Top 7 Possible Martial Arts Movies 2019

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  • Kamal Pk
    Kamal Pk Year ago +14

    I can wait for ip man 4 and triple threat

  • Rv chaos
    Rv chaos 3 months ago

    rush Hour fail, karate kidfail and Boyka (U4) epic fail :*

  • Frozenblitzalphagaming
    Frozenblitzalphagaming 4 months ago

    paused and turned it off coz that music is terrible if you can even call that garbage music

  • maniriho cyprien
    maniriho cyprien 7 months ago


  • Massimo M.
    Massimo M. 9 months ago +1

    No boyka, no party

  • Wargod Films
    Wargod Films 9 months ago

    Man none of these movies new

  • Abdulla Khan
    Abdulla Khan 9 months ago +2

    Ipman 4 waiting for this movie

  • Moussa Mangassa
    Moussa Mangassa 10 months ago


  • Steven Northman
    Steven Northman 10 months ago +4

    I just watched Triple threat, pretty good movie... defo worth a watch!! Also Avengement with Scott Adkins is also worth watching!!

  • luis humberto cardenas munoz

    Jeremisas 33:3.

  • marc chesley
    marc chesley 10 months ago

    All these Americans doing Martial arts is not worthy to be called Martial Arts movies. Martial Arts are Chinese movies! If they are Americans in it than it's an action movie! Got it, get it, good!

  • Dicky Rachmad
    Dicky Rachmad 10 months ago +4

    only intersted of John Wick 3, IP Man 4, Hobbs and Shaw...

  • Justin Case
    Justin Case 10 months ago +1

    This video is fucking garbage man!!!!! Was that your make a garbage video?

  • Asif Majnoo
    Asif Majnoo 10 months ago

    we are waittttttttttttttttttttttttting

  • The Soldier of QKu
    The Soldier of QKu 11 months ago

    Just IP MAN 4

  • Fullmetal MN
    Fullmetal MN 11 months ago +1

    THE RAID 3!!!!

  • Its Faris
    Its Faris Year ago

    Karate Kid 2 (JackieChan)?

  • Lawrence Han
    Lawrence Han Year ago +3

    That's not John Wick 3 that's actually Siberia.


    Man this soundtrack Ipman it was amazing!

  • Buddha Dhamma Monk

    good movie

  • marko THEgreat
    marko THEgreat Year ago +3

    The Invincible Dragon,of Jin zhang(master z)

  • Toom Chanda
    Toom Chanda Year ago

    Your welcome to check out my new martial arts movie trailer

  • Tse ring
    Tse ring Year ago

    IP man numberb1

  • Gurukulam Communication

    Amazing effort behind this documentation!! The video is very helpful for me. Thanks.
    We have documented the traditional martial art Kalaripayattu of Kerala. I am sending some links of it.

  • The90s Coffee
    The90s Coffee Year ago +1

    Need the raid 3

  • Gary Liggons
    Gary Liggons Year ago

    They are going to learn to leave John Wick alone! LOL!

  • LeRoy Robinson
    LeRoy Robinson Year ago

    Im only excited about Triple Threat, atleast ..until further proof of the other movies 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Carlos :-} Rivera :/

    Somes movies that you put in the video are old

  • Tunez Music
    Tunez Music Year ago +1

    Didn't expect that Rush Hour 4 and The Karate Kid 2 is coming

  • john smith
    john smith Year ago +2

    why dont you change the title to upcoming movies rather than clickbait it with martial arts ?

  • Drawde Galaxy
    Drawde Galaxy Year ago +1

    WOW! Triple threat? AMAZING!
    Never thought of this kind of foot-fist full package!

  • Yuepheng Her
    Yuepheng Her Year ago +1

    The only real shit in this is ip man 4

  • Yuepheng Her
    Yuepheng Her Year ago

    Number 5 and 4 already came out

  • Redawn D
    Redawn D Year ago +1

    Can’t wait for IP Man 4! Yesssss!!!! Love Donnie Yen!!!

    • JOHN V
      JOHN V 10 months ago

      Me too Redawn D

  • Lisa A.
    Lisa A. Year ago

    Ip man with Donnie Yen is my they better treat him right for part 4 and no bull-shit...I loved part 3 with Mike Tyson it was a fair fight but so much hard work.....I love it when they put a special style into kicking the enemy's ass....LOL

  • Yuēhàn / Cardoza
    Yuēhàn / Cardoza Year ago +1

    Como se llaman las canciones 5:10 y la de el 5:34

  • Ed Dames
    Ed Dames Year ago +1

    These are old movies!!!

  • angel orlando
    angel orlando Year ago

    You forget a bruce lee

  • superadudu
    superadudu Year ago

    artits XD

  • Serrassi Effect
    Serrassi Effect Year ago +1

    Karate Kid 2 made me die inside a little.

  • Muscle and Rage
    Muscle and Rage Year ago

    All movies on this vidéo exist....before 2019.. 0 cinematic for movies 2019

  • Gagi
    Gagi Year ago +54

    The only movie worth waiting for is IP MAN 4

  • varga istvan
    varga istvan Year ago +11

    Triple Threat in 2017 it's still hidden, for 2 years only the movie trailer exists, I hope at least in 2019 to see it

    • The Satanic Sock
      The Satanic Sock Year ago

      Tony Jaa himself said it in Facebook that it’s coming this year

    • shadow knight
      shadow knight Year ago +1

      Triple threat will release in March

  • John Stephanos
    John Stephanos Year ago +10

    Title is misleading, these movies already aired years ago, 2019 just started change the title please.

    • F Bomb
      F Bomb Year ago +2

      The movies where the clips come from aired years ago but the sequels, to which he shows the titles to like IP Man 4 or Rush Hour 4, they are still upcoming.

  • Eric Huff Training Archives

    Is GOFU-KEN the future @EE_g THE BLACKSMITH

  • Zgjjm Qajani
    Zgjjm Qajani Year ago

    What is ulius, any name of any months.
    At movie hopps and shaw write 26 ulius 2019

    • Steven Northman
      Steven Northman 10 months ago

      I think it's meant to say Julius which means July, but google says the release date is 2nd August.

  • Vajiha Iqbal
    Vajiha Iqbal Year ago +1

    I love donnie yrn

  • Sydney Piper Bristow


  • William Luna
    William Luna Year ago +3

    what is the movie from clip at 3:42

  • Take Five
    Take Five Year ago +1


    THE LEGENDS Year ago +4

    Nice Work

  • bayram yanik
    bayram yanik Year ago


  • Azibeta Musimbi
    Azibeta Musimbi Year ago +7

    Amazing movies... Eagerly waiting