Michael Ketterer: Father Of 6 Scores Golden Buzzer From Simon Cowell - America's Got Talent 2018

  • Published on Jun 6, 2018
  • The pediatric mental health nurse from East Tennessee currently resides in Orange County, CA with his wife and six kids. Watch his dreams come true as Simon Cowell gives him the golden buzzer.
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    With the talent search open to acts of all ages, "America's Got Talent" has brought the variety format back to the forefront of American culture by showcasing unique performers from across the country. The series is a true celebration of the American spirit, featuring a colorful array of singers, dancers, comedians, contortionists, impressionists, jugglers, magicians, ventriloquists and hopeful stars, all vying for their chance to win America's hearts and the $1 million prize. Follow judges Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, Mel B, Howie Mandel, and host Tyra Banks in their talent search!
    Michael Ketterer: Father Of 6 Scores Golden Buzzer From Simon Cowell - America's Got Talent 2018
    America's Got Talent
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Comments • 10 070

  • Victoria Salvador
    Victoria Salvador 3 hours ago

    He have a powerful voice, he sings with a heart. Hope you will be the grand winner.

  • Tobias Boje-Andersen
    Tobias Boje-Andersen 4 hours ago

    Can someone please tell me what the song name is
    Sry for bad English

  • world my
    world my 9 hours ago +1

    2:39 my favorite part

  • Elva Magana
    Elva Magana 11 hours ago

    My brother goes to the hospital he works at and watching this makes me cry😭❤️

  • kayla girl
    kayla girl 12 hours ago


  • Matthew Baxter
    Matthew Baxter 12 hours ago

    I was adopted when I was 14... Close call, I know. But every time I see this I bawl. The love that people who parent the parentless cannot be measured.

  • dhi ru
    dhi ru 13 hours ago

    I was like wait I saw him some where else...?
    Boom your beautiful song singer where I listened that song 5years back 😀😳 I never knew his story but it’s awesome, he deserves golden buzzer!

  • Yaamina Ahmed
    Yaamina Ahmed 15 hours ago

    When is his performance coming on again on agt? Like waiting so long and haven't seen anything from the uploads these past 3 days

  • BrickbyBrick Design Studio

    A shining example of what a little compassion love and humanity can bring when shared with others.

  • sid veniziano
    sid veniziano 19 hours ago

    God Bless this man.

  • clasina jansen
    clasina jansen 22 hours ago

    Wauwwww mooiee

  • 1carkeet
    1carkeet Day ago +1

    If you want to see the living definition of an angel then ....

  • Nikolay Nalbantov

    whats the songs name

  • Briana Cruz
    Briana Cruz Day ago

    Watching this again and realizing, one of the only acts Simon hasn’t stopped and requested a song change .

  • Jazzy T
    Jazzy T Day ago

    So was he in the recent quarter finals ?

  • Ferny Rivers
    Ferny Rivers Day ago +1

    God bless you all in Jesus Christ holy name amen repent of your sins and give your heart to Christ in his holy name amen

  • David Pietarila
    David Pietarila Day ago

    So, those boys have that measure of a man to grow into, and that will take some doing. But those girls... they are going to have to find a guy that can meet that standard, because any “guy” that is anything less is always going to be a disappointment. The question is; Can it be done? Will there be enough Real Men out there! I fear we are a dying breed.

  • Melissa Morford
    Melissa Morford Day ago

    Not only can he sing but you can see the love he has for his family. What a man. Wow

  • Oside OrNoSide
    Oside OrNoSide Day ago

    UNITED PURSUIT. LOOK IT UP!! Praying he wins!!

  • Thinkers Inbuon
    Thinkers Inbuon Day ago

    Love love Love

  • sofia balou
    sofia balou Day ago

    The name of song?

    • jac daniels
      jac daniels Day ago

      "to love somebody" by the beegee's

  • Christoph Muellner
    Christoph Muellner 2 days ago

    Oh my god he deserves this !

  • warjen2 agos2
    warjen2 agos2 2 days ago

    This is the AGT was all about a good talent plus a good heart well deserved mr.❤ im crying right now..

  • Xiaojun Wang
    Xiaojun Wang 2 days ago

    God bless him and his family.

  • Arch van samson
    Arch van samson 2 days ago

    Woooow...great voice

  • Shahmeer Khokhar
    Shahmeer Khokhar 2 days ago

    Song name?

  • championxeneixe
    championxeneixe 2 days ago

    When he will sing again?

  • Sarah Huntsman
    Sarah Huntsman 2 days ago

    i felt like crying so i came here

  • Marianna B
    Marianna B 2 days ago

    2:52 I wish the crowd was not loud lol Bc I loveee that part so good 🤣🤣

  • A Feminist Proudly
    A Feminist Proudly 2 days ago

    I’m so confused why isn’t he on the live show

  • Jennifer Patterson
    Jennifer Patterson 2 days ago

    Goosebumps every time

  • Enforcingem
    Enforcingem 2 days ago

    did he left AGT? i dont see him in live show why ?

    • AddictKaskus
      AddictKaskus 19 hours ago

      Nope, he will be there for the 2 next tuesday ! Please vote for him.

    • SLIMTV
      SLIMTV 2 days ago

      ikr i dont know why hes not there

  • dump_lings
    dump_lings 3 days ago

    getting gold from simon is winning everything

  • צריך להיות שלב ראשון

    4:20 😯😦😧😮😲😱......😂

  • Rodrigo
    Rodrigo 3 days ago

    i Hope he wins

  • bobsmithers
    bobsmithers 3 days ago +1

    4:22 aww, that's so nice and heartwarming and wholesome to see. :) brings a tear to my eye. :)

  • bobsmithers
    bobsmithers 3 days ago +3

    2:50 Wow...this guy is such a genuine and amazing person all-around, and he's so amazingly talented, he deserves to win.

    • Monique Otto
      Monique Otto Day ago

      He already won :) But yes I understand..

  • Denny De Lioncourt
    Denny De Lioncourt 3 days ago

    tbh I really wonder whose version of that to love somebody, after Simon push the buzzer button. Anyone knows? It sounds like Brian Adams'voice, isn't it? Or still it's Michael Bolton's?

  • Sophie Hamilton
    Sophie Hamilton 3 days ago

    He’s HOT

  • daphne daph
    daphne daph 3 days ago


  • Hannah Gervais
    Hannah Gervais 3 days ago +1



  • jubilee Harris
    jubilee Harris 3 days ago

    beautiful. gonna go scream in my pillow now

  • Tabitha DuPrey
    Tabitha DuPrey 3 days ago

    Why isn't he in the finals??? His voice 😍😍

  • 4smereka
    4smereka 3 days ago +1

    this is one of the only times that the crowd has been completely silenced..just shows you that there is some humanity left in this world. this guy is a true testament to that

  • puregoddessuniversity

    Is he still on? Have not seen him again.

  • Nicole Fischer
    Nicole Fischer 3 days ago

    Howie's face says it all. Absolutely beautiful.

  • Marilyn S
    Marilyn S 3 days ago


  • katie guy
    katie guy 3 days ago

    Ok so this just broke me 😢😢 what a beautiful man inside and out. Beautiful voice and song choice. Beautiful family and heart. Hope he wins ❤️

  • Kieran Lennox
    Kieran Lennox 3 days ago

    What a bloke

    CASH SPEAKS 3 days ago

    Oh, and who said that "Goodhearted people get no luck in life" ? This man is inspirational.

  • benni lucker
    benni lucker 3 days ago

    Bee gees will be proud

  • Saravanan P
    Saravanan P 3 days ago

    1:34 the song starts.. for repeat players.

  • Romeo Yango
    Romeo Yango 3 days ago

    God bless you sir🙏🏼

  • Abdul Moiz
    Abdul Moiz 3 days ago

    Is it me or ive those two black ladies before 😂

  • Hrishika Jain Jain
    Hrishika Jain Jain 3 days ago

    Anyone pls tell

  • Hrishika Jain Jain
    Hrishika Jain Jain 3 days ago

    What's the songs he's singing?

  • Isdore Dungdung
    Isdore Dungdung 3 days ago +3

    Getting a golden buzzer from Simon it's like winning the damn show!!

  • dan rimando
    dan rimando 3 days ago

    Beautiful family. Amazing man. Amazing father.

  • Mindy Rowen
    Mindy Rowen 4 days ago

    I love Noah...I have been following him for 10+ years. beautiful voice, he can sing ANYTHING!

  • Luis Marquez
    Luis Marquez 4 days ago

    Is he still in the competition, did I miss his performance???

  • Greg Kennedy
    Greg Kennedy 4 days ago

    This guy standing tall with the power and the grace of life!! What a audition. What a HERO.

  • Carolyn Fathma
    Carolyn Fathma 4 days ago


  • Kelsey Sharpe
    Kelsey Sharpe 4 days ago

    When my husband proposed to me we danced to his song "Seasons Change" tvclip.biz/video/F7k5pqBVinA/video.html and ended up having it be our first dance on our wedding day. This man has an irrevocable gift from God! Can't wait to watch him in the lives!

  • PastelleReborns
    PastelleReborns 5 days ago

    He’s really good but I don’t think he’s very unique or special to any other singer on this show and in general

  • Emerson Atomic
    Emerson Atomic 5 days ago

    He looks like a hotter logic and logic is hot

  • samuel alvarez
    samuel alvarez 5 days ago

    He was my nurse at Choc !!! Michael thank you so much !!’n

  • Della Coleman
    Della Coleman 5 days ago +1

    He has a bautiful soul and beautiful eyes to match

  • Illusion Gamer
    Illusion Gamer 5 days ago


  • Blandi
    Blandi 5 days ago


  • Sal Fishman
    Sal Fishman 5 days ago +1

    His eyes...

  • Айбек Аширбеков

    Song name pls?))

  • Learning Life
    Learning Life 5 days ago

    Why’d Simon walk on stage like that tho?! 😂😂😂😂 4:45

    DELIRIORUM 5 days ago

    Can someone say the song's name please!!

  • Louise Brown
    Louise Brown 5 days ago

    Your singing is amazing OMG!! I couldn’t stop playing it!!! Given me goosebumps all over 😮😘

  • Dragondeal 1
    Dragondeal 1 5 days ago

    Made it with an unique voice to his own song - well deserved golden buzzer, though I don't think he has a chance to win.

  • Jarod Brock
    Jarod Brock 5 days ago

    I loved how when simon hit the gold buzzer both him and all the crow jumped for joy in sequence

  • What New
    What New 5 days ago

    please some one give me the song name ??

  • Mindy Schaper
    Mindy Schaper 5 days ago

    Better every time I listen to it.

  • India Thomas
    India Thomas 6 days ago

    I’m getting goosies

  • arf amnddn
    arf amnddn 6 days ago

    What is title of this song that he sang???

  • Ifet Carbz
    Ifet Carbz 6 days ago

    what a nice man doing that for his children

  • Shauna Asplint
    Shauna Asplint 6 days ago

    Why is just this audition on TVclip I can’t get the show on tv so what is the deal is he still in it or no ??!!!!!

  • m tajalle
    m tajalle 6 days ago

    the lord is with you Michael....

  • Wj O
    Wj O 6 days ago


  • LuMinRiN X3
    LuMinRiN X3 6 days ago

    Father of the decade right here, like if you agree!

  • Linda Gardiner
    Linda Gardiner 6 days ago

    My ultimate favourite , what a beautiful human being

  • Kunde Kates
    Kunde Kates 6 days ago

    A kind man.u deserve the best

  • Introverted Soul.
    Introverted Soul. 6 days ago

    What a beautiful human being. Inside and out.

  • hansbryan ygot
    hansbryan ygot 6 days ago

    Johny depp? whooa

  • o j
    o j 6 days ago +1

    this guy is my new idol in life, YOU ROCK DUDE

  • Jarod Brock
    Jarod Brock 6 days ago

    You could see every woman looking like thats what i want my man to do

  • Jarod Brock
    Jarod Brock 6 days ago +1

    My god that was beatuiful!! im thankful i got to see this it touched my heart and inspired me to live, dream and be happy im not able to have children and it burdens my heart every day bc i cant give my wife a child but wr can adopt.

  • Robert Manetta
    Robert Manetta 6 days ago

    It’s sick that the gold buzzer turns everything into slo mo

  • Best Gamer
    Best Gamer 7 days ago

    best of the best

  • Maria Chirinos
    Maria Chirinos 7 days ago

    I'm crying like a baby that was so beautiful....

  • Jagediswaran Rajandran

    what's the song called?

  • Chisels
    Chisels 7 days ago


  • Chisels
    Chisels 7 days ago

    he’s great, he came to my school- northcutt which is where one of his sons used to go to :D

  • windsongshf
    windsongshf 7 days ago

    Instant goosebumps!

  • sofía
    sofía 7 days ago

    i love him