How New York's Favorite French Fries Get Made | Food Skills

  • Published on Mar 27, 2017
  • In this edition of "Food Skills," we take take a behind-the-scenes look at the iconic New York french fry joint, Pomme Frites. Last year, the original location was destroyed in a tragic gas explosion, ending an 18-year run in the East Village. Thankfully, the beloved institution has resurfaced across town. Find out how the Belgian-style frites come to life in the kitchen.
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Comments • 154

  • Brandon Kieran
    Brandon Kieran 6 months ago

    Honestly, I thought they were just OK.

  • ゆうおり
    ゆうおり Year ago

    straight to obese

  • HigherPlanes
    HigherPlanes Year ago

    I hope they make an explosive comeback.

  • Tri-Shake-Atops
    Tri-Shake-Atops Year ago

    What the fuck is ei Blasio paying you to promote this shit?

  • LPSflowerpowerwolf

    " Fuck your Pom Friets" - JF

  • Brandon Murray
    Brandon Murray Year ago

    Pommes Frites is a German phrase not a Belgian one.

  • lalalalala
    lalalalala Year ago

    americans cant into frituur. this looks subpar compared to the real thing.
    Needs more mayo haha

  • DaWild
    DaWild Year ago

    Poutine is insurmountably better :)

  • test this
    test this Year ago

    Love the video, love these type of shorts but at times they feel a bit rushed and would love to see the footage stretched out just a bit more. Keep up the great work :)

  • LGD FiberOptix
    LGD FiberOptix Year ago

    ive always wondered what kind of oil they use and why its different than making it at home, the oil is sometimes seasoned with everything else they cook in it but most of the time its not so why is it different?

  • Daniel O'Neill
    Daniel O'Neill Year ago

    Why is the ketchup pink?

  • Iwishilivedinnarnia

    its like it wants to be poutine

  • masterassetIII
    masterassetIII Year ago

    Friet speciaal!!

  • Conservative Guy
    Conservative Guy Year ago

    Thumbs up if you like french fries dipped in mayonnaise!

  • Pong woo
    Pong woo Year ago +1

    +"First We Feast" if you dont release the h3h3 hot ones i swear to gaben

  • graychristopher
    graychristopher Year ago

    Huh, I wasn't aware Buzzfeed bought out First We Feast!

  • Greenscyth22
    Greenscyth22 Year ago

    I've had the menu tab for their website open for OVER a month on my work computer. I occasionally would look at the sauces and dream of heading to NY for a weekend just to try their fries.

  • damatrix1001
    damatrix1001 Year ago

    need more time and maybe more info

  • Jonas Polsky
    Jonas Polsky Year ago

    Can't wait to see a close-up of the finished product? Here it is for a split-second before we zoom out.

  • Walter White
    Walter White Year ago

    toppings on french fries, njoy the soggy mess, 10/10 BAD food place

  • p1x3lman
    p1x3lman Year ago

    this is nice to see Americans are picking up. french fries are bullshit compared to Belgian fries with mayo or stoofvlees

  • Ghoulish
    Ghoulish Year ago

    Is this considered content?

  • KSAvlogs
    KSAvlogs Year ago

    oh please no youtuber guests, musicians/actors and especially comedians make the best episodes

  • spacetape
    spacetape Year ago

    a one minute video.. why.

  • Max
    Max Year ago

    mmm reminds me of Amsterdam

  • Drewdactyl
    Drewdactyl Year ago

    What kind of dumb container is that to have both your fries and sauce in? So you get sauce for like 5 fries then you're done? I mean I'll gladly eat them no sauce but shit there's gotta be a better way to serve them than that.

  • Domyras
    Domyras Year ago

    Asfar i can see, as a Belgian..
    These actually look 100% authentic.
    complete with the sauce & onions on top ^^

  • Fluffy Meowington

    Mayo on fries is like putting orange slices in Lasagna. I'm sure there's someone who'll like it, but it's *wrong*.

  • J 77
    J 77 Year ago

    Fries? They are called chips ere mate! 😜
    Loving this channel. And tips of places to go see/eat from.

  • ace886
    ace886 Year ago

    But do they have samurai sauce?

  • Hassaan M
    Hassaan M Year ago

    Could this video be any shorter?

  • Ryan Peters
    Ryan Peters Year ago

    you do realise by law you have to disclaim the fact its a sponsored video if their is monetary gain involved.

  • Sus
    Sus Year ago

    I don't think I really know 'how they get made' from this video. Despite the title.

  • h4shd1
    h4shd1 Year ago

    make crispy fries and drown them in sauce to make them soggy

  • NWO
    NWO Year ago

    Funny to watch if you're from Belgium. Whoever made these didn't do it like it should. He's wrong for not peeling of the skin. Imo that's disgusting. Never got why they call it French fries either since Belgian fries are the best.

  • jimbo jones
    jimbo jones Year ago

    That was more, "watch 'em get made" than how they are made.

  • Johan Schnetler
    Johan Schnetler Year ago

    literally looks like an ad for fries... less of these vids please

  • warrantyvoid100
    warrantyvoid100 Year ago

    I don't think anyone is going to get 30 toppings on a serving that size.

  • Danny Tafoya
    Danny Tafoya Year ago

    You guys are a fucking tease. I've been waiting since th IG post, make your video with h3h3 happen already. C'mon man I need papa bless to rub my nipples with his sauce covered fingers.

  • vittorio pugliese


  • Willie Burton
    Willie Burton Year ago +1

    Ok guys, the teasing was funny in the beginning but now I'm getting restless. Drop the H3H3 episode PLEASE! Give us what we want lol

  • XTRO 533%
    XTRO 533% Year ago

    Had these yesterday! The truffle mayo is my favorite sauce

  • Todd Medium Wellington III

    aww yes nothing better than procesed potatoes

  • Zuzu Superfly
    Zuzu Superfly Year ago

    This video would have been way better if it was longer. Might have been really interesting if it was even 3-5 minutes, but doing all this work to convey a few images and a few lines of text is way overkill. This could have been a slideshow of... 3 captioned images or so. How long did this video take to render and then upload? I'm just trying to say, take advantage of the medium. I appreciate the effort.

  • Joseph cotton
    Joseph cotton Year ago

    Best fries are in traverse city mi

  • Slinger599
    Slinger599 Year ago +6

    There should not be 30 second ads on 1 minute videos

  • Fuentes
    Fuentes Year ago

    they arent that good at all.. everyone just over exaggerates because they are made in new york.

  • TheBlewis
    TheBlewis Year ago

    West village?

  • AlexAutomatix84
    AlexAutomatix84 Year ago

    Ranch sauce & fries is the greatest of all time .. YA HEARD!?

  • adj789
    adj789 Year ago

    I want my 62 seconds back plz