Did I Just Make Cacio E Pepe Better ? (Italians don't watch)


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  • xanfboi -
    xanfboi - 4 hours ago

    Je suis tombé amoureux!

  • Nome a caso
    Nome a caso 6 hours ago

    ma ritirati imbecille e non rompere le palle con piatti che non sai fare nemmeno lontanamente

  • Dario De Stasio
    Dario De Stasio 10 hours ago

    Genius at work like you must go ahead. Greetings from Italy

  • Touya X_Y_Z
    Touya X_Y_Z 14 hours ago

    His pronunciation is so funny lol

  • Aysha Kimble
    Aysha Kimble 19 hours ago

    His hair is so cute!

  • Yung Papi
    Yung Papi 23 hours ago

    Did he put salt in the water?

  • jacob Robbins
    jacob Robbins Day ago

    I absolutely adore that this video has significantly less views most likely because it states (italians dont watch) 🤣

  • Gabor Farkas
    Gabor Farkas Day ago

    If you want starchier water can't you just make it by adding a tiny bit or flour? This would save you from cooking an extra batch of pasta!

  • Lena Grane
    Lena Grane 3 days ago +1

    "It's actually like a cream" hahaha I love you man!

  • Bander Mahamoud
    Bander Mahamoud 3 days ago

    La classe internationale.... Franchement c est bien fait et super réfléchi....

  • xorbodude
    xorbodude 4 days ago

    if the starchy water pasta was just for throw away. Was there any reason that it needed to be sphagetti? Why not use fettucine or conchae or fussili? more surface area more starch?

  • James Reed
    James Reed 4 days ago


  • Jonathan Ryan
    Jonathan Ryan 5 days ago

    Using the starchy water is among one of the most important cooking techniques I learned when I was young. I cringe when I see people using cream in carbonara etc. The term liquid gold is spot on. Great video!!

  • The Star Spark
    The Star Spark 6 days ago

    Just made it! Yummy! Starchy goodness!Your tips work like a charm. I also added fresh sage and parsley from my garden and 1 tiny drop of garlic infused olive oil. Thank you!

  • enten096
    enten096 6 days ago

    Nice job man, froma an italian 😄
    I motice that a loto of people want to replay this plate, so allow me to answer to this frequent question: ( and sorry fo my enflish 😂)
    don’t put salt in the water. 0 salt. Just cook the pasta 4minutes in abboundnt water and 4 in the cooking pan with a little bit of same water while you shake the pasta to make the cream whit pasta’s starch.(not all in the cooking pan or the cream have too mich flavor of starch)
    After that you must to wait one or two minutes before “mantecatura” if the pasta is too hot the pecorino don’t make the cream! (It do something like the mozzarella on the pizza)

  • Nicholas Gomez
    Nicholas Gomez 6 days ago


  • La Morte Amoureuse
    La Morte Amoureuse 7 days ago +1

    It’s making my mouth water at 3am omg whyYYY😩😩

  • Zip Zap
    Zip Zap 7 days ago

    You'll be pleased to find that any good italian chef would accept this as "cacio e pepe". Improving on the ingredients does nothing to traditions (as long as they are fundamentally the same), it's a must! You found good pasta and good pepper, all you have to do now is get the best pecorino you can find. As for the process, there are some italian chefs being labeled as "provocateurs" for their innovative ways. You're quite moderated compared to them!

  • batuhan yesilbursa
    batuhan yesilbursa 8 days ago

    I always cook pasta in just enough water to cover them by one cm. If it's fresh then I cover them just enough. But I do boil the water first before I pour them on the pasta. i have made this dish so many times without even knowing that it was an actual dish. I do sometimes add an egg yolk after plating. and add some bacon for a carbonara style dish. Italians please don't shoot me.

  • Nathan Grefiel
    Nathan Grefiel 8 days ago

    What did he season it with at the end

  • Leigh Cooper
    Leigh Cooper 8 days ago

    Just made this for my baby girl! I used your earlier method of mixing the cheese and water into a paste first. Only goof I made was to add the cheese at too high a heat which made it melt into a ball. I just discarded it, made a fresh paste and removed the pan from the heat before adding it. It was so, so good. And my little girl loves it!

  • Ralph Xu
    Ralph Xu 8 days ago

    You've got some balls trying to do this my dude. If its better.. I cant say. Gota taste.

  • TomatheGreek
    TomatheGreek 9 days ago

    My gosh you are so French

  • RUA2 Mjolnir
    RUA2 Mjolnir 9 days ago

    Song at 10:30 ?

  • B. Jason Ouellette
    B. Jason Ouellette 10 days ago

    I was sure you’d go with a mixture of those two black pepper varieties.

  • Kayleigh Saum
    Kayleigh Saum 10 days ago

    I could be wrong, but I feel like you get even more than 5x the starch concentration with your method. I think that a higher percentage of the 400 ml water batch would be lost to evaporation. This is because the evaporation for a batch is limited by the surface area of the water which is similar for the 400 ml batch and the 1L batch. Anyone know if this is correct? I'm just curious. Anyway, I love your videos and this looks SO. GOOD.

  • Gr8 M9ds
    Gr8 M9ds 10 days ago

    Is there a technique for larger batches? Having a family I rarely get the time to just cook for myself, plus cooking is more enjoyable when shared with others. Alex, your killing me man - love the vids but you need to show how to cook for a family

  • LG
    LG 11 days ago

    Bravo my friend! I can't wait to try this. Ciao!

  • Giovanni Minelli
    Giovanni Minelli 11 days ago

    I appreciate the innovation and your respect for the original recipe

  • An Jin Geon
    An Jin Geon 11 days ago

    At least for me, it didn’t really improved.. perhaps for the taste,(not sure tho honestly it looks too creamy) but it lost so much of minimalistic way of thinking. You need to cook paste once before, u got to preserve the water, also u need to take out grilled pepper.. not for me.

  • giorgio cafiero
    giorgio cafiero 12 days ago

    There is a reason why 100 g of pasta cook in 1L of water. Apres mon ami, if you put salt before and respect the cooking time written on the box you'll be fine.
    Your pasta will not have the right texture for sure. will be unsalted and gummy. una bella merda insomma.

    • stefano balliero
      stefano balliero 11 days ago

      vedendo questo video anch'io ho il sospetto che non sia proprio il massimo ma ci potrebbe essere una terza via, cioè riempire molto di più la padella di acqua, a metà cottura scolarne un po' per tirare via una parte di amido e permettere alla pasta di cuocersi meglio, poi proseguire come ha fatto anche qui e come prevede la ricetta stessa.
      sul pepe ha ragione al 100% comunque, si fa così se si vogliono fare le cose per bene.
      detto questo è innegabile che sia molto più bravo lui a cucinare italiano di molti cuochi italiani qui su youtube, è la filosofia che usa quella che rappresenta la cucina dell'italia stessa. selezione della materia prima, ricetta semplice e tecnica, tanta tecnica per valorizzare i sapori degli ingredienti.

  • Lona Bremer
    Lona Bremer 13 days ago

    Thankyou Alex! Looks so easy after you do this. Is that your own pasta? I can't remember.

  • Sam Kirk
    Sam Kirk 13 days ago

    ....youtube... why did you unsubscribe me from one of my favorite cooking channels

  • Mateusz Jan Kosiński
    Mateusz Jan Kosiński 13 days ago

    Hi Alex! why dont you add a little lib of flour to boilig pasta?

  • Negash Said
    Negash Said 14 days ago

    This was interesting. How long can the starch last?

  • Bong Shot
    Bong Shot 14 days ago

    :spoiler: Chilly and informative italian comment :spoiler: As Roman AND from a family of chefs: Both your videos about cacio e pepe are absolutely spot on. When you said what you said about toasting pepper already grinded i literally screamed "FINALLY A DUDE WITH A WORKING BRAIN!" since you're absolutely right: toasting pepper already grinded is plain stupid, EXPECIALLY if you're using premium pepper. PLUS: You're not the first one using premium "foreigner" peppers for Cacio e Pepe, there's nothing more classic and ROMAN than indian and chinese pepper for example! Indians and Chinese are a huge part of the city since decades (google "Mercato di Piazza Vittorio", which is the biggest open market in town and it's all india-china oriented) and many famous Roman chefs recommend those quality peppers to improve the recipe! :D I don't mean to talk about starch couse it would be a long debate in an already long comment but yes, smar move my baguette guy, well played. Otherwise i wouldn't recommend that step for health resons: Starch is what makes you fat about pasta, just keep that in mind and think about balancing the right amount of starch. Not too much, just the right amount sufficent to reach the "creamy heaven" ^_^

  • BRTI
    BRTI 14 days ago

    I demand a trial by cook off. There needs to be a volunteer from italy and you cooking this dish. I'll gladly offer myself as neutral judge since I'm neither french or italian. Deal?

  • Pdoringer
    Pdoringer 14 days ago

    What about putting salt in the pasta water? Did you leave that part out or is it wrong to do that with Cacio E Pepe?

  • Jan Geert Bruggink
    Jan Geert Bruggink 15 days ago

    I think you re-thought the method succesfully. Since the ingredients are the same no whiney italian would ever taste the difference.

  • Jaideep Sahni
    Jaideep Sahni 16 days ago

    Why not make your own pasta?!

  • Pepin Nutts
    Pepin Nutts 16 days ago

    putomayo black peppers (according to your describption) looks a lot like secchuan pepper. but i may be really wrong ;)

  • Rex77
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  • Rg Maravilla
    Rg Maravilla 17 days ago

    Hafaffle. Or just add cornstarch like the chinese would 😂

  • Poix Céline
    Poix Céline 17 days ago

    Non mais sérieux t’as pris des cours pour avoir cet accent ?

  • chillipphi
    chillipphi 17 days ago

    Alex, love the videos! Keep it up. Everyone rants on and on about salting the water as the pasta cooks. Your thoughts?

  • Mr Jameson
    Mr Jameson 17 days ago

    Alex, instead of cooking pasta, you get starchy water by adding flour to your water and letting it come to the boil and let sit for a few minutes to take off the raw flour taste. No need to make pasta ahead of time and then reduce - you can make your own starchy water lol

  • Zïne Hunter
    Zïne Hunter 17 days ago

    Just made this, instant ramen edition (the whole thing without the starch water part), pretty good, also take only 5mn to make.

  • Paul J
    Paul J 18 days ago

    just watched the other vidy on this; stared into the fridge, some goaty camembert and cambozola, then i only had capelinni superthin spaghetti, magnifique.

  • silvana dal tin
    silvana dal tin 18 days ago

    Cant watch to much blabla ...

  • Erik Robinson
    Erik Robinson 18 days ago

    I made it and it was awesome

  • Lucas Lew
    Lucas Lew 19 days ago

    I'll eat my pasta with chopsticks from now on

  • Dylan Nicholson
    Dylan Nicholson 19 days ago

    🤔 man I'm starving now those slurpy noises

  • Jorge L Cintrón Pabón

    Your videos are great....
    I am not italian......
    Neither.... Did I pay attention to the details.... Aja ja ja....

  • pifflepockle
    pifflepockle 20 days ago

    How long can you keep the super starchy water for?

  • Mario Pierre
    Mario Pierre 20 days ago

    Could you not just add starch to very hot water and let reduce to have VERY STARCHY WATER? Asks the newbie.

  • Michael Siderius
    Michael Siderius 20 days ago

    Can you do carbonara??? Please!!

  • Calkirk19
    Calkirk19 20 days ago

    So simple yet when I try to make this now it will be globe of cheese melted together and runny pepper water

  • absentlive
    absentlive 20 days ago

    What beer are you drinking? Did someone already ask it, can't go trough 1700 comments.

  • Jonathon Simon
    Jonathon Simon 21 day ago

    I also prefer making pasta dough (when mixing the ingredients, less surface area for the wet dough to stick and easy to clean), stirring the pasta while cooking, and eating the long pasta with chopsticks - If you are comfortable with using chopsticks, it is a far better tool than spoon and fork. Fresh past is my goto late night snack.

  • Mr. W
    Mr. W 21 day ago +6

    “Make it more accessible,” he says. Because everyone can just pop into their local “Comptoir Des Poivre” in their town to buy imported Colombian Putumayo pepper.

  • erik king
    erik king 21 day ago

    when cooking videos dont get ad money ???????? on youtube

  • julien b
    julien b 21 day ago

    Bizarre c'est idée de sur-amidonner le plat. L'amidon des pâtes le fait suffisamment bien en réduction de sauce. Pour le poivre, on est d'accord.

  • Moshe Vazan
    Moshe Vazan 21 day ago

    Hi, thanks for the recipe :) I'm wondering if this dish is only good as fresh for on spot eating or will it be good for next day lunch at work?

  • James Pilachowski
    James Pilachowski 22 days ago

    Alex, just made this with your hacked method tonight. Fantastic results even for a super amateur. Grüzi from Zürich!

  • Erde Gerda
    Erde Gerda 22 days ago

    Could also be more nutricious.

  • Zachary S
    Zachary S 22 days ago

    One of my favorite dishes, and I feel like this can be better. I'll try it for sure.
    As always, fantastic video.

  • Livia B.
    Livia B. 23 days ago

    I'm Italian, and this cacio e pepe looks and surely tastes fantastic.
    And I'm not afraid of saying it out loud.
    Thanks Alex!

  • Lionel Floch
    Lionel Floch 23 days ago

    Juste MERCi...

  • kuaraba
    kuaraba 23 days ago

    Wait so you're undercooking the pasta at only 10 minutes. Do you add the cheese and pepper after those that and cook everything for 4 minutes to finish it off or do you do everything in 10 minites and eat them undercooked ?

  • Raygen
    Raygen 23 days ago

    You gained an +1 italian subscriber with this video, well done recipe with quality ingredients and method to emphasize them!
    But that.. thing at 6:25. That, i'm not sure i can forgive it.

  • Eliah Holiday
    Eliah Holiday 23 days ago

    How about lemon peppercorns? Perhaps a 1/2 lemon peppercorn and 1/2 regular peppercorn mix.

  • ɮօʊռċɛ օʄʄ
    ɮօʊռċɛ օʄʄ 23 days ago

    Did you buy the pan from Ikea? Cause people claim ya have to buy matching stuff in order for that heater to work

  • designed4yous
    designed4yous 24 days ago

    matey, i just got a sauce with some creamy consistency and then a huge crunk of wet cheese.. what did i do wrong?? );

  • M H.G.
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  • Weeaboo Supreme
    Weeaboo Supreme 24 days ago

    When you eat noodles you look EXACTLY like Koike-san.

  • Sky Rock
    Sky Rock 25 days ago

    I tried this myself and it came out amazing.

  • Nikolaus Schultz
    Nikolaus Schultz 25 days ago

    What type of bowl is he eating his pasta with?

  • VideoHawkeye
    VideoHawkeye 25 days ago

    Wasn’t that big of a divergence

  • ThePetitMr
    ThePetitMr 25 days ago

    Ptain!!!! Les pâtes... les pauvres pâtes :'(

  • Petite Coco
    Petite Coco 25 days ago

    Try some of julia child recipe pleaseeeeeee

  • Watermelone98
    Watermelone98 25 days ago

    What protein do you eat with this dish

  • s sw
    s sw 25 days ago

    Great improvement! Why didn't Italians think of that - lazy bastards.

  • Marek Bąk
    Marek Bąk 26 days ago

    I managed to make proper and creamy cacio e pepe thanks to your starch tip. It was delicious, thanks :)

  • jorge mansilla
    jorge mansilla 26 days ago

    Hey Alex, is there any EVO in your recipe? Merci!

  • Rodolfo Leonardelli
    Rodolfo Leonardelli 26 days ago

    I've been experimenting with starch from pasta for a few weeks and I then saw this video, don't you think at some point you just have to much starch? yeah it looks creamy and amazing, but at taste I find it covers the other flavours if it's too much (I've noticed this cooking pici a pasta that releases a lot of starch) it almost covered the other flavours. and that wasn't even close to 5x..

  • Stefan Majonez
    Stefan Majonez 26 days ago

    2:15 What's that music, it's amazing

  • William Smith
    William Smith 26 days ago +1

    Italian are racist scum

  • Nick Belanger
    Nick Belanger 27 days ago

    My man made god damn pasta demiglaze. Dude, if you wanted a creamier, richer dish that was easier to keep from splitting... egg yolk!

  • Steffen pepunkt
    Steffen pepunkt 27 days ago

    Hey Alex,
    Love your video style and all the recipes. I was wondering if you could make a video (or just give ideas) on how you got where you are and how you learn(ed) cooking. I am a huge fan of cooking myself and am wondering e.g. how to get in touch with cooks and learn while travelling and that stuff. Do you have any ideas you could give out or know any bloggers with that kind of interest?

  • Cristina Betancourt
    Cristina Betancourt 27 days ago

    Omg I just cannot stop crushing so hard on this handsome French guy 😍😍😍

  • clam85
    clam85 27 days ago

    As an Italian from Rome I think I might have actually felt physical pain at times but I must say I am so incredibly impressed with the final result that I cannot wait to try it and yell for myself “screw the traditions!!!”

  • smartdave599
    smartdave599 27 days ago

    Nice job. But does the pepper need to infuse the sauce longer?

  • ZMF2017
    ZMF2017 27 days ago

    Your recipe is fantastic, don't forget that Cacio and Pepe were different when this beautiful pasta dish was created. I'm joining for more French Guy Cooking!

  • renu verma
    renu verma 27 days ago

    Please, cook an Indian dish with a twist of your own!

  • MaskedTemplar
    MaskedTemplar 27 days ago

    I guess my only concern is you used a very special black pepper for its flavor. I guess I could order something online. But I do like the idea of reusing the starchy water.

  • CalculyticCuber
    CalculyticCuber 27 days ago

    I will actually rage if you don't wear a beret in your next video.

  • The Craft Beer Channel

    Is there a "You sneezed on it, you bought it" rule in that pepper shop?

  • Fole666
    Fole666 27 days ago

    Actually it isn't "that" different from the classic recipe, you just made the simplest pasta recipe (not the easiest actually, it's pretty hard to do perfectly) and made it in the most stupidly complicated ass backwards way possible. Better? I'm pretty sure the classic one made the right way would make you cream your pants. Italian out.

  • Abraham Collins
    Abraham Collins 27 days ago

    I wish I was your friend.

  • Elmo Savola
    Elmo Savola 27 days ago

    came here from Alec Steele's Channel. keep up the good work!