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  • Richter Belmont
    Richter Belmont Day ago

    Why would they help the eagle? It's the rule of nature.

  • Nature Photography
    Nature Photography 2 days ago

    Seems to be a young adult eagle that underestimated the size of that octopus. Almost a fatal miscalculation. Humans came to the rescue this time

  • Clark Kent
    Clark Kent 7 days ago

    now back to joe rogan

  • minitwitter
    minitwitter 10 days ago

    That's a big sushi stuff.

  • Nick X
    Nick X 14 days ago

    The red terror v Murica

  • TheStoffa
    TheStoffa 15 days ago

    Its a trap!

  • James Harrison
    James Harrison 17 days ago

    Why free the eagle, the octopus caught it fair n square.

  • Orange Rightgold
    Orange Rightgold 17 days ago

    Man quit interfering with nature

  • Dave Connolly
    Dave Connolly 18 days ago

    Shouldn't have "saved it"
    But I probably would have done same if put on the spot.

  • Mac Giveyouflak
    Mac Giveyouflak 18 days ago

    ive seen eagles catch a big samon and then have to swim to shore to eat it (they wont let go). that octopus was attacked bye the eagle and deserved the meal. Dont think that it couldnt have done that ,youd sound stupid....unless your american and just are....stupid. like joe and his brood.

  • MrAlexg91
    MrAlexg91 18 days ago

    Octopus wins via rear naked choke

  • Brennen 33
    Brennen 33 19 days ago

    Joe Rogan sent me.

  • Dein Vater
    Dein Vater 20 days ago

    Joe Rogan sent me here.

  • 内田ガネシュ
    内田ガネシュ 22 days ago

    Why would you take away it's prey like that? Dude was ballin' in the hunt and captured something from outside the water. That's someone stealing your 21 Killstreak only to quit moments later. What a chad octopus!

  • TmacDaFuckingGreat
    TmacDaFuckingGreat 27 days ago

    I’ve lost respect for eagles 🦅

  • Angel Gonzalez-Soler
    Angel Gonzalez-Soler 28 days ago

    Symbolism @ it's eyes see G-7 being joined by a considered middle-superpower...all to put a current G-7 member through the wringer & oust it...

  • Devin Coleman
    Devin Coleman 29 days ago

    The octopus used FULL COUNTER

  • Square Nipples
    Square Nipples 29 days ago

    Roe Jogan

  • Square Nipples
    Square Nipples 29 days ago

    Holy goodness gracious of fried falafel
    We’re lucky those things don’t walk on land

  • Charles Stanley
    Charles Stanley Month ago

    Thanks for capturing it on video but what the hell are you doing getting involved?!?!

  • droan999
    droan999 Month ago

    He wouldn’t of been able to do eat it. I’m a somewhat of an octopus myself and we’re not big on feathers and hard bodied skeletons at the moment. Fish are really trendy right now and crabs are pretty lit.

  • display name
    display name Month ago

    Why interfere with nature I don't understand

    BUTCHER BAKER Month ago

    Eagle bit off more than it could chew

  • Squillam Squallace
    Squillam Squallace Month ago

    Might of Mollusks 💪💪💪

  • shnoogums1
    shnoogums1 Month ago

    Eagle looked traumatized

  • Octavian Stefan
    Octavian Stefan Month ago

    Thanks Joe!

  • TommyT
    TommyT Month ago

    *DavidLowe below is spot on . . . all (yes ALL) the media reported about this footage - all reporting that the video shows 'the moment boaters release an eagle from octopus!' yet the footage oddly cuts out and shows exactly NOT that! It shows octopus clenched onto eagle, and then POOF eagle on shore. I'm not so much decrying the magnificent failure of the video-taker to capture the crucial moment, but rather, the media all (without exception) describing "footage" that simply isn't what said footage shows. Or doesn't show (and snaps to the video taker who missed the fat lady singing so to speak)*

  • Ko-wing wong
    Ko-wing wong Month ago

    You helped a weak eagle (according to eagle law). It should have died.

  • Sharon Bayliss
    Sharon Bayliss Month ago

    Anyone know exactly where this is. As is it natural for that octopus to be there or did someone put it there. Soon there will be no eagle's there if that carries on. Especially the young Eagles.

    • Sharon Bayliss
      Sharon Bayliss Month ago

      Thanks for that. It just seemed strange that it's there. Thanks again for letting me know. Merry Christmas to you.

    • Kurtis Gibbs
      Kurtis Gibbs Month ago

      giant pacific octopus, off of Vancouver Island. Both are native species

    ACTAVIS Month ago

    Why yall gotta get involved, smh its part of life

  • Justen the American

    If this was in USA the octopus will be put down

  • Andrew Ottaway
    Andrew Ottaway Month ago


  • 888stargazer
    888stargazer Month ago +219

    Who else is here from Joe Rogan?

  • Oozzie Halifa
    Oozzie Halifa Month ago

    That was wrong. Octopus deserved that hunt smh. Damn humans. Leave nature alone

  • jobby jabba
    jobby jabba Month ago

    Joe rogan??

  • zafire 777
    zafire 777 Month ago

    8 hands versus 1 beak, do the maths.

  • Kenny Wood
    Kenny Wood Month ago

    Just last week I was eating at McDonald's when a couple of octopus came in and wrestled the burger from my hand and tried to set it free.

  • prodigygod1
    prodigygod1 Month ago

    eagle is woman. octopus is man. thats the world we live in.

  • prodigygod1
    prodigygod1 Month ago

    what bs. that eagle aint gonna be like "im a changed eagle. i will no longer attack the sea." that eagle deserved to die. thats nature. this is animalist. naturist.

  • Erik Rose
    Erik Rose Month ago

    Anybody here because of joe...

  • XDgagdbdfhs
    XDgagdbdfhs Month ago +8

    Who's here from Joe Rogan?

  • Luke
    Luke Month ago

    Don't intervene with wild animals.

  • Staff7
    Staff7 Month ago

    he saved it for america

  • Josh eldred
    Josh eldred Month ago


  • Ivan Ramirez
    Ivan Ramirez Month ago

    Joe Rogan 1403?

  • Kool Burn
    Kool Burn Month ago

    Dumb guys on the boat should have let nature be. That boss Octopus deserves his genes to be passed on, dumb eagle should been at his end.

  • Kool Burn
    Kool Burn Month ago

    Avengers vs Hydra

  • Nick Chilson
    Nick Chilson Month ago

    octopus got that side control

  • John Sadler
    John Sadler Month ago


  • L L
    L L Month ago

    Anyone here cause of Joe rogan?

  • Victor Vasquez
    Victor Vasquez Month ago

    Only here bc of Joe Rogan

  • Alan Helton
    Alan Helton Month ago

    Not cool to impede nature.

  • M40A3 SPNX
    M40A3 SPNX Month ago

    The bird is like... Is he trying to hug me to death?

  • Blueman
    Blueman Month ago

    I'll slap your mcnugget off your hand next time your about to eat. Order of things. Let nature on its course. People!!!!

  • Praise Kek
    Praise Kek Month ago

    Joe Rogan always mentions the craziest animal videos lul

  • Jonathan Böcker
    Jonathan Böcker Month ago

    why take away my mans chicken nuggets?

  • Kengozin - Ken goes in

    Not surprised y'all wanna help the eagle. When cops shoot unarmed people y'all defend the cop bullet with blue lives matter

  • Kengozin - Ken goes in

    Why they help the eagle that lost?!

  • TheExtremeAnimator
    TheExtremeAnimator Month ago

    oomi upset

  • Mohd Jalaluddin
    Mohd Jalaluddin Month ago

    Why disturb ???