73 Questions With Lady Gaga | Vogue


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  • Ammar Balla
    Ammar Balla 3 hours ago

    Much love and respect

  • FreeHumorist
    FreeHumorist 10 hours ago

    hangisi değil ki

  • Grace Coppola
    Grace Coppola 17 hours ago

    Duet with Andrea Bocelli.

  • Dime9764
    Dime9764 19 hours ago

    Omg she got like a best gift!

  • Flowerstar 5
    Flowerstar 5 20 hours ago

    the great american songbook, the schoolgirl in her popped out we-

  • jin ju
    jin ju 22 hours ago

    Lady gaga full of sh*t!

  • Deborah L
    Deborah L Day ago

    Love my beautiful Stan

  • Saybra Hermanson


  • Rain Chow
    Rain Chow Day ago

    Amazing (and admirable) woman !

  • ismimden sanane.com.

    i adore this woman with my whole entire heart

  • Nottt
    Nottt 3 days ago +6

    8:03 She says she wants to be Cleopatra! She's coming for that gig!

  • Rmcroy 23
    Rmcroy 23 3 days ago

    Queen 👑

  • Anonna Zhou
    Anonna Zhou 4 days ago

    OMG Gaga I love you!

  • josie xoxo
    josie xoxo 4 days ago


  • Doublecherrysoda
    Doublecherrysoda 5 days ago

    We didn’t see her secret talent

  • Loridana Samoila
    Loridana Samoila 5 days ago

    Shane dawson 73 questions video was the best im sorry
    (Ik his video is not real lol)

  • Putu Indira
    Putu Indira 5 days ago

    She said her dream performance was that she will perform on Vegas

  • Lara Lara
    Lara Lara 5 days ago

    i didn't know i needed this in my life until now

  • Justine Njeim
    Justine Njeim 5 days ago

    I think her voice is slightly similar to Marilyn Monroe... just me?

  • iwatch756
    iwatch756 5 days ago

    She is quite fake isn't she? Personality, style, causes she talks about, and now face.
    I mean no offense, she is still extraordinary, but comes across as a bit fake.

  • Manuela Secchiari
    Manuela Secchiari 5 days ago +3

    (08:04) Q: What real person in history would you love to portray in a film? A: Cleopatra.
    And now she's competing for the role..

  • Albert Rocco
    Albert Rocco 5 days ago

    She's classy af

  • Lauren 11
    Lauren 11 6 days ago

    God I love this woman

  • James Anthony
    James Anthony 6 days ago +2


  • Gabriel Gomez
    Gabriel Gomez 6 days ago +3

    8:04 WTF? Lady Gaga can predict the future? Yes, she is God

  • Maria Torres Septien

    boring interview

  • Inyourlap
    Inyourlap 7 days ago

    So boring and predictable

  • Josh Ua
    Josh Ua 7 days ago

    Why do they all love Wizard of Oz??

  • Parshipperin
    Parshipperin 8 days ago

    I love her

  • Abeer
    Abeer 8 days ago

    Kinda boring

  • Garnet Sacki
    Garnet Sacki 8 days ago

    Her message to her young female fans made me cry.

  • friends
    friends 8 days ago

    Please do 73 Questions with Emma Watson next

  • Richard Crowley
    Richard Crowley 8 days ago

    officially resigning as a little monster..what a disappointment. your right to back away... she is just an awful snob now.

  • Sumida Ryogoku
    Sumida Ryogoku 8 days ago

    This is boring

  • Paul Jamieson
    Paul Jamieson 8 days ago +1


  • Tarik Omanovic
    Tarik Omanovic 9 days ago

    73 questions with the Green Lady of Brooklyn? 💚

  • Richard Crowley
    Richard Crowley 9 days ago

    failed the fun 73 questions. what a snob. she didn't even move or realize the banter this questionnaire is about.

  • José Neto
    José Neto 9 days ago +1

    Was that house burnt?

  • mich r central
    mich r central 10 days ago +2

    she’s so elegant beautiful and unique i love her 😍🥰🤩

  • Life With Jay
    Life With Jay 10 days ago

    73 Questions with RuPaul

  • Tommy Tafoya
    Tommy Tafoya 10 days ago

    Billie Eilish
    Ariana Grande
    Ella Mai
    Cole Sprouse
    Get these people on here

  • Iron James
    Iron James 10 days ago

    Please do one with Ezra Miller

  • DtipD Sarracino
    DtipD Sarracino 10 days ago

    please Emma Watson and Tom Ford next!

  • olivia hernandez
    olivia hernandez 10 days ago

    “lady, can you show me a hidden talent?”

  • Lance Dukel
    Lance Dukel 10 days ago

    CACA. Nuff said.

  • Kiel Hanswel
    Kiel Hanswel 10 days ago +2

    The most elegent video in my entire experience.

  • Ian_AHS -
    Ian_AHS - 11 days ago

    I have those same sun glasses

  • Chad Wyckoff
    Chad Wyckoff 11 days ago

    I want Lady Gaga and Stevie Nicks to team up!

  • Madisun Donaldson
    Madisun Donaldson 11 days ago

    I love her!!!

  • Ana Burnett
    Ana Burnett 11 days ago

    She just sat down on a chair for 5 minutes