies! Subbed.

    • Jimmy Champane
      Jimmy Champane  10 months ago

      Next up is The Strangers followed by Prey at Night once it’s out. :)

  • Prop Paper
    Prop Paper 10 months ago

    This sounds like a sister movie to the film arrival...i really enjoyed that film alot
    This sounds like a film thats completely different from what ever comic book / cartoon that's been at the theater the last 2 years... could this really be a film for adults ?

  • Anjanette Bashful
    Anjanette Bashful 10 months ago +1

    I think it’s interesting how the director used very subtle things to produce different feelings in the viewers. When Lena is with Kane, there’s warm colors and warm lighting to denote there’s a close emotional connection between the two. However in that same room, is where she betrayed her husband, and the room is dark and shadowy by contrast when she’s with her colleague. I feel like she goes home to paint the bedroom as a way of helping her forget her infidelity; a change of scenery to escape her mind and her memories. Ultimately in the end, I think the Shimmer gave her what she wanted, which is the ability to exceed the Hayflick limit. As well as the ability to pass the Shimmer onto others through physical contact, much like The Thing from John Carpenter.

    • Anjanette Bashful
      Anjanette Bashful 10 months ago +1

      like water I didn’t catch that! Great eye! I’m still trying to figure out how Kane’s bear tattoo is connected to the bear that attacks them. I don’t know if it’s foreshadowing, but bears usually mean goodness and loyalty, and Kane was a good husband to Lena. Maybe that’s it. But they can also survive harsh conditions, and Kane was seemingly the only human to make it to the lighthouse alive, though he lost his mind. I do have a question though: why did his mirror self end up terribly ill? Did the Shimmer know about her guilt and that she would enter it to save him, therefore the life form would be saving itself through her? So many questions!

    • like water
      like water 10 months ago

      Anjanette Bashful thanks for bringing up the cinematography, and great points!. I noticed it was used effectively in the early scene when "Kane" first returns home and has a conversation with Lena in the kitchen. The shot goes back and forth between the two during the discussion, and they don't share the same frame. This highlighted the distance between them, since he wasn't acting like himself. Then, a really cool thing I noticed is that when she sits down and held his hands, this point of contact is shown through the glass of water on the table, distorted. As if to say that their relationship has been distorted. (For reasons we know after watching the film). So fun to dissect scenes 🙂

  • absurd potato
    absurd potato 10 months ago

    I don't think the novel had anything to do with all

  • Sam T.
    Sam T. 10 months ago

    I don't know man, I don't think this is quite right. I don't think there are "alien cells" until the end, the doppelgängers. the crocodile and bear and flower deer and flower people are just mutated earth organisms. I don't even think there was a sentience to anything, just a natural force driving all the change. or was "cave Ventress" an alien, or possessed by an alien, or what?

    • Jimmy Champane
      Jimmy Champane  10 months ago

      Cave ventress was possessed. The alien kickstarted her cancer and she disintegrated.

  • glass4breakfast
    glass4breakfast 10 months ago

    Nice! Damn good explanation! Very very interesting concept, i hadn't even thought about that exact idea yet, at least the way u did. Some parts i felt like i could've followed to the same conclusion on my own eventually but i was more focused on other things n not really thinking about the alien entity itself n it's motivation or goal.
    I loved the book maybe a bit more than the film but the film was regardless a very amazing experience that I'm glad i got to have.

  • PrinceChamp Camp
    PrinceChamp Camp 10 months ago +3

    Anyone else think this movies message was about the Garden of Eden, with a twist? I got the feeling it was Adam & Eve in the shimmer & had to recreate a new perfect image ? Or am I just crazy

    • glass4breakfast
      glass4breakfast 10 months ago +1

      Yeah i can see that. I really hadn't even thought that much about the entity n its motivation or goals. But the more i do now i really agree with this guys interpretation. But the beauty of a film like this is there r so many ways u can interpret it n different things u could get out of it.
      I can't stop thinking about it, its so damn good! ;)

    • PrinceChamp Camp
      PrinceChamp Camp 10 months ago +1

      glass4breakfast yeah I’m not sure if I like it either lol, that’s just personally what I got from the movie. Especially how the “Aliens Cells” only wanted to do was create life in its own image. Enhance even.

    • glass4breakfast
      glass4breakfast 10 months ago +1

      PrinceChamp Camp hmmm...interesting comparison, hadn't thought about it. Not sure if i really like that tho..

  • Bee Zo
    Bee Zo 10 months ago

    Thanks for explanation! Reminds me of The Thing.............Or the novel version "Who goes There", where the life form is sentient and telepathic. It just wants to survive by merging with other organic forms.

    • Bee Zo
      Bee Zo 10 months ago

      It's old school, but a little different from Carpenters version. I think the short story even had a form for the creature too at first (it's been a while). Joseph Campbell was influenced H.P. Lovecraft's At the Mountains of Madness. Great review and analysis from you.

    • Jimmy Champane
      Jimmy Champane  10 months ago +1

      I need to read who goes there

  • Andre Wilson
    Andre Wilson 10 months ago

    Good movie, I saw it today

    HEAVY HEARTS 10 months ago

    One thing I know for sure, especially for a movie this heady and given that ending sequence, this definitely isn't a movie about aliens, at least not as extraterrestrial beings. The cancer metaphor is a very good one and operates well, but there are probably many different theories at play. The biological need for self destruction is a good jumping off point.

    • Prop Paper
      Prop Paper 10 months ago

      HEAVY HEARTS I'm really fascinated by that concept of a human self destruct gene... the directions you can go with that idea are im measurable

  • davidsirmons
    davidsirmons 10 months ago +4

    A story perhaps inspired by Lovecraft's "The Color Out of Space"

    • glass4breakfast
      glass4breakfast 10 months ago +1

      davidsirmons fuck yes i was thinking the exact same thing! Its my favorite Lovecraft story too, personaly in my opinion one of his very best. So it was cool to see something so similar on the big screen like I've always imagined.

    • Bee Zo
      Bee Zo 10 months ago

      Good call!