How to Make Pizza at Home | Sean in the Wild

  • Published on Sep 5, 2017
  • Living in NYC and growing up in Chicago, Sean Evans is no stranger to world-class pizza joints. But now it's time for Sean to master the art of the slice on his own. Guiding him through this home-cooked pie primer is Dominic Morano-heir to the beloved Soho slice shop Prince Street Pizza. At the Moranos' Staten Island home, Sean learns how to toss dough and slice mutz before getting his hands on the family's age-old marinara recipe. Will Sean's pie impress Dom's mom, or will he get smacked for suggesting they use jarred sauce? Find out on an all-new episode of SITW.
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  • Richard Nixon
    Richard Nixon 5 days ago

    What if the condiment is balsamic vinegar?

  • HayYou 2
    HayYou 2 7 days ago

    Why am I so addicted to everything Sean does???!!!!

  • darkmaximus
    darkmaximus 13 days ago

    Gotta tell you, I live in naples, I was born in naples and pizza is nothing like what you're making

  • generalnawaki
    generalnawaki 14 days ago

    like, smoked gouda on a pizza. yeah or nah?

  • Cars &Watches
    Cars &Watches 15 days ago

    Why the fuck are they eating pizza out of a bowl?

  • Cars &Watches
    Cars &Watches 15 days ago

    Momma mia. She is beautiful.

  • Vee
    Vee 15 days ago

    That’s his mom?? She looks young asf! AND PRETTY!!

  • Tyler Asuncion
    Tyler Asuncion 15 days ago

    I can’t take Sean seriously without at least seven different jackets on

  • Tanishah Nisha
    Tanishah Nisha 16 days ago

    Idk why I didn’t expect to talk like tht

  • Zeb H.
    Zeb H. 19 days ago

    Y’all skipped over the crushed tomatoes from a can he added. No mention!

  • Nooby Jim
    Nooby Jim 20 days ago

    I don't know who these people are but god they're so snobby about pizza I could almost never eat it again... if it didn't look so good

  • Daniel L
    Daniel L 22 days ago

    That douche is friendly on TV and an a wannabe ah0le on the restaurant. Handmade in NY was superb, softer and better.

  • Viral Virus
    Viral Virus 25 days ago

    He kinda looks like Justin Trudeau doesnt he?

  • Nicola M
    Nicola M Month ago

    I love his Mam and I love how encouraging he was to Sean while cooking. That says a lot.

  • armo
    armo Month ago

    I just wanna say that Sean is a really good host.

  • tr3ninja
    tr3ninja Month ago +1

    I really liked this dude. He would play a good older brother in a sitcom.

  • Saba
    Saba Month ago +1

    This dude is awesome,i wish he was my teacher at everything

  • σκοτάδι II
    σκοτάδι II 2 months ago

    If you put mayo on your pizza you should honestly not exist

  • RadicalErin
    RadicalErin 2 months ago

    That's not marinara, but it looks good. [Marinara contains onions]

  • Joan Reid
    Joan Reid 2 months ago

    I love his ma

  • Michael Carey
    Michael Carey 2 months ago

    Cooked sauce? Doesn't it cook when you bake the pizza? Twice cooked?

  • Adam Lancaster
    Adam Lancaster 2 months ago

    Wait what was the first rule? You don't want the pizza with a napkin?

  • Ramy Dobia
    Ramy Dobia 2 months ago

    I love it when some random people try to correct someone else's way of saying things. LOL

  • Twigg4075
    Twigg4075 2 months ago

    I love the four commandments.

  • Rushdan Mati
    Rushdan Mati 3 months ago

    An Important Question!!
    Please Anyone Tell Me If I'm Leaving My Dough Over Night Should I Keep It In The Fridge Or Just Put It Outside ??!

  • Gary Wayne Jr
    Gary Wayne Jr 3 months ago

    I'm upset the "tomato sauce" they used was like hidden like what the heck?? And the dough lmao. X)) No Where will u find the perfect video for home made pizza!! Lol but this one was pretty good!! 😊👍

  • Dante Santana
    Dante Santana 3 months ago

    He looks like a thicker Harrison Nevel

  • Yung Venuz
    Yung Venuz 3 months ago

    yeah, an autist pizza man will kick you out for wanting your food a certain way

  • will jones
    will jones 4 months ago

    When they introduced his mother I was hoping he’d call her ma, and a second later he did 👌🏼

  • Cecilio Ravioli
    Cecilio Ravioli 4 months ago


  • palmtri
    palmtri 4 months ago +1

    I always come here to this side of TVclip when im sick and it makes me even more hungry

  • phumelele gwagwa
    phumelele gwagwa 4 months ago

    Sean is the most awkward human. I love it!

  • Jose Garriga
    Jose Garriga 4 months ago +1

    Why Italian American don’t speak Italian.That’s a shame

  • Huy Tran
    Huy Tran 4 months ago

    put some pineapple on it

  • Jake Knksksk
    Jake Knksksk 4 months ago

    Do u ever eat lunchables... brings out the gun

  • Chris R
    Chris R 4 months ago

    Amazing woman

  • CrazyFishFreak
    CrazyFishFreak 4 months ago

    Man where’s the dang recipe?

  • Panama Jack
    Panama Jack 5 months ago

    I'm gonna need that marinara recipe, Dom's mom..

  • The Law
    The Law 5 months ago

    We need Mama Prince Street's sauce recipe

  • Hoody K
    Hoody K 5 months ago

    "if there is holes in the dough you might as well throw it in the garbage" what a dumb retard

  • Jason
    Jason 5 months ago

    How do they make their dough? That is the most important part that you left out. I get it has to rest a few days but they didn't say anything about it.

  • Noel Ayala
    Noel Ayala 6 months ago

    Sean was so beta during cooking. But when he sat down and started hosting. Hahahahaha

  • William Dilliam
    William Dilliam 6 months ago

    I'm not a fan of places that tell you how to eat your food

  • Micah Dyer
    Micah Dyer 6 months ago

    His mom is sexy as hell

  • Joe N
    Joe N 6 months ago +4

    As soon as you make a rule about eating pizza, you loose.

    THE JOUSIFE 6 months ago

    Can someone tell me if that’s basil that he put in the sauce, or something else

  • Horatio Nelson
    Horatio Nelson 6 months ago

    Ah. Dominic lives in Staten Island. That explains a lot

  • Залізний кулак

    Dominic Morano is so sexy tho, no homo

  • bmxriderforlife1234
    bmxriderforlife1234 6 months ago

    so like. would pepper flakes be a condiment? or some other fresh herbs.

  • Dale Cadman
    Dale Cadman 6 months ago

    I'm first generation Bolognian immigrant, my father was born in Bologna and my Nonna taught me how to cook from the day I could hold a spatula, whenever someone starts going on about pronunciation of Italian words like it makes you a legit italian family or not, she gets furious, the only people who get disgruntled about pronunciation are people who are trying to convince you they are Italian while never having been anywhere near the place.

  • First Amendment Comedy
    First Amendment Comedy 7 months ago

    The way she said marinara 😏

  • rounddancefan1
    rounddancefan1 7 months ago

    do u have any mexican recipes? ok Ill look at your videos to see for myself haha

  • TheSackPotato
    TheSackPotato 7 months ago

    Thank you so much I’ve been wondering what the hells wrong with my pizza, now I just need counter space

  • Jenni Valentine
    Jenni Valentine 7 months ago

    3:34 Zeppeli?

  • GDib
    GDib 7 months ago

    I just made it its one of the best pizzas i ever tasted

  • Sergey B.
    Sergey B. 7 months ago

    I love Dominic's NY Italian accent, perfect crisp to my ears.

  • Dudley Stow
    Dudley Stow 7 months ago

    That dude was a hella good teacher

  • xOneAudience
    xOneAudience 7 months ago

    Damn this guy has so much energy!

  • Rahil Sethi
    Rahil Sethi 7 months ago

    "Mozzarella" in American Accent sounded like a curse word to her :-D

  • elliott hansen
    elliott hansen 7 months ago

    Dude I live in California, I have two pizza places in my entire city.

  • Bailey Henderson
    Bailey Henderson 7 months ago +1

    Buy papa Murphy's stock 5.3 last bid

  • Kameron Waddell
    Kameron Waddell 7 months ago

    I don't like floppy, that's what she said

  • GrilledCheezeSammich
    GrilledCheezeSammich 7 months ago

    His mom bitches about pronunciation but still sounds like a fucking high pitched wop guido

  • EDS2314
    EDS2314 7 months ago

    That's a sexy woman.

  • Dred Pirat Roburtz
    Dred Pirat Roburtz 8 months ago

    looks soooo good

  • tehlizzard
    tehlizzard 8 months ago


  • Zeyn Sheik
    Zeyn Sheik 8 months ago

    05:31 sean looks like he has a huge load of piss sitting on that bladder

  • jerick suicide
    jerick suicide 8 months ago

    5:24 did the mom just say “I am a whore”?

  • BrokenYT
    BrokenYT 8 months ago

    At the sauce part he was so awkward

  • Sekina Martinez
    Sekina Martinez 8 months ago

    I luv Italian New Yorkers.. Those accents and they way they talk.. luv it

  • Nancy J
    Nancy J 8 months ago

    Notice at 7:00 it looks like she's jerking off a guy.😂😕🤒🤒🤒🤒🤒

  • topple
    topple 8 months ago

    wax on wax off lmao

  • Satan
    Satan 8 months ago

    Okay, public pole here. 1-10 how drunk would you need to be to bang that dude's Mom? For me, that shitty accent would mean a drunk factor of 7.

  • Al Pepone
    Al Pepone 9 months ago

    This guy is a pizzaiolo?

  • Pancada
    Pancada 9 months ago

    I hate these fucking fools the roolz... "oww man naw man ur eeting it wrong dued, u gotta fold it like dis and rem to alweeeyz slurp teh pizza"

  • Jan Michael Vincent
    Jan Michael Vincent 9 months ago

    You don't need to blow under the pizza. Instead put some cornmeal on the pizza peel before putting on the pizza. The cornmeal particles act as roller bearings and the pizza Just slides off easily

  • Isaac Penn
    Isaac Penn 9 months ago

    The fact his mom was here telling him how to make the sauce is so damn amazing.

  • Just Fred
    Just Fred 9 months ago

    Oh yeah.. Damn Damn Damn boy damn boy he thicc boy thats a thicc ass boy damn ba booooooow

  • Shipwreck Diving
    Shipwreck Diving 9 months ago

    Mom is on FIRE !!!

  • RedRider2001
    RedRider2001 9 months ago

    I think Sean's secret is he does everything he possibly can to make his guests look good.

  • Deonte Merritt
    Deonte Merritt 9 months ago

    I love pizza all toppings

  • HommeHaute
    HommeHaute 10 months ago

    "Why Not....?"

  • Dwell In The Ashes
    Dwell In The Ashes 10 months ago

    3:55 references

  • Rico
    Rico 10 months ago

    Milf Patrol.

  • Leone Amici
    Leone Amici 10 months ago +1

    just want to point out the fact that real italian pizza is mostly eaten with the fork. that said, as an italian, i really enjoyed american pizzas for the most part

    • h1r086
      h1r086 5 months ago

      I keep hearing how it's sacrilege to eat pizza with a fork. At first I was doing it out of spite but I'm enjoying it now despite the spite.

  • Luis Fermin
    Luis Fermin 10 months ago

    if you close your eyes, you will think that is di caprio

  • JorgeSomething
    JorgeSomething 10 months ago


  • Imre Csebits
    Imre Csebits 10 months ago

    shit his mom is cancer

  • Belarion A.D.
    Belarion A.D. 10 months ago


  • Juan Moreno
    Juan Moreno 10 months ago

    Idk why but I just like Italians lol. Very friendly, down to earth people.

  • Jose Motilla
    Jose Motilla 10 months ago

    Can't tell me to not use a fork when you using store bought dough lol that's just lazy

  • BinJim31X24
    BinJim31X24 10 months ago

    This is so legit. Reminds me of living in the NYC suburbs. Thank you for posting this!!! Will definitely use the sauce recipe

  • Isaac Clark
    Isaac Clark 10 months ago

    Mom is so Beautiful 😍

  • Kayson Hoyuela
    Kayson Hoyuela 10 months ago

    Fuck that no condiment rule! I love ranch and pizza. AHUHHHGGFESEWAYLPPLVXRCB

  • Suyash Upadhyay
    Suyash Upadhyay 10 months ago

    Can anybody tell me which leaves did they use in the sauce at the end?? Great video will definitely give it a try at home.

  • Jaka Birsa
    Jaka Birsa 11 months ago

    In Europe, everybody eats pizza with fork and knife. Yes, that means in Italy too... it is not considered a snack here.

  • Bakusen
    Bakusen 11 months ago +16

    "Don't eat sauce out of a jar"
    They use canned tomato sauce......

    • bmxriderforlife1234
      bmxriderforlife1234 6 months ago

      nah you can taste a difference between fresh vs canned in some cases.
      however it also depends on how good the quality of the canned tomatoes are. same with the fresh tomatoes. and even then it doesnt necessarily equal a bad difference.
      alot of finished jar'can sauces however cheap out on the ingredients.
      also different types of tomatoes have slightly different flavors. so even someone from italy could mistake canned for fresh. also i know people from italy who use canned tomatoes for sauce because its a bit quicker. you dont always have time for doing everything from scratch.

    • Lobster with Mustard and Rice
      Lobster with Mustard and Rice 7 months ago

      Bakusen the problem is there are just some places where you can't get really good tomatoes. Where I live you MAY get delicious, fresh tomatoes maybe 1 or 2 months a year. There is just no other option for some people than using canned tomatoes because they are way better than the tasteless "fresh" stuff they sell around here.

    • Steve Mayers
      Steve Mayers 9 months ago +2

      NY serves thousands of pies a day so their processes are different, some either use fresh tomatoes and a milling process.. Other use canned tomatoes... I think the point Bakusen is was trying to make is you can't call something fresh that has been processed and put in a can. I have used both canned and fresh you can definitely taste a difference, different flavors. What makes a good pizza is the execution and collective ingredients you bring together, as does any good dish.

    • CaptainGrue
      CaptainGrue 10 months ago

      despite the ad hominem stuff this burn puts you three steps ahead
      made this thread so worth it

    • Bakusen
      Bakusen 10 months ago +1

      Alan T my friend, that would insult the garbage itself

  • Jonathan Mcsperitt
    Jonathan Mcsperitt 11 months ago

    How could you give this video a thumbs down 😂😂

  • Elon Fucking Musk
    Elon Fucking Musk 11 months ago

    What is that watch that Sean always wears? Is it a Rolex?

  • 714milky
    714milky 11 months ago

    8:20 - "That's what she said!" - Michael Scott