Julie D'Aubigny and Dueling Scars: Citation Needed 6x04

  • Published on Jun 22, 2017
  • In this episode: four men from England, talking about a woman from France. Nothing can possibly go wrong.
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  • Meesguy
    Meesguy 13 days ago

    Will’s laugh heals my soul every time I hear it

  • Entropy Zero
    Entropy Zero 18 days ago

    Everybody's talking about turning her life into a tv show and I'm just sitting here thinking "That would make a damned good story for an opera!"

  • Ronnie McMains
    Ronnie McMains 2 months ago

    Um, Chris, the Bismarck had 8 15" guns, not 6 14".

  • A miscellaneous Human
    A miscellaneous Human 2 months ago +3

    So I think what we have learnt from this episode is that
    Tom isn't French.

  • Too gay to function
    Too gay to function 2 months ago

    Notre Dame.

  • Hi Hey
    Hi Hey 3 months ago

    What an absolute bi icon

  • Blikbonen
    Blikbonen 3 months ago +5

    mfw Tom accidentally summons a demon while trying to pronounce French

  • Benjamin Geiger
    Benjamin Geiger 4 months ago

    Question from a 'Murican: "Ugly four that just reached the ropes"? What does that refer to?

  • TClaymore
    TClaymore 5 months ago

    I just love how twice in this clip, Gary's just stuck trying to process what he's hearing. Just...hands on temple, hunched over, with a sputtering "HOW CAN-?!"

  • Yürüyen Ansiklopedi
    Yürüyen Ansiklopedi 5 months ago +1

    7:14 is there a sword effect there?

  • Steven Penny
    Steven Penny 6 months ago

    it's a young Brian Blessed !

  • rashkavar
    rashkavar 7 months ago

    Y'know, both of Will's slightly absurd plans for extracting lovers from convents are significantly better plans than Julie's...

  • Tyler Furrison Tech
    Tyler Furrison Tech 7 months ago

    Call her Ambiguity and get on with it

  • Will Billion
    Will Billion 7 months ago

    So is Hagrid a new member now?

  • Adelaide Abashov
    Adelaide Abashov 7 months ago +1

    like jack churchill but better

  • Isaac Twardowski
    Isaac Twardowski 8 months ago

    Once again the wheel spins and lands on France

  • John C
    John C 8 months ago

    i really want to have a drink with the mouth from the south

  • Slaq DaCruzer
    Slaq DaCruzer 8 months ago

    That burning down the place happened in the handmaiden movie haha cool reference for the movie i never knew it was a real thing

  • Elliott Manley
    Elliott Manley 8 months ago

    Call yourself a linguist, Tom?!

  • Chronomatrix
    Chronomatrix 8 months ago

    D'Aubigny is pronounced "Dough-bi-nyee", D'Armagnac = "Dar-mu-nyak", Luynes = "Looeens", Florensac = "Fla-hun-sack"

  • Just A User
    Just A User 8 months ago +1

    Saw the Episode by Extra Credit of this story of the perfect DnD Bard. And it was funnier because I knew what was coming.

  • Vorxer
    Vorxer 8 months ago +1

    Everyone in this comment section has a terrible disease! You must all come with me!

  • AbsolX Guardian
    AbsolX Guardian 9 months ago

    For some reason this is so funny! I have no idea why. I had to pause the video at mutliple points because I was laughng so hard.

  • Fey
    Fey 9 months ago +4

    Extra Credits brought me here. Why haven't I discovered this after all these months?!

  • Christian Dinter
    Christian Dinter 9 months ago +7

    For more story, check Extra Credits... :)

    GARNET NEPTUNE 10 months ago

    Bring a Barbie doll to space

  • ntlespino
    ntlespino 10 months ago

    Missed the opportunity for Aristotle's axolotl's axle throttle

  • hotscottrulz
    hotscottrulz 10 months ago +2

    Well, this has just made me reevaluate my life - I’m seventeen, I have yet to steal a body, set fire to a convent, stab someone, duel someone, flee any cities or townships, or join the opera.

  • JonatasAdoM
    JonatasAdoM 10 months ago

    I went laughing for a good minute!

  • Jonathan Faber
    Jonathan Faber 11 months ago

    Didn't the Bismarck have 15 inch guns?

    • sirrliv
      sirrliv 9 months ago

      Yes, 8 of them.

  • Hazel Grey
    Hazel Grey 11 months ago +4

    The crazy thing is... There's still a whole bunch of stuff they skipped over.

  • Lord Dim 1
    Lord Dim 1 11 months ago

    Luynes is pronounced Luyin I believe.

  • Yonael
    Yonael Year ago

    It's pronounced "Lieu-een" btw :P

  • Teddy
    Teddy Year ago


  • Confused Dave
    Confused Dave Year ago

    Also not French, but I believe the closest rendering for a British tongue is "Dorb-in-ye".

  • Kayleigh Lehrman
    Kayleigh Lehrman Year ago

    Aristotle axolotl throttle? if it was in an Aztec language it would be a nahuatl Aristotle axolotl throttle

  • MerryShrug
    MerryShrug Year ago

    Luynes = "l-ooh-een", approximately, 'cause there's no "u" sound in English.

  • Altoclarinets
    Altoclarinets Year ago +1

    Julie sounds like a bisexual sword lady after my own heart. 😂

  • riley jenkins
    riley jenkins Year ago +1

    mouth from the south is just a budget brian blessed

  • épinards & caramel
    épinards & caramel Year ago +1

    I'm not French™

  • metropod
    metropod Year ago

    I’m part French and you’re doing way better than I ever could.

  • Emil Forslund
    Emil Forslund Year ago

    I just HATE the outro when you say that you have been someone seeing as you're still that

  • Cyar Skirata
    Cyar Skirata Year ago

    I'd like to point out the Bismarck had 15 inch guns.

    • Cyar Skirata
      Cyar Skirata Year ago

      Nillie Took me a moment. XD

    • Nillie
      Nillie Year ago

      That's a lot of tiny guns.

  • monster Frisk
    monster Frisk Year ago +1

    Will Seaward (i'm sure i'm misspelling that) has an absolutely delightful voice. Tom if you ever see him again, please tell him that at least one person on the internet adores his voice.

  • Daniel U. Thibault
    Daniel U. Thibault Year ago +1

    Julie d'Aubigny = /ʒy.li d‿o.bi.ɲi/. The last name is pronounced close to "doe-bing-ee".
    Duc de Luynes is pronounced /dyk də lɥin/, Luynes sounding a bit like "lwin" (with the "oo" part essentially removed).

  • SovietOnion
    SovietOnion Year ago +1

    The opposite would be "he gave birth to my father, prepare to be born".

  • Emma Charlotte
    Emma Charlotte Year ago +2

    its great to watch one of these knowing all of the answers, i highly recommend it.

  • Mojos Bigstick
    Mojos Bigstick Year ago

    Will Seaward - I like him.

  • Donald Sayers
    Donald Sayers Year ago

    Which cheek Pete? Upper left Dud, upper left.

  • Frank Harr
    Frank Harr Year ago

    I'm from NEW Yorkshire. Can I be a contestant?

  • друг dealer
    друг dealer Year ago

    kinda knew most of this
    but only cause julie is such a bi icon honestly

  • PuppyLuvU2
    PuppyLuvU2 Year ago

    This needs to be a movie musical or something.

  • Dain Ironhill
    Dain Ironhill Year ago

    I'm not french

  • p1rgit
    p1rgit Year ago

    Tom, you told you studied linguistics in York uni. how come you escaped without even minimal knowledge of french pronounciation? actuerly, i'm sure you jus playing fool here. pretending you do not know. sure, everybody can figure out this minimum of french pronounciation. like, ever drink champagne? so's already cue to basics. and so on.

    • p1rgit
      p1rgit Year ago

      exactly. how language works. and isn't it so that knowing multiple languages helps to understand how language works - no need to be as fluent as native speaker in every language and all, just knowing general structure and essential vocabulary is immense help. some chomsky's and his pals' theories are funny just because they based them on mostly one language. (did general linguistics exams, forgot which theories exactly... ;) nevertheless, i had impression that majoring in one language implies learning at least one language of same family - did my time on lithuanian philology and had to learn latvian there as well; learned spanish with french linguistics majors; every estonian philologist has to learn finnish (i failed miserably there)... but it is different in UK, isn't it? is it really possible to study just general linguistics and learn no languages at all? you have it easy there, then, you buggers... :)

    • Napishtim
      Napishtim Year ago +1

      Linguistics has nothing to do with knowing other languages. It's about knowing how language works.
      English people's pronunciation of originally french words tend to be incorrect in current French, too. For example, they usually pronounce "champagne" like old french "champaigne" (instead of champah-gne). I'm not sure whether it's because theyr mispronounce it or just use the old pronounciation though.

  • Danny Bhattarai
    Danny Bhattarai Year ago

    The 'butchering the French in here' bit was amazing.

  • superiorjello
    superiorjello Year ago

    Did he say "I'm your Tom Scott" at the end? Cause that's what I heard.

  • Akshay Anand
    Akshay Anand Year ago +3

    Actually, the Battleship Bismarck had 15 inch guns, not 14 inch. At that point they were the largest caliber naval guns, for a short period, until the Americans and Japanese mounted 16" rifles on their capital ships, and finally the Japanese Battleship Yamato was armed with the largest caliber naval guns ever mounted, 18.1".

  • Kayleigh Lehrman
    Kayleigh Lehrman Year ago

    More guests next season, or season after if possible!!!

  • zeero92
    zeero92 Year ago

    Nine minutes and twenty eight seconds in, and I suddenly found myself incredibly short of breath.

  • Eri Lassila
    Eri Lassila Year ago +14

    Tom might be handsome for 19th century warring Germany, but he sure as hell is handsome for 21st century Great Britain. I'd gladly scar those cheeks, if you know what I mean...

  • Seth Rotherforth
    Seth Rotherforth Year ago +1

    Please keep the Mouth from the South, Will Seaward!

  • Vincent Swart
    Vincent Swart Year ago

    So English subs broke on my end...

  • William Jarvis
    William Jarvis Year ago

    Party on, Chris

  • SassyP17
    SassyP17 Year ago


  • Adrian Guerra
    Adrian Guerra Year ago

    "Did the nuns have swords?"

  • Quick Games
    Quick Games Year ago

    I like Matt's replacement

  • Eddie Hart
    Eddie Hart Year ago

    Hit the 7 button as fast as possible

  • yriafehtivan
    yriafehtivan Year ago

    That window is giving me a Hermann grid illusion. Not a fan.

  • lanky2610
    lanky2610 Year ago +7

    I am a doctor, and everyone in the comments section has a terrible disease! Everyone must follow me immediately!
    Don't really, I don't want to be followed!

  • Joseph Bleasdale
    Joseph Bleasdale Year ago

    Luynes is pronounced "lu-een," by the way

    • Napishtim
      Napishtim Year ago

      yup tvclip.biz/video/XZh36FKhH84/video.html