50 Cent Goes Sneaker Shopping with Complex

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  • lowstress420
    lowstress420 22 hours ago

    My nig 50 like me i aint paying 4gs fo ah shoe wtf

  • Rashima Blue
    Rashima Blue Day ago

    G herbo

  • abhinav hazarika
    abhinav hazarika 2 days ago

    Most dope episode

  • Tucker Bloomfield
    Tucker Bloomfield 2 days ago

    G unit goes shoe shopping. Title of the video 50 cent goes shoe shopping.

  • Ultra MFG
    Ultra MFG 3 days ago

    What's the first song ????

  • Salcau Sergiu
    Salcau Sergiu 4 days ago

    50 goes sneaker shopping, doesn t buy shit. great.

  • fernando perez
    fernando perez 4 days ago

    The total is 13.50 cent 😂

  • fernando perez
    fernando perez 4 days ago

    I think 50 is annoyed

  • BMDubsKid
    BMDubsKid 5 days ago +1

    I like how they don't bother putting G-Unit in the title- just 50

  • Krezcely Borja
    Krezcely Borja 6 days ago

    If he was less humble.. He be 50 dollars.

  • Adam Alom
    Adam Alom 7 days ago

    where did 50n get his vest/jacket because it looks fucking dope as fuck

  • ZeroChjio •
    ZeroChjio • 7 days ago

    "Ok theres no diffrence" killed me

  • Wilson Pereira
    Wilson Pereira 8 days ago

    Podia ter legenda em todos os vídeos, mas ta bom o canal é ótimo !

  • Isael Mendoza
    Isael Mendoza 8 days ago

    Do leo messi

  • Paul Thompson
    Paul Thompson 9 days ago

    I'm not off the to see the wizard but I know what's going on lol

  • MrLsmiles
    MrLsmiles 9 days ago

    Even 50 knows that BS 6k for fucking shoes

  • Forte Vuitton
    Forte Vuitton 9 days ago

    Old dude was more concerned about getting shoes for himself than his kid. 50 a real one

  • Baarz
    Baarz 10 days ago

    Cent is still so fucking humble, love it!

  • Alvin Yenka
    Alvin Yenka 10 days ago

    50 cent lookin like a ninja turtle wit that jacket

  • Dwight White
    Dwight White 10 days ago

    I hustled for mine yeah

  • Findlay Campbell
    Findlay Campbell 11 days ago

    Could anyone please let me know what the beat is at 3:39

  • Terrance Porter
    Terrance Porter 11 days ago

    Just off this you can tell these rappers don't make alot of money, Fifth smart because he actually examine the shoes and why they expensive, that's why he rich, rappers be fronting, I use to keep new shoes all the time when I was a teenager, I been doing better than some famous people, I need to re-up on my shoe game, I still keep like 3 good pairs of shoes now

  • KryptoChronicutelite ༼ つ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ༽つ

    50 looking out for the lil kid was precious lol

  • Big Z
    Big Z 11 days ago +1

    4:42 🤔😂

  • Big Z
    Big Z 11 days ago +1

    50 cent... the smartest show shopper ever 👌🏾

  • colvin bret
    colvin bret 16 days ago


  • Oliver Parton
    Oliver Parton 17 days ago

    song at 0:29 ?

  • Ur Dad
    Ur Dad 17 days ago

    "Keep dem mafuckas!!" LOL!!!

  • Honore Amini
    Honore Amini 17 days ago

    That kids name is nut take in he was named by what he was made🤔😂

  • TiGER
    TiGER 17 days ago

    50 is too real you know Lol

  • Pengoonz Critical Ops
    Pengoonz Critical Ops 17 days ago

    Didnt 50 cent get shot like 10 times

  • colby dillyketchup
    colby dillyketchup 18 days ago +1

    Anyway else see part of that rack slip down on the floor between 5:06-5:08? 50 didnt even know, some hoe workin the cash register prolly swooped that up when they left

  • pc gamerzboyz
    pc gamerzboyz 18 days ago


  • Ken Doll
    Ken Doll 18 days ago


  • PolFox
    PolFox 18 days ago

    These bitchass niggas

  • King Black
    King Black 18 days ago

    i hear you 50 i could never waste my money on stupid shit like this. lol

  • Morgan Green
    Morgan Green 19 days ago

    3:30 has me 💀 af

  • Chris Hargrove
    Chris Hargrove 19 days ago

    Got the Carmine 6s though. Me personally I like the Olympic 6s.

  • alZiiHardstylez
    alZiiHardstylez 20 days ago

    1:30 - Shit, that's a dick move. He made $80 million from his Reebok deal and he says that...

  • Ivan Zarate Gonzalez
    Ivan Zarate Gonzalez 20 days ago

    Un video con Daddy Yankee, porfavor

  • Butty Happ
    Butty Happ 20 days ago

    Am i the only one who watches these well taking a shit in the dark

  • He a yungin
    He a yungin 21 day ago +1

    These shoes will never be a whip but them bitches shinning like a whip, I could see my reflection bi

  • Skyler Johnson
    Skyler Johnson 21 day ago

    Look at the difference. The young guy with the leather jacket on, tons of jewelry, never misses on buying a pair of shoes. Then there is 50 Cent - the head guy... Saves his money, no jewelry, no leather jacket.

  • Onyx Freeman
    Onyx Freeman 21 day ago

    Did he throw that shoe on the floor lol! 4:12

  • Danny Mariscal
    Danny Mariscal 22 days ago

    Yo what's that song that starts up at 1:37. It's a sample that 50 used on a song

  • Shaun McGraw
    Shaun McGraw 22 days ago

    I’m taking your job Joe

  • Anthony Lombardo
    Anthony Lombardo 22 days ago

    Nut got the second most expensive shoes his cost more than tonys or all of 50s😂

  • Joseph A. Endruweit
    Joseph A. Endruweit 22 days ago

    For the people saying 50 is broke, you're not keeping track... Yeah he made some bad moves and overspend during his wave, cost him a lot money because of lawsuits but look how he is regaining his fortune. HipHop moves in waves, most artists only get so much time to really make a fortune and he did during his wave.
    Most artist's would have gone flat broke if the music revenue diminished within the timeframe of the wave he had. He was one of the last artists that really made a profit of the last cd sales before everything changed to streaming. He isn't stupid he know those big music sales days are over, had to shift to profitable options. He made a ton of money with Effen with mostly social media AND Power now brings in dozens of millions.
    You might not like the guy but at least give the man credit that he knows how to plan ahead and legitimately hustle on a grand scale. While everybody was screaming he was broke, his company was not, he helped create one of the hottest tvshows and he is now raking in the rewards and is also creating new series.

  • Appy Said
    Appy Said 23 days ago

    0:26 Dude needs to calm down with them arm movements. 50 was about to smack him, LOL

  • 000111 00
    000111 00 23 days ago

    Whats the name of the 2:32 beat ?

  • Sean Dubai
    Sean Dubai 24 days ago

    Complex racist ass company

  • Gage Knutson
    Gage Knutson 25 days ago

    2:37 what are those ones called ive been trying to find them

  • godCobain
    godCobain 25 days ago

    name of song at the start? "ok im reloaded"

  • Zakariia
    Zakariia 25 days ago

    What song is that at 2:53 ?

  • Miguel cabrera
    Miguel cabrera 25 days ago

    Jordans is all I'd buy and them siroches how ever you spell them

  • Miguel cabrera
    Miguel cabrera 25 days ago

    50 cent is a mother fucking smart Hustler

  • kris kringle
    kris kringle 26 days ago

    so the total is..."13 dollars n fiddy cents" ahahaha

  • Sammy ahmed
    Sammy ahmed 26 days ago

    bring 1011 410 67 and fredo

  • MrSir Norway
    MrSir Norway 27 days ago

    0:32..What shoe is that??

  • NY ́s Finest
    NY ́s Finest 27 days ago

    He has to be from south side Jamaica queens, rather have a Chrysler then $6000 shoes. Same shit i say idc what sneaker it is I wouldn’t ever spend car money on shoes even if it’s a hooptie

  • babbasaurus
    babbasaurus 27 days ago

    lmao he takes all his money out then puts it right back without buying anything. he tryna flex on joe

  • Jay Bright
    Jay Bright 27 days ago

    The Girl Was Bad Asf.

  • 99centstoreful
    99centstoreful 27 days ago

    Nigga 50 to real lol nigga said "nut don't leave here without ya daddy getting u something"Iol

  • Edward Jennings
    Edward Jennings 27 days ago

    Lol pulls out cash
    But there were all 20s
    And ones just one 50 note
    That’s just a coup of grand
    Thought he was cooler then that

  • mkhuseli veto
    mkhuseli veto 27 days ago

    50cent the realest Rapper ever "Save your money and buy a Car"

  • Makaveli ThaDon
    Makaveli ThaDon 27 days ago

    5:27 you just know 50 was goin to fuck a bitch and had to ditch the kid lmao

  • Nadir Taleb
    Nadir Taleb 27 days ago

    real og

  • F. Rose
    F. Rose 27 days ago

    Great video!

    OH! SWAGGY 27 days ago

    I drive my heely's everywhere I go

  • Lucos di Campos
    Lucos di Campos 28 days ago

    0:26 that shit was mad awkward already

  • DaKook14
    DaKook14 28 days ago

    50 is a got damn legend

  • boizchannilzz
    boizchannilzz 28 days ago

    G broke

    RESILAR PUTIN 28 days ago

    Song at 2:32?

  • A2Made
    A2Made 28 days ago

    Kanen up to no good

    THAD REICHERT 28 days ago

    complex: wanna go sneaker shopping
    50 cent: u buying?

  • TCI 2002
    TCI 2002 28 days ago

    I wish I can just have them all for free...shits just too expensive

  • Tarek Bobo
    Tarek Bobo 28 days ago

    And at2:53 plz thx

  • Tarek Bobo
    Tarek Bobo 28 days ago

    The tune playing at 1:37 plz

    SAINT PABLO 29 days ago

    for real, now i know who is really "50 cent" is.

  • Saber Chehne
    Saber Chehne 29 days ago

    50 is a SAVAGE !

  • P S
    P S 29 days ago

    If you're paying more than a hundred dollars for shoes and you're not an athlete using them professionally you're living life wrong. You've been programmed to consume shit made in China. All those shoes, ALL are made for a few dollars in China. Average cost to produce is less than 5 dollars per pair. If you pay 400 you're a fool and deserve to get taxed like a stupid bitch. Nigga rich is 2005 shit. Step your game up and put your money into things that make you money. Wasting money on overpriced fake status symbols, like clothes and shoes is idiotic.

  • Caleb 1111
    Caleb 1111 29 days ago

    I love how Eminem and 50 were subtly talking about how expensive the shoes are while the newer rappers with a fraction of their money talk about how cheap it is

  • Dr.piston
    Dr.piston 29 days ago

    Older the sneakers move valuable .."im going to store" real .daam

  • Gaurav Jha
    Gaurav Jha 29 days ago +2

    Please invite CR7....🙏

  • Anthony Chesko
    Anthony Chesko 29 days ago

    Song at 2:50?

  • Nissan GTR
    Nissan GTR 29 days ago

    the other 2 niggas kinda corny

  • PrettyDiana Loyal Ones
    PrettyDiana Loyal Ones 29 days ago +1

    I Get Money I Het Money I Get It💰💰💰💸💸I Still Love That’s Song 50 Cent Made Hit Songs

  • Yung Lemonade
    Yung Lemonade 29 days ago

    lmao 2:52 “you can keep those mafuckas”

  • David Morinville
    David Morinville 29 days ago

    At least 50 understand the value of money.$$$ "5000$ for shoes damn you can buy a chrysler for that price.

  • Shitij Murari
    Shitij Murari Month ago


  • Sugar
    Sugar Month ago +1

    I respect 50 even more now

  • BairyHalls
    BairyHalls Month ago

    "I'm just not off to see the wizard" lelelel

  • Jay Nguyen
    Jay Nguyen Month ago

    Such a loser !
    50 cents . Lmao ...

  • Drake Bell
    Drake Bell Month ago +4

    4:13 he threw the shoe😯😕

  • Pat Kelly
    Pat Kelly Month ago

    I like 50s attitude to clothing

  • mike hawk
    mike hawk Month ago

    “No pair of shoes is worth a whip” S/O 50 for being real as fuck

  • TwistedSoulTV
    TwistedSoulTV Month ago

    First off to hell with paying that kind of money for sneakers that cost the same to make as as $20 sneakers and most of them weren't even that nice I hate Americans taste in sneakers

    BOOZIKE ; Month ago

    5:29 hahaha