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  • Rahaf Alamoudi
    Rahaf Alamoudi Hour ago

    It the beginning i thought it was a prank but they wouldn't cut thors hair off for a prank, thats meesed up

  • Joan Teague
    Joan Teague 10 hours ago


  • Joan Teague
    Joan Teague 11 hours ago


  • Joan Teague
    Joan Teague 11 hours ago


  • Joan Teague
    Joan Teague 11 hours ago


  • Christy Brink
    Christy Brink 15 hours ago


  • TheBombGamer House
    TheBombGamer House 17 hours ago

    Jake why don't u get a gun to shot them with

  • Matthew Rawley
    Matthew Rawley Day ago +1

    It’s dolon twins

  • Retro James
    Retro James Day ago

    Tilly luv❤️

  • Nada Noviello
    Nada Noviello Day ago


  • Dusty Schmidt
    Dusty Schmidt Day ago +1

    Team ten is always lit

  • Dusty Schmidt
    Dusty Schmidt Day ago +1

    You need team 10 snipers

  • Laura Smyth
    Laura Smyth Day ago

    also how do the clowns know the dogs name

  • Laura Smyth
    Laura Smyth Day ago

    oh my that hilariourious and so fake at the same time he just vanished hahahahahaha

  • YANAN 106
    YANAN 106 Day ago

    why did the clowns leave a boot at the start

  • Aliefe Muğla
    Aliefe Muğla Day ago

    how nice a game are you playing

  • stein grimur
    stein grimur Day ago

    The clowns are martinez twins

  • Likely Highground8

    Edits on fleek

  • Kitt Y
    Kitt Y Day ago

    Hey if you jake Paul stop making clown videos stop saying bad words whopper of times downing videos 100 times

  • Gutz Toots
    Gutz Toots Day ago

    Stop login

  • santiago rojas soto

    esto es obvio huy no jake

  • santiago rojas soto

    esto es obvio por que como los perros no los ataca a los payasos no?

  • Crystal Waters
    Crystal Waters 2 days ago


  • Memet Kolev
    Memet Kolev 2 days ago


  • Efreim Tolentino
    Efreim Tolentino 2 days ago

    go and wresling them plzzz spear as roman rienge

  • Lacie Jai Bradley
    Lacie Jai Bradley 2 days ago

    It is a prank look at the shoos

  • Cringe Cringe
    Cringe Cringe 2 days ago

    Nice editing skills. where is chance?

  • Hugo4speed
    Hugo4speed 2 days ago

    Fake bs

  • jason ked
    jason ked 2 days ago

    Get a ak47

  • Jacinte Aoun
    Jacinte Aoun 2 days ago

    Mbvfbj ,m"......,,,,

  • Daniella Puebla
    Daniella Puebla 2 days ago

    Where is Justin also know as Rob mob

  • Nazier Jones
    Nazier Jones 2 days ago

    Fake at end

  • Ethan Hiatt
    Ethan Hiatt 2 days ago

    Screw you clons

  • Mark Spencer Parale
    Mark Spencer Parale 3 days ago

    how it is start

  • Ray Irving
    Ray Irving 3 days ago

    o my god what is with the clowns good vid

  • clover Fasthorse
    clover Fasthorse 3 days ago

    were was chad and chance

  • Tyla Marcinkowski
    Tyla Marcinkowski 3 days ago

    it is so scary

  • TEZLA Hash
    TEZLA Hash 3 days ago +1

    The clowns are freaking idiot ITS A PUPPY !!! why did they stole Thor?! If I was there I must run fast and catch them freak and u know its Martinez twins? But who made the letters?

  • Mia Roberts
    Mia Roberts 3 days ago

    Who is thor

  • Kelley Hindes
    Kelley Hindes 3 days ago

    It your brother

  • Paraside'
    Paraside' 3 days ago

    remeber this is fake..

  • aidan barnes
    aidan barnes 3 days ago

    i would have went john cena on them thre ass holes

  • DameonVlogs - And More

    How the bleep did the freaking 🤡 disappear

  • hola soy majo
    hola soy majo 4 days ago

    Jake if this happens again you and team 10 should go over the mansuon

  • David Carvajal
    David Carvajal 4 days ago

    If i were you you goanna hide and then the killer clowns close you goanna punch him hard

  • Eshaal Khan
    Eshaal Khan 4 days ago

    I live in a massive house by my self that just scared the sh*t out of me

  • Andrei Tangalin
    Andrei Tangalin 4 days ago


  • Carmen CastruitaLopez

    Is it ksi

  • IzzyKittyLOL DGVA&W
    IzzyKittyLOL DGVA&W 5 days ago +1

    I like = you keep replaying this season XD

  • Dr Twitch
    Dr Twitch 5 days ago

    This is so fake​

  • Nikki Winrich
    Nikki Winrich 5 days ago

    Get a gun

  • Mr. SK
    Mr. SK 5 days ago

    Besides it's fake, it's fun to watch!

  • Xtremegamez
    Xtremegamez 5 days ago

    What if theyre robots

  • Xtremegamez
    Xtremegamez 5 days ago

    How do thay teleport

  • Xtremegamez
    Xtremegamez 5 days ago +1

    I hope justan and thor are ok like if you argree

  • Harry Gaming
    Harry Gaming 5 days ago

    Always never keep mini Jake Paul AWAY from the killer clowns

  • Harry Gaming
    Harry Gaming 5 days ago

    Yes Your Hammer Thor XD

  • Jamie Smyton
    Jamie Smyton 5 days ago

    Someone shoot that black person

  • glenn gulle
    glenn gulle 5 days ago

    I'm gonna kill the fucking killer clown I am soldier

  • School Girl
    School Girl 5 days ago

    I love that black guy! He is so funny!
    ^I don’t know his name^

  • Jamo Allen
    Jamo Allen 5 days ago

    It’s fake

  • Melissa Menendez
    Melissa Menendez 5 days ago

    I just realized that in the video when they got the twins. If they got the twins just maybe would they be after other youtubers too like you guys, Kyler and Matt, and any other youtubers. That’s a quick update of what I think. I pray for you guys🤨

  • Sam Kotnik
    Sam Kotnik 5 days ago

    I was there I would take your car and run that thing over to protect you guys and Erika

  • Arsh Sanan
    Arsh Sanan 6 days ago


  • Antonio Galati
    Antonio Galati 6 days ago

    so clickbait

  • Rayan Osman
    Rayan Osman 6 days ago

    That is just a film don’t believe that

  • Joseph hacks
    Joseph hacks 6 days ago

    if it was thr true jake pual he would of attacked them when he seen them

  • Admix Gaming
    Admix Gaming 6 days ago

    just kill him lol

  • ruddy luna
    ruddy luna 6 days ago

    fakest shit i have ever seen

  • Lily Beau
    Lily Beau 6 days ago

    where the f**k is Justin. like they got Thor back but what about Justin

  • Hibbert Hd
    Hibbert Hd 6 days ago

    The way Justin didn’t fight back

  • OfficL Future Trunks

    He forgot to blur tony swearing

  • Ashley Juarez
    Ashley Juarez 6 days ago

    maybe it's because they're being bad cuz they want to show you how they want to be Savage and you should probably invite them and let them stay in team 10 house there probably just making cool moves and dangerous that's probably why they're always trying to get in team 10 and stealing well kidnapping people

  • Kylie Morin
    Kylie Morin 6 days ago

    Click bate like all the rest of your videos

  • Samantha' morrell
    Samantha' morrell 6 days ago

    Jet some rope stay at your house all day and then tie the
    Rope around them and then call the cops

  • Ashley Moore
    Ashley Moore 7 days ago

    Please get justin back please

  • Zavion Dees
    Zavion Dees 7 days ago

    Get th

  • Ghada Mahmoud
    Ghada Mahmoud 7 days ago


  • Mark TEPEŽ
    Mark TEPEŽ 7 days ago

    its fake bro

  • Llamas Awesome
    Llamas Awesome 7 days ago

    He was even driving ittoo

  • Llamas Awesome
    Llamas Awesome 7 days ago

    Aigain he had the Tesla in number 3 already

  • Longie GAMING
    Longie GAMING 7 days ago

    is this all editting or are they just playing a prank on us

  • Hayden Clark
    Hayden Clark 7 days ago

    thats fake its inpossible to telleport like that jake i like your videos and stuff but making set up vlogs is dumb

  • Julian Is bed
    Julian Is bed 7 days ago +1


  • Lps Crystal
    Lps Crystal 7 days ago

    I cried my heart out 😭😭😭

  • Anne-Charlotte Wasslund

    is this r
    eal or is this a serie !!

  • Broken Girl
    Broken Girl 7 days ago

    noooooo Justin was my favorite 😭😭😭( ik it's fake but still)

  • Pina Patel
    Pina Patel 7 days ago

    I love you Jake but you need to stop with clickbait

  • Milo foxy Remias
    Milo foxy Remias 7 days ago +1

    You shud had a webens so you can batel the clowns

  • Decon J6
    Decon J6 7 days ago

    This whole series is just like it

  • Ben Gradillas
    Ben Gradillas 7 days ago

    No its real i live next to jake and i saw clowns

  • Natalie msp
    Natalie msp 7 days ago +1

    I think it’s the Martinez twins

  • Bruno Moreira
    Bruno Moreira 8 days ago

    Só fake

  • Anderson/gamer boy Anderson

    I would of grabbed a axe and kill like if u agree

  • Mimose Faveur
    Mimose Faveur 8 days ago


  • Mimose Faveur
    Mimose Faveur 8 days ago

    If i was there i will kill the cuts them in inglish creol sum Spanish I will kills them with a shot gun comme trie me

  • Luke Storey
    Luke Storey 8 days ago

    How did they know thorns name

  • TheDuckVoicesYouTube
    TheDuckVoicesYouTube 8 days ago +1

    its all set up guys!

  • LPS Amag TV.
    LPS Amag TV. 8 days ago


  • Tactical Wolf
    Tactical Wolf 8 days ago

    So fucking fake