SCP-3300 │ The Rain │ Euclid │ Meteorological SCP

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    SCP-3300 │ The Rain │ Euclid │ Meteorological SCP
    Item #: SCP-3300
    Object Class: Euclid
    Special Containment Procedures: Containment of SCP-3300 is focused on observation and ensuring it does not spread from the affected area. A mobile observation post has been set up five kilometers outside the town of Clear Water, Montana for this purpose. Attempts at manned exploration of SCP-3300 events are currently suspended.
    When the SCP-3300 event begins, the observation team will fall back to a point ten kilometers from the town border and continue observation. Any unusual activity is to be noted. Any attempts made by outsiders to enter or exit the area will be halted. Non-lethal force is authorized for this purpose.
    Instances of SCP-3300-1 attempting to leave Clear Water will be detained and interviewed under the pretense of a police search. Following this they will be allowed to continue their travel under Foundation observation.
    All personnel involved in the containment of SCP-3300 are prescribed a weekly dose of Class-Y mnestics.
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    Sound effects attribution : - thunder sounds - Rain

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    The subject matter on which this video is based on originate from the SCP wiki. My adaptations are created with permission and with the purpose of adding value to the source content via voice acting, graphic design, animation and illustration ... none are present within the source material.
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Comments • 80

  • TheVolgun
    TheVolgun  2 months ago +724

    Thanks for listening! - what did you think of the liquid humans 3D models? - what could I have done better?

    • Decker Dabrowiak
      Decker Dabrowiak 11 days ago

      You did really well in the design for the liquid humans! I do a bit of game design, mainly for myself and my friends, and I could never get water physics down. You did what I can't

    • Tel-Ash The Juice Knight
      Tel-Ash The Juice Knight 28 days ago

      @TheVolgun that's weird, I can send you the link via email. Don't let the term TTS scare you though - it's not anything like Microsoft Sam and may sound quite natural. Just suggested it because I've noticed that at least in older videos the female characters weren't voice acted properly. As for the constructive criticism or not that is not up to me to decide.

    • Isaiah
      Isaiah 28 days ago

      perfect dude, i couldnt have dont better myself.... you should be super proud of both the model and the narration, great job

    • TheVolgun
      TheVolgun  29 days ago

      @Tel-Ash The Juice Knight " but don't lie to yourself that a bunch of brownnosers give you constructive criticism." - I've had this channel for 8 years, I know how to spot when someone is giving me constructive criticism, when someone is being a dick and when someone is giving me a compliment (white knighting or brownnosers as you call them) . In this thread I can see a lot of constructive criticism, can't you?
      I tried to search up "TTS service called Replica" but google returned no relevant search results. Although i don't really have much utility for text to speech in my normal videos. I read the descriptions of audio logs most of the time, except when I think it'll disrupt the flow or emotion of the log. But you make a good point - i'll make a note of this.
      wait, were you giving me constructive criticism just there? or am I lying to myself?

    • Tel-Ash The Juice Knight
      Tel-Ash The Juice Knight 29 days ago

      @TheVolgun P.S. There's an audio TTS service called Replica (search it online) some of the voice presets there are very realistic and nice. Given that you add the audio distortions, ripling and a "walkey talkey" effect to the audio bits it will sound nice and increase variety.
      P.P.S. Also when you read addendums (addenda?) could you read not only the actual dialogue but the descriptions of the actions presented there as well? I tend to pause the video and read them and it's confusing.

  • Ochen C
    Ochen C Day ago

    Well when I cut myself its still blood.

  • Christian Boi27
    Christian Boi27 7 days ago +1

    Scp big egg,
    Object class: big egg

  • Justin Jones
    Justin Jones 9 days ago

    This is just a creepy pasta :(
    Still found it interesting though :)

  • KolMan 2000
    KolMan 2000 10 days ago +1

    “Addendum” is just such a beautiful word to see or hear in SCP files

  • kalajel
    kalajel 11 days ago

    ...then again Kurt Cobain was also a self-loathing male feminist who idolized the toxic women in his life and we all know how that ended... Just sayin'...

    • kalajel
      kalajel 5 days ago

      @Jye Durnan No, I just spoke the truth.

    • Jye Durnan
      Jye Durnan 5 days ago

      kalajel somehow you managed to turn a depressed mans suicide into a sexist remark. Wow

  • hitmankillerX5
    hitmankillerX5 12 days ago +1

    This is some creepypasta type story😂 fucking loved it

  • ANT244815
    ANT244815 13 days ago

    I can picture one of the manned expeditions going crazy in the city. The lone survivor was viewed singing “I’m singing in the rain.”

  • wert1234576
    wert1234576 14 days ago

    Gonna put this in the fun story's for rainy days (kids)

  • Alexis Chinn
    Alexis Chinn 18 days ago

    Dang, that was a cool one

  • jaxbb
    jaxbb 19 days ago

    This one.... I do not like this one

  • Diemand The Animatronic Wolf

    It's raining right now soo...

  • TheHomie JJ
    TheHomie JJ 23 days ago

    Can you stand the rain?

  • Jeremy Usurp
    Jeremy Usurp 24 days ago

    This is no offense towards The Vulgan but rather to most SCP authors... why is it always a journal? It just seems well overdone in most SCP logs.. it just sucks me out of a story to think these characters write down stuff that happens to them so often.

  • Mister Bones
    Mister Bones 24 days ago

    I grew up in a town called Clearwater.

  • Red
    Red 25 days ago

    lol I'm a big pussy when it comes to scps but i can't stop watching X)

  • AnimeWolfgamer
    AnimeWolfgamer 26 days ago

    The newest way to say *I'm wet*.

  • Samantha Allshouse
    Samantha Allshouse 26 days ago

    I wonder if they've ever tried having someone camping out in the town at the very edge of its borders from late May onward with a thick rope around their waist and then as soon as the rain started they could use a crank or something to pull that person back out.

  • NickyMp5k
    NickyMp5k 27 days ago

    Is this you talking? Because you have a superb American accent

  • Dominator and who cares anyways

    Season 1 SCP's : if you put it in a box, it stays there
    Season X SCP's : acording to all known laws of aviation, a bee should not be able to fly. its wins are too small to lift its fat body ......

  • Saloz94
    Saloz94 29 days ago

    This is one horrible way to have a reincarnation cycle.

  • Vizerei
    Vizerei Month ago

    I've driven through Clearwater, Montana. Wouldn't really call it a "town" but more of an intersection.

  • ilikeROBUX
    ilikeROBUX Month ago

    Solid humans>>Liquid humans>>??gas humans??

  • crypto1223
    crypto1223 Month ago

    Someone watched the Doctor Who episode The Waters of Mars, and had some ideas while watching Annihilation.

  • SD501st
    SD501st Month ago

    Heh heh... Class "Why" Amnestics. Huh huh huh.

  • Merlinus
    Merlinus Month ago

    Me, living an hour away from Clearwater MT irl watches video... “...”👀

  • ju sh
    ju sh Month ago

    This brings a whole new meaning to rain rain go away

  • david macko
    david macko Month ago

    Who else has been awake longer then they should and are here

  • SunnyD
    SunnyD Month ago

    an interesting take on how life and death is like water evaporating and falling back down on earth.

  • crashie
    crashie Month ago +1

    i never understood how that journal stayed alive in a whole ass flood. it makes me think of those things i had in the bath you’d attach to the wall that you could write on and was waterproof lol

  • Abby G
    Abby G Month ago

    This was wild cuz I always listen to your videos with thunder/rain storm sounds in another tab

  • Zadanoire 0203
    Zadanoire 0203 Month ago

    *I just realized something: Richy blackmore will be fucking invincible in clear water.*

    *before its even asked: Richy blackmore a Jojo's bizarre adventure character (from part 7, steel ball run, specifically) with an ability he calls "catch the rainbow". It allows him to walk on raindrops and have the same properties as raindrops (e.g. intangiblity) hes can also manipulate the rainwater into clear, glass esque blades.*

  • Zadanoire 0203
    Zadanoire 0203 Month ago

    *"The town of Clear water, Montana" how fucking ironic.*

  • Naxmor Vigatore
    Naxmor Vigatore Month ago

    This is like the games Soma and Bioshock Infinite combined into one fucked up paradox of a purgatory of just rebirth with false memories and independence right up until the Ragnarok, the painful restart of everything to cycle over again

  • Professor Oak
    Professor Oak Month ago

    Gotta stay hydrated

  • Mark Mulder
    Mark Mulder Month ago +1

    This is a great vi
    Hey. I found a half written comment on my computer by this Mark Mulder guy. whats with that?

  • Ramessu Ursa
    Ramessu Ursa Month ago

    Not to self never watch his videos again

  • ShinPlays
    ShinPlays Month ago

    When you live 15 min. From Clearwater Montana O.O xD

  • Felipe Perez
    Felipe Perez Month ago

    This sounds like a creepypasta that I listened to. I swear, sometimes I feel like creepypasta and the SCP stories are connected sometimes.

  • 2 Bros T.V.
    2 Bros T.V. Month ago +1

    096: Skinny Peppermint 939: Ketchup Doggo 049: Oreo Bird 173: Peanut 079: Macintosh 106: Barbecue Man

  • Caz Rabbit
    Caz Rabbit Month ago

    My boyfriend and I were listening to this and had a bit of a surreal moment. His birthday is the 30th of June, I was also born in June but in 1995, great falls Montana. Creepy lol

  • Yes No
    Yes No Month ago

    I think I've found my favourite scp so far

  • Brendan Winkelman
    Brendan Winkelman Month ago

    Can you do a video on SCP-2412 and 2519? I feel like they would lend themselves to your interview log style very well!

  • Anthony Best273
    Anthony Best273 Month ago

    Looks like terminator T 1000

  • DoDoBot48
    DoDoBot48 Month ago +1

    Hey can you do a vid on scp-458? Lol

  • Bart0nius
    Bart0nius Month ago

    welcome to my house
    rain is falling too loud
    owners are a new crowd
    now my mom’s on the ground
    running from my house
    these are wack ass rain clouds
    all my friends are gone now
    now this is a new town

  • pleadingwriter3
    pleadingwriter3 Month ago

    "I have no mouth and I must scream"

  • Chase Dennis
    Chase Dennis Month ago

    Hey everyone, I'll cut to the point. I'm a fan of the SCP universe and I would love to contribute content to it. I believe I have a solid idea for an SCP that would fall into an object class of either Euclid or even possibly Thaumiel. Admittedly, It still has some kinks that need to be worked out but I believe that I have a very sturdy premise. If anyone could point me in a direction where I could get some tips and some criticisms on my SCP idea, I would appreciate it

  • Convergent Chaos
    Convergent Chaos Month ago

    "it's *MY* house"

  • baarck
    baarck Month ago

    pls make a podcast

  • Ecks Dee
    Ecks Dee Month ago

    This reading was awesome but i think it could have been a little bit better if you added some sort of wind or distant thunder sounds in the backround

  • A red spy
    A red spy Month ago

    Hey I love your work. As a suggestion, you should take a look at scp 5000. It's a really interesting article and really suits your style.

  • NatchEvil
    NatchEvil Month ago +2

    The young will replace the old. Someone new will take our homes. We, too, will pass on to be remixed into new people and things. All of us, like water, will flow on.

  • That One Pickle
    That One Pickle Month ago +1

    "No, y'know, people've HEARD that. I got some hot records, I got [SCP3300], I got Unh, what should I do next?"

  • EliteSasuke
    EliteSasuke Month ago +1

    Plot twist: the guns were *water* guns

  • Greninjaplays20
    Greninjaplays20 Month ago

    you should do scp-1616

  • Mikasa Su casa
    Mikasa Su casa Month ago

    When Asia said "Who will stop the rain?" They knew

  • Atomic Gamer
    Atomic Gamer Month ago

    Next you should explain the tissue box that warps memories. I just found out about this one and I'd love to hear you give it a proper documentation

  • Fredbear 24
    Fredbear 24 Month ago

    Ill get the sponges

  • Ricardo Lucas Spindola

    The scp 3108 video got marked for kids

  • Commander Duck69
    Commander Duck69 Month ago

    Are you a sentient tape recorder?

  • Kindeslee
    Kindeslee Month ago

    Um is the SCP WIKI survive from the trademark attacks

  • The Man Downstairs
    The Man Downstairs Month ago

    Your American accent is incredible!

  • Jacob Ingram
    Jacob Ingram Month ago

    Is this a repost? I swear to God I watched this video a couple of months back

  • Eve D
    Eve D Month ago +1

    I love this stuff! ❤️

  • Savage Prawn
    Savage Prawn Month ago

    Please do scp 3001 would be insanely good.

  • Subjective
    Subjective Month ago

    Is this on podcast?

  • littlebrowndog66
    littlebrowndog66 Month ago

    Excellent narration and writing. That dream description around 22:55 is especially beautiful. I love stories that make commonplace things (like water) creepy as hell.

  • sinister is random
    sinister is random Month ago

    Watching Old Videos Including the Nerfing Gun Or Teenage Succubus god damn the voice acting was great
    this one was also excellent

  • RohiasPlayz
    RohiasPlayz Month ago

    Could you please do a video on scp 3050. I don't think I fully understand scp3050 and hope you can explain a bit more

  • taco10lex
    taco10lex Month ago

    Aren't humans like 90% water so this makes a lot of sense

  • Ashram Nevermoore
    Ashram Nevermoore Month ago

    I always listen to you..cover more stories are the best!

  • tsuyu is best girl fight me

    Pls do scp 3636

  • Daniel Newman
    Daniel Newman Month ago

    This should be an episode of the Twilight Zone!

  • Roak
    Roak Month ago

    I dont have a great memory ,but the ''internet and phone are completely down'' line seems a bit weird for a diary found in 1995.

  • Stryfe Vidmar
    Stryfe Vidmar Month ago

    Is it just me or is this one of the most terrifying scp's

  • Goliath Pyroson
    Goliath Pyroson Month ago

    “On that unsettling creepy note” damn even a researcher got fucked uo by the idea huh?

  • Vizor The Music Demon
    Vizor The Music Demon Month ago +1

    Hey can you do scp 871 the self replicating cake

  • mattis chastan
    mattis chastan Month ago

    Great video, nothing to say about that, thanks for that!
    But I'm just thinking the "codex" SCP frame of the story is a laking, and could be improved way more.
    Basically, the guy wrote the story he wanted, and just added 2 small paragraphs of SCP description to make it fit SCP standards.
    Feels like some kind of cheap way/excuse to insert any story you want in SCP database, if the Foundation presence and importance ends up being just "we found this thing, and a journal".
    I mean, it could be an X-Files episode, a Eureka one, or some Preacher errands, or put in various other medium, it would work almost the same.
    For me (subjective!!!), a SCP story shouldn't be able to work like that.
    If you take SCP 682 or 173 classics, the chill factor comes from how much foundation-focused descriptions and attempts there is, at understanding what they are facing and containing.
    For SCP 087 "staircase", it's precisely BECAUSE there's some "test-subject cold relationship" to the various experiments at hand, that gives the story its SCP soul.
    It's not about the thing, it's about how the foundation is discovering, testing, drilling through it.
    See what I mean ?
    And here, the 2 paragraphs of containment procedures themselves could be enriched a bit.
    Like explained the technical nature and composition of the rain, and Foundation attempts at distrupting it via electromagnetic wave, chimical warfare, giant cement umbrella or whatever.
    Or like having class-D personal on site BEFORE a SCP 3300 event, and wired/videofed, to see what they become.
    (and if it feels unecessarily boring, that may mean you missed the target a bit indeed)
    The idea is more than solid. Always thrive for make a good base like that legendary!

  • BlueKid
    BlueKid Month ago

    It's terrifying that the water dad just ruthlessly and unemotionally just wails on the mom with a club, which clearly shows they will result to murder if you try to hurt them or attack them. And yet they wait outside patiently for the girl until she goes nuts and becomes one with them. And clearly the dreams she has is the origin of this scp, or atleast a memory of a past life, or seeing this through another person's perspective from a long time ago in a native tribe.