Michael Ketterer: Father Of 6 Scores Golden Buzzer From Simon Cowell - America's Got Talent 2018

  • Published on Jun 6, 2018
  • The pediatric mental health nurse from East Tennessee currently resides in Orange County, CA with his wife and six kids. Watch his dreams come true as Simon Cowell gives him the golden buzzer.
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    Michael Ketterer: Father Of 6 Scores Golden Buzzer From Simon Cowell - America's Got Talent 2018
    America's Got Talent
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Comments • 11 739

  • Meiluapou Panmei
    Meiluapou Panmei 13 minutes ago

    He broke my heart totally. He a man with golden heart. Gbu michael! May u live to be hundred!

  • Larrycxon Kayz
    Larrycxon Kayz 3 hours ago +1

    I got so emotional 2019😍😍😭😭👏👏

  • Dipen SAI Patel x
    Dipen SAI Patel x 4 hours ago

    One word - Top man !!
    Bless you !! You deserve more than anything 👍👍👍

  • Lucille Gravina
    Lucille Gravina 6 hours ago

    Just Beautiful ❤

  • Patrick Oliveira
    Patrick Oliveira 7 hours ago

    Merda, choveu nas minhas vistas...

  • xd jackson
    xd jackson 9 hours ago

    2:54 gives me chills

  • Abida Babida
    Abida Babida 17 hours ago

    hey anyone who is nice enough to take care of 6 other people’s kids is a special dude

  • Tessa Carter
    Tessa Carter Day ago

    I was freaking crying on 4:19

  • Mia Brown
    Mia Brown Day ago

    I love his passion to help people who dont have a home or anything, god bless him and his family

  • The True
    The True Day ago


  • Rikki Tikki Tavvi
    Rikki Tikki Tavvi 2 days ago

    2:51 Jessica from True Blood? Is that you? I have errands to run, errands that do not require your presence.

  • Personap
    Personap 2 days ago +4

    There's a light
    A certain kind of light
    That never shone on me
    I want my life to be lived with you
    Lived with you
    Coz' Baby You don't know what it's like, Baby You don't know what it's like
    To love somebody
    To love somebody
    The way that I love you

  • Mikael Knudsen
    Mikael Knudsen 3 days ago +3

  • Amie Evatt
    Amie Evatt 3 days ago +6

    This man is so special. Love his love for his family and children ❤️♥️

  • JoJo Salmon
    JoJo Salmon 3 days ago

    Fuckin hell :)

  • crocker tokachirikato
    crocker tokachirikato 4 days ago +1

    The power of dad

  • Mavena Bailonguistic
    Mavena Bailonguistic 4 days ago +10

    I wish there should be million like buttons... I can't stop listening! It really touches deep in my heart..

  • Esther Coffie
    Esther Coffie 5 days ago +4

    I just love his voice so soft

  • Anand Nair
    Anand Nair 5 days ago +7

    World needs more Michael ketterers...true inspiration maahn...🙌

  • Taruna Cell
    Taruna Cell 5 days ago

    The way I love you ....

  • Dwayne Carter
    Dwayne Carter 5 days ago

    Wow just Wowwwwwww

  • dung bui van
    dung bui van 6 days ago

    If You sing ''The Ross'' is very good

    COUNTRY COWBOY 6 days ago +1

    He shoulf of won he is the man who should of won rhe voice of true love

    EMILY CROSBY 7 days ago

    Too bad his wife ruined his career

    KENYAN VANATTA 8 days ago +4


    KENYAN VANATTA 8 days ago


    KENYAN VANATTA 8 days ago

    hopefully he’ll comes back this year and or one of his Kid’s

    KENYAN VANATTA 8 days ago

    so awesome 🖤🖤

    KENYAN VANATTA 8 days ago

    so amazing 🖤🖤

  • Narcos
    Narcos 8 days ago

    Steel leasing 2019

  • Debra Farewell
    Debra Farewell 8 days ago

    liked him until I found out he was arrested for domestic violence....

  • AriaCer
    AriaCer 8 days ago


  • FnW swxfty
    FnW swxfty 8 days ago +2

    Guy is like: YESSSS


  • Hartono Simanullang
    Hartono Simanullang 8 days ago

    Please prepared tissue after you watching this video

  • leoncio santos
    leoncio santos 9 days ago

    I hate that video I my eyes are crying because of that

  • Justin Casar
    Justin Casar 9 days ago

    with a voice like that i can c how he got 6 kids.

  • syikinfarinah21 syikinfarinah21

    Every time i show this video , i will cry omg too much love he's voice

  • Sarah’s Sarah’s
    Sarah’s Sarah’s 10 days ago


  • The one that got away
    The one that got away 11 days ago +1

    Just *WOW*

  • Min Khant
    Min Khant 13 days ago

    Pls,song mane

  • MonstaHskillZ
    MonstaHskillZ 13 days ago

    Is this song On any other platform?

  • James Fitzgerald
    James Fitzgerald 13 days ago

    Oh am i crying my eyes out okay

  • Hannah Barrett
    Hannah Barrett 13 days ago +2

    Absolutely amazing voice. And I love the fact that all of his children came out of foster care. He's a great man with great talent.

  • aoiガオラー
    aoiガオラー 14 days ago


  • The Best Covers
    The Best Covers 15 days ago +1

    ok, does it even possible to watch just one time?

  • Kmen Tariang
    Kmen Tariang 15 days ago

    He was arrested for beating his wife...

  • Pasy Morgan Emmanuel
    Pasy Morgan Emmanuel 15 days ago +1

    Wow a golden buzzer coming from Simon himself

  • Pasy Morgan Emmanuel
    Pasy Morgan Emmanuel 15 days ago

    How I wc I cud found a man as lovingly as this man jisssss

  • Pasy Morgan Emmanuel
    Pasy Morgan Emmanuel 15 days ago

    Wow so touching

  • Gianni van Bentveld
    Gianni van Bentveld 16 days ago +2

    Im trying to remember a performance with a young girl with kindoff a coconut hairstyle its a beautiful song but i dont remember it if someone knows whst im talking about please respond its from the voice

  • Sarath Pillai
    Sarath Pillai 16 days ago +4

    3.9k people dont have the brain to interpret love. 😑

  • unknown robot
    unknown robot 17 days ago +6

    This man has a heart of gold. That's awesome 👍👊

  • William Hulse
    William Hulse 18 days ago

    The hell with the golden buzzers give him a record deal what a amazing voice

  • Михаил Немков

    Несчастный ребёнок (его, честью клянусь, жаль), не может понять своего дад`а - Что для него (и для него) это может значить... Это я о больном ДЦП. Хорошо, что такие Люди есть на белом свете!!!

  • Giftson Gonz Deddy
    Giftson Gonz Deddy 19 days ago

    He deserves that Golden Buzzer 😍

    SAI LOA KHAM 22 days ago

    He look really very perfect , he look very handsome

  • ak grace
    ak grace 22 days ago


  • Ana Merc
    Ana Merc 22 days ago

    2:40 - 3:08 love

  • Anne Kamerling
    Anne Kamerling 23 days ago

    I wish this had a complete version

  • Sarah Claim
    Sarah Claim 23 days ago +2

    You ever think the other judges are pissed bc they were gonna push the golden buzzer

  • Nowases Virginia
    Nowases Virginia 24 days ago

    I love you

  • Gladson Paul
    Gladson Paul 25 days ago


  • bang bang bang crunch
    bang bang bang crunch 25 days ago

    Love somebody...oh baby

  • Embry Quintana
    Embry Quintana 25 days ago

    Michael is a talented guy

  • C V
    C V 25 days ago +1

    This man is just amazing!!

  • Mary Land
    Mary Land 27 days ago

    Covijek ljubav..

  • Ronaldo Lima
    Ronaldo Lima 29 days ago +1

    He got arrested

  • Harambe
    Harambe 29 days ago

    | |
    | 1:36 1:36 1:36 |
    | 1:36 1:36 1:36 |
    | 1:36 1:36 1:36 |
    Don’t mind this comment, it’s just my personal repeat button

  • Peanut
    Peanut 29 days ago

    My heart is still going crazy after watching this so many times..

  • Kalsang Dekey
    Kalsang Dekey 29 days ago

    Omg nice voice I love it .

  • Fazlul Wahab
    Fazlul Wahab Month ago +1


  • Jordan Cotell
    Jordan Cotell Month ago


  • Hoàng Mai Minh
    Hoàng Mai Minh Month ago

    name song??????

  • Rob SMULER
    Rob SMULER Month ago

    I'm gonna fall in love with his voice.. Incredible voice..

  • RaNdoM- -ThoUghTs
    RaNdoM- -ThoUghTs Month ago

    I was about to say people with 6 kids are the over population crisis killing the planet. But he took them from foster care. So that makes it okay.

  • Johnn Thomas
    Johnn Thomas Month ago

    Kem sempre dá um sorriso kuando apertam o botão

  • Denise Art
    Denise Art Month ago

    I cried

  • Kmen Tariang
    Kmen Tariang Month ago

    Wife beater....

  • labage nofri
    labage nofri Month ago

    i'm so lucky that i can such a thing in my life.
    thank you souch!

  • Nguyễn Quang Tâm


  • Gavin Turner
    Gavin Turner Month ago +19

    2:30 The face you make when you see a pure hearted man fighting to show the world there is still hope to love each other.

  • Kasia Walker
    Kasia Walker Month ago +2

    Hes cute idc how old he is😍😍😍

  • Thomas Mulcair
    Thomas Mulcair Month ago

    When the kid in the wheelchair cane out. I was like u got to be kidding me, what a hero!

  • Mr. Oof
    Mr. Oof Month ago +3

    Hi it’s Tyler from your school hope you do good in your new school

  • Robert Jobard
    Robert Jobard Month ago +1

    God bless you my friend.

  • Maurice Kopka
    Maurice Kopka Month ago +1

    2:51 she gorgeous

  • FISH channel
    FISH channel Month ago +47

    This broke my heart totally.. This is awesome talent pure heart pure love.. Amazing.

  • luc f
    luc f Month ago


  • Van Loi Nguyen
    Van Loi Nguyen Month ago

    Good Lucky

  • Spk Sharma
    Spk Sharma Month ago

    Breaking hearts of everyone's on your splendid voice....... wishing you forever.

  • jiznimore
    jiznimore Month ago

    Oh, that moment at 2:50

  • T T
    T T Month ago

    We all love you 💕

  • Kamal Sinno
    Kamal Sinno Month ago

    What this song called?

  • moonshineinsummer1
    moonshineinsummer1 Month ago

    Best version of this song that I have ever heard....EVER.

  • Nadiah Hidzer
    Nadiah Hidzer Month ago

    I cried seeing this.

  • Heely Gamer
    Heely Gamer Month ago +6

    2:16 this is the face of somebody totally captured by a performance.

  • ur mom avery
    ur mom avery Month ago

    his son goes to my school lol

  • E B
    E B Month ago +1

    Beautiful man with a beautiful soul ❤️

  • Barbarian Rage
    Barbarian Rage Month ago +25

    Audition was 5 mins. but I spent a good hour re-watching it...his voice was just so genuine that I couldn't stop myself from going back to the beginning!

  • Lisee Marie
    Lisee Marie Month ago

    SStill listening to this.. I love him so much.. His voice is amazing