Michael Ketterer: Father Of 6 Scores Golden Buzzer From Simon Cowell - America's Got Talent 2018

  • Published on Jun 6, 2018
  • The pediatric mental health nurse from East Tennessee currently resides in Orange County, CA with his wife and six kids. Watch his dreams come true as Simon Cowell gives him the golden buzzer.
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    Michael Ketterer: Father Of 6 Scores Golden Buzzer From Simon Cowell - America's Got Talent 2018
    America's Got Talent
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Comments • 7 951

  • SevenSundayGirls 7
    SevenSundayGirls 7 3 hours ago

    The sob stories normally fool the judges, but Simon doesn’t care too much. Yet he was surprised at 6 children, with or without the sob story, this man truly has a gift.

  • MusicalFool 909
    MusicalFool 909 3 hours ago

    Uncle Phil watching in the background at 3:07.

  • Mr Pokiesmeister
    Mr Pokiesmeister 3 hours ago

    Ok faith in humanity has been restored! Awesome!

  • Cookie C
    Cookie C 4 hours ago

    Now that's how you deliver a song!!

  • Korina Katherine Angelo


  • Noah Cline
    Noah Cline 4 hours ago

    If only this song was on spotify

  • jhona jhax
    jhona jhax 4 hours ago

    Qual o nome desta música ?

  • Jaling Hoffner
    Jaling Hoffner 4 hours ago

    He's progressively getting more attractive.

  • AnthonyFromWilson
    AnthonyFromWilson 5 hours ago

    This guy looks like Logic

  • Faith Ameed
    Faith Ameed 5 hours ago

    Im a nurse and Im so proud of him 😇 bless him and his family. #humanityisstillalive


    OMG! The tears.

  • Brittani Worshim
    Brittani Worshim 5 hours ago

    wats the name of this song

  • LooveSweetheart
    LooveSweetheart 6 hours ago

    It’s hard to believe that there is this kind of people who still exist, he’s like the man version of Angelina Jolie, and more, he’s open, no discrimination, he doesn’t look down on people and the disabled one. I think if he wins AGT, he’s going to adopt more children and will continue to help people. So I think, this time, he should be the winner. Peace to this world.

  • Jeff Suttles
    Jeff Suttles 7 hours ago

    Way too much vibrato. It's distracting.

  • Murmurations
    Murmurations 7 hours ago

    Speechless. Amazing.

  • Cindea Mulholland
    Cindea Mulholland 7 hours ago

    What a beautiful voice beautiful family and beautiful being!

  • Beyond My Wildest Dreams

    Amazing amazing

  • Steven Cheney
    Steven Cheney 8 hours ago

    This gets better every time I watch it. I hope your dreams come true, because as a human you have won! Thank you for this.

  • Clover Sun
    Clover Sun 8 hours ago

    God bless your family sir.. Love from malaysia ..😘😘😘

  • Clover Sun
    Clover Sun 8 hours ago

    God bless your family sir.. Love from malaysia ..😘😘😘

  • A Scott
    A Scott 8 hours ago

    What a beautiful kind hearted guy. I have never had a father figure in my life and have always wanted to find a bloke that i can look up too and be inspired by, And he is definately that. I cant wait to find a nice genuine girl, start a family with and be there for my kids and love them as much as possible because i didnt have that. Ive always wanted to adopt a child when i settle down and he has definately made my mind up and inspired me to do that.

    TONY LAZ 8 hours ago

    We´ve got the WINNER........................................

  • sam kam
    sam kam 9 hours ago

    He is an angel on our planet!

  • Aditya Jha
    Aditya Jha 9 hours ago

    Can somebody please tell me which song was this?

  • Sheeza Mann
    Sheeza Mann 9 hours ago

    good lord.....where did he come from????.......adult contemporary hits left and right......GOOD LUCK TO YOU.....

  • Sheeza Mann
    Sheeza Mann 9 hours ago

    I WISH I had a dad like that

  • Violet Fegan
    Violet Fegan 9 hours ago

    OMG! The timbre of his voice brings tears to my eyes.

  • Ryan Davies
    Ryan Davies 10 hours ago +1

    Name of song? Please

  • HDsharp
    HDsharp 10 hours ago

    Sorry that that voice wasn't special, just above average.

  • simonthawng zabawi
    simonthawng zabawi 10 hours ago

    What’s the name of the song??

  • Cai Cai
    Cai Cai 11 hours ago

    Full on chills 👌🏽

  • Alejandra Martinez
    Alejandra Martinez 11 hours ago

    if voice is so impressive, clean and perfect vocalizations😨🙌🏼🙌🏼💖💖👏🏻👏🏻

  • SINKIE DAKID 062 3346141

    wow 🔥🔥🔥 flame ✌✌

  • RamIak
    RamIak 11 hours ago

    His voice is so authentic. Brilliant!

  • Melany m
    Melany m 12 hours ago

    Gosh what beautiful eyes he got

  • Luke Hsu
    Luke Hsu 12 hours ago

    what is this song so good.he touched my heart by his voice

  • Abigail Graham
    Abigail Graham 12 hours ago

    He's giving me bruce banner vibes idk why

  • Woodrow
    Woodrow 12 hours ago +1

    Well, I think we just saw the winner of AGT 2018.

  • Mariello
    Mariello 13 hours ago

    I rarely get goosebumps but wow

  • Pamela Ivette
    Pamela Ivette 13 hours ago

    Mr Michael, you made me cry. You have such a talent and beyond that you have an incredible heart... GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY, FOREVER.

  • na za
    na za 13 hours ago

    Omg i cried over this

  • Loida Mopal
    Loida Mopal 13 hours ago

    Why i cry..??? Im in so depression right now...broke with my partner....hhuhuuuhuu baby you dont know ...what is love???

  • vicky -is-tired
    vicky -is-tired 14 hours ago

    This is something I want to do. When I grow older, I want to adopt children instead of having my own. O somehow feel it's my duty to give truly give them a chance and give them a safe place.

  • JiLL Amat
    JiLL Amat 14 hours ago

    His eyes 😍

  • chonchon yangya
    chonchon yangya 14 hours ago

    i wish i have a father like u...

  • directionBTS Army
    directionBTS Army 14 hours ago

    I can listen to this forever❤️❤️

  • Arvan Muhammad
    Arvan Muhammad 14 hours ago


  • Rachel rich
    Rachel rich 15 hours ago

    though the seasons change .....your love remains.

    yep Michael ketterer

  • Aric DeLaGrange
    Aric DeLaGrange 15 hours ago


  • Nasir Boota
    Nasir Boota 15 hours ago

    You 🌷🌷👏❤️

  • Domagoj Jukić
    Domagoj Jukić 15 hours ago

    this was so emotional and so beautiful! love from Croatia!

  • dinteapc nintyseven
    dinteapc nintyseven 15 hours ago

    10th time for tonight... can't stop listening

  • Cynthia Jaramillo Ortiz

    Made me tear up! Outstanding 😭

  • hi there
    hi there 16 hours ago

    wOw JuSt WoW

  • Sharmine Morris
    Sharmine Morris 16 hours ago

    Oh it's amazingly outstanding and full of love. 😢❤

  • leo nardo
    leo nardo 16 hours ago

    He's wonderful. A figure we must appreciate and learn from. He obviously has a big heart, full of love.

  • Panther1fan 33
    Panther1fan 33 17 hours ago +1


  • Sobrina Riveraa
    Sobrina Riveraa 17 hours ago

    God bless him and his family 💕

  • Brigitta Prisca Larasati

    his performance gave me chills and led me straight to tears

  • gerry amor
    gerry amor 17 hours ago

    I am a Fan...
    that voice...
    magical and amazing.
    full of emotions.

  • ben G
    ben G 18 hours ago

    pourquoi un golden buzz qui peut expliqué

  • reemobhie abdullah
    reemobhie abdullah 18 hours ago


  • Not Neo
    Not Neo 19 hours ago +1

    My heart goes out to the janitor this season. 😔

  • xxChelsey04 xx
    xxChelsey04 xx 20 hours ago

    Beautiful ❤️

  • Oktovianus Asten
    Oktovianus Asten 20 hours ago

    Soo touching...

  • rhay wish
    rhay wish 20 hours ago

    Bless his soul

  • Dj Mpundu
    Dj Mpundu 20 hours ago


  • Sitti Amma Asdala
    Sitti Amma Asdala 21 hour ago

    Oh my god..your wife must be the happiest women to have your love...😘

  • Eyca Rosales
    Eyca Rosales 21 hour ago


  • Luke Weber
    Luke Weber 22 hours ago

    God bless that man

  • Lemo Nade
    Lemo Nade 22 hours ago

    He's really good

  • 269 269
    269 269 23 hours ago

    again and again ... cant get enough of his voice

  • Reversed Time
    Reversed Time Day ago

    Link to the song at the end?

  • Debbie Chin
    Debbie Chin Day ago

    I loved someone for 32 years that was a narcissist and hated me I found out sadly this is truely beautiful

  • inty intmail
    inty intmail Day ago

    I enjoyed his rendition, slowed dwn n striped, a lot of feleing into v words,well dne

    BLACK HEART Day ago


  • Hân Đinh Đông

    Everybody know what's the name this song? tks.

  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover Day ago

    I thought it meant he had gotten 6 golden buzzers. I was confused

  • erzan
    erzan Day ago +1

    He is so good looking I had to remember to blink.

  • Muhammad Naeem
    Muhammad Naeem Day ago

    Such a beautiful human being.. His soul is oozing out of his eyes.Every success mate.

  • Muhammad Naeem
    Muhammad Naeem Day ago

    Is he James Franco's Blue eyed twin?

  • Gary Smith
    Gary Smith Day ago

    Simon respect

  • Gary Smith
    Gary Smith Day ago

    Absolutely beautiful what a voice

  • PaNdeM0niuM
    PaNdeM0niuM Day ago

    Humanity restored!
    We need more people in this world like michael

  • PaNdeM0niuM
    PaNdeM0niuM Day ago

    Not only a great singer, but a genuinely great person.
    Props to him for adopting foster kids

  • Andrew Ahn
    Andrew Ahn Day ago


  • victoria beguet day

    I loved his style of singing...it made you stop and really listen to the lyrics. I wish him luck he's very talented ..

  • Tomy Wijaya
    Tomy Wijaya Day ago

    Action talk louder than words.

  • Jessica McGill
    Jessica McGill Day ago


  • Tony Fit
    Tony Fit Day ago


  • aquacat8
    aquacat8 Day ago

    Aww...I really love this beautiful family. I wish them the best

  • Joseph Hughes
    Joseph Hughes Day ago

    so what exactly does the golden buzzer do?



  • elee1416
    elee1416 Day ago

    Beautiful voice! Gave me goosebumps

  • thegamingguns
    thegamingguns Day ago

    How tf SIMON

  • Rene Osman
    Rene Osman Day ago

    Can someone tell me this song?

  • More Watches Please

    Pure of voice and of heart.

  • TronGamer 17
    TronGamer 17 Day ago