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Vance Joy - We're Going Home [Official Video]

  • Published on Jan 10, 2018
  • Official video for Vance Joy "We're Going Home"
    The new album, 'Nation of Two,' available now.
    Stream and Download:
    Directed by Mimi Cave
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Comments • 889

  • Mr puppygamer
    Mr puppygamer 3 hours ago

    love you peter😢🙂

  • El Australiano
    El Australiano 4 days ago

    Beautiful song, beautiful video.

  • Lucas Smits
    Lucas Smits 6 days ago


  • Rawan Abdullah
    Rawan Abdullah 6 days ago

    Sending love to you from Saudi Arabia 🌿🇸🇦💜

  • Billie Harrigan
    Billie Harrigan 7 days ago

    Best song

  • sensate444
    sensate444 7 days ago

    Yay! Someone is FINALLY paying attention to OLDER people; And yes, they really do know more, way more than you!!!

  • Sidi mohammed Taleb
    Sidi mohammed Taleb 7 days ago


  • łaka maka
    łaka maka 8 days ago

    Why only 3,4 milion people heard this?!

  • •{Çhíĺ-řįxiĕn}•

    I love this song so much.

  • Alyx 6
    Alyx 6 12 days ago

    Listen at x1.25 speed. Thank me later.

  • Andrew Nicol Smith
    Andrew Nicol Smith 13 days ago +1

    This song is so sad, but it's so amazing

  • Bunnie Lovelock
    Bunnie Lovelock 14 days ago

    Does anyone know who the older lady in the clip is?

  • luciana tarjomani
    luciana tarjomani 14 days ago

    can't wait to see you again in Argentina 💖

  • Caleb Harch
    Caleb Harch 16 days ago


  • marshlifier
    marshlifier 17 days ago

    this is the most awesome song ever i cant believe its at at number 36/40 on Nova.FM

  • Purple Lemon
    Purple Lemon 17 days ago

    And I know I’m home too!

  • Purple Lemon
    Purple Lemon 17 days ago

    I see that shine!!!!!

  • luke haines
    luke haines 17 days ago

    i love this song it reminds all the times i was living on the streets and i just want everyone to know a 16 year old or older\younger remmember there is no place like home

  • The Lunex
    The Lunex 17 days ago


  • Vivien123jun
    Vivien123jun 18 days ago

    When I see u lanjiao, I know I’m home ❤️

  • Feliks Tushe
    Feliks Tushe 19 days ago

    how good it was "riptide" ... a fleeting song, and it's sad

  • Jente Oosterhaven
    Jente Oosterhaven 20 days ago +2

    nailed it.

  • HillyTV
    HillyTV 21 day ago

    Vance definitely needs more attention in the music industry

  • AnnaBanana2023
    AnnaBanana2023 21 day ago


  • seasonofthewitch
    seasonofthewitch 21 day ago

    I love you guys

  • irem naz
    irem naz 21 day ago

    Benim için o kadar anlamlısın ki...

  • FN2 Gp1
    FN2 Gp1 22 days ago

    New fav song🔥🔥

  • Sweet Pea
    Sweet Pea 23 days ago

    Who is Vance Joy?

  • richy man done coc and more brah

    good song love it me and my dad are obsessed keep it up👍👍👍👍👍

  • Ang Li
    Ang Li 25 days ago

    I will find those who disliked... 😡

  • Nick keci
    Nick keci 26 days ago

    One of my best songs. ❤️

  • Heather Ralston
    Heather Ralston 28 days ago

    Whatever weirdos disliked this yous are going to hell

  • Auz PlayZ
    Auz PlayZ 29 days ago

    Was this in a tv show or movie?

  • Adam Redmayne
    Adam Redmayne 29 days ago

    Well the video was slightly depressing, i really was hoping for a happy ending.

  • Pietra Perondi Sater
    Pietra Perondi Sater 29 days ago

    I'm so destroyed

  • ed enter
    ed enter Month ago

    horrible excuse for music

  • Kawa Kawa
    Kawa Kawa Month ago

    I keep hearing it on the telly. Great song.

  • K4neki Ken
    K4neki Ken Month ago

    he is as good as ed sheeran. his songs are good to listen. they are like honey for your ear

  • KKuuda
    KKuuda Month ago


  • Ngoiden Sal
    Ngoiden Sal Month ago

    fucking man

  • David Thomson
    David Thomson Month ago

    Only discovered Vance Joy just over a year ago on a Spotify play list suggested for me. Been hooked since and loving his albums. Would really love to hear him do a Crowded House cover like Fall At Your Feet. That would be awesome!

  • Akshay Joshi
    Akshay Joshi Month ago

    Dude !! Amazing & Thank You !! :)

  • dylan da boi
    dylan da boi Month ago

    bloody nice song nice vance like if your going to his concert in september at rod laver in melbourne

  • Lucia Aurora Petrescu

    but can we talk about how beautiful this video is

  • callum napoli
    callum napoli Month ago

    love it

  • Russian Hacker
    Russian Hacker Month ago

    Not only is the music soothing but so is this amazing video. The dance may he slow and sad but it also happy and full of so much meaning like our lives. Our heart our souls and the people around us are our homes.

  • Emillio Cubillo
    Emillio Cubillo Month ago

    Love your music!!!! 😍❤

  • TeCool Mage
    TeCool Mage Month ago

    Is this how they do yoga in the west

  • TheDecisiveSloth
    TheDecisiveSloth Month ago +1

    His most underrated song

  • Sebastian Bush
    Sebastian Bush Month ago

    This song has such an emotional aspect to it but can also be incredibly loud and fun!

  • Kyle Plays
    Kyle Plays Month ago

    You are the best

  • Shunsuke Otosaka
    Shunsuke Otosaka Month ago


  • Clara Hellinger
    Clara Hellinger Month ago

    I was at his concert in Munich yesterday and I LOVED IT ! he is amazing, my fav artist. his music makes me so happy

  • Rainammi
    Rainammi Month ago

    love love love

  • Bob Brown
    Bob Brown Month ago

    i love it how i have to turn it up \M/

  • Harvey Mackinnon
    Harvey Mackinnon Month ago

    Can’t stop listening to this music video

  • India Letizia
    India Letizia Month ago

    It gives goosebumps! I love I love I love it!

  • narlacat68
    narlacat68 Month ago

    love this so much

  • Sarah Gardenvalley
    Sarah Gardenvalley Month ago


  • Emily Valentine
    Emily Valentine Month ago

    but what if you dont have that special person? what if you cant find home?

  • Thais de Souza
    Thais de Souza Month ago

    Muito amorzinho ♥♥♥

  • the famous bunch
    the famous bunch Month ago

    yesss vance!

  • Kasey Sippel
    Kasey Sippel Month ago

    When i see your light shine, I know I'm home.. So many memories flood in best part 😍

  • Ashline Peter
    Ashline Peter Month ago

    So much love!!!! 💖💖💖

  • Ayush Shiwakoti
    Ayush Shiwakoti Month ago

    Luv this song

  • Tama Makiiti
    Tama Makiiti Month ago

    eeww. old ppl

  • burgergaming
    burgergaming Month ago

    Your videos and songs are so good that you will soon be the best rockstar. Great voice!

  • Mathipro16
    Mathipro16 Month ago

    Vance Joy makes every day a great day! Loving this!

  • Kayla Menzies
    Kayla Menzies Month ago


  • Sky walker
    Sky walker Month ago

    a song to stay forever even after you me everyone has long gone. Awesome ❤️👍

  • Roblox Games on pc by Archie Oliver

    I love you Vance joy

  • Alexandria Brangwin
    Alexandria Brangwin Month ago +1

    Okay can Australian radio stations stop playing this every hour?
    I swear we're up to "Call Me Maybe" levels.

  • z anthony
    z anthony Month ago

    the GILF sure is horny

  • janita abra
    janita abra Month ago

    LOVE Vance Jones and his music

  • Cat
    Cat Month ago +8

    Vance Joy forever killing the game

  • T !
    T ! Month ago

    Not a fan of most music today, but this guy!!! Love his music

  • Roland Troxler
    Roland Troxler Month ago

    Beautiful song

  • Kevin Hu
    Kevin Hu Month ago


  • Yuri Melo Leal
    Yuri Melo Leal Month ago

    What a beautiful song, man! The world needs to hear this amazing thing!

  • Sofia rayen Benchater

    Looks like an algerian song called aicha 😍

  • Jay Chetty
    Jay Chetty Month ago

    my daughter introduced me to you music. 16 years and she loves it.

  • Jay Chetty
    Jay Chetty Month ago +1

    Awesome. I think you should be a top seller., Awesome voice

  • Arpacores
    Arpacores Month ago

    This is gold ❤️

  • Kya Furlong
    Kya Furlong Month ago

    Is it just me or at the chorus does he sound like Kermit the frog
    but also I love this song

  • Nicole Grigsby
    Nicole Grigsby Month ago

    So many emotions T.T

  • Julie Norgrove
    Julie Norgrove Month ago

    'I Love this song'

  • JD
    JD Month ago

    God I hate this song with a passion, triple J playing it more frequently then the normal stations are which is a first

  • Maiara Oliveira
    Maiara Oliveira Month ago

    My dreams would come true if you come to Porto Alegre, Brazil! I’d be so glad if only one time in my life I could listen to your concert ♥️

  • Sir Teddy Fortesque

    When I see ya light-chan

  • Hudson Holdich
    Hudson Holdich Month ago

    who else is here after the album?

  • Stephanie Pascalita

    My chinese ears hear 'When I see lapchiong I know I'm home'

  • LollyDolly Pop
    LollyDolly Pop Month ago

    I have watched this like 1000 times

  • Katherine Ajamie
    Katherine Ajamie Month ago

    Amazing ❤️

  • Meltem Nil Sangar
    Meltem Nil Sangar Month ago

    Again amazing!!!!

  • Ismael Gonzalez
    Ismael Gonzalez Month ago

    Now this is the only music I hea

  • chroesus714 chroesus714

    I love the music and harmonies ...the are a little love poem. Very nice.

  • Million Play
    Million Play Month ago

    Hello From Ukraine🌇