WOW! Secret Group Exposed, Harry Styles Louis Tomlinson Fanfic Outrage, & Nike Betsy Ross Pull

  • Published on Jul 2, 2019
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    Nike Removes Shoe After Kaepernick’s Request:
    Congress Members Visit Border:
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    Hospital Patient Accused of Stealing:
    Charlottesville Protestor Sentenced to Life in Prison:
    Georgia Sued Over Six-Week Ban:
    Twitter to Label Rule-Breaking Tweets by Political Leaders:
    Illinois to Expunge Nearly 800,000 Convictions:
    Reddit Quarantines Popular Subreddit:
    Wayfair Donates $100,000 to Red Cross in Response to Employee Walkout:
    Sony, Microsoft, & Nintendo Say Chinese Tariffs Will Hurt the Gaming Industry
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    Produced by: Amanda Morones, Brian Espinoza
    Art Director: Brian Borst
    Writing/Research: Philip DeFranco, Maddie Crichton, Lili Stenn, Sami Sherwyn
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  • Philip DeFranco
    Philip DeFranco  5 months ago +1442

    Hi! I'm sorry about those mouth sounds yesterday. But only a little. ;)
    Time codes: Euphoria 00:21 - TIA 4:37 - Nike 6:11 - Border 11:10

    • Cassie Banks
      Cassie Banks 5 months ago

      I love when places like CBP Texas and people like Lahren prove their allegiance to Satan. Makes it so much easier to prove they are literally the dregs of the earth. Ego and greed. Satan's making a killing off it!

    • AlexanderPimm
      AlexanderPimm 5 months ago

      d'awe, I thought it was fucking hilarious. So outside your normal professional style to be eating on camera and the closes up on your mouth were cracking me up.
      I appreciated it from a video production / direction for the style. It was funny as hell 10/10 -

    • Brian M
      Brian M 5 months ago

      Phil, I think they should add you to South Park as a character. That would be do COOL.

    • Nolan
      Nolan 5 months ago

      The Betsy Ross flag was flown over Obama's inauguration address in 2013...the fact that all the Dems are being angry over it is retarded.

    • Honk Honk
      Honk Honk 5 months ago

      The topic of illegal immigration is a topic Leftists/Democrats can't win so they have to appeal to blind/irrational emotion, empty virtue-signalling and keep moving the goal posts. Originally it used to be that if you didn't illegal immigration, you were just a racist that hated ALL immigrants. When polls showed that the majority of Americans are against illegal immigration, this narrative died. Then it became there was no crisis at the boarder with a record number of illegal immigrants crossing/caught, Trump is just trying to cause fear. NOW the crisis is suddenly real, but it's Trump's fault and _"look at how horrible these detention centers are that we refuse to fund because it helps us pretend as we actually give a shit for the good PR."_
      This is a "humanitarian crisis" directly caused by you stupid fuckers. For YEARS the right/Republicans have been trying to explain to you the strain on the economy illegal immigration causes and the horrible things that happen to illegals on the trek to the boarder. Instead just constant, _"LALALALALA! YOU'RE RACISTS! LALALALALA! ILLEGALS DO SHITTY JOBS YOU DON'T WANT TO DO! LALALALAL!" Which, btw, is complete falsehood pushed by the left for years. There are MANY Americans willing to do these jobs, business/corporations just like to exploit Illegals for cheap "off the books" labor rather than pay a legal citizen what they're owed for their labor.
      Why? Well because they're illegal... What the fuck are they gonna do, complain? They'll just rat them out to ICE with no official record of them ever working for the business, duh. So maybe instead of bitching and empty virtue-signaling, try coming to a logical compromise or AT LEAST just tell us what you fucking want in detail. Right now people are trying to clean up YOUR mess as best they can with as much as they got and all you're doing is pointing at them and yelling, _"DEMONS!"_ while the people you CLAIM to care about still suffer for your ignorant/naive idiocy.
      The best analogy I can give is: A Democrat accidentally shoots someone in the neck, freaks out and as a Republican rushed over to put pressure on the wound to stop the bleeding, the Democrat calms down... See's the situation in front of them and goes, _"OMG, someone stop that person, they're crush their wind pipe so hard that there's blood everywhere!"_

  • Blankace
    Blankace 2 months ago

    Isn't Euphoria the name of a hentai?

  • MistarZtv - Evolve, DbD & Titanfall

    People getting mad and outrage over these? smh.

  • jobriq5
    jobriq5 3 months ago

    People getting upset over the Betsy Ross flag when people still fly the Confederate flag down south smh

  • jobriq5
    jobriq5 3 months ago

    I didn't even notice the mouth sounds

  • Pooobaihr23
    Pooobaihr23 3 months ago

    I don't have a problem. It's fanfiction. FICTION=Not real. I used to write fanfiction for a fandom I was in ages ago. *shrug*

  • sofiaswim
    sofiaswim 3 months ago

    Just a question: It is still illegal to illegally enter the US right? If so why are people surprised when aliens that broke the law are locked up in a camp?

  • stecky87
    stecky87 3 months ago

    I had no clue the Betsy Ross flag had anything to do w/ white supremacist groups until this "controversy" happened & I bet many people didn't either, so Adrienne Lawrence is making big assumptions when she said that those groups were who Nike was marketing, too. All Nike saw when they put the flag on the shoe was a historical flag. That's it. There was no malice.

  • retrocosmos
    retrocosmos 4 months ago

    Why I didn’t like the Harry/Louis scene: I was a fan of 1D and had a front row seat to all these rabid gaggle of individuals and they are NUTS. Like it’s weird that they were so convinced that Harry and Louis we’re dating in the first place, but then they took it further when they started contacting their parents, siblings, and other friends and family on twitter and threatened them and called their girlfriend beards. They said terrible things to their family all because they thought they could insert themselves in other peoples lives.
    On top of that once Louis had a kid they started saying the kid was fake or that the baby had different parents that were being paid off
    and even wished death on his baby. It even came between Louis and Harry to the point they stopped interacting with each other. This isn’t a minor incident. These are real people who had their lives effected by this behavior and I find it hard to shrug this off when I’ve seen the horrendous lengths people will go to.
    I get the whole fanfiction thing, I was there too, but there’s a 4th wall that needs to be acknowledged and threatening someone’s girlfriend because you think he’s dating his best friend is fucked up and shouldn’t be laughed off. I get not everyone knows the details of this, it’s definitely not common knowledge, but there’s more to it then just “people thought they were secretly dating”. It took a dark turn and I can’t even believe there are people to this day who still believe Louis and Harry are seeing each other.

  • Minh Nguyen
    Minh Nguyen 4 months ago

    I mean... fanfic is one thing, but to see it on the "big screen" normalizes the idea that they could be in a gay relationship with one another. I don't know if they are or aren't gay, and if they are then that's there business. BUT, imagine waking up to this and people thinking you are gay when in fact you're not. When you go out and you may have to keep telling guys that you're not gay and reject them over and over. Or when you try to go on dates, some women may think that you're bi and would now have to compete with both sexes. On another front, what if they were already in a relationship and their partner doesn't like that people keep "shipping" the person they love with someone else, that can make their partner feel bad about the situation. Personally, I would sue because it's defamation. Hell there were actors who sued for defamation against south park, but the big difference is the fact that South Park made sure to parody them in such a way where it was so different from the real person that it was protected. This just changes their sexual orientation and not necessarily their character.

  • Charsept
    Charsept 4 months ago

    The flag thing is ridiculous. I'd even support a shoe with a confederate flag on them.
    It sounds to me like you could force an association with a flag and a group of people and totally destroy the flags original purpose/history/etc. Private business can do what they want but their reasoning is flawed and just straight up incorrect.

  • JustPassingThrough
    JustPassingThrough 4 months ago

    I currently want nothing more than to personally disembowel any individual who engaged in, and/or continues to engage in the sick shit I saw on those facebook pages. I want all of them fired. Every motherfucking guard, supervisor, clerk, congressman, president, general, soldier, civilian. Every waste of oxygen who defends these camps and the culture they support. I want them all starving on the fucking streets. I want to watch them suffer. They are wrong. Indefensibly wrong. There is no moral grey area here. Hence why people like Tomi Lahren have no defense save mindless insults. I want those camps abolished. I want proper infrastructure put in place to VERY temporarily house these migrant human beings. I want the non-violent criminals properly integrated into our society. It's possible. Raise the taxes if you have to. I don't care. I could use some fiscal responsibility anyway. I'm so violently angry right now. And yet... I won't go down there. I won't put my life on the line for these innocent people. I'll continue to type away here and live my own life, contributing only with words and votes. So... in the end... am I not part of the problem?

  • JustPassingThrough
    JustPassingThrough 4 months ago

    I am hard pressed to think that Nike's marketing wasn't aware of the current sociopolitical context surrounding the Betsy Ross flag. They were trying to sneak in as neutral of an appeal to the right leaning masses as possible to compensate for the previous campaign. They were caught, and appropriately reprimanded. That right leaning individuals reacted negatively to it is of no concern to me. When their opinions are ass backwards to begin with as they are, such convictions simply come with the territory I imagine. A shame the governor decided to forsake so many innocent people for his misguided opinions. May he and all those who helped lead to that decision suffer appropriately.

  • JustPassingThrough
    JustPassingThrough 4 months ago

    Nah. Nothing wrong with the Euphoria thing. It's art depicting a real phenomenon from the past. It's fine. And yeah I put myself in their shoes too. I still wouldn't be up in arms. Embarrassed? Probably. But all if any ire would be directed at the people who began the phenomenon in the first place. And they were just horny lonely teenagers. So... yeah. There's really no one to be legitimately mad at here. It just is what it is.

  • dreamanimation54
    dreamanimation54 4 months ago

    I don’t get the controversy with Nike when it comes to those shoes specifically. It’s not like they put the confederate flag.

  • Lord Gaben
    Lord Gaben 4 months ago

    Can't wait for the american flag to be a symbol of white nationalism

  • Emma
    Emma 4 months ago +1

    How can the US act like they are the greatest country yet treat people on their borders like _THAT_ ? And not bat an eyelid?

  • Teresa González
    Teresa González 4 months ago

    From my point of view, me, who was a massive fan of one direction and as a fan of the show euphoria, I want to say that yes, they maybe went too far with the animation but because the show talks a lot about things that are taboo and more important the character that Kat is; I think that the fact that she wrote mature sexual content as an early teenager is the thing that should matter since that really defines the way she acts in the show. And thanks to that I can relate a lot to her, eventhough as I said maybe they overdid the whole thing with the animation but i dont know, it is just a show and more important it is/was a reality that many many fans went through.

  • Calvin Mcdonald
    Calvin Mcdonald 4 months ago

    people are always looking for a way to be outraged

  • Tokyo Diaries
    Tokyo Diaries 4 months ago

    Hey, I just want to let everyone know that Arizona’s economy is NOT doing just fine. ESPECIALLY IN GOODYEAR! Idiot.
    “We don’t want Sharia law here” to the woman not wearing a hijab..

  • Gabi Elisa
    Gabi Elisa 4 months ago

    oh my god forest hills is so close to my school i swear to gOd i’m gonna scream. i have cousins who go there and are not white. none of us are, we are all mexican. i hate seeing that my family has to live in an environment like this

  • erica whitchurch
    erica whitchurch 4 months ago

    @phil did you also see the video of the "water from the toilets"? Ya it isnt out of the bowl of the toilet, it is from the sink above attached to the toilet. Aoc is a moron.

  • colourful souls
    colourful souls 4 months ago

    I’m sure there’s other states who support Nike’s actions and would give them a deal to build a factory in their state... I understand that this flag was not meant to have anything to do with slavery, I wasn’t aware racists were repurposing this flag, but people whose ancestors were slaves have the right to be offended. It’s not as bad as if it was the confederate flag. I feel like Nike was going to get backlash either way, BUT I feel like they made the right decision for their brand and to show support and respect to POC who were offended. ✌🏼💕

  • River Ó hÁillewill
    River Ó hÁillewill 4 months ago

    So we're not going to talk about the fact that Nikes are made by slaves today?

  • CumberCube
    CumberCube 4 months ago

    Badly want a pair of those shoes now

  • Tails Clock
    Tails Clock 4 months ago +3

    Fanfics never need permission.
    An animated fanfic? Still doesn't need permission.
    An animated fanfic shown on TV? I used to watch a show that starred only celebrities put into violent situations. This feels on the same level and that did not need permission.
    An animated fanfic that exists within another show that aired on TV? ...That's a little meta but, probably more okay than the above example.
    Personally I like that they showed how important shipping is in modern fandoms. It's such a huge thing that no-one talks about other than to bash it. This was a harmless and cool move.

  • Jake38nine
    Jake38nine 4 months ago +2

    It's not our responsibility to take care of illegal immigrants. Period.

  • Joseph Esparza
    Joseph Esparza 4 months ago +1

    Why would you not want to be around AOC?

  • Very CoolNot
    Very CoolNot 4 months ago

    In my opinion the shoe thing is equivalent to saying that you have a problem with the majors advancements in technology like steam engine the telephone the light bulb and etc.

  • Devtron
    Devtron 4 months ago

    Southpark does that in every episoed lmao

  • Slaanash
    Slaanash 4 months ago +2

    I don't see the big deal with the Euphoria thing, but I also associate the term Euphoria with hardcore BDSM guro visual novels.

  • Richard Provan
    Richard Provan 4 months ago

    I'm actually more offended by the flag being called the "Betsy Ross Flag" more than it's iconic representation of what a new country with a different approach on governance would be. Her descendants were the ones to push that propaganda into our textbooks. She wasn't a part of that process. The person who was is constantly being screwed over by not being recognized as the real creator.

  • Atheist Monkey
    Atheist Monkey 4 months ago

    I want those shoes so bad.

  • Atheist Monkey
    Atheist Monkey 4 months ago

    Hotly debating in my head whether or not to google
    "Philp defranco bimboification".

  • kaswerve yu
    kaswerve yu 4 months ago

    People were so upset about the flag, and gave up all those jobs people wouldve gotten had the dumby politican not gotten involved. Omg.

  • 멘붕
    멘붕 4 months ago

    Larry destroyed the friendship between Harry and Louis. They said it themselves that it ruined a deep connection they had. Now instead of Larry being on wattpad and tumblr it’s on TELEVISION! These are real people with real feelings and there’s REAL consequences. Adding that scene when the real people you’re depicting are NOT comfortable with it makes others feel uncomfortable as well. Very disappointed.

  • tsp1der
    tsp1der 4 months ago +1

    Cartoon animation laws are that you can depict anyone doing anything as long as you did not ask them to voice act in it and they said no, so it is only legal if you did not ask them and if you did, they said yes

  • Because I'm a fan
    Because I'm a fan 4 months ago +1

    Thank you so much for the Chris Evans "Not Another Teen Movie" bit, and for blessing this video with it a *second* time at the end!!!

  • Fashionistadreamer
    Fashionistadreamer 4 months ago

    The Nike shoes were just an example of overthinking

  • sgtjbone1
    sgtjbone1 4 months ago

    I’m not one of those idiots that cut up their shoes but my Nikes needs to be replaced soon and since they want to pander so much over such an idiotic thing such as the American flag 🇺🇸 I will be buying another brand of shoes and help their rivals make more money and keep my money out of Keapernick’s pocket

  • Mukhayriq
    Mukhayriq 4 months ago

    Betsy Ross was an abolitionist. People are freaking stupid.

    • rosewater
      rosewater 4 months ago

      what does your profile pic mean?

  • Jame Htoo
    Jame Htoo 4 months ago

    Why are they only care about children's when it fit they view. abortion???? hypocrite dem

  • Josiah Connell
    Josiah Connell 4 months ago

    I support Kaepernicks kneeling but the Betsy Ross flag thing is ridiculous. It doesn’t stand for slavery or anything, just our original flag which is cool. How about the fact that Nike literally already uses slavery?

  • sk8freak968
    sk8freak968 4 months ago

    How is the flag racist?? If that's the case, then anything fucking cotton, and all tobacco products are racist as well. Those products were made by slaves

  • Sarah Espenschied
    Sarah Espenschied 4 months ago

    Literally anytime i hear something from Tomi Lahren I die a little. Shes so hateful and uncaring without any reason or proof. The fact that there are like-minded, grown human beings that take what she says to heart terrifies me.

  • ChannelX24
    ChannelX24 4 months ago +2

    TBH I think people just think history is offensive these days...

  • Ayyy lmao
    Ayyy lmao 5 months ago


  • Vezexis
    Vezexis 5 months ago

    It's ironic that people take so much offense to a flag that symbolizes their freedom to speak out and detest the way the world functions... The United States broke free from old world thinking to pursue a different path and yet is demonized more than any other country for even unintentionally reminding people that we have discrepancies within our society... Have you simply forgotten that this country has made strides in tolerance quicker and more effective than any other country? Have you forgotten that it's because this country paved the way for the disenfranchised to cry their laments that they now are free? Obviously this country still has issues and obviously we still are far away from being the essence of what that flag should stand for; however, the mere fact that we have expanded our flag from 13 colonies to 50 states is a testament to the progress and capability of this country to foster different thoughts and ideas of how we should govern ourselves. To denounce that kindling, is to piss on the fire that it sparked even though the fire grants you warmth, s'mores and hot-dogs...

  • James Palmer
    James Palmer 5 months ago

    The Betsey Ross Flag/Nike logic is why I don’t think there can ever be enough reparations for those who will seek it. If the founding of our country is considered racist, I don’t think there’s a way forward.

  • Lexi Zurcher
    Lexi Zurcher 5 months ago

    1. HBO definitely should have at least reached out to Harry and Louis out of respect. I remember that whole internet mess and the way those guys were fetishized by millions of people publicly online was honestly kind of scary. I couldn't blame them for being upset that this is getting dragged up again; that time couldn't have been easy on them.
    2. We have concentration camps in America again and there is not nearly enough concern about it.

  • Kayla Villamor
    Kayla Villamor 5 months ago +4

    If Apple can sue a production company for using their logo without their consent, why wouldn’t that apply to REAL PEOPLE?

    • itsC0ll0n
      itsC0ll0n 4 months ago

      Well the apple logo is a trademarked image, unless youve trademarked your image its not an entirely equivilent comparison

    • Elliot E
      Elliot E 4 months ago

      Kayla Villamor it does, you can sue anyone for anything

  • Jack Hume
    Jack Hume 5 months ago

    It seems like no one remembered the Stanford prison experiment.

  • Alexisasheep
    Alexisasheep 5 months ago

    When do you think they're gonna install the showers? They seem to like replicating Germany

  • Dazzlings
    Dazzlings 5 months ago

    Wasn't Betsy Ross an abolishonist?

  • Kaylene Elliott
    Kaylene Elliott 5 months ago

    I think the difference between this and south park is that south park's audience knows it's depiction of famous people is meant to be parady. It's the nature of the show. In the case of Euphoria, the two individuals are actors on the show, and it can be easily assumed they were involved in the creative direction of their characters, making it seem as though they were aware and signed off on this decision. But they weren't.
    This seems like the creators of the show took advantage of the two actors and previous gossip surrounding them. I can see how they might not want to revisit that.

  • Claudia Guerrero
    Claudia Guerrero 5 months ago +21

    Larry was a huge deal for Harry and Louis. They couldn't even be alone together without people speculating and it put a stain on their friendship. I think it was very disrespectful for them not to get permission from the pair.

  • jay tn
    jay tn 5 months ago

    Come to Illinois nike we need jobs here

  • Alyssa Carr
    Alyssa Carr 5 months ago +17

    It makes me sad my hometown is always in the news for the border crisis. El Paso has other shit going on, I swear.

  • Isa Casarez-tovar
    Isa Casarez-tovar 5 months ago +2

    Okay but why did I not know there is Philip DeFranco fan fiction ????

  • Mr Wasteed
    Mr Wasteed 5 months ago

    The border has a lot of crisis, people coming in, camps, supplies, etc etc. And all needs money and funds. And as far as i can see, the parties cannot come to an agreement with the bill. The bill doesnt have to be complete, just put what you guys agree and send money for that (not all the money). And they they can debate after for the remaining. Any help to the resources may it be for the people or the officers would help them to deal with this better.