Anderson Cooper’s tribute to his friend Anthony Bourdain

  • Published on Jun 9, 2018
  • In death, as in life, Anthony Bourdain brought us closer together.
    On his award-winning series, "Parts Unknown," Bourdain brought the world home to CNN viewers. Through the simple act of sharing meals, he showcased both the extraordinary diversity of cultures and cuisines, yet how much we all have in common.
    Tragically, he proved this again on Friday. Bourdain's death shook television viewers around the world. The most common sentiment: "I feel like I've lost a friend."

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  • Lumpy Space Princess
    Lumpy Space Princess 5 hours ago

    Still in tears

  • Andrew Thompson
    Andrew Thompson 7 hours ago

    Just found out. Stunned.
    Ill miss you rockstar. Rest in fine glory pal.

  • R J
    R J 8 hours ago

    It's funny how many people connected to the clintons hang themselves on doorknobs!
    Why didn't he use a closet, balcony or chandler???
    Just so odd that only people with ties to Clinton hang themselves from doorknobs!

  • John Hart
    John Hart 9 hours ago

    awww so sad Anderson, your friend ?? ya right .. you're just another fag to him pal .... loser

  • frank anderson
    frank anderson 9 hours ago

    An excellent tribute, thank you Anderson..

  • Bugsy Freebury
    Bugsy Freebury 10 hours ago

    What he did was selfish, there are people who would love to see the world but just too poor. People who are also starving, but he gets to go and do what ever he wants, but ended his life because he can't handle what ever was getting to him.

  • J Code
    J Code 10 hours ago

    I am sorry you thought this was the only way out. I am sorry for you daughter.

    MrREDWOOD6 15 hours ago

    the talking oboma butt plug

    MANU SARATH 18 hours ago


  • WolfmansCavemansNews

    Anderson Pooper knew Anthony Bourdain was taken out because he was going to expose the pedophilia trash that works for CNN and their satanic cult. But Pooper will praise him because he is the same perverted person Anthony was and tried to expose.

  • gas hegone
    gas hegone Day ago

    To bad you missed Trump meeting KIM JUNG! I guess all the winning was killing ya!

  • jolante osinski
    jolante osinski Day ago

    ich libe im so sehr ,

  • Bảo Nguyễn
    Bảo Nguyễn Day ago

    Rest In Peace a Brother of Vietnam. We miss you

  • Alexis Gordon
    Alexis Gordon Day ago

    He prob has seen alot of sad poverty around the world, that's gotta take its toll on a empathetic heart 💎🖤❤💫🐾

  • Etta James
    Etta James Day ago

    I find anderson cooper so cold and impersonal. Just sort of insincere. I think his attitude towards Kathy Griffin. Bad friend.

  • malthus101
    malthus101 Day ago

    Nice puff piece.
    So despite having an 11-year old daughter... he still killed himself. What an utterly selfish prick. He shacked up with a tattooed slut who French kisses dogs on stage and happily shows her cunt off for the world to see and then she cheats on him with a hotter younger dude. Nice slut.
    Oh, and Anthony is a Jew who wants to rid the world of ethnic diversity especially and above all else, white people.

  • 19dec1981
    19dec1981 Day ago

    "hit the bong with Blitzer"
    God i miss you Tony.

  • mc pedigo
    mc pedigo 2 days ago

    Culpability will never be owned by pussies such as you little prick. You knew his drug experience ANDERSON.. REPORT THAT. CFR? He knew everything u FK.

  • Ada Bellana7
    Ada Bellana7 2 days ago

    It was murder. he was exposing the industry on Twitter ... I talk about the rituals on the set of the friends series and how they shouted viva satan. Hillary exposed a peak before and his girlfriend expressed that there were more abusers in Hollywood who knew who they were and then allegedly appears by dead suicide? this is a staging

  • Nomadographer
    Nomadographer 2 days ago

    He was such an inspiration. I started traveling after watching his videos. He was the best inspiring man ever. Thanks for changing my life :(

  • Sandy Mckenzie
    Sandy Mckenzie 2 days ago


  • Luke Mathews
    Luke Mathews 2 days ago

    I took a walk through this beautiful world...I felt the cool rain on my shoulder....I found something good in this beautiful world...I felt the rain getting colder shalalalalalaa shalalalalalala

  • Mary K. Ivanetich, B.S.

    Announcement: "Parts Unknown", a CNN series of award-winning quality by Anthony Bourdain deserves the attention of our drug cartel partners in Mexico and Southeast Asia. We want you "Drug Cartel" dealers to stop scaring the people and start doing good deeds such as improving the situations throughout all the areas in the Anthony Bourdain Territory, improve the urban and civic conditions and working conditions with smiles on your nasty rich faces and checks in the hands of the Public Works departments to make those improvements. I will not tolerate one more threat to safety in the "Anthony Bourdain Territory globally. Sincerely, M.K.I. Legal Assistant to the Dukes of Russia.

  • Mary K. Ivanetich, B.S.

    IN HONOR AND HEMORY OF Mr. Anthony Bourdain called by his friends "Tony": I suggest a "splash" as big as he dared to make in the global media world. Let's keep his legacy of great travel and "unusual recipes" alive! He has recorded for us all the interesting roads and restaurants we would never have a chance to see or know. What can we his followers and viewers and friends add to this great legacy? He told us how a little bit of drug using ruined his life for a short time. As a legal assistant, I am requesting amnesty for all such drug users a Anthony Bourdain inside and outside the U.S.A. to get this economic sector now named "The Anthony Bourdain Territory" of the economy back on its feet. This legacy will wander in and out of all the countries he visited with improvements in urban and suburban conditions, electricity, sanitation and working conditions. I have added Anthony's legacy to my project to upgrade the 43 castles of Ivan, the Great and all the Dukes of Russia. Yes, Mr. Anthony Bourdain has upgraded the status of the "Human Condition" with his stories, travels and daring lifestyle. from M.K.I. Legal Assistant to Judge Gregg Wheatland and Howard Harpham JJD

    • Mary K. Ivanetich, B.S.
      Mary K. Ivanetich, B.S. 2 days ago

      Great Ideas! Let's get Anderson Cooper to join us in this "SPLASH" in the global Media. from M.K.I. Legal Assistant to Judge Gregg Wheatland et al

  • showbizonastick
    showbizonastick 2 days ago +1

    Anthony Bourdain was a genocidal piece of shit. Fuck this guy and lets hope fate visits Anderson cooper in the same manner.

  • cothan VN
    cothan VN 2 days ago

    This death proves that a person can travel around the world, eating poor people food, talk to Obama, tried heroin, fighting for immigrants like CNN and still cannot find true happiness. He probably looks in the mirror and feels sad that his new girlfriend wants a younger man. He still could not find that so many kinds of wonderful fruits, flowers, animals are the reasons to hang on to dear life for as long as possible. I came to the USA from Vietnam and I truly hate any kind of communism including Obumernism of Crooked News Network or the globalist that Anthony wants to be just like Kaepernick of the thuggy NFL athletes. Trump turns out to be a true leader who can turn Kim into a friend, gives me a 71,000 dollars profit in my 401K and stop the NFL thugs from kneeling. Do not believe in Obumernism of Crooked New Network who want to promote Islam, black thugs like Kaepernick or BLM. Now my wish is to see Kaepernick doing the same thing so the world can have 1 less a hole,. Any moron who calls me stupid does not know that I am now a millionaire who can certainly know how to use my money at least for a good massage instead of throwing it all away just because he turned 61 and look like shit. It is truly hilarious or sad to listen to CNN+MSNBC bashing Trump every single day while he is winning. Rest in peace Hillary soldier or the DEMONcRATS.

  • Joanie Adams
    Joanie Adams 2 days ago

    Anthony! I am so pissed at you! I can't believe you of all guys would exit in this manner instead of maybe choking on some pretentious meal you were having in some exotic locale. We loved you. You seemed like such a cool guy. Now the world is that much less. Why the hell did you have to do this?

  • This is bat country
    This is bat country 2 days ago

    R.I.P 😢

  • og 420
    og 420 2 days ago

    His wife or girlfriend is a heavy devil worshiper

  • Diogenes26
    Diogenes26 2 days ago

    "irons and the unbreathable air of this world strip us of everything except the freedom to kill ourselves; and this freedom grants us a strength and pride to triumph over the loads which overwhelm us." (e.m. cioran)

  • Gvozden Zmajic
    Gvozden Zmajic 2 days ago

    both beta males. got what u deserve

  • Scats Scats
    Scats Scats 2 days ago

    I hope all these liberal keep hanging themselves. That scumbag hated whites and he was white. A bunch of sick fucks. Hey copper hang yourself please

  • Factory
    Factory 2 days ago

    Anthony is Now on the Ultimate Journey to a Destination Unknown.....I'm sure he will be making them Laugh or Cry but most of all he will I'm sure be making New Friends .....RIP.......

  • jnorth1000
    jnorth1000 3 days ago

    I thank God he is dead. There is now one less douchebag in the world.

  • H00DW1NKのー
    H00DW1NKのー 3 days ago

    Bourdain was a raging alcoholic that disguised his daily drinking sessions by pairing his booze with little food adventures. The booze was what he really wanted. The food was just a pretense. When alcoholics say "let's have dinner" they mean "I want to get drunk but doing it alone and without food is pathetic, so come with me."

  • Levon Vanian
    Levon Vanian 3 days ago

    ochen' zhalko, ochen,..

  • Lisa N
    Lisa N 3 days ago

    My heart is heavy in knowing that despite the joy he brought to each of us, he left us in so much sadness and pain. Rest in peace, wise one!

  • TurquoiseFilms
    TurquoiseFilms 3 days ago


  • annainaspen
    annainaspen 3 days ago

    RIP Anthony. It’s been more than a week since he passed but I still tear up when I watch stuff like this.
    Because of him in Florence I tried Tripe. It was awful but I also did not like it. I would have never even tried it though if it wasn’t for Anthony. He will be missed by thousands but I feel so sorry for his daughter. 😢

  • brian belton
    brian belton 3 days ago

    Nice words, Anderson. For a welcome change, it was not Bias/fiction/ political commentary.. . . RIP AB

  • Giovanni Artavia
    Giovanni Artavia 3 days ago

    Thank you for this Anderson, Anthony was such an inspiration for me personally and i know my life would've been as rich without his sense of adventure for food and life.

  • Drak preepers
    Drak preepers 3 days ago

    Un saludo a todos los hispanohablantes que lean este mensaje.

  • Berlona Mberi-tsimba

    Why he kill himself?

  • aLLsTaRo617o
    aLLsTaRo617o 3 days ago +1


  • Richard Batsbak
    Richard Batsbak 3 days ago

    its a bit strange, this year a what mental ill friend of mine asked me to go on a holiday in Marseille . I told him i watched anthony show and that is why i did not want to go because it's kind of deadly. My friend told me he never heard about Anthony, because he was not interested in internet cooks, i told him he was not an internet cookie .

  • Colleen Welch
    Colleen Welch 3 days ago

    How could he do that to his daughter!!!

  • Andrew Adricatico
    Andrew Adricatico 3 days ago

    Cooper is a nazi

  • Andrew Adricatico
    Andrew Adricatico 3 days ago

    Cooper is a nazi

  • Andrew Adricatico
    Andrew Adricatico 3 days ago

    Cooper is a nazi

  • Blank Spott
    Blank Spott 3 days ago +1

    Did you suck his dick, Anderson, you worthless faggot?

  • Orange Blood
    Orange Blood 3 days ago

    Its so interesting watching the psychopath Anderson CooPer pretend that he feels emotions.This truly is a lesson in psycology for everyone to see. Watch as Anderson preys on you the viewer aka host. Gotta love that psychopaths ego it gives him the strength to pretend he has feelings. This is just incredible to watch. Bravo Psychopath Anderson Cooper Bravo.

  • Michael Lee
    Michael Lee 3 days ago

    I will miss his wit, dry humor on people and the way they see others. Tony Bourdain is as always, NO reservations' are needed.

  • Zarock
    Zarock 3 days ago +1

    Cooper is such a pathetic douche.

  • Debra Thompson
    Debra Thompson 3 days ago

    Eating all the crazy food didn't help 😝😝😝😝😝

  • Debra Thompson
    Debra Thompson 3 days ago

    He may have been sick and didn't tell anyone 🙏🙏🙏 you never know what a person has going on deep down !!!!!!

  • Cindy Acosta
    Cindy Acosta 3 days ago

    It has taken me several days to be able to comment on this tragic loss. I still have not been able to completely absorb the sheer enormity of this. I have closely watched his trajectory into super-stardom. His humility, open mindedness and bravura made him a champion among men. His openness about his own darkness and ugliness put him on an ordinary plane-he was one of us. He was us. His adventures, his love of food and people opened this world to me and made me accept different cultures and culinary offerings. He has certainly left an indelible mark on my heart and I am completely devastated at his passing. My heart is broken and won’t likely be the same ever again. My heart goes out to his family. I will miss you my dear friend. See you on the other side.💔💔💔💔💔💔

  • The Yonko
    The Yonko 3 days ago

    Anderson Cooper doesn't have feelings he's a reptile

  • PTM45 smi
    PTM45 smi 3 days ago

    I think there's something more than suicide...

  • Denise Blanchard
    Denise Blanchard 3 days ago

    aaaaaaaaaa@aaaaaaaaaaLaa aqq

  • Megnash Nash
    Megnash Nash 4 days ago

    Oh my loved all his shows....!!!! RIP Anthony Boudain

  • tatestudios510
    tatestudios510 4 days ago

    The question to ask is why is he dead

  • Michael Merrick
    Michael Merrick 4 days ago

    i wonder who the new girlfriend was - and whether she used him......and became the final straw....

  • Philip Williams
    Philip Williams 4 days ago


  • Buckleberry Ferry
    Buckleberry Ferry 4 days ago

    "...or hitting a bong with Blitzer..." We lost a great treasure. RIP.

  • RobLikesToPoundBeers


  • Darcy Swanson
    Darcy Swanson 4 days ago

    Love bourdain. He waaaaay over worked himself. Been there.

  • Chunky Douchebag
    Chunky Douchebag 4 days ago

    A celebrity kills himself. Woopty fucking doo.

  • Rykano
    Rykano 4 days ago

    "What good is it if a man gains the whole world but loses his soul" - Jesus. People don't kill themselves because they are sad. They kill themselves for lack of hope. Put your hope in Jesus and you will live eternal.

  • bigdaddylew215
    bigdaddylew215 4 days ago


  • Daniel 2018
    Daniel 2018 4 days ago

    Like George Carlin used to said one million people died in America by suicide every year. "Jump for Jesus." What a Country indeed. R.I.P Anthony Bourdain.

  • Ralph Louis Mendoza
    Ralph Louis Mendoza 4 days ago

    over liquord , over feed , over travelled , over paid...
    thats my next life.
    RIP Tony.

  • Los Pollos Hermanos
    Los Pollos Hermanos 4 days ago


  • Peace&Love OR ShutUp

    Ppl just don't understand depression, and it's too shameful to get help especially for someone as famous as him. I don't agree with the warning signs, I suffer from server depression, attempted suicide an was dead for 17 seconds with tubes In my throat an unconscious for 4 days but I put on a show that I'm the happiest girl in the world and that's how most see me. Please don't flood me with comments cause I'm doing better and have been in therapy a while now. I say this cause the warning signs are not always true, those who show to be overly happy is also a sign, look at all the comedians who suffer depression. The best to all who deal with this an RIP dear Anthony

  • Bete Noire
    Bete Noire 4 days ago

    I watched one episode of "Parts Unknown" recently, and that was enough for me, although I couldn't help but see what a likable guy he was. I rapidly came to the conclusion that I could never do what he did so well. It was the segment on Myanmar, with him dining with a local at some hole-in-the-wall tea shop/restaurant. All I could think about was that not a single one of the cooks and kitchen workers had ever seen a roll of toilet paper or a bar of soap.

  • philosophergenius
    philosophergenius 4 days ago

    If Obama had a cook...

  • Joey Arace
    Joey Arace 4 days ago

    Rest in paradise chef!!!

  • logice350
    logice350 4 days ago

    Anytime a liberal kills themselves America becomes a slightly better place

  • logice350
    logice350 4 days ago

    So happy Anthony bourdain is dead . I wonder who cleaned up the shit underneath his body when they found him hanging there.

  • Tree Stump
    Tree Stump 4 days ago

    I’m not a huge fan of CNN, but damn Cooper is dope and I’m sad to see Bourdain go

  • Chris H.
    Chris H. 4 days ago

    imo, when 1st saw his show no reservations i enjoyed it more than other shows simply because he not only incorporated food but it was abt the travel in itself, the alcoholic beverages & of course the people and cultures that he was introduced to. very down to earth and real. RIP Anthony Bourdain

  • Trace Y
    Trace Y 4 days ago

    if i traveled the entire world i would kill myself too, he was just done with the world, he's ready to travel the universe, i feel he knew that was his next level, there is no doubt in my mind that he heard a voice from far away that told him to kill himself, but i dont' think he hung himself, i think he decided to overdose on heroine one last time and had his whole "hanging" death faked...he had the money to make it all happen

  • fresh5001
    fresh5001 4 days ago

    So very sad. I had the biggest crush on him 😢. RIP Anthony 🙏🏽😘

  • Jeffrey Chin
    Jeffrey Chin 4 days ago


  • Diandra M
    Diandra M 4 days ago

    Anderson, even tho I think you are the biggest [pasty ass] douche EVER, for throwing Kathy under the bus... you slightly get a pass for this! Anthony was one of my heros. His life seems almost perfect and enviable... You really just never know. Well, you could apologize to Kathy and make things right Anderson... 🤔

  • Christina BlackFeather

    This made me cry.

  • Chris Neave
    Chris Neave 4 days ago

    Well Done Anderson. That must have been very, very hard.

  • exeuroweenie
    exeuroweenie 4 days ago

    Anderson Cooper seems genuine,unlike so many celebrities.And Anthony Bourdain,rest his soul,spoke for himself.

  • Melissa A
    Melissa A 4 days ago

    Thanks Anderson you two are some of my favorite TV people.I am really going to miss watching Anthony. I loved his show.very interesting about other countries. many very beautiful. If I had the money I would like to travel to them.Anthony you had the beautiful life that many of us could only dream of.r.I.p.young man.Gone to soon.Melissa A.june2018

  • ron citizen
    ron citizen 4 days ago +2

    I just hope the next celebrity who offs herself is Kathy griffin would be pretty cool lol...maybe she can join joyce

  • Dr Sophie Henshaw
    Dr Sophie Henshaw 4 days ago

    Days afterwards, his death continues to haunt me. He was one incredible soul the world didn't need to lose. Wherever you are, Anthony, I hope your heaven is filled with mystery meats in tube form.

  • Ser Frazier
    Ser Frazier 5 days ago

    Women are evil. They don't care if they destroy someone's life

  • Mr Wizzykin
    Mr Wizzykin 5 days ago

    I'd heard his name before - but I'd never seen anything he'd done. I don't really watch a lot of TV or find much of it interesting; I generally have better things to do with my time.
    However, I've been watching some videos of his shows, and I'm not usually one to give a rat's fuck about celebrities, but the world lost a tremendously interesting and inspiring person in him. I just finished watching a show he did on Armenia, and you know this wasn't a persona, but that he was a caring, thoughtful person who wanted to hear other people's stories and to share those stories with the world. This was the kind of person who brought other people's stories out with great enthusiasm and not just to make a television show, but because you could tell that he enjoyed listening to their view on the world and what they had to offer. Obviously deeply flawed, but still just a wonderful person at heart. It's too bad this had to happen. I've been enjoying watching various interviews and shows during the night and I'm going to keep going tomorrow.

  • g Bush
    g Bush 5 days ago

    A faggot mourning a faggot

  • Dna Childs
    Dna Childs 5 days ago

    CNN....kill your self

  • Loyalty1269
    Loyalty1269 5 days ago

    I’m sad

  • Cable Vamp
    Cable Vamp 5 days ago

    He was seriously a nice dude. I still can’t help but sob.

  • michael getachew
    michael getachew 5 days ago


  • _Something_
    _Something_ 5 days ago

    Rip Mr. Bourdain. He loved the Filipinos. And the Filipinos love him ✌️

  • A G
    A G 5 days ago

    I miss him so much