North African Cuisine Leaves Gordon Amazed | Ramsay's Best Restaurant

  • Published on Oct 6, 2019
  • Gordon Ramsay places two well respected North African restaurants against each other where traditional takes on modern cuisine.
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  • jojo 123
    jojo 123 3 days ago

    I'm glad that the algerian chef wins the competition, his dish was so authentic and looked flavourfull !

    • jojo 123
      jojo 123 3 days ago

      @P1aZzma eeeeeh 😝😂 any problem with this 😌?

    • P1aZzma
      P1aZzma 3 days ago

      Tahti khsheena

  • Chad Christopher
    Chad Christopher 3 days ago

    8 mins in...
    So here's a couple white dudes cooking African food in England,
    with a primarily white staff,
    not properly attending to the singular table of African-British customers.

    • Ubon
      Ubon 2 days ago

      Chad Christopher you seem to be lacking in culture my friend, north africa is mostly populated with whites, so i do not see what's strange here

  • saadamiens
    saadamiens 4 days ago


  • Kevin /RDT Ramos
    Kevin /RDT Ramos 4 days ago

    Its like what i expect to see from soma soon like in the past

  • Chief Seattle
    Chief Seattle 5 days ago

    I kill you guys if you don’t do it properly, that’s Algerian warrior spirit

  • Just a sec
    Just a sec 6 days ago +1

    That tangine sauce was calling me like Precious to Golum..

  • elmaamoune Gouasmia
    elmaamoune Gouasmia 7 days ago

    Algeria .marocco .tunisia.libya .egypt ...north Africa ....👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Alex Shepherd
    Alex Shepherd 8 days ago +1

    If you change your mind and ask for a different dish once it's already cooked then you're a terrible customer. You are costing the restaurant money in wasted ingredients just because you didn't take time to decide before ordering

  • laurence hooker
    laurence hooker 9 days ago

    Why cant it just be African cuisine? North an south is nothing but Africa.

  • 0x0
    0x0 11 days ago

    I've noticed a pattern in these old die hard chefs where they refuse to allow anyone do anything in their kitchen and try to fight it all themselves

  • meyer gaelle
    meyer gaelle 11 days ago

    True Moroccan food is really delicious 👌 👍

  • Silvivi Zhang
    Silvivi Zhang 13 days ago +1

    I feel like the second restaurant already knew about the second testing and was prepared for it. I mean, just look at their happy faces. Plus the guy who greeted the food critic looked directly into the camera twice before leading the critic to her table. Something seems off...

  • Talal Kuzbari
    Talal Kuzbari 13 days ago +1

    I loooove Gordon in this video. He was so positively building both teams. Used the F word only once!!!!! That's an achievement for you Gordon 🤗👏👏🤝 well done

  • Titu Leb
    Titu Leb 15 days ago

    The king of North African food is the Algerian cuisine .. Moroccan and Tunisian are very poor compare to the United state of Algeria .. different dishes wherever you go :) ..

  • Sophia Miaow
    Sophia Miaow 16 days ago +1

    In terms of changing a dish, I COMPLETELY disagree with Gordon. This is a small family business we are talking about, not a prestigious Michelin star restaurant. If it has been prepared, it has been prepared and tough, you knew what you were ordering stupid cow! The restaurant cannot afford to offer that type of service of change your mind whenever you please. I have worked in a gastro pub restaurant as a waitress and believe me, the minute you start putting stupid ideas of 'paying customer rights' in the British public's head you will be out of business in no time.

  • May Burk
    May Burk 16 days ago

    Worst decision

  • Miranda Ley
    Miranda Ley 17 days ago

    "you cook almost every day and its a passion and not a job for you"
    "yes it is"
    "whats the secret be hind the success of your food?"
    "my wife, chris. I dont know what to do without her tbh shes very very good support and she believes in what i do. And for that, I love you more."


  • Mobius Fugue
    Mobius Fugue 17 days ago

    "He's your Toy Boy look after him". Lol, brutal.

  • Quincy Jones
    Quincy Jones 17 days ago +3

    I wonder if RAmsays restaurants can handle 30 tables coming in and ordering at once.

  • Vincent Su
    Vincent Su 17 days ago

    What came here because it said "Gordon Amazed"... nothing ever amazes Gordon Ramsay haha

  • hbert06
    hbert06 17 days ago +1

    I am sure some of his "secret guests" would have a much better experience if they only weren't treating the stuff like their personal slaves... Way to arrogant. I really don't care how big of a "prominent critic" someone is if he is an asshole.

  • Bobby Rogue
    Bobby Rogue 18 days ago +4

    “Too much sauce “...then don’t eat the sauce

  • Ryan Wehr
    Ryan Wehr 18 days ago

    I don think I've ever heard Gordon say " well done" so many times. its nice to see him in GOOD established restaurants, and not nightmares

  • dis like
    dis like 18 days ago

    Thank you Azou! You made Algeria proud😃😃😃😃😃

  • Semper Fortis
    Semper Fortis 18 days ago

    Mrouzia 'lamb shank' is a Moroccan dish

  • me84314
    me84314 18 days ago

    Criss is cooking master mind chef and the Guy is a genious. End of bulshitting of mischelin professionals.....natural talent

  • Thomas Walsh
    Thomas Walsh 18 days ago

    this is a zooo!!!!!!! 2nd restaurant i thought that was a bit harsh!!!

  • boudj ayouni
    boudj ayouni 19 days ago

    Authentic berber, Algeria of course, AZOU you're amazing, lovely and funny.

    • boudj ayouni
      boudj ayouni 2 days ago

      @Ubon 😉👍

    • Ubon
      Ubon 2 days ago

      boudj ayouni I do not disagree with that

    • boudj ayouni
      boudj ayouni 2 days ago

      @Ubon yeah that's not wrong ! But the Couscous one is authentic Berber, and i was mostly referring to that.

    • Ubon
      Ubon 2 days ago

      boudj ayouni Algerian cuisine is not just berber but have a lot of Carthaginian, Byzantine, Arab, Spanish, Ottoman, and jews influences

  • Omar Sade
    Omar Sade 20 days ago

    Dunno about anyone else, but i came pretty close to sniffing my telly once that Tagine came out.

  • B Khalifa
    B Khalifa 20 days ago

    So who won the whole show?

  • Torsten Reise
    Torsten Reise 20 days ago

    Revenous Diners? REALY?? MUHAHAHA

  • Cory
    Cory 20 days ago

    Fuck now in craving Moroccan/Algerian food

  • James clark
    James clark 21 day ago


  • Sneha Bissonauth
    Sneha Bissonauth 24 days ago

    The second chef is incred. Sick guy

  • slimsalamander
    slimsalamander 25 days ago +1

    I like this video at first, but quickly learned to hate it instead lol. Slams restaurants with 30 customers. Picks them apart. Sends in undercover ppl. One place gets a dude who's "in a rush" and wants all of his stuff out asap, yet keeps requesting more and more. Other place gets a girl who changes her order 5 minutes after she ordered it, then wants another one bc she thought one was too spicy. So they are just expected to deal with pissy ppl and throwing so much food away? This is why I can't work in food, customers get away with tooooo much.

  • PurpleV2
    PurpleV2 26 days ago

    I wish the law could be more strict towards the customers in businesses with consumable goods, especially in the gastronomy business. A customer pays for everything behind the work for a product. From cooking to service. A customer is not the king, but we are equal to the vendor. That's the whole point of a trade. It's time to get rid of this middle-age hierarchy in restaurants.

  • Tunis tunes Tunes
    Tunis tunes Tunes 28 days ago

    My restaurant in Tunis is better

    My restaurant in Tunis is better

  • Kito daily life
    Kito daily life 29 days ago


  • Fay Andrey
    Fay Andrey 29 days ago

    I know momo’s restaurant, Momo the owner is an Algerian, well done to azoun his food looks succulent, I will try to go to his restaurant one day 👍🏻

  • Pierre Russell
    Pierre Russell Month ago

    Sorry Gordon but, why don't you just fuckin cook and leave these stupid shows for amateur? ;)

  • Fouzia & Saida السعد والفوز Tv

    Say Morrocan instead of North African please

  • Robert Davis
    Robert Davis Month ago

    Who gives a fuck about your diners. Plus your food also sucks ass. I've ate at one of your restaurants. The burger tasted like fucking pug slop.

  • ElectraViolet
    ElectraViolet Month ago

    Gordon Ramsey cannot stop moving lmao

  • The Ingredient Rapper

    Momo 😱

  • Unknown King
    Unknown King Month ago

    Haha that face tho 30:02

  • Unknown King
    Unknown King Month ago

    Azu starts breaking the metal bars

    KEANO REEVES Month ago

    is that trevor nelson?

    KEANO REEVES Month ago

    is that trevor nelson?

  • cautionTosser
    cautionTosser Month ago

    wtf? I'm tearing up over a stupid cooking show? *hands in man card

    what would've been interesting to see is each chef tasting the other's dishes, and then hearing their thoughts.

  • Jason Cameron
    Jason Cameron Month ago

    43:48 the “modern” meal looks like an appetizer compared to the traditional one

  • eieio59901
    eieio59901 Month ago

    My new goal is to go to chef ramseys restaurant and change my mind after 4 mins

  • eieio59901
    eieio59901 Month ago

    Many years ago when i waited tables we were not allowed to write anything down on a ticket at the table .....that was class Gordon knows nothing about

  • David Watson
    David Watson Month ago +1

    Fuck that, aint nobody got the right to change their dish after ordering unless its pretty much straight away, its a small privately owned family business, they are well within their rights to refuse that you sit there and waste their food....sure by all means order something else, but cmon Gordon thats not flexibility its stupidity you posh twat

  • Skyboss006
    Skyboss006 Month ago

    rip sorry to hear about your will miss u....good bye

  • 5cats 2kids
    5cats 2kids Month ago

    Chef Chris is so cute and humble. 😊

  • Bluewolf
    Bluewolf Month ago

    Anybody else impressed how clean and organized that tiny itty bitty kitchen was?

  • Mohammed akthar hussain

    That algerian chef is nuts.

  • MsFlyingCake
    MsFlyingCake Month ago

    Man I just love both restaurants!

  • MsFlyingCake
    MsFlyingCake Month ago

    OMG why am I watching this during midnight when I am super hungry??

  • David Renton
    David Renton Month ago

    Two London restaurants compete to decide which best represents North African cuisine?