Wage War - Don't Let Me Fade Away (Official Music Video)

  • Published on Apr 28, 2017
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    Taken from the new album 'Deadweight' available now..
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    Video by Drew Russ.
    Produced by Jeremy McKinnon and Andrew Wade.
    Mixed by Andrew Wade.
    We all hide behind a mask
    A product of our own self destructive past
    We all ache for something deeper than the surface
    Searching for anything to break the name "worthless"
    If only we could see the damage we cause ourselves
    It often seems our best intentions pave the road to hell
    We do it to ourselves
    It's got me overwhelmed
    I've never fallen this far
    It's never been this dark
    Take me back to better days
    Before I was a slave to the choices that I have made
    There's gotta be a better way
    This can't stay
    Don't let me fade away
    Don't let me fade away
    I just can't make another day
    Don't let me fade away
    I've been torn down to nothing
    We all want to be set free
    Enslaved to emotions or someone
    We're ripping at the seams
    Can't seem to stop the bleeding
    Too blind to see the cycle repeats
    Feels like I'm made to fail
    You pick the coffin and I'll drive the nail
    We all hide behind a mask
    We all want to be set free
    If you can hear this
    If you can feel this
    Don't let me fade away
    If you can hear this
    If you can feel this
    Don't let me fade away
    Give me a sign
    Tell me everything will be alright
    Give me a sign
    These idle hands
    Adept for a crime
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Comments • 1 082

  • Oliver James
    Oliver James 10 hours ago

    1St time hearing these and this brings back memories of all the stuff I listened to when I was younger

  • Dead On The Inside
    Dead On The Inside Month ago

    *🖤 **0:40** BLEAGH! 🖤*

  • Skinny P
    Skinny P Month ago

    Just started listening to them. Checked out their new album Pressure. Thought it was pretty good but obviously saw all the comments saying they missed the heaviness of their first 2 albums so I'm checking those out and I see what everyone is talking about. This is way heavier and honestly better. Not just cause its heavier but some of the new songs sound like they trying to sound like other bands. This is straight in your fave heaviness

  • Dustin Olsen
    Dustin Olsen 2 months ago

    The abyss was a trial that brought true understanding to your life. You are worth more than you could ever imagine.

  • Brandon Bourque
    Brandon Bourque 2 months ago

    How HAVE I NOT heard this badassery BEFORE omg I love these guys so much

  • bricktomyheart
    bricktomyheart 4 months ago

    this song hits me hard and I want expecting it to like low did

  • Kenji Inoue
    Kenji Inoue 4 months ago

    Please make a collab with Jeremy like this if you agree

  • Ryan Clark
    Ryan Clark 4 months ago

    Like I literally swear Wage War cannot release a shitty song, awesome riffs, awesome screams, awesome cleans, best breakdowns I’ve heard in a while.... would love for them to come to the UK! Don’t care how much the tickets would cost 🤣

  • Swarm Locust
    Swarm Locust 5 months ago

    God you guys :-)

  • Andrew Longo
    Andrew Longo 5 months ago

    The beginning of this song is sick!

  • rudy 666
    rudy 666 5 months ago

    Wage war makes me wet

  • Big Gore
    Big Gore 5 months ago

    0:40 if Linkin Park were metalcore

  • Cole Goss
    Cole Goss 5 months ago

    Just saw them with Parkway Drive in Columbus Ohio @ Sonic Temple! The energy was monumental, and soooo manyyy moshhhh pitss!

  • Henry Woods
    Henry Woods 6 months ago

    Great lyrics,someone understands

  • Norman Rocher
    Norman Rocher 6 months ago

    still listening at speed 1.25 , insane

  • Joaquin Gonzalez
    Joaquin Gonzalez 6 months ago

    1:55 very nasty 😨😨😨😨😨😨😨

  • kaetsteak
    kaetsteak 6 months ago


  • Malakie Ryan
    Malakie Ryan 7 months ago

    This is truly a masterpiece

  • Hybrid Spektar
    Hybrid Spektar 7 months ago

    Can the vocals hit puberty already? How much more whiney can you get? Take some vocal lessons.

  • Bryan McCulley
    Bryan McCulley 7 months ago


  • Dawn Wilkins
    Dawn Wilkins 7 months ago


  • Demi Soul
    Demi Soul 8 months ago

    is just me or is the first riff sound like the beginning of Walking With The Dead?

  • Miss Glambert
    Miss Glambert 8 months ago

    00:40 is killing me every time 😍

  • 8UNSET
    8UNSET 8 months ago

    Is...is this the full intro song of the walking dead...?

  • Justin Cole
    Justin Cole 9 months ago +1

    Reminds me so much of Dead By April

  • bkriegel95
    bkriegel95 9 months ago +1

    I hear A LOT of Memphis May Fire in this particular song.

  • Jarczenko
    Jarczenko 9 months ago

    just wow

  • Dunham Outdoors
    Dunham Outdoors 9 months ago

    No words

  • Bob Penney
    Bob Penney 9 months ago +1

    This band is fucking awesome!!! 🤘

  • Payton Nieves
    Payton Nieves 10 months ago

    Damn, it's 2019 and this song STILL gets better every time I hear it.

  • Mr. DickButt
    Mr. DickButt 10 months ago

    Jack Black once said "You cant kill the metal... Metal will live one" ... You cant kill pure gold like this band

  • F.J. Reynecke
    F.J. Reynecke 10 months ago

    makes me think of that song "I whip my hair back and forth"

  • Heather jo
    Heather jo 10 months ago

    2019 🤘👑

  • Maniac Productions
    Maniac Productions 10 months ago

    Dunno who these guys are. Been listening for about 4 songs and now I have another horrible addiction. Thanks fearless!

  • K zer
    K zer 10 months ago

    A Classic

  • Kyle Roach
    Kyle Roach 10 months ago +1

    Wage War > your favorite band. it seriously isn't possible for these guys to make a bad song. I hope"Spineless" get's a video soon...or at least "Basic Hate". Endless tunes wow

  • stockcomsprite
    stockcomsprite 11 months ago

    Nice cleans

  • Uksz
    Uksz 11 months ago

    0:40 BLEGH

  • Sergio Torrens
    Sergio Torrens 11 months ago

    I love this!

  • Dead On The Inside
    Dead On The Inside 11 months ago

    *0:40** BLEAAAGH*

  • Asgard Ragnarok
    Asgard Ragnarok 11 months ago

    My god,those vocals

  • Billie Schultz
    Billie Schultz 11 months ago

    Awesome 🎸

  • Alex Ellis
    Alex Ellis 11 months ago

    Saw you guys at the a day to remember concert here in Omaha! You guys really kicked ass!

  • Trans Studio Mini Semarang

    This song somehow reminds me of Crown The Empire

  • swarm sniped
    swarm sniped Year ago +1


  • Ozzy Rinetti
    Ozzy Rinetti Year ago +1

    I saw this song get played live
    I was never the same after that day

  • Brousey B
    Brousey B Year ago +1

    Britons vocal arsenal is unreal, from the sickest growls to the dirtiest blehs, unreal highs to even sounding like Randy Blythe at 1:32 "We all want to be set free" These guys are fucking incredible!! And what a sick chorus!!!! Who would've thought..... aside from Wage War obviously

  • Screamo redskins
    Screamo redskins Year ago

    I'm so happy that I smoked a blunt and watched it. So trippy and love the song

  • Aya Sleiman
    Aya Sleiman Year ago


  • NikRedCreative
    NikRedCreative Year ago


  • J Cold
    J Cold Year ago +1

    such an awesome song

  • nicolas morin gagné

    457 dislike seriously ? This people dont like the good music at all ! Best band for me since the first album !

  • Ronald Wyatt
    Ronald Wyatt Year ago


  • josue diaz
    josue diaz Year ago

    Oh hell yeah dude.
    That song so juicy yo
    Definitely one of my favorites right after The River.

  • MrMetalhead
    MrMetalhead Year ago

    I love this, great sound, great vocals, great all together, big thumbs up

  • NikRedCreative
    NikRedCreative Year ago

    I can hear at the first verse He say "What a Lie Beneath On Me"

  • xxhardforcorexx
    xxhardforcorexx Year ago

    I know this is so fucking random, but I've just got to write how hilarious it is to me that out of all the colors used in this video, the thumbnail still ended up being that shade of greenish blue that almost every music video I've seen is. What an odd coincidence.

  • XxBBxX
    XxBBxX Year ago

    Don’t let me fade away 🙏🏻😌

  • Jax Chancellor
    Jax Chancellor Year ago

    hey guys, nice track!

  • alex nelson
    alex nelson Year ago

    Freaking love it 💯💞😍🔥❤️ the intro omg!!! The Whole song!!!